Chain – The Lost Footprints

Chain - The Lost Footprints

Takeshi Shinonome is a private detective. One day, he meets a girl named Ayumu out in the rain. Ayumu’s sister, Marie, and Takeshi went to the same high school. She asks him to investigate rumors concerning her husband. Takeshi finds evidence that her husband is having an affair with Ako Sonomura. Later, Ayumu’s father asks Takeshi to investigate her private life. He is a well known politician and is afraid of having a scandal during the upcoming general election.

Soon after Takeshi starts investigating, Ayumu is confronted with an extremely dangerous situation. Is her father’s enemy behind this? As Takeshi tries to find out who is putting Ayumu in danger, he discovers a new drug is behind the entire problem. Murders become rampant. The new drug is constantly tied to the murders, but there is not enough evidence to prove it. Will the beautiful girls he becomes involved with help him solve the mystery?

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  1. I have a way of making this game work:

    1) Mount disc image and copy all files

    2) Paste to your desired folder (I created a folder in my PC main directory and named it ‘Chain’ and pasted all the files in there)

    3) Then instead of using the launcher that comes with the files, copy and paste the ‘crack’ for ‘Do you like horny bunnies 2’ and use that to launch the game

    4) Now you play and enjoy the game

    Hope this instruction helps you guys

  2. So… I was able to install it by letting it outside the Program Files directory (and running the CHAINUST.exe).

    I executed it as admin, and tried all possible compatibility options. Still didn`t worked. Not sure why.

    It`s not like it opens a black screen or an error bumps up. Nothing happens.

    Going to try again later. But if anyone have a good hint…

    1. Finally figured out how to solve this problem. Took me months until I decided to tinker around again today. The CHAINUST.exe is not good, does nothing when you click on it, so you need to use a crack. The game company, Zyx, makes a bunch of games based off the same program (Come see me tonight; Idols Galore; Tsuki:Posession, etc). Just go to Tsuki:Posession on this website and get the crack from there. It’s called HYOUIUS. Follow through with installation, but copy and place the crack into the game directory. Use the crack HYOUIUS instead this time. It will work.

      1. Would you please provide step by step instructions?

        I extracted the Tsuki:Posession data but I haven’t installed it yet; after I do, how do I use the executable file, and do I install “Tsuki:Posession”?

        Again, would you please provide step by step instructions?

    1. Thank you for that 🙂 The only problem is you lose the intro movie if you run it without the disc. I personally skip that shit as fast as possible every time, but for those who want to keep it, do this.

      1.) Mount the disc image and open it in explorer
      2.) Copy the file OP01_480.avi and paste in into the installed game folder (default location is C:Program FilesZyxCHAINUS)
      3.) Run regedit and navigate to My ComputerHKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareZyXCHAINUS
      4.) Over VideoDir, right-click->Modify then type in the path of the installed game folder. (In other words, it should be the same as all the other file paths in that directory.)

      Don’t forget to unmount the iso before testing 😉

      1. Both of you guys have helped me SOOOOOO much. Thank you so much. I was having the worst time with this and both of your replies has been a tremendous help. Now I won’t have to deal with this problem anymore. If there was some way to get Togainu to Chi to work, that would be awesome. 🙂

  3. Hello,

    when I run the game it say : there will be no voice or sound effects because the system does not support ADPCM files.
    And then, every time a character speak, I get an error window, it’s really annoying. What can I do ?

  4. this is the message i got when i installed it on C:

    “Assertion Failure at lin 646 in file

    Call DebugBreak()?”

    does anybody know how to install this on Win7

  5. ok i had the same problem, after mounting i got a black screen, so i managed to get it working and this is how:
    im running it on a win7
    locale japanese
    ok after you extracted the file mount it with daemon tools but dont install it, just exit and enter daemon tools and right click on the image mounted then choose open and it will open a folder with all files on it, just double click the file CHAINUST and install the game then execute and it should run the game without any problem
    i hope this work for you also

    1. oH i was missing something IF THIS DOESNT WORK INSTALL IT OUTSIDE PROGRAM FILES i mean
      Computer/C:/Program files

  6. Ok with Chain the Lost Footprints I extracted it then used Daemon Tools to mount it, then ran the installer to put it on my D:/ drive then set compatibility mode to Win XP & admin rights. Finally I click the icon and I get a crash with a black screen and my resolution changed to 640 by 480. What am I doing wrong please?

  7. i get to play the game only when original file is mounted along with installed files.
    is there any way to play with just installation?

        1. That depends on browser. RSS are xml files, but most modern browsers automatically parse it and offer options to subscribe to it – they will periodically check if there are any updates to it and display small popup in bottom right corner if it does.
          Alternatievly you can follow us on twitter – every post gets automatically announced over there as well.

          1. Pardon me again…

            I think I got a slight misunderstanding here, what I mean by post is comment, not the updates of eroge…

            is there any way I can see new comment like you does?

            thank you ^^

  8. admin, about “sono hanabira series” there are more than 2 series already translated to english, no post for that? or later maybe?

    thank’s for the attention ^^

  9. hey admin, how are you doing???

    just checking for updates, but it’s been more than a week since last update…

    is there something wrong?

    just want to check ^^

    thank you for the attention ^^

      1. oh well, doesn’t matter then, just worried there are no activities ^^

        by the way do yo know where I can see the release of eroge/VN?

        thank you ^^

        1. Hey admin, sorry for the offtopic but apparently you are missing several Fun Translations games such as Words Worth and Nineteen. Is there any specific reason or you were simply unaware of them?

  10. 1st ever game I bought from Jast. Though linear, got me hooked on eroge. Thanks for the upload, admin.

  11. hey admin, is there any forum for this site?

    kind a hard to make a question here

    thank you for the attention ^^

    1. Story is “okayish”, but unfortunately it’s 1) very short and 2) absolutely linear – you always follow the path and can’t stray from it 🙂

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