Higurashi – When They Cry Kai: Minagoroshi

Minagoroshi(Massacre Chapter) – The final truth

I wanted to know what’s outside the well.
So I tried to claw my way up from there.

I wanted to know what’s outside the well.
So I continued to climb even when I fell and injured myself.

I finally realize.
The higher I climb, the more pain I feel when I fall.

When my curiosity toward the world and my physical pain became equal……
I finally understood the meaning of the frog in the well.

8 comments on “Higurashi – When They Cry Kai: Minagoroshi

  1. i play it all 6 within 1 week…. and.. THE CHAPTER 7 LINK ARE BROKEN!!! PLEASE FIX IT, IM BEGGING YOU oTL

    1. Sadly , All of the sound novels under the title “When they Cry Kai” have not been given a new patch , which is only with the original “When they Cry” .

      1. Actually, there WAS a patch for Meakashi (in fact, I downloaded it myself), but it seems to have been removed. There still are patches for Minagoroshi and Tsumihoroboshi, though.

  2. to Mr Admin from Tokibibito
    i have download all of the HIGURASHI visual novels series but can`t start the game with any of them. am not a noob trying to play games, cuz i have 37 eroges and 15 visual novels.
    the point i`m trying to explain is this.
    i download the first higurashi (vol 1 to 4) and have more weight than yours plus a folder to play the english version due to applocale issues with some operatives systems (windows 7 and vista).
    when i try yours, i got a error permanently coming and yes, i`m using applocale to play japanesse games.
    oh yeah, the error code is
    any help will be apreciated

    1. You gotta note that not every Eroge or Visual Novels will run on AppLocale with Japanese or even with Japanese Locale set. The Higurashi is an English localization, so set your system to English or AppLocale language to English, and run the exe.

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