The Spirit Master of Retarnia

The Spirit Master of Retarnia

The stage for this tale is the “Ritaania Kingdom”, a kingdom that has enjoyed continuous peace for 500 long years.

One day, a “portal” which linked Ritaania to the demon world wherein dwelled vile monsters appeared.

If the portal was left unchecked, monsters would invade Ritaania and the kingdom would be destroyed.

However, a similar portal appeared 500 years earlier and a certain hero came to the rescue of the beleaguered kingdom.

The one who came to be known as the “Spirit Master of Ritaania” commanded five spirits, “The White Spirit Norn”, “The Red Spirit Vesta”, “The Blue Spirit Rusalka”, “The Green Spirit Melissa” and “The Black Spirit Ellis” and fought bravely against the demons, it was said the Master succeeded in sealing the portal.

The Spirit Master’s descendant Leonard is now commanded by Ritaania’s Queen Sylvia to enter the portal together with the spirits in order to pass through to the demon realm in order to save the kingdom…

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  1. If you have trouble with the game then get gears with exp and gold bonus, enhance them and go grind

    Later when you get your hand on an item with “raise all skills by 1”, enhance it to +5, reset skills and put 1 point in each of your common skill that basically gives you +6 on all stats and also HP/MP (well there are 6 or 7 equip slots so …)

    Give priority to AGI so that all members of your party attack before the enemy + MP steal and just use
    Norn – Shield Boomerang, Eris – Aoe, Melissa – Tornado, Vesta – passive hit all, Rusalka – spell from book or whatever

  2. @ Anon, Did you max out all the character’s skills you have?(Including the shield bash & shield mastery 2,3 ect.)

    1. sorry i just assumed i couldn’t save so i didn’t want to advance but since i just gave in and advanced i realized i had to go a bit in to be able to save

  3. finaly got all the scenes.. for the 2 extra scenes (sara and the queen) you unlock em after u unlock the last gate (castle) and then go to the rest menu.. depending on the affections you will get 1 of either scene.. for queen scene, you need to have no spirit affection pass 4.. meaning all of them has to be 3 or below.. for the sara scene you need atleast 1 spirit to be affection 4+ i think its beore you beat beliel (how ever u spell his name).

  4. normal mode pretty easy, hell mode are annoying.
    i complete the map exploration till 6th floor of castle portal, and im getting tired of explore, so i rush to boss room at 10th floor and turn out to be easy in normal mode.

    i beat it even with crappy skill build (e.g. phalanx, devoted arts, active skill for red spirit, etc,etc)

    basically to win the last boss, you need to stun build for white spirit, any skill for red spirit (not really contribute), element break and armor break for blue spirit, max one ultimate single target magic for black spirit (e.g. inferno), first aid skill for green spirit.

    just armor break/element break plus stun and use magic, and boss will be pretty easy

    alternative, max intimidation and taunt for white spirit, active skill for red spirit, boost skill for green spirit, any skill for black spirit, and heal every turn skill for green spirit.

    though it will be pretty rough for alternative, but its lot more challenging

      1. I believe that’s the scene with Sara. I got it by accident but I believe all you have to do is rest before completing the final dungeon.

        I have the opposite problem, I don’t know how to unlock the scene with the queen but I assume you get it by completing the game without maxing any of the spirits affections.

  5. any one got a save file, I got to lava area 4 and I cant really bring myself to continue this crappy game, I’ve been completely spoiled by meltys quest and monster girl quest

  6. I finished on normal mode, here’s what I found skill/characterwise:

    Note: Later on you’ll start getting gear that restores mp as a percentage of damage dealt. That’s how you keep your mp going.

    Protagonist: Worst character in the game, he can’t equip orange gear and doesn’t have good skills. Get portal with him, then dump the rest of the points into a mix of hp and dex. I’d go sword or 1h staff + shield with him, his death is an instant loss. Later on you could respec to get underworld merchant if you want to save some time, you’ll eventually have so much money that you can just clean out every orange item that merchant has.

    White: Taunt seems worthless. Go shield bash + boomerang. One of the shield masteries adds more stun chance. Her role is stunlocking. Later bosses can one shot your party with an AE spell, so stunlocking becomes vital.

    Red: I ditched the self damaging attack and went for her passive extra attacks thing. Most of the time she double attacks, sometimes more. She’s the single target killer.

    Blue: Get the skill to reveal monster stats, and then pick a single status effect, max it out, max out the passive that boosts status effects. I went with paralyze. In retrospect, charm might have been better. Her main job is in random encounters, hitting the enemy group with a status effect then just hitting stuff.

    Green: One point in healing ritual, one point in area heal, max out the passive group heal (+20 hp/turn for everyone). Later bosses usually one-shot characters and/or are so stunlocked that the healing requirements are minimal.

    Black: With a tiny number of exceptions, most enemies have equal resists to all elements. Pick a single element and dump everything in it. Cold and lightning mastery 2 gets debuffs. Fire mastery 2 just gets more bonus damage. I went the fire route. She mostly chucks group hitting fire spells.

  7. Ehhh, If you like games like this then go play Bunny Black and its squeal, or Alchemy Meister. Both are similar but 100% better when it comes to story and gameplay.

    This game is probably as bare-bones as you can get when it comes to dungeon crawlers/hentai games. I feel like there’s no rhyme or reason to anything that happens. The story is a joke and the combat system is nothing special.

    Go play Alchemy Meister.

    1. If the pictures on MG’s page are any indication then yes, Kamidori is better. Even with the painfully undeveloped story it often shows which says a lot.

      1. Nope. Last I heard Bunny Black 3 couldn’t be (fan) translated because of changes made to the code from 2 to 3.

    1. It shouldn’t be though.

      In my case, only two of the spirits has character sprite for dialogue, the loli and the dark one.

      Is there a patch somewhere for this? Or is this happen because it’s a pirated one?

        1. I did notice the same thing (playing the free download version on this site): the sprites of the heroines talking sometimes don’t appear. I did some tests and disabling all the 3 alternate outfits’ options solved the problem for me (but I am not 100% sure that is the problem). I hope this will help someone 😀

  8. Is there any walkthrough available on build/skill distribution? There are so many places to spend them and so little points…I try put them according to their class role but I get owned in boss battles anyway :/

    1. Then allow me to begin by pointing out my personal solution to everything: Shield Bash.

      Shield Bash’s stun is incredible, and makes everything a lot easier. And yes, it works on bosses. Aside from that… (Do keep in mind also, that this is based on Normal Difficulty.)

      I personally haven’t had any trouble with anything but the first boss in the game, and I’ve mostly been building skills evenly, with a few exceptions:

      Norn basically has two purposes: To draw aggro as much as possible, AND TO SHIELD BASH EVERY BOSS EVERY TURN. As such, it’s a good idea to get Shield Mastery II up, since then you can combine her two roles into one simple act of Shield Bashing. Jokes aside though, Taunt and Intimidate help keep the aggro on her a lot, and that’s going to be your primarily way of dealing with bosses that don’t hit everyone. (Shield Bash is going to be your way of dealing with those ones). For gear, you’re going to want her to have a similar build to the protagonist, since her primary job is… Tanking hits and not dying.

      Melissa’s basic heal is honestly pretty incredible, to the point where (on normal difficulty), the only reason to even try passing skill level 3 is to get area heal. I personally would suggest getting her the Area Cure spell, putting a couple points into Healing Mastery to keep her heal power up, and then pushing all her points into getting Aero blast — She has a lot of INT potential, so she can operate as a secondary damage caster if need be. Melissa’s also surprisingly tanky, so she’s actually a good choice to put up in the front, especially since everyone except Norn and Vesta are either squishy casters or a game over if targeted.

      Rusalka’s spells are kind of all over the place, so she’s a case where ideally you would try to get all of them. That being said, since Leonard can cast Attack and Defense up at 3 Bond, those are lower priority for Rusalka to cast: Quick up is a good way to make it so that your team definitely goes first, but more likely, you’re going to have her debuffing the enemy’s attack or defense based on who’s winning. That being said, Rusalka doesn’t really stand out very much on Normal: She needs a lot of skill point to be effective and her skills are split all over the place for prerequisites. Ideally one would try to get demonology as fast as possible once you’ve got the basics covered, but that’s still 12 Skill points just for what I consider “the basics”. She’ll probably be more useful in higher difficulties, but for Normal Difficulty, she doesn’t… really contribute much beyond doing the debuff. For Gear… I honestly don’t have any suggestions here, since her primary use in normal isn’t something related to her stats anyways. Debuffs and Buffs will always succeed, and do a preset amount based on skill level. If you can find an Elemental Magic Book artifact, you should be able to use her as a backup mage, so maybe INT?

      Vesta is all about her passives: Her actual actives skills are less valuable than the equipment she’s got and her passives. My personal suggestion is focus on the Sword Mastery Tree and try to get as many of those passive skills as possible: The active skills are basically just there so you have to drain levels to get her “Survive fatal blows” passive, which is basically useless on normal difficulty, at least. For gear, my suggestion is of course: Boost STR and VIT as much as possible. But also, try to get her doing elemental damage ASAP: That means that she doesn’t end up useless against slimes, and also ups her DPS further.

      For Eris, you at least want to get all the single-target spells. After that, ideally you would push all of your points to get at least one Multi-target spell. Beyond that, try to keep your spells leveled as evenly as you can, so that you can generally tell her MP expenditure. As for Gear for her, the emphasis should probably be on trying to improve her INT and getting her MP regen items: “Restores MP per turn” is ideal, but while the “Heals MP by attacking” is honestly a lot worse (since it’s actually by KILLING), it’s a good way to drop her expenditure down if you know she’ll be able to make the finishing blow.

      Leonard is basically your Etrian Odyssey Farmer: He’s mostly there because he make navigating the dungeon itself easier, and should never really be treated as a primary combatant, especially since if he dies you get a game over. His precise role in the party is largely determined by who you’re pairing him up with, but getting everyone to Level 3 affection (the limit before you can’t continue any further without getting into a relationship), He should have Shield Bash and Shield of Faith from Norn, Rapid Blows and Flash from Vesta, Enchant and Protect from Rusalka, Cure and Heal from Melissa, and Flame Strike and Meteor Strike from Eris. This places him very handily into a generalist role, which allows him to fulfill… Basically any role, though obviously he’s better at some than others: Ideally, you would want him in the back operating as a support caster, throwing up buffs to keep the party alive, healing important people that Melissa isn’t covering, or casting Cure on Melissa so that she can take all the debuffs off everyone else. If there’s nothing else for him to do, then you can have him attack or cast attack magic. As for actual equipment to give him… Since he ABSOLUTELY MUST SURVIVE NO MATTER WHAT, you’ll want to focus on getting his VIT, MND, and Resistances as high as possible. Status effect resistance is good to keep in mind, since most status effects hit the entire party and you’ll want Leonard to be your backup if Melissa gets affected by them.

  9. Is there much point in playing this if you aren’t going to let the heroines lose? VNDB’s character list seemed short on tags for consensual sex.

  10. is it just me, or is it some kind of Monster Girl Quest rip-off, at least pictures and soundtracks are there, unless theyre default RPG Maker assets, then i apologize.

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