Rance 6

Rance 6

After offending a high-ranked magic user in the kingdom of Zeth, Rance was ironically thrown into the slave camp while his magic-using slave Sill was treated as a VIP.

Vowing vengeance, Rance joined up with an underground resistance group determined to overthrow Zeth’s government (and be reunited with Sill).

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    1. Well you have to capture all gal monster and then get an special event with tamanegi and he will give you that item.
      (I’m not certain if raising his fr to max is a requirement or not though).

  1. Awsome game!

    Thank you admin and Alice soft for making this. Definitely one of the best game i’ve played so far <3.

    Also I've just notice that Rocky is actually modeled after Rocky Balboa XD. He's turned into a "meat shield" with his famous quote: "You, me, or nobody is gonna hit as hard as life. But it ain’t about how hard you hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward."

      1. Running Windows 10, if I start normally, I fight two squid, and then get introduced to Rance and Sill. You’re given the first mission, and I can see the settings at the top, as well as stats at the bottom. The dungeon view in the upper half is just black screen, and I can’t move anywhere. If I start in compatibility mode for Vista, I just get a black screen. Probably what the original poster saw.

    1. There are 5 of them

      on the second part behind the doors by going through middle on the left there is stairs to lower level, go there and first doors to the right have a loan machine in there.

    1. I don’t remember the fire and ice generals being a particularly hard battle. As long as you do all the sidequests up until that point, you should be fine.

      The key is to kill all the frontline as fast as possible, you can easily do this by using characters with ‘hit-all’ attacks such as Shizuka’s Controlled Earthquake (no charging FR bonus modification).

  2. Does anyone ever beat king hanny? I’m wonder how many hours grind i need to kill it when it protect with 11 super hanny and it also one hit kill.

    And to stop skip feature set skip previously read text set to off at top of the screen.

    If i’m right Cessna, Prima, Bernard, tamanegi not consider primary character so when primary character enter ur party that 4 out from the party. but u can choose which one that out by choose team members.

    1. King Hanny is kind of post game bosses. You need a reasonably high level to win it (lvl 60+ Rance). Assuming you complete most maps at 95% and don’t really miss any items, you will get a hanny-breaking permit. Equip this to Maria since she’s going to be your main source of damage (support fire is broken, provided you choose it for all upgrades). Then you also want to equip Maria with an item that resurrects the bearer once per battle.

      After that, try your best in keeping the King Hanny stun-locked, maybe equip Caloria with lucky cards so that her needle stun proc chance is raised. Patton is very useful as the front row assuming that you maxed his Ally Guard. Guy’s a monster with the biggest hp modifier in the game.

      If you need help with more stuns, here’s a list of possible stun :
      1. Caloria needle skill (moderate-high chance)
      2. Kanami shuriken (low-chance)
      3. Urza’s skill (she leaves party post-game though)
      4. Kaoru’s iai slash (provided you upgrade it with FR bonus)
      5. Rance attack (only if upgraded with kimchi FR events)

  3. Anyone have idea to stop “skip” feature.
    Somehow, it happening and I don’t know how to turn it off/back it to normal.

    Thanks in advance.

  4. Thank you

    If you like game please consider buy so we can make more good game.
    We happy if many people like game.

    ありがとうございます !


    1. if It’s the 104th cg, you have it by H Shizuka when you can after beating Nagi.

      I have finishing the game at 99%, I miss the cg between the loli Kimchi on P8 (and the “complete” for Caloria and Sanakia, don’t know how to get them…) and the boss between the doodle dragon and vevetard 2, and also the “thing” after the ending chapt 6…

    1. Bridge appear and disappear each time you fight. When you’re stuck in front of a 1 space gap try calling monsters.

      The path to the castle is east of the map.

        1. http://www.cheatengine.org/

          You scan for the number of the item you want (5 if you have 5 Power Potato Chip for exemple), you use one, your next scan is the new number in your inventory (4 in this case) then you continue until cheat engine find the adress. Then you change the number to 999.

          I did that for all boosting items and viagro, it made the horrible difficulty bearable. I’m not doing tens of hour of grinding for this game ^^

  5. Er sorry my post above glitched.

    Stuck on Rescue the Decoy squad. I explored pretty much the entire map but cant figure out how to get past. Can anyone lend me a hand?

      1. go back upstair and go upstair again then go inside the house, there’s an invisible floor in a room with two tiles only if i remember correctly, go step on it

  6. Anyone knows how the calculator cube missions work i put in the right number in the 4 corners but the door with the stat won’t open for me

  7. What are you supposed to do in the Magazine Tower?
    Fully explored the first floor that you enter. Then went up the tower to the room with all the lift rules on the walls and can’t find anywhere to progress. Can’t find any switches for the barriers or any secret rooms.

  8. Help guys ! I’am at the part in zeth revolution… stuck at the SN apartments.. where should I go to advance? I can’t go upstairs in ____ hideout

  9. Wee bit of help.

    Upon starting the game, i had an error ‘loadcg.dll’ that has failed to load.

    Most alicesoft games that i got worked fine in the past. What can i do to fix this? Thanks

  10. I always told myself that I’d nut up and pay if Mangagamer ever translated any of the Rance games. Time to pull out my credit card and put my money where my mouth is.

    On a related note, thank you Admin. I don’t check translations often enough to keep track of this sort of thing, so I’m glad this website exists.

      1. there are 2 magic barrier in that place, one is elevator and one carrot place in 2nd floor.
        NOTE : carrot not be event(star) only item

  11. If anyone is having problem with beating 2 Guardians Z in Magazine Tower > You have to retreat (took me half day to realize xD)

      1. I was stuck for 6+ hours on this. I will try and be as specific as possible, and spoiler-free.(I can’t access jump tower, so my directions will be based off the actual orientation of characters…drawn from memory, pretty certain on all but portal/elevator part).

        Go to the jump tower, go forward, left, right, speak with the laughing voice, turn right, go into the portal/elevator, enter the area with multiple towers, find the door requiring the papaya key, face this door, back up 3-4 squares, turn right and you will see a magic door, remove non-mages from your party using the camp command, enter the magic door, return all non-mages to your party using the camp command, hold shift, move left and forward until you are in the forward-left corner of the tower, you should hear a voice, keep holding shift, move back two squares, go right one square, go forward through the invisible wall.

  12. How can I earn those orbs that I need to unlock missions and events quicker? I currently have no active quest because I don’t have enough orbs to unlock one. They drop randomly when you are exploring a dungeon?

      1. Yes. 10 is Red (Crab) Orb, and 15 is Yellow (Monkey) Orb. 40 is Blue (Eagle) Orb, but you rarely need those.

        You get one point for every battle you win, but exploring the map for yellow cross signs is your best bet. You can get a 2nd crab orb once you reach 20, so it’s pretty easy to farm.

        I recommend Italia after you beat its mission. Once you reach about level 20ish, you can go into the Nearby Forest and travel through both the left paths and right paths to get close to 40. You still need a few battles though, but the right path has very easy enemies that you can get easy points from.

  13. There’s also a patch which I think fixes the tendency for the game to crash after a certain point around a third of the way in, is that included or do you need this file provided to you, admin?

    1. I am almost sure it can be fixed by starting the game in jp locale/using applocale. Rance 5 and Beat Blades Haruka has problems with crashing with the same medicine, after all.

      1. Seems to be crashing for me, using an applocale emulator though. Randomly crashing when walking on new maps. Consistently crashing at one part of the main story that I can’t find a way around.

    1. I just watched the Rance episodes on HentaiHaven, lol. I had no idea that thing had a game. This should indeed be a completely derpy and weird experience, considering how the hentai itself built itself.
      (Basically seeing the MC fuck the girls as if he’s a “GEDDAN”, flailing ragdoll character)

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