Daibanchou -Big Bang Age-


In year 200X, a black hole that would later be called “hellhole” appeared in the center of Japan. Shortly thereafter all contact between Japanese archipelago and the rest of the world got lost.

Giant crystal onyxes named “Crystal B” appeared. Contact with them increased human bodies “B power” and paranormal potential, “special student body” is used to describe those powers young people gained by this change. Emergence of such powers caused panic in the masses and a dark age of violence began.

A few years later a powerful organization appeared, gathering those with the “special student body” to form the nationwide “Students Union” to bring out Japan out of the dark. But the battle was just starting…

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  1. HI! I’ve patched the game but saving doesn’t work at all please help, I love this game and im totally hooked without option of saving the dame it’s a nightmare

  2. I just get a black screen after the initial studio logo .. Anyone have the same figured out a fix? Already tried compat settings.

  3. Instalation:
    Installe the game.
    Download the patch in a folder named patch or something.
    Rename the patch files to their japanese contraparts in the game folder: The files in the english patch have their names wrong for some reason, but they still say something like Da, Ba and .ain at the end so use it as reference. Really you only need the change the corrupted part of the name to 大番長 and leave Ga or BA. It should be enough. I could play the game without actvating compatibility and i’m in win 10.

    1. Once you have corrected the files in the patch folder just pass everything there to the game one, duh.

  4. I need help. I try to install this game on Windows 10. Wen I start System4.0 it says DLL [SurfaceFactory] and something japanese I don’t Understand. Please help me…

  5. Can we get a way to download this that doesn’t require paying to someone who is likely to steal our credit card information? Tried to download the game and it didn’t let me when I went to free. Thanks!

    1. what I do is either do the free download links despite it having even more than 30 parts on some gaames. Or if I really need the files fast, I have a throwaway card I load just the amount on to and no more. For me that card is a bluebird AmEx I got at walmart. that way I don’t have worries about my information or money being stolen.

    2. Just as an fyi, I’ve gotten a week of premium on 3 different occasions and nothing of mine has been stolen. If you are concerned about that, you could always use PayPal instead (it’s an option).

  6. How install the game in Windows 10 I see ??? the it install
    come a Window with blue “i” but I do see nothing

  7. Love it when the patchmakers themselves don’t know how to properly put together a patch. I’ve tried multiple times, it doesn’t work. We need a different source.

  8. i need help with numbers in income phase coming up as bars along with few words. any suggestions on how to fix this?

  9. I too ran into the same issue with the black screen. After half an hour of uninstalling and reinstalling like a moron, I noticed some discrepancies between the characters used in the patch’s file names and the original’s file names. Since the characters in the patch don’t line up with the original files, you end up with a bugged mess that won’t run properly. To fix this, rename the files in the patch to match the original ones. Alternatively, you could just download a version of the patch that didn’t botch things in the first place.

  10. For ppl having black screen problem,
    I got quite a big headache in dealing with the problem after installing the game and not being able to play.
    After about 5 or 6 times or so installing and uninstalling the game, and trying various methods, I managed to make it work.
    1.Install the game. (R)
    2.Extract the English patch in a folder before copying into the main game folder.
    3.RENAME the three files in the Eng patch with 大番長.ain,大番長DA.ald and 大番長GA.ald CORRESPONDINGLY. You will most probably know which files you must rename by just looking at the characters.
    4.Then copy and replace all the files in the patch folder into the main game folder.
    5.Start the game and enjoy!

  11. Devilsraging Thank you very much for your walkthrough on how to install the game. I had the exact problem of a black screen and did everything you said. Game works great.

    Again thank you for your help.

  12. so i was having trouble getting this game to work, i install the game extract the english patch, but there was an error and after seeing the intro of the game, my game went into a black screen and it didn’t start. Can somebody help me about this. What i need to do?

    1. problem can be easily solved

      simply copy the files and map in the english patch and paste them in the GAMEDATA folder to replace

  13. why does both files only have the 2 mds files it is niether a .ISO file nor has it an .exe file ?

    1. .mdf/.mds file pair is different format for game disc images (kinda like .rar and .zip for compressed archives) – any disc emulator software should be able to open those.
      Alternatively, you can try renaming .mdf file to .iso and open it that way, but I don’t guarantee it’ll work.

      1. it seems changing it to iso does work as long as you dont choose mount itself

        but view disc images and from there install it works for me atleast

  14. so i was having trouble getting this game to work, i install the game extract the english patch, but there was an error and after seeing the intro of the game, my game went into a black screen and it didn’t start.

    here’s how to get this game to work properly, well for me anyways:
    1:install the game, choose any location you want (B), start install with (R) button
    2:then once you’re done with installation, close what ever pops up
    3:delete the game folder you installed, by going to the location you installed it in
    4:install it again, click \yes\ and it should automatically install into the location you previously installed
    5:click (S) after the installation, it should launch the game in japanese, if it works, you did correctly so far, if not, then idk

    -now for the english patch i didn’t get it from here, i got it from another website, there was the english patch + text fix
    6:extract the english patch into the main game folder
    6:(optional):extract the text fix into the main game folder
    -now the game should launch in english and bypass the black screen

    enjoy i hope that helped anyone having the same issue i was having

  15. Hmm…trying to install this in windows 8.1 but cannot seem to finish installing it, got blank message error, change setting to japan local already and running with admin permission..is there any way around this?

  16. So, can someone whos played give a better summary?
    also, took a look at the HCG, and it seems theres rape, s that avoidable? Imma pure vanila man, cant have that .

    1. It’s an Alicesoft product Grim…If your familiar with their work then you know what that means…If not, well…Yes, they usually have rape HCGs…Most are avoidable, for example: in Sengoku Rance, when you go to war with a certain clan you have two options when they offer peace…If you kill the messenger, and then don’t defeat them before 5 turns (if I remember correctly) pass then the rape HCG happens…But if you defeat them you get basically the strongest sword unit in game (base combat stats wise).

  17. Ugh so…im trying to play this on Win8(yeah I know) and I can’t see any of the file names listed above im in jap code but all i see for name are like this ___Ԓ_WB.ald so i’m not sure what im supposed to be fixing any help?

  18. Can some one help, I used to be able to play it but now it keeps freezing during combat, anybody know how to fix it?

  19. For those who keep getting a blank error message during install, you need to install the game with Japanese locale on.

    If you’re using AppLocale like I am, go into the CD-ROM’s files and “Run with Japanese locale as administrator” (AppLocale can’t run the file without admin).

  20. When i run the game, menus are in english, its ok. But all dialogues (and names) are in japanese.

    In patch file, I found :

    DLL folder with


    and the readme one

    i think im missing files like ‘å”Ô’·.ain, ‘å”Ô’·DA.ald, can someone help me? plz

  21. OK, i found a way. delete and rename only the .ain and DA.ald ONLY. don’t copy the GA one 😀 try it. (cause when i copy the GA, i can’t start it.)

  22. For thouse having problems with the “Datafile.dll”:

    You just need to do this and the problem is solved XD. Thanks to Comnislasher 😉

    You need to delete 大番長.ain, 大番長DA.ald and 大番長GA.ald. And then rename ‘å”Ô’·.ain into 大番長.ain, ‘å”Ô’·DA.ald into 大番長DA.ald and ‘å”Ô’·GA.ald to 大番長GA.ald. That work for me.

  23. that’s because your rar/archiver doesn’t translate the files in the original context/text instead it uses gibberish. notice the original files in jap?ones ending GA.ald, DA.ald and one with 大番長.ain? while the english patch zip comes with ‘å”Ô’·GA.ald, ‘å”Ô’·DA.ald and ‘å”Ô’·.ain. all you have to do is rename those gibberish english patch file same as those corresponding orginal files and replace. GA.ald/DA.ald and .ain

  24. After downloading all the files when I go to Extract them it keeps saying that a part of the archive is missing. Pls help

        1. You can try to download the “problematic” archive once again. I have a problem too, but different from yours. After I copy and paste the English Patch, appears message box contains DataFile.dll with some Japanese text then the girl from Alice Soft and blank screen and nothing happens. But without the English Patch, after the girl from Alice Soft appear, the game run smoothly, in Japanese of course >.< Have to try to reinstall again, maybe.

  25. interesting game but no voice acting…. well I just started playing it so I don’t really know but the game and the patch works just rename them.
    one question though, how to save in this game?

  26. I have a problem, cleared characters dont appear in char clear menu. Does anyone have same problem or knows how to fix this?

  27. I am having trouble with the game, it comes up with an error in japanese with DataFile.dll in the title bar. I have done what was suggested above with no effect.

  28. redownloaded and followed the steps that everybody suggested and it worked this time. Took awhile but I have to say from what I’ve played so far it was worth it. Thanks everybody 🙂

  29. I’m still having trouble playing the game, I’ve installed / changed the names of the ain and ald files with the ones from the english patch but every time I try to launch it only has a black screen. I’m really stuck on how to fix this 🙁

  30. I really liked this game! awesome! i cleared the normal and the hard mode!but of course not in a satisfying way!i got 50% cg’s only!the game is quite hard!if you don’t use your brain you will die!i got at least almost all the characters!

  31. This is a GREAT game. it has a TON of content(i played it for tens of hours and saw less than 30% of its content),a very good plot,good sex,great gameplay. the only problem is that it is VERY hard.i thought many times that i was done for >_>.

  32. Has anyone got this to work on Windows 7? I get an error message as soon as the game starts and it will let me watch the alicesoft opening but, after that it goes to a black screen and nothing happens regardless if I add the patch or not. So has anyone had the same problem as me and fixed it?

    1. i have got it work on win7.
      all you had to do is to manually replace the jpn file (.ain,DA.ald,GA.ald) with the eng patch file and you have to rename the eng patch file using the jpn file`s name.

  33. hay~
    when i want to download it after mounting it with Daemon its,a small box appeared with weird words…and i cant install it properly..somehow
    someone please tell what can i do?Admin?

  34. Hey guys, can anybody tell me how to defeat/capture Mitamazuka Youki? i just cant, i have watched the events in shinjuku, and when i attack her, she just espaces with 1 hp, what i need to do?

    1. you need to capture the provins first, then you can capture her, if you want to hire her you need to get the guy called touma kentarou or some such, the owner of the rice cracker store. to get him visit there 3 times, then he will join you. when he has joined you talk to him twice then you can hire youki.

      also you cant hire asakura yuma while youki is in your prison, or she will escape

      1. i got youki…^o^…all u have to do is use characters with high capture rate status (ie franchine)..just capture her then bring touma to her ^__^

  35. So when I try to play this on my 32 bit system it also freezes during combat when I attack, can anyone help?

  36. You can’t make buildings because you haven’t visited Hani Engineering, which becomes available in the National Chapter. visit them for the first time to enable building once you grab Yoko Hama.

    1. thank you for answering i visited them 1st then i went to build the curry resturants….. pls can u tell me what to do ?? Thnx again 😀 ..

  37. guys is there any bug in this game cause i cant make any buildings and the debt and loyalty is making it impossible for a game over …. pls pls does any1 have any solution..

  38. can someone tell me how to fix this problem with the setup, it gets stuck at 99% percent than i get a blank error.

  39. Seems this isn’t going to work on 64bit systems. I’ve googled and many more have the same problem but no solution. The game freezes after the first battle animations have played. If anyone finds a fix for this, it would be welcomed.

  40. Okay I downloaded from here I downloaded 3 different torrents I have tried everything but I still get a datafile.dll error every single time I open it. I can use it before I apply the patch but after I apply the patch I get that error every single time. I played this game on my laptop about 3 months ago but I got it from a torrent that was pre-patched (but it is dead now) anyway is there anyway to fix it? some people say you need to change the names of the files I did that. I also downloaded the patch from the official website and I applied the text fix patch as well and none of them fixed the problem

  41. I seem to be having an issue with the link for part seven. All the other links worked just fine, but for some reason, this link, and this link only, refuses to download.

    With all the other links, I was able to download them at 200KB/sec…with part 7, I just start at 40kb then dwindle downwards until I’m at like 2kb. Furthermore, when I click on the link, I gotta wait like five minutes to even start downloading, whereas the rest pretty much start instantly. Mediafire keeps asking if I want to “repair the link”, but nothing changes no matter how many times I try that. And if, by some miracle, I manage to get the download working for more than five minutes, it just randomly stops altogether and disappears from my download list.

    I’ve tried downloading using both safari and firefox. Firefox had a better time downloading it, but it still just randomly stopped at only 7.4mb.

  42. You need to delete 大番長.ain, 大番長DA.ald and 大番長GA.ald. And then rename ‘å”Ô’·.ain into 大番長.ain, ‘å”Ô’·DA.ald into 大番長DA.ald and ‘å”Ô’·GA.ald to 大番長GA.ald. That work for me.

        1. just copy the file name of the (file).ain and (file).ald and paste it to the å”Ô’·DA.ald and å”Ô’·GA.ald and å”Ô’·.ain. make sure to delete the old file which had the (file).ain and .ald

          1. in system.ini replace every 大番長 you see with an alphabet name (i.e. “daibanchou”). then rename all files that has 大番長 in it’s file name to the alphabet name (i.e. 大番長WA.ald to daibanchouWA.ald). then rename the game folder to the alphabet name as well. after that the game should work.

          2. i did what u said and now it has a msg called sys42vm saying J a b jap letters [大番長.ain] more jap and when i click ok another sys42vm thing comes up saying JAB and more japanese >.>

          3. ok sry i forgot to change the system.ini ones to eng but now now that i have its gone back to bringing up the datafile.dll thing >.>

    1. That really helped, thanks.

      Also, I noticed something. If you just copy the first parts aka the kanji and add in the capital english letters by keyboard, it won’t work. It gave me the JAB error thing.

  43. Admin do you have any idea why the game can open the datafile.dll with out patch but cant with the patch.

    Without the patch I can play just fine but once I patch it
    it gives me a error box with datafile.dll as its header.

    1. Win 7 64 bit OS

      copying F:\GAMEDATA folder to picked fold of my choosing but did not work after patched.

      Applocal is japanese.(3 times)

  44. I was also having the same problem many others are having with the setup.exe (after clicking to install) in the original game folder popping up with an exclamation mark in a blue circle (alone in the box) and alls it says is “Retry”, which does nothing other than open a different box then re-opens the retry box shortly after, and cancel or close. When I tried what Seithis said, but that whenever I run the System40.exe it just opens the game screen with another pop-up that says DLL [Surface Factory] then some japenese text and after I close that box it is just a black blank screen. Yes my locale is japenese so that has nothing to do with it and yes I tried using applocale and that was also to no avail, if there is any tips/ideas that anyone has that could help me out it would be greatly appreciated, I tried to be as in-depth and informative as possible, but if you need any other info just ask. P.S. I do not know if the .ald or .ain files have any deep significance to their location in the GAMEDATA folder.

  45. I’ve tried this n it seems that during the storyline, the characters (heroines) do not talk, i mean, there is no voice..But in the H-scene, there are voices along with the dialogue

    Do they have (release) any full voice patch? Without the voice, the game kinda lack its flair n excitement…

    I mean, theres a difference between visual novels n comics/book novels, without the voice, its like reading normal comic or books with tends to get dull sometimes…

    1. i have the quite same problem
      in the play there’s no bgm and no voice from the character
      asking for some help please

  46. Hi there~
    Thanks as always for the hard work.
    My question is if it is neccessary to set the system lenguage or it is possible to run ussing AppLocale.
    Thanks in advance.

  47. oh, well… I could not show exactly what I wanted, but I think you can you understand … If you need, send me an e-mail

    1. Help when i activate SpoilerAL and do the unlimited DP when i press the button above the BS button, There is an alert an it said: ” Not Defined Error!” and then there is this blue window which said :” スクリプトを展開しました。ツリー上から、書き換えたい項目を選択してください。”
      Plz help me.

  48. If you did everything right, you will see a screen like this …

    I I BP[?](Min:00000000 Max:000F423F) I I
    I _____________________________________________I
    I I
    I _______________________ _________ I
    I = [_______________________] [___ON____] I
    I I
    I I
    I [ 7 ] [ 8 ] [ 9 ] [ BS ] I
    I I
    I [ 4 ] [ 5 ] [ 6 ] [ MIN ] I
    I I
    I [ 1 ] [ 2 ] [ 3 ] [ MAX ] I
    I I
    I [ 0 ] [ =/- ] [ . ] [ 16xx ] I
    I I
    I [ A ] [ B ] [ C ] [ D ] [ F ] I
    I I

    1. Is like a gameshark for playstation.
      The cheat works when you press that key with the words in Japanese, on the screen that resembles a calculator. But the cheat will be activated only in the next load the game. For example, in a battle, if you turn on immortality, this will only work in the next fight. Start by using the cheat BPs, very easy to activate, and then you will understand how others work …
      It’s hard for me to explain everything in detail, because my English is very bad, but I guarantee it works. If you want to send me an email, I send pictures with details of how to enable cheats.

      ReynaldoSerra hotmail. com

      1. I only need the DP cheat because that is the only hard thing to do in this game cause your debt kept filing up in each turn…

        1. Explain where you are having trouble … you could open the SpoilerAL? You managed to load the SSG? You can find the name of the game (大番長) on the list? Please be more specific…

          1. I———————————————-I
            I I BP[?](Min:00000000 Max:000F423F) I I
            I _____________________________________________I
            I I
            I _______________________ _________ I
            I = [_______________________] [___ON____] I
            I I
            I I
            I [ 7 ] [ 8 ] [ 9 ] [ BS ] I
            I I
            I [ 4 ] [ 5 ] [ 6 ] [ MIN ] I
            I I
            I [ 1 ] [ 2 ] [ 3 ] [ MAX ] I
            I I
            I [ 0 ] [ =/- ] [ . ] [ 16xx ] I
            I I
            I [ A ] [ B ] [ C ] [ D ] [ F ] I
            I I

    Hi, ADM
    Firstly I would like to thank you for sharing this great game.
    I’m sorry for my bad English, but I’ll try to teach how to use cheats in this game.

    You will need:
    1 – The game Daibanchou (oh, really ??…)
    2 – A program called SpoilerAL (along with the files SSG)
    3 – Use your brain …

    Note: Make sure to run the game you wanted to cheat first.

    Ok. after installing the game, and download the SpoilerAL, extract the SpoilerAL in the game folder. Unfortunately the program is in Japanese, then enable japanese support for your system, or use the Appocale.

    After opening the program, you should see a window with two white screens, and words in Japanese. You need to indicate where the folder SSG by clicking on the bottom of the window where it says SSG, along with Japanese words. Indicate where the folder is SSG.

    Well, should now open a window with two white screens, with lists of names. You need to find the game Daibanchou in the right list, written in Japanese:大番長 Double-click it.

    If everything works well, will open a window with two screens, one black and one white. In the black screen is a list of cheats. The white screen for Japanese words.

    Time to use your brain … I will give some examples of how the SpoilerAL …

    1 – Earn 9,999,999 BPs
    Click BP in black screen. The right screen will turn a number pad. Click the MAX key. Now click the button in Japanese, just above the key BS. This key Japanese, is to activate the cheat.

    2- Infinite Stamina
    Ok, the next example is to have infinite stamina. In the list of cheats, click CharacterParams. Note that the SpoilerAL already detected your character list. (yes, you can use a saved game). Click the character’s name, now click CurrentStam. In the numeric keypad, click the Max button, and click the activation key (in Japanese). Now note that above the numeric keypad, there is a word in Japanese, along with a white square. Click on the square, he makes his status always stay the same (infinite).
    Learn the rest of the functions yourself.

    I downloaded the SpoilerAL here:


    This file has already included the folder SSG with cheats.

    1. dude thnx bt when i go to next turn my bp turns to 0 sometimes it turns 0 just goiing a few steps …… i think i did exactly what u said bt is there anything more to do??? and not only that i cant build any buildings or anything .. would be helpful if u can tell me anything …..

  50. Hi Admin..i was reading an article about DAI series. Dai series consist of Daiakuji, Daibanchou (which is already uploaded here), and Daiteikoku. I think Daiakuji has been translated am i right? If yes, can you please upload it here if you can 🙁
    But Daiteikoku still in traslate project and i cant wait to see it here when the project is done hehe..
    It would be a great collection if we have all the series.

    Thanks for your attention Admin..just wanna give you more optional job 😀

  51. damm the game is hard to play –!
    to many character and to many choice to make.
    but it’s funny when u watch the character fight hahaha

  52. Hey I just finish downloading part 1-3 that has 400 Mb each I and the last part is left with the 280Mb but you replaced the links already why?… please bring it back…

  53. Sorry to complain, but Ive downloaded the game and its in japanese, so i extraced the english patch to the game directory, but still nothing. What do i do to put it in english?

    1. Make sure after you replace the original game files with the patch files to run the the game from system locale of Japanese.

      On a somewhat unrelated note; I can get the game to start working now, but I can’t get it to save…

      Any help would be nice.

      1. Wow… I suddenly got it to work again…by process of random patch file replacements. If anybody else has trouble with saving like I did, Try this:

        1. Copy files from the cd image into the desired folder
        2. Replacing files in GAMEDATA folder with patch archive “BBA English1.0d”
        3. Replacing files in GAMEDATA folder with patch archive “BBA Text_Fixes”
        4. Open System40.exe with AppLocale in Japanese
        5. Pray.

        GL! Lemme know if this helped?

  54. if ur having problem installing just choose the 2nd option and choose the folder u want to install it to

  55. Admin, I’ve got to thank you for giving all of us a chance to experience these games. I know it can’t be easy maintaining a site like this, but know that we all appreciate your work and wish you the best!

  56. You means the character’s voice,or the games itself even the BGM???
    If you can’t even heard the BGM,i suggest you to re-install or re-download the game.
    If it’s the character’s voice,it’s not a problem since in normal conversation it won’t have any voice,it will only have sound on CGs and while character’s fighting only.
    Well,most of the sound are concentrate on CGs,means the H event of various characters[Though have few minor charaters H scene won’t have the character’s voice]

  57. I’m having problems concerning the games sound, It doesn’t seem to play. Anyone know of what I did wrong?

  58. need help
    the game at my pc has an error it seems cause event that are supposed to appear dont and event that are supposed to disappear dont
    what going ?
    for example the shed incident is supposed to cancel out the locker icident but it doesnt and after recruiting the kendo girl i still cant recruit the archer girl
    and after the first event with the nurse i dont get the one thats supposed to follow it , whats wrong?

  59. I can’t manage to make it work 🙁 i tried to install it but i got a blank error, so i put the GAMEDATA directly from the cd to a folder but when i run the system40.exe it open two windows (which are full of weird character) named sys42VM however, after closing them i get a black window… Please help me, What should i do ? i’m on win7 64bit

    1. Hey, I had the same error and then i realized I hadn’t changed the system Locale, rather i just changed the location only. Make sure the system locale is set to japan

  60. Mystogan19,no it’s not.
    I’m just been playing now,but it’s a nice game;)

    I CHANGE IT TO,for example,1024 X 768,BUT IT TURNS ALWAYS TO 640 X 480.



    p.s there are options(miscellaneous i think)too,but it’s all in japanese.

  61. So im getting a datafile.dll problem when I strat the game.. It shows the first animation but then there is no menu? Any tips on how to solve this? I didnt install, I did what Seithis said and it was actually better than trying to install it as it was futile. Im running it on Windows 7 86x

  62. Many games have troubles for Win 64 bits because they were made for 32 bits. Heck, i have problems installing Mass Effect on my computed, so…and it appears that it does not have a solution at the time besides getting something 32 bit

  63. For the few guys who’re having issues installing, I was having the same error you were. I finally got it running on my windows xp, maybe this’ll help.
    Don’t bother installing it. Mount the cd on whatever, and open up the cd. Copy & paste everything in the GAMEDATA folder to where you want your game to be, then put all the stuff in the patch where it should be. Run the system40 with applocale, and it worked for me, atleast

  64. I’m having trouble installing this on windows 7 ultimate. It starts installing the files then all of the sudden stops and gives a blank error message. Anyone else have a similar problem?

  65. After the game starts, I get a pop-up with the top bar saying DataFile.dll and a message in japanese. Then that short animation of a blonde girl dancing shows up, but I get a black screen after that and nothing happens. Does anyone know what I could do to fix this?

  66. Considering this was released 3 years before Sengoku Rance. Different theme but still awesome game. 5/5 must play.

  67. This game is really famous though, it has another port of it, a fighting game which is also called Big Bang Beat… I think…

  68. nice game i’d really like it so much just like sengoku rance though its more complicated in many ways i’d manage to finish ch1,ch2 and about half in ch3 ahaha lots of test turn just to figure out what the best move but i can say their are only two routes you can take in this game Senna/Kunagi route but for the rest of the characters events wew so many

  69. I really am thankful that there is a game like Sengoku Rance… I am near the finish and then *poof* game over… Yeah! This rocks! Thank you very much for sharing admin!

  70. everytime I try and install this i get an error message halfway thru and all that nds up getting installed is an empty dll folder and an empty savedata folder.

    I followed all the instructions in the post. Setup the locale to japanese then installed daemon tools then mounted. Please help.

  71. dear. god.
    I never thought THIS game of all the game could get the complete English translations. I played it since I was in college years, and now, five years after that it gets translated. I am overjoyed to see my (used to be) favourite game now become understandable.

    Thank you for such a good find, Admin. I love you.

  72. Anyone else having problems playing the game? I have Windows 7 64 bit and I’m having problems during combat. After the characters do their animation, the game freezes and I can’t proceed.

    I’ve tried to make the game compatible to Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 2000 and it still doesn’t work. Any solutions?

  73. 1. If you’ve played Sengoku Rance it’s easier to understand the system(though this is more annoying).

    2. http://alicesoft.wikia.com/wiki/Big_Bang_Age
    Not a complete guide, but it does give detailed info on how to get each character, clear them, and who they can’t work with. Also has other good info.

    3. BP(the money) can be hard to keep in hand at first in Natioal chapter(Especialy when your brother gives you a debt of over 2000 BP from the last chapter). Take over PGG quickly for more territory for income. Recruit eyeless units for cheap income(low pay, high income). Eyeless units of the enemy are usually recruitable in their capitol after defeat.

    4. Unlike Rance…
    A. You only get 1 action per turn(besides fights).
    B. You have a time limit in each chapter(25 turns for school and district chapter, 100 for national). Going over is auto- death.
    C. Rouga doesn’t care if they are loli or mature… so long as they want it. Rance just took the ones he wanted.

    5. Overall… I’d say Sengoku Rance beats this out(easier system, and more player friendly.)

  74. Hell yea you can´t have all the characters in one game this needs various runs to end up with them all without a clear and easy to use guide this ends up being anoying(and you can only save at the end of a day).

  75. so theres no guide for this ‘uber hard’ game!? is it that hard? strategy games I played were fireemblem(getting all char was hell in that) disgaea series.. Is it tougher than those?

  76. i REALLY LOVE THE MAKER OF THIS WEBSITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    TY VERY MUCH, it is nearly IMPOSSIBLE to find this vn in english so kudos and please keep posting!

  77. Also the main problem here isn´t the dificulty of the game but the sheer number of diferent options you have to get diferent characters without a clear walkthrough this turns into a mess .(Hell in some cases getting one character puts others out of the list)The choise of having the cute loli gothic girl cuts you from one of the best male fighers in the early stage for example(the guy hates her)…

  78. Nay this is not worth even the eforth to cheat and you would still have to do various runs(at least 6 or 7) to get all the endings . A complete save\CG file would be enougth .

    1. …A complete save file would not help as completed CGs are not stored in the save file. You would need the complete .dll or something.

      I’m pretty sure nobody’s posted something like that yet.

  79. Or you can just cheat using ArtMoney.

    ( Works for about every strategy Hgame, as they are defessless against memory reading. )

  80. Hell I have seen “true” strategy games with less menus that this pratically no explanation of the combat system and too much elements that do pratically nothing even with a master walkthrough things would still be pretty damn confusing(one complete run of the game is painfull enougth imagine having to do 5 or 6 its pure torture ) .

  81. Yeah now that I’ve got this installed I’m going to have to pass. The combat system is confusing and there is far too much to do. After searching for a walkthrough I found that there are 16 different ones… and no that isn’t different authors re-wording that same stuff, there are 16 distinct sections (8 character and 8 conquest) each of which requiring a full walkltrhgouh.

    So if anyone has a master walkthrough that is actually readable and useful, please post it.

  82. Just a note about installation. This game takes issue when you try to type in the install path manually. It also takes issue when you try to install to a path that doesn’t exist yet. First create your folder in windows explorer then point to it via the second button on the installer window. You should be good to go after that.

  83. Neither one or the other its like a turn based stategy game(manage and defend territories\resourses with turn based batles up to 6 characters in each group and its not a easy game especially since the first two areas of the game are timed take too long and you lose and in the second area you are under attack pratically every turn(tons of diferent characters to get ) . Nice artwork but a bit hard for my standarts(and the main story isn´t that great) .

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