Sasha’s Initiation

Sasha's Initiation

An afternoon relaxing by the pool can be boring. But Vicky always knows how to quickly turn any situation sexy. With bodies glistening in the sunlight, the sisters dare each other to touch themselves without daddy noticing. The hornier they get, the braver the girls become.

But Vicky never wanted to keep this a secret from daddy forever. Her plan all along was to initiate Sasha into her deviant sexual game with her poor adulterous and blackmailed father.

In this sunny, sexy sequel to Vicky’s Investigation, just who will daddy choose as his favorite when he’s also dragged into Vicky’s incestual initiation of her cute little sister Sasha?

3 comments on “Sasha’s Initiation

  1. well, that was several minutes of my life I shan’t get back. You can play the entire thing with one hand, but I assure you, you won’t need to

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