The world is afflicted with a mysterious disease known as “The Enigma.”
Chester, infected with this disease, finds himself washed onto a lonely island, Carlyle.

As he is being given a tour of the island by the girl who nursed him back to health, Chester finds himself feeling that something is off.
There are no doctors from the mainland. Not only is there no information of the outside world, but the inhabitants seem entirely oblivious of the worldwide epidemic.
—It’s as if this place has been completely removed from the rest of the world.

After a while, Chester finds a conspicuous white forest in the middle of a green expanse.

“That forest devours people. That’s what I believe.”

The forest’s name is Enigma.
The same as the disease consuming his body.

27 comments on “Enigma

  1. like.. why can’t i delete the folder? i want to save the rar file and delete the folder but when i delete it says that i need a permission to make change on this folder?

  2. Jeez this game…

    I cried so much at the ending…
    Ignis is so cute! Envi is so cute! Lauro is also cute!
    (I’m a girl just in case you are wondering)
    Kyaaa! Great characters!



    …dat yandere tho xDDDD

  3. Wow… This game is just… Beautiful.
    I don’t even have words to describe it, it made me feel so many different things, the history was awesome as so was the art. Really loved this one.
    Thanks for uploading it ^^

  4. This is my first vn without voice but strangely I felt its not lacking at all. The musics are so beautiful really make me feel in a fantasy world. Very good story especially Greta and Envi route. *spoiler*Colette is a bad news!! I don’t really like her anyway. Envi route is the best because I like her so much, so cute~ Greta’s smile is the cutest!

    Don’t be afraid of the tags. I’m never fan of gore/blood but this vn not really extreme, I could still managed it somehow.

    My first no voice vn ever and its great! 10/10 🙂

  5. Admin, please post Ne No Kami or is there someone here who knows where I can download Ne No Kami for free since I don’t have a card.. :'(

  6. oh yes… thank you so much
    i love vns with gore content so much. almost as good as steins gate and root double.
    ps: i give a damn on vanilla stories ^^

      1. Eden was indeed good he didn`t say he doesn`t want to touch it cause it was bad
        its just… the emotional damage you took from Eden is still there so some people couldn`t bring themself to touch another that like it xD

        1. Sees Terminal Illness … is scared

          Sees Dying Protagonist … hesitates

          Sees Gore … Is slightly afraid

          Sees No Sexual Content … IS TERRIFIED.

          jk lol

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