Kara no Shoujo – New Cast Remaster Edition

Kara no Shoujo – New Cast Remaster Edition

This release changes Reiji’s voice actor to Higeuchi Waruta, Tomoyuki’s voice actor to Kawamura Masato, replacing Takahashi Ganaranai and Michide Shou.
It also includes the scenario of the Trial Edition.

12 comments on “Kara no Shoujo – New Cast Remaster Edition

  1. For a second I thought this was some kind of edgy remake of Kana Little Sister where they made the characters older. I was about to flip my shit.

      1. Man I really wish they did a sequel to kana imoto with grown up characters that game was a real tear jerker and also wholesome (if you get the real ending).

  2. I thought why would there be another remaster when there’s already the HD one out earlier? Saw the screenshots and knew it was the sequel. I never finished this since my saves got lost/erased somehow so I just moved on. Now with this release, maybe it’s time to finish it up. Thanks admin!

    1. I also found out that Cartagra is being remastered in HD. Hopefully, the 3rd can somehow someway get released too.

    2. On VNDB it says the only difference between this and the previous HD remaster is the voices for 3 characters (including MC) are voiced by different people. That’s just to stay consistent with the voice actors in the 3rd game, so unless you care about who voices who, there’s no difference.

  3. I always get excited whenever this series name pops up thinking the last episode finally got a translation but alas… for those new to this, as long as you are not squeamish and like a good dark mystery story, I can’t recommend this series enough. Just prepare a walkthrough cause what choices lead to bad ends are so BS.

    1. Sorry to say, but Mangagamer has no plans to, and likely never will translate the 3rd episode. The first two sold like shit (nearly all of their sales are in the vanilla and nukige genres), so there is no way that the final installment will be greenlit.

      The best we can hope for is a fan translation…

      1. I thought there was a chance cause it was received very positively on Steam, but damn. Wish there was a way to crowdfund it, show the fans still have love for it. Oh well, I’ll keep my expectations tempered from now on. btw it’s wild to me how most sales are from vanilla/nukige genres when I thought those were the least interesting but I guess it goes to show how niche story heavy VNs still are.

        1. Yeah same here, it’s disappointing that there’s nothing fans can really do to help. I too was surprised in learning that nukige sells better than story heavy VNs, but IIRC it’s the actual translators and Mangagamer themselves that express interest in localizing more serious works like KNS. Sadly at the end of the day, most people who pay for visual novels are just looking for porn games, so the localization teams have to cater to that in order to stay afloat.

          1. For real. I love long and heavy VN’s they are my jam. Sure I love a good Nukige but I want that drama or comedy. I restarted playing If My Heart had Wings again and Majikoi. I was on reading a comment on F95 someone said they skip the content just too see the H scenes and complain that it just a romance manga. People like that don’t get the point its sad.

  4. This is actually the second game, you should add a 2.
    To anyone confused which games on this site are what
    Kara no Shoujo – the original game, which has optional voice patch
    Kara no Shoujo 2 – the original sequel
    Kara no Shoujo FULL VOICE HD – a remake of the original game with better graphics and new voice actors
    Kara no Shoujo NEW CAST REMASTER (this one) – a remaster of the second game using the voice actors from the remake

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