Higurashi – When They Cry Kai: Tsumihoroboshi

Tsumihoroboshi(Atonement Chapter) – The first fall
The first time, I would try harder to avoid
the inevitable tragedy.

The second time, I would be disgusted with
the inevitable tragedy.

The third time, my disgust would turn into anguish.
The seventh time, I’d be laughing by then.

13 comments on “Higurashi – When They Cry Kai: Tsumihoroboshi

  1. Hello. I was wondering if there’s an available ‘All-cast Review Session’ like in the first 4 chapters for Kai?
    I finished Meakashi and Tsumihoroboshi and I was looking for this, but the only available in extras was the Staff Room where Ryuukishi comments about the chapter. So I just want to ask if this is the same case for the ps2 version; or is it just in the MG release?

  2. @Admin mind uploading the patch to a different website? filesonic is only download for the owner of the account, not for third parties

  3. After reading this , I have to admit , Rena Ryugu is probably my favorite murderer in history , even better than Manson !!!

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