The Heiress

The Heiress

Alice, daughter of the noble Dietrich, her life of aristocracy comes to an end after her father died for some reason. All that was once magnificent is now gone, over a hundred servants were dismissed, mansion sold, jewelry pawned, moreover, huge debt owed to loan sharks. Only the most loyal servant of all, J, stayed and kept Alice company. The once noble miss have to live in a rented dump and to pay up her debt, she is now a bounty hunter. She’ll do whatever paid to do, no matter how difficult or graceless it is.

Hilda, women delegate of Eden Church, is a rising star by her breathtaking beauty and incredible sexuality. Her ruthlessness made her willingly give up anything to achieve her objective. Her unspeakable experience in Schramm has made her go ballistic when touched. The king drown in her unbelievable attractiveness and was finally brought to her knee, which led to her total domination of his country. The only enemy she considered comparable to her beauty is Alice, and as her envy implodes, she’ll do whatever it takes, however disgraceful or dirty, to make her a sex tool.

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  1. Wow first dark elf now this the only missing is Marauder Dystopia which is already translated using machine translation

  2. I got onto the Sex Slave route, but I can’t find the guy that will give me missions. He should be by the entrance of the building, but there’s no one there. I tried talking to just about everyone, can someone tell me where I can find him in detail?

  3. Go to the steam site but dont remember what topic, just search for it, the first coment is of the maker but he deleted the link, instead he ask you to join in his clubchat, you need to dowload an app(i dowloaded it in an ipad) when you became a member the app opens and the forum apears, search patches and find oneonone publisher and youre done.

      1. I was talking about the first sex scene where you pretend to be that fat guys fiancé he tries to rape you, if you resist the game continues, if you don’t resist the game crashes

  4. I got the new patch and the crash problems are fixed at last but the tranlation bugs me somewath, its a pain to read so many nosense.

    Thank you for putting this up! Will this be uncensored? I know the steam version wasn’t unfortunately from what I saw.

    1. It has adult scenes (unlike Steam version, as you already noted), but there are still mosaics over genitalia. Fully “uncensored” version doesn’t exist.

      1. I was just annoyed how badly censored it was in the steam version. In one of the first CGs of Alice in the shower, they just photoshopped random images to censor her lady bits. They could have at least added steam clouds or mosaics but the way they did it just looked ugly and stupid.

  6. I downloaded the whole thing and this prevents it from being extracted, any help?

    Data Error: TheHeiressAdult\Audio\BGM\bgm01b.ogg

        1. I agree with you, if its about monster girl get fcked by mc, I love that kinds of thing. But if I played girl as mc and get raped . . thats just feel so wrong man, in so many ways.

          1. even if it isn’t monsters, it still feels wrong, for example I am unable to bring myself to finish material girl, which is about a girl forced into prostitution to pay bills

        2. Oh, sure, but rape in this game its an “option” ofc if you dont let yourself get fkd pretty much you’ll play without H-Scenes which is required to get a good ending btw.

          ive finished Material Girl and well… in the end she looked very happy i guess..
          and if you feel like something is wrong just tell yourself “its just a game”, thats my solution. >.>

  7. Ive beat this on Steam version with uncensor patch ofc ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) and i can tell this is ONEONE’s best RPG maker game so far with plenty routes and nice story, sadly the lovely uncle google translator make it just… pain to read and the battles are just too easy.

    still good for a 2£ game if you have nothing to fap to anymore like me (Eks de)

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