Adam: The Double Factor

Adam: The Double Factor

Kojiroh’s Scenario- A woman, who introduces herself as the President’s Secretary, appeared in Kojiroh’s office as a client. The woman’s request was to have Kojiroh as her boss’s bodyguard, whose life is in danger. Kojiroh took the case and went to meet President Ando… And the daughters Mika and Miki. Kojiroh asks Ando why his life is in danger, but Ando refuses to answer… Kojiroh has been dragged into the problem without knowing the reason.

Marina’s Scenario- Marina, who has been reinstated with the Cabinet of Investigation, took the case of investigating the successive murders in Japan by Chief Kono’s request. As the investigation goes along, Marina finds a sole survivor, who is the daughter of one of the victims, and went to see her. Her name is Yuka. Throughout Marina’s investigations, the time to decide to help Yuka or not to will come… All the while serving to protect Yuka…

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  1. anyone know how to change to disc 2 when prompted?
    I tried mounting disc 2 and back into the game but there’s only black screen and it wont respond so i had to alt+f4 it.

  2. Game looked fine… but I got a crash during the discussion with Jones after seing the black man…

    Played it through WINE and it worked just fine until then.

  3. try licking on the lips of the girl and the guy’s watch..if it didn’t work try clicking on more places, i have passed that session

  4. Hello.

    I am having trouble getting past one part of the game and have been stuck there for 5 hours. It’s the part where Kojiroh first goes into Ando’s office. I’m stuck on the part Kojiroh talks with Ami and Ando. I’ve tried clicking everything, but it keeps saying the same things. Kojiroh’s thinking that of why Ando is talking can anyone help me? Is there a certain step to click each part? I’ve even tried downloading the same game from another site so I believe I can’t click the right part.

    It’s so frustrating because I’ve clicked EVERY part of the screen shown to me.

    Please help me.
    (I’ve wrote this comment on the walkthrough too)

  5. i have played bouth eve the burst error and adan the doble factor so i can sayy adan is a very bad game

    but the remake eve the fattal atraction is way better

    as i said its a remake from adam the doble factor so the history is basicly the same but developed in a totaly diferent way
    first we got more caracters the of eldia an FBI agent escobeto
    kirinino kyoko from eve the lost one and a boy.

    this game is harder to finish than adam i cant triger the next event on the day 2 i visited all avaleble places on the map in both senarios but it was no good

    i was hoping that some one here had also played and cold give me a hand please

    for who havent played i recomend you try you can find eve the fatal traction for pc and ps1

  6. Can someone tell me how to exchange from Disk 1 into Disk 2 (and vice versa) in the middle of the game ? I tried to mount the respective disk which was prompted, run the autosetup but my computer shows nothing but black screen after I opened the game again, and then it kept not responding so I gave up and closed the game. Is it just my computer, or my method was wrong ? Please tell me the exact step to advance this game. Thank you

  7. This is the alternate version of “Eve : The Fatal Attraction”, am I correct ? What’s the difference then ?

    1. I think it’s another case in the same world and same protagonist with Eve, I’ve just finished eve and downloading this atm, so I cant clearly tell which one is the 1st

  8. I have a problem. When i finished to install the game (CD1, then CD2) and execute the game with CD1 mounted using Daemon Tools, an error message appears and the game closes. ¿How can I fix this? I really want to play this game.

    ¡Please, help me…! T_T

    1. I found that, if you copy the DATA_CD2.DAT from the DISC 2 into your installed root ADAM folder on your computer, it will not prompt you to switch CD.

  9. being more specific, the game closes when i’m in this part…

    when marina says, “oh do you want me to jump in your dick with tears in my eyes?”

    not really her exact words but the thought is still there. * ^*
    i do hope i can fix this soon. btw i’m using windows 7

      1. Thank you!!! Thank you so much!!You’ve no idea how frustrated I was when I tried everything to prevent it from crushing.

  10. the game finally worked! but i have another problem…
    it seems that in Marina’s side, when i got caught by jones in his desk, i couldn’t continue and the game automatically closes / force closes.

    and in kojiroh’s side, i can’t move on after i saw ami and ando doing their H scene. in the walkthrough it says go to ando’s bedroom and nothing happened even if i searched all around the house. did i lack doing anything or should i uninstall and install again?

    ; u ; repeating the game again is kind of difficult though orz

  11. I have a problem. When I start the game as soon as I get to the title screen the mouse blurs all over and the screen itself flashes repeatedly. I’m on windows 7 and have tried uninstalling then re-installing with different and the same settings. Help please.

  12. Having a problem completing Marina’s path. *CAUTION SPOILERS* On the second day, after you find the code and go to pick Yuka up from school, you’re supposed to get Himuro to decode it; so I went to the warehouse[she wasn’t there, and Marina basically assumes she needs to kill time then come back later], left and went to every other place possible, came back to the warehouse and she[Himuro] still wasn’t there. Please note, I’m following a walkthrough I found on GameFaqs, but the walkthrough isn’t very thorough nor descriptive of WHERE I should go after going to the warehouse the first time[it just says “leave, wander around, return to see Himuro]. If someone could help me out here, I’d appreciate it.

    1. Sorry to double post, but I’d like to reassert my request for assistance; it seems like plenty of people have made it through the game without a hitch and I would really appreciate it if they’d afford me the same grace with their help. So, once more… could someone help me, please?

      1. I had the same problem, but walkthrough on had helped me to solve this problem. You can’t continue Marina’s scenario. You should change character by ‘load->new(from Kojiroh’s side)’.

        1. Well, but in the walkthrough says to continue with Marina. What should I do? When I change to the Kojiroh he can not leave the house because he is waiting Ami back…

    1. Unfortunately there is no way to play it in windowed screen. It’s full screen by default, and you can’t change it. I’d prefer not to play it in full screen too *sigh

    1. Being first on those old games is not exactly a feat – I’m uploading a lot of old games recently, in order to eventually get every game ever released in English, In order to not “clutter” the front page they are sent directly to archive, meaning they don’t appear on front page, and basically the only way to see them ( apart from searching to particular title) is following RSS feed/Twitter or going to post from “downloads” alphabetical index.

        1. 2000-2010 for now, then i’ll be doing ’90-’99 ones. Thwn finally ’83-’89 ones, but they will be really hard to get and actually run on modern PCs.

          1. In total it’s over 350 games. It certainly will take some time, but it’s best to keep your targets big.

          2. I don’t know how many of them you played so far, but it’ll take more than 3 years of non-stop reading 24hours/day to finish them all anyway.

          3. =)…ohoho !epic win! well now im rather reading them than studying so in the end it’s the same here =), but three years 24/7 of non-stop reading…im getting dizzy…should i asume you have already played them all…?

          4. A lot of them, but not all. My first one was “True Love” in like ’99-’00, it was much harder to get those games back then – using dial-up connection with whooping 52Kb/s speed and having to pay for every minute you were connected to the Internet. By abusing my school’s internet conecction ( 256kbit/s “broadband!” ) i think i managed to download and play most of games that came out back then ( i also downloaded houndreds of megabytes of german porn fakes and viruses… good old Kazaa…. ). I think i played every official release from JAST and mangagamers. I still have to play many games that came out as fan-translations, whole Hirameki’s “anime play” series, every game that came out before True Love and several classics that i wasn’t able to find on Kazaa back then.

          5. Well well you are “THE ADMIN” after all, it’s a bit hard to believe…but i kind of understand, specially the part of abuse one’s school internet…=), wich i do almost all day, compared to my 1mb internet conection my school’s internet once allowed me to download at 1mb/s, just how much is that i wonder…? also about the, well german porn and viruses,o.O, mine in japanese porn…=) and viruses…=( (have formatted my laptop 3 times already) but comparing both histories, is like i’ve been living in heaven…getting all of these games for free and with broadband beside my bead…Come on! i just don’t even know what Kazaa is…wonder if it’s like Ares…?
            I’ll try “True Love” now that i know it has a whole history behind it…=)

          6. Kazaa was the first popular P2P application, it’s kinda like torrents nowadays. Due to the way downloading worked (people with higher global download/upload ratio had higher priority to download files from anyone. As a result many people were putting fake files into their “shared” folder to inflate their “seeding” stats. Imagine spending a week to download Baldur’s Gate expansion, and after unpacking you get some gay porn…

          7. >.>procesing…
            Holy Sh*t!!!
            hapily this hasn’t happened to me yet…>.>
            Say… is admin putting this example because it actually happened…?
            If so, then my condolences…
            But after all, it should have been funny to see how things changed in 10 years… that should have been a whole great experience…and after all you can just laugh and share this whith us…
            So, i guess you have seen the birth of mangagamer and jast…?
            and being able to be one of the first ones to have bought one of their games…?

          8. Yes, this really happened to my friend. “Russians” didn’t have the “Throne of Bhaal” yet ( back then it was cheaper to buy large games from “pirates” from Russia/Ukraine/Romania that were selling them on the markets near stadiums for about 10$/CD ( it was just like buying drugs from street dealers – you had to approach certain people who were selling plushies or some other shit and ask them if they sell games – then they went somewhere and came back with either the CD you asked for or plastic shopping bag with hundreds of CDs to browse. this was quite scary for 11-12 year olds, but browsing all those games was awesome ), so he paid internet cafe employee to leave pc turned on for download and come back few days later to burn it on CD. I don’t remember if he really got gay porn or something else, but that was definetely not the game he wanted.
            JAST-USA released their first games earlier (’97? ’98? ) so i didn’t see how they were born ( it didn’t really matter – i had no idea that such company existed – i was just searching for “anime porn games”. Actually – i never bought any game from them – no way in hell there’d would be 12-15 year old kid with credit card in eastern europe (even my parents didn’t have one), Nowadays I’m not buying games from them either. I own several games from mangagamers tho.

          9. mmmm, well it’s certainly scary to do those kind of business(childs cannot ask their parents to buy hentai…>.>), i remember my first one was Bible Black…went to a square with a friend to buy some porn…it is funny to say that i was so scared at those times to buy porn alone (so i had to go whit one of those unforgettable friends one allways have) maybe i was 12 or so, so he made me buy “cartoon porn” instead (didn’t know the existence of hentai till i arrived home), can u imagine how surprised i was to see a woman with a pennis…? i meant, it WAS surprising, since just the mencion of porn made my fly(at those times), as you said, with 5$ they allowed you to see trough a complete list of movies and since it was a public square, each five seconds you had to dealt with sharp eyes of grannys walking beside you…=), but it was just before i discovered the internet, it’s funny to see my room full of anime and my PC full of VNS, and my father getting angry each time he comes to visit…=), by buying hentai here
            you never get what you want…i guess,so over there you had to be smart to buy porn, pirate games or so…??? cause here now is just like buying pan…

          10. admin says:
            September 16, 2011 at 4:08 am
            2000-2010 for now, then i’ll be doing ’90-’99 ones. Thwn finally ’83-’89 ones, but they will be really hard to get and actually run on modern PCs.

            There’s DOSBox for the really old ones man.

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