Hello Lady! – Complete Edition

Hello Lady! - Complete Edition

It’s the Dawn of a New Age–

The 21st century has brought about its own slew of problems for society at large. As a result, the most promising youths from around the world have been gathered and enrolled in Amakawa Noble Academy. The curriculum at The Academy is designed to teach students how to use their talents to lead humanity toward a brighter future.

Standing at the apex of Amakawa Noble Academy are five beautiful young girls known as “Crowns.” One day, the leader of the Crowns, Saku Otonashi, is targeted in a terrorist incident. And on that occasion, her life is saved by the sudden and unexpected appearance of a young and quite eccentric man.

“It can’t be… A sixth, and a boy, at that…?”
“Hello there, Saku Otonashi. My name is Shinri Narita.”

By some stroke of luck, the young man is a transfer student. Not only that, but he’s also the sixth Crown. However… Shinri Narita immediately finds fault with The Academy’s current system.

“In the name of my will, I shall do what must be done and bring about change to this little garden of knowledge.”
“In the name of the Crowns, I, Saku Otonashi, declare that Shinri Narita must be stopped!”

And so, the winds of fortune begin to blow restlessly through The Academy, changing the prideful girls’ futures in ways they could never have imagined…

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  1. I might me stupid, but in a scene where is heavily implied two characters are about to have segs, the screen cuts to black then shows them after the act talking. Is the +18 content censored or are some segs scenes implied but not shown?

  2. It’s been like what? Exactly 1 month now since this upload, and there is an update for about a week of so for new series, is the site dead?

    1. tbf nothing really notable has been released recently. Some new Miel game and another short game called SugarKiss came out on the 18th and then Evenicle 2 came out today so I can imagine them getting uploaded soon enough.

  3. Question admin, will you ever upload the high res version of Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate? The new patch for it was finished at the end of last year.

  4. This description is the official one, and it is technically accurate, but I feel like it was pretty misleading.

    For one thing, nowhere does it mention that the school is for people with superpowers. Seems like that should have been important.

    Also, the part about changing the school isn’t really relevant. I’m not even sure he says that exactly. Just that he doesn’t agree with the way they do things, and that he will follow his own beliefs. I don’t think he ever really tries to change someone else.

  5. Man this was a good read so far but it does not seem to be properly cracked?
    Games stops at a certain point with a “pirated edition” disclaimer.
    are there any workarounds?

    1. ah ok this seems to be a side-effect of the crack.
      the game works properly but the cracked version lets you start any route right from the first playthrough. The game notices if you are on a route which you would need to unlock first and this triggers the piracy screen.
      You simply need to play the routes in order:
      “Route order is enforced. Either Tamao or Sorako can be played first, but Eru can only be played after completed those two, and Saku can only be played after completing all other three. The two fandisk routes can be played after completing the main game.”

      1. I read the crack can block you from the post credit scenes, happens even if you do the correct order? or just doing the correct order avoid all the problems?

        1. post credit scenes seem to be blocked yes. the order does not fix that.
          it did not really bother me as the story was concluded at that point but yeah, seems like you have to live with that with the crack in it’s current state.

  6. from the developer of Cou Kuroi Ryuu, The Cover is like Moege or SoL VN but it’s not. It got Mind Control, and Death element like Cou VNs

    1. i can tolerate mass murder or something if that is like Ryuusei World Actor or Grisaia but Mind Control and death of heroines is no no for me. Tags for Low S*xual Content or Life and Death Drama is too less of information. Thanks for this Comment, needs to avoid VN like Wonderful Everyday – Discontinuous Existence (because the other work is Fun Comedy) but actually really dark or Bokuten super dark

      1. This vn “compromise” because this is well an Akatsuki Works game, if you played comyu it has the same kind of “bits” and feeling, with that i mean it has fucked up parts that become more fucked up the more you think about them and yes some heroines may or not may die. but despite that this is not tagged as an utsuge or even a nakige on vndb, because is more a life and death action drama than a depressing sad game.

        This translate to put it simply heroines are safe, on their route that is on other heroines routes it’s free real estate but like i said is not really a game meant to be sad so heroines death doesn’t affect me much since is not on their routes (If you don’t fuck up the last girl specially has like 6 bad ends) but all’s well that ends well and all that which fitting enough is the menu that unlocks after you finish the true route and has some fun little sex scenarios, kind of after stories but not really

        But going back to comyu Akatsuki Works are well they are not that good at romance or endings, they are all right i guess, its
        edible barely and that trend follows this game though in this case it has kind of a reason as you can tell the story is focus on the MC girls are a device just to tell his story unlike in normal VNs were the MC is the device to perceive the girls story

        Which brings me to my last point the MC he is revered as one of the best VN protagonist in a while and you can tell the developers created something special as they opted to voice him reinforcing the fact the story is focused on him, in my opinion it will be a hit or miss you’ll either will love him and google “Narita Shinri cult join how” or you’ll think he is an obnoxious piece of shit

        So i say try it i also avoid things i can’t stand I’m not getting near Trinoline even if they released a weird fever dream like fan disk were we pretend everything is fine but this game is not comparable to the type of shitshow Trinoline is, heroines dying is a deterrent but is not worse than when Kinkoi: Golden Loveriche did the same, like i say i can stomach it if its on other heroines routes since lets be honest most of the time in VNs once you are locked in a heroine route the others girls may as well be death as they sometimes just stop appearing at all as the focus is on the girl you are doing the route of, so give it a shot is a fun game for the most part of course, if like i say you can tolerate the MC yeah don’t force yourself since you’ll be hearing him a lot

        One last comparison imagine a line that separates fucked up from moege vanilla shit, this game will be on the side of fucked up barely touching the other side while Sakuranomori Dreamers a game that looks like a fucked mess but is in reality a moege its on the side of moege barely touching the other side

        Also in case you don’t know this game has enforced play order you can only choose between two girls the first time and need to do the three girls to do unlock the black haired one i’m telling you because a lot of people don’t try koichoco for the same reason cuz yeah is annoying even if it is because they want to slowly reveal the full story through all the routes still very annoying

        1. oh geez thanks, seriously i like Sakuramori Dreamers, Kinkoi, and 9-Nine. While 9-Nine could be called dark but at least it got proper ending, Kinkoi at least gives you conclusion with the timeline. Reading your review i guess i’ll put it away from my list, don’t like fuckep up things like making the heroines as spice maybe making this Kinetic novel would be better.

          Yeah VNDB review also Narita Shinri Cult, ugh. I like voiced MC like 9-nine and Sekai de Ichiban Dame na Koi but not to the point of cult

      2. The only “heroine” who dies in any route is one of the side characters that got their own route in the FD. Technically, she wasn’t even a heroine in the base game. Aside from that, I don’t think any of the 4 original heroines outright die on any route, though some end up in bad shape in routes other than their own. Even then, nothing that leaves them feeling hopeless or like they can’t recover. Plenty of other people die, but all villains or side characters.

        On VNDB, the main character has the Mass Murder trait, but that is one of the bad ends.

        1. And also it says if you wanted to see their happy ending you shouldn’t have picked hint corner but if you don’t pick it it just skips the end of hint corner and goes back to main screen, it feels like pirated hint corners cutting the ending of routes, am i paranoid, i just played only first two routes, can’t find any info on this…

    1. It’s the 2.00 version on this website, but on Nekonyan website, you can download the 2.01 patch after downloading the visual novel here

        1. On Nekonyan website, in the “shop” tab that you’ll see on top, since I’m not sure if we can send links here

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