“I am Alice. Do let me hear a story.”

Here and there – in the space between buildings, in back alleys, perhaps even in the underground – the Forest bleeds into our world. The Forest is a forbidden place where the rules of our world do not apply.

Our heroes must struggle against the Forest, without so much as the hope of assistance or understanding from the outside world.

They do battle against the “riddles” the Forest imposes upon them with the aid of superhuman abilities known as “gifts.”

And should they know defeat in their battle against the Forest, they will face that which they fear most – expulsion from Shinjuku.

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  1. Hi, Sorry but can you guys tell me the font needed to play this game?
    It seems I don’t have the type of font needed
    Thank you

    1. You have to download the English patch separately the link’s up there.
      The problem I have is I always get connection timed out error thing (The connection has timed out The server at is taking too long to respond.) every time I try to download the English patch ugh >_> maybe I’ll try it again tomorrow…

  2. This eroge is as strange as fascinating, it has some very deep and hard to understand moments but it is pretty enjoyable. If what are you looking is a trip to a wonderland or a trip to hell, then this game is for you, and the Music is freaking awesome, really some wonderful folk music.

  3. Well I don’t know why our fearless leader bothers to make troubleshooting/error guides for games if he isn’t going to address all the issues. 😉

    The mashed up font has to do with your regional settings. Even though the game will play just fine with normal settings, the locale needs to be set to Japan for the font spacing to be correct.

    The best and easiest way to do this is to run Microsoft AppLocale and create a shortcut to run the game in Japaneese.

  4. Thank you very much for the game…but sadly to me it’s unplayable due to the words being so mashed up together. I found this problem before in Koihime so I know it is a font issue but I do not know which font is needed.

    Could anyone please tell me which fonts I need please?
    Thank you

  5. The fancy grey boxes with the links in them don’t work for me O_O can someone upload the links in plaintext or something please?

  6. Hey, anyone else get this crash error when you start up the game with or without the eng patch, “Rscript has stopped working” or something like that, i did the instalation with the JP locale and all of that… Can’t seem to get around this… thx in advance.

    1. I had this when I first installed. Turns out it was the codecs on my PC not allowing the movies to play. Try renaming the mov folder to mov1 and see if the game loads. If it does, then the codecs are the problem. You can either remove them or just keep the mov folder renamed.

      1. Thank you, that solved my problem….wierd I thought i had all the codecs i could have, i use the CCCP pack plus Satsuki for RMVB wich seems is the only thing it wont read…also VLC, well doesn’t mather i supose, again thx XD

  7. Hey Admin, a little off topic here but, every time i go to the downloads section I get a 7kb file instead of taking me to the download list. Any ideas?

  8. Heh, so I was lucky to get the parts. ^ ^ Still.. this game is so weird. xD Well, expected nothing else from Liar-Soft (Shikkoku no Sharnoth and Sekien no Inganock), just epic! Thanks a lot Admin.

  9. hey admin i know u only post pc platform eroges but can u still upload Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai or oreimo for short someone in tlwiki is translating it

  10. The megaupload backlash in action, in regards to fileserve. Filesonic is probably next. They are following the money it looks like. I know translators ‘supposedly translate for ‘the love of the game.’

    I believe in the concept of ‘piracy’ as long as people don’t make money off of someone else works.

    This is why I think we are seeing the crackdowns on such 3rd party downloaders. If people want to make money that’s fine, but please don’t bring the profit margin into what should be essentially ‘I love (insert topic here)’

    That ruins ‘(insert topic here) for everyone.

    1. Let them come. Their resistance only makes us stronger.
      This happened on this site before already – hotfile deleted all files one day. We returned with two filehost mirrors and get daily more visitors now that during whole first 4 months of site existence. I’m currently looking for new ways/venues to deliver content for users already ( it will take some time until i start working on erogedownload tho – sites i’m making a living off take precedence, and this one is only a hobby of mine. sorry).
      What’s scarriest is they themselves set the rules, we’re playing by them – both megaupload and fileserve should be getting “safe harbor” protection under DMCA law, as they have registered copyright agents, now they didn’t even bother to change their rules before punishing “us” for not obeying them.
      If anything comes to worst, we can always go “underground style” – average broadband user has more bandwidth and storage available nowadays, than there was available for hacked siemens ftp server, i’ve downloaded “diablo 1” from 15 years ago. With new technologies available ( http caching, magnet links etc) you could run thepiratebay clone from dial-up connection.

    1. I lost all files on my fileserve account. They terminated their affiliate program, and when i demanded payment for last week downloads, they deleted all my files.

  11. Yo, I really wanna play this game, and I appreciate all the effort you put into this site. I’ve been playing eroge’s for a few years, but I have a problem with this one.

    It’s most likely the fonts, I don’t seem to have them installed, any idea which font(s) Forest uses? (I believe it’s fonts because the text is messed up). Thanks in advance!

  12. That stinks about Megaupload. I hope they can fight off the charges and come back. The DMCA is supposed to protect hosts from what their users do. This sounds like a load of shit because of the web support against SOPA and PIPA. A day after the internet blackout protests and here comes the smack on Mega… To tell the truth I couldn’t give a shit less if Hollywood makes 100 billion instead of 200 billion a quarter or whatever their projections are. They don’t care about me or mine.

    Point in fact why push bills that do so much more then combat piracy. These bills would give enormous power to copyright holders, beyond the scope of just fighting piracy. What happened to the concept of lending movies or songs too friends? If people aren’t making money off of said lending why isn’t that fine?

    Its frigging ridiculous.

    1. You know the sad thing is that there not even suppose to even admit this bill since it violates the 1st Amendment The right to speak!..

      So basically Washington DC has started to stretch the rules around on what can or can’t be said or done on the internet now. So let me get to the point.

      SOPA and PIPA should never be passed or even re advised to suit a better position for the people. I understand we need some protection against Piracy acts but damn how hard is it to make a deal with the major download sites for instance.

      File Sonic, Deposit Files, Media Fire, Easy Share, Upload, etc…. TO actually make a program or a HTML based download to send at least 75% of the cash flow from the person who actually made the game and send the 25% to the person who uploaded it to the site or sites that it can be downloaded from. It’s a win either way since Businesses lose like billions of revenue due to piracy wouldn’t this make a decent compromise nothing is being enacted against the internet its just fair for the person who made the game to get the better share then the one who is advertising the product on the site.

      Although I do understand that the sites I have mentioned have to go under major reconstruction in order to enact the deal. But how hard is it to make a file before you upload a game or even a image collection and say is this by your own design and have a program run that so that no images related to the artist can be scammed from him/her its like how research papers are done when the teachers know you plagiarized the work we can do the same thing as well not that hard although on a finical level it would be difficult to operate such a program.

      But anyway am done with my rant sorry for the trolling but I hope someone shares how I feel about this.

      1. around the 75% what am saying on that part is that we send 75% of the cash flow to the maker of the game,book,images,music, etc… while 25% of the cash goes to the advertiser.

        That’s what I meant

  13. Admin i want to ask. is this VN new? can you tell me when did this VN first release( not the english one but the japanese one)

  14. Not to sound like an ungrateful whiner, but why does Erogedownload decide to use Filesonic and Fileserve?!
    Filesonic has long waiting times, and Fileserve… doesn’t work. At all. Why not use a vastly superior filehosting site, like Megaupload or Mediafire? Otherwise, thank you for the upload. Couldn’t find it anywhere else. 🙂

    1. This has been discussed 100s of times already – read older comments on various games.
      btw – megaupload got shut down yesterday by Federal prosecutors in Virginia.

          1. We’ll simply move on to another host then. It happened before as well – we’ve been using hotfile at start, then we had to move on. A lot of work to replace all links, but it’s nothing that can’t be fixed.

  15. Admin if its not too much work for you, can i make a request of a game? Could you post the VN : “Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate”
    (in english of course). im having a hard time trying to download it from other sites… looks like a great game and the guality of the images are very very good. So could you, pleaseee ? And thanks for the attention ;). Also is there a page in this site to make requests like this?

      1. awwww 🙁 well, thanks anyway ^^
        ah! and even with the anime i refuse to watch it without playing the game! i bet the history of the game would be better

        1. Really? If I were to read the Visual Novel first I’d find it harder to watch the anime since the source material is almost always better. :\

  16. @admin: This is just and FYI and in no way shape or form a complaint. I’m writing this under the assumption that you aren’t actively updating the website as I type, which would likely be the source of what I’m about to report.

    The new game post for the Jast official English release of “My Girlfriend is the President” has disappeared. It was somewhere in the first 3 pages of new game posts. When I back tracked to page 12, I found the post for the fan translated version. In it you provide two links that say

    This fantranslated version is deprecated. Download and play ‘JAST official English version’ instead

    with the part in single quotes being the actual link. Those links point back to their own page, the fan translated version. Also, when the new game post for the English version of MGFITP was still present, I went and scrolled back through all 20 something of the new game post pages just for kicks and giggles, and I did not see the new game post for the fan translated version, though I was more skimming through them than actively searching, so I may have just over looked it.

    If you click on the “Downloads” link on the left side of every page of this site, the link for the MGFITP leads to the official English version, but there is no link for the fan translated version.

    Basically, your site is contradicting it self in multiple ways. As I said at the top, if you are actively updating the site as I type, that likely explains the self-contradictions, as I’m seeing a work in progress.

    1. As the new game post for the English version just reappeared on page 2, I’m inclined to go with the website being actively updated theory. Sorry for taking up your time.

  17. Can somebody please provide context on “Shinjuku”, that which you get expelled from for failure according to the game summery, with out spoilers? I mean, is it their home town, some place related to “the forest”, etc?


  18. I can’t get the patch open. My computer security says it has something “unsafe” on it. *grumbles angrily at her computer*

      1. Yeah, I have Norton too. It’s not the first time it’s told me something was dangerous, when it was fine. I’m assuming your computer is not filled with viruses?

        1. no viruses – patch is installed and everything’s working just fine. Norton flagged it as a threat because of the small amount of users, unknown source, yadda yadda. And I think the culprit is auto-protect, not smart firewall. I just disabled ’em both to make sure.

        2. I hate norton. It has wiped at least 1gb of my files claiming virus. Had to disable sonar to fix it, but wont ever be able to get that Gb of data back… 🙁

  19. I’ve got it working fine, but is there any way to fix the spacing on the letters? Sometimes they get smashed together or spread out strangely. It’s still legible but odd.

  20. I’ve been wanting to play this for a few years now, and had no idea it was being translated. What a pleasant surprise!
    Now I shall cross my fingers for a translation of Kusarihime.
    Thanks, as always, admin!

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