Slave’s Sword 2

Slave's Sword 2

After having been victorious in the battle for the Free City, Luna and her allies begin taking important bases of the Empire.

However, while getting very close to the Imperial Capital, Luna is confronted by an opponent who is totally out of her league…

Now Luna must escape captivity again. Will she be able to make her way out and finally take down the Empire!?

11 comments on “Slave’s Sword 2

  1. My first RPG series, came for the H but the game was nice. Might explore more RPG after.


    I absolutely /cannot/ believe that there’s no H scene with Leon. Preposterous.

  2. so having a bit of a problem finding the path to the desert and the guide that i found on steam isnt very helpful anyone got a clue how to find it?

    1. also where is Muranishi the guide mentions it but iv never run across it while playing the first part

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