My Dear Wife, Mariko’s Report

My Dear Wife, Mariko’s Report

The protagonist Sashihara Yasushi and the heroine Sashihara Mariko have been married for 5 years.

Mariko was found out to have had an affair back when they were newly weds, but nothing major came out of it and they’ve lead a peaceful married life since then. However, they are worried that their life in the bedroom become boring as of late.

Then one day, Yasushi received a post-cheating sex report from his wife Mariko.
– Her partner is a new employee who is 8 years younger and a virgin.
– He was a long-distance running athlete during his years in school.
– He confessed to her after having sex in a love hotel.

Mariko said that she wants to become his lover and have it officially recognized by her husband.

An absurd demand, but things were different for Yasushi who has a desire to be a cuckold.
He felt intense excitement that he hadn’t felt for ages.
Yasushi accepted Mariko’s request and her husband-affirmed adulteration began…

7 comments on “My Dear Wife, Mariko’s Report

  1. It’s a shame this is NTR, the art is amazing… not enough ladies wearing glasses and keeping them during sex

  2. It’s funny that people would look at a game like this just to say that they don’t get it.

    But that’s what we get these days. People who don’t get it and who like to show that they don’t get it.

    Must be some weird fetish. Call it “Out-of-the-loopism”.

    Plus the “it’s-all-like-this”-ism. As if it were. Just click on the tags, and tell me that this is “the only kind you get.”

    Well, it takes all kinds, obviously.

  3. Well, pretty much. I’m kinda tired of the same thing. Buuuuut, that’s what people are translating. Blame the translators or translator, seeing how it’s mostly the same fetish, not the page.

  4. Personally, I’d dump my man if things got stagnant. If I have to look outside to save my relationship, it’s already lost. But fuck it, it’s just a hentai game. Probably shouldn’t take it so seriously 😉

    1. Ehh, stagnation will happen in any long term relationship. Jumping to another relationship when the excitement dies down is kind of.. pointless? I guess when people are young, they’re free to find this out for themselves.

      Anyway, that’s not even the point of this game! The point is the NTRing! That’s why the scenario is so hot

  5. Well that answered my question about the first game, that they are still married and she doesn’t seem to be with her old lover (as far as we know)

    Anyone know what the endings are?

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