Free Friends 2

Free Friends 2

When her mother passes away suddenly, Shinozaki Sumire finds herself alone and without a means to support herself. Out of desperation she turns to the message board Free Friends to earn some money. She develops a relationship with her first partner, Kaito, without realizing that they’re much more than strangers…

Kaito, the newest student teacher at Minatohashi Higashi Academy, has a vice. Unable and unwilling to form meaningful, intimate relationships with other people, he instead satiates his need for intimacy through compensated dating. In order to feed this habit, he uses a message board known as Free Friends. Through its services, he can make the necessary arrangements and appointments with the various girls who also use the site, mainly students running away from home or simply in need of extra income.

His troubles trace back to a deeply seated complex: a hollow, yearning feeling brought on by the thought and sight of violets. Violets, or “Sumire”, remind him of the sister he’d been separated from during their childhood when their parents had divorced. Only by losing himself in a woman’s body can he rid himself of those clinging, nostalgic feelings.

Right before the school year begins, the mere reminder of the academy’s famed violet flowerbeds (despite them not even being in bloom at the time) is enough to drive Kaito to Free Friends. A seemingly routine exchange leaves him completely unprepared for the girl waiting for him: an absolutely stunning beauty by the pseudonym of “Sumi”.

A few days later, he discovers that “Sumi” is not only a student at the exact same school he teaches at, but that her classmates call her “Sumire”. Incredulous, Kaito checks the school rosters. Surely it’s not the same Sumire he knows; surely it’s just another girl with the same given name? But as if setting him up for the universe’s biggest punchline, the only Sumire at the school is none other than his very own Shinozaki Sumire, the sister his mother had taken away from him. Kaito’s dreams of one day reuniting with his sister have in fact already been realized… just not in a way that he ever could have imagined.

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  1. Just a small heads-up: Someone on the comments mentioned that you should run the game as admin. I stumbled into an odd issue where I couldn’t select anything (choices appeared grayed out) until I closed and reran the game as admin.

    1. I have a younger sister I grew up with, so I don’t watch incest about fucking a younger sister you grew up with. But older sisters, or ones you didn’t grow up with, are fucking hot.

  2. Can’t wait to play this game. The cover is damn good too: swing chair stands for childhood, chains for morality or strong bond, fragments for memories, pink water for pure love and dark one for dark route. You can tell the game’s content just by the cover!

    1. Unfortunately there is no translation of it so u can’t get it guess if u ok with raw than ur search continues

  3. Game won’t start. I click the application to start the game but all i get is a big blank black screen where nothing happens.

  4. Really liked the first one, this one meh not so much, incest isn’t my pervy fantasy.

    Free friends 3 please

    1. This one has no psp version but some recent 2010s games do have pc versions like sharin no kumi himawari no shoujo also older ones like kanon,clannad although u may have already played those two also u may need to search elsewhere for psp ones

  5. I got this weird problem where the game would run fine but the pictures/sprites/backgrounds wont show properly, theyre like zoomed in or look like a bunch of stripes and the it would show an error whenever i close it. Actually had the same problem with the first furifure. Anyone know a fix?

  6. Can anyone please help me? It says that the data folder (FreeFriends2_Data) should be next to the executable. It is in the same folder but it still won’t work. If anyone could please help I would be extremely grateful. Thank You

    1. just extract archive you downloaded and DONT change anything and that should do the trick
      (it automatically extracts everything in one folder)

      if you cant play the due to different reason then
      1.) change LOCALE to japanese (windows system settings)
      2.) run game as administrator

      how? either google it or check these guides:

  7. Part one was good i loved the art and the happy/sad ending when they were forced to move to a different country.

  8. I remember how one dude described the first episode of this game

    “oh, I guess I have nothing better to do than to watch some dork plowing his sister” 😀

    this perfectly describes 2nd episode as well, hehe

    1. Except the original game doesn’t have any incest; I think you’re referring to “Iinazuke wa Imouto-sama!”.

      1. true story

        I realised my mistake right after I submitted my post, but unfortunately we cant edit our comments here 🙁

  9. Thanks Admin!

    I wonder about No One But You… It seems interesting enough for crackers to want to upload and crack it. Is it secretly a terrible game, so nobody wants to touch it? Hmmm…

    Oh, and Eiyuu * Senki has a version 1.3 English patch available on Do you want me to post the MEGA link in the reply section with instructions on how to use the patch, or are website links not allowed?

    1. What’s the current progress for the patch? Are they intending on bringing back all the h content and translate it or just settling for just porting the text and minimizing the number of bugs?

      1. New in patch 1.3:
        – 98% restoration of 18+ content(after testing all scenes, it seems that only the first and the third scenes are missing). I’ll upload the update when a new fix is out.
        – Set of alternative PS3 events (including all new CG) – 15 events. Events placed AFTER their PC versions.
        – Expanded CG Gallery for PS3 CG.
        – Restoration of all voice files, recorded specifically for PS3. *Note* Battle voice data for Kojiro/Miki restored, but not working for some unknown reasons.
        – Michelangelo Graphics Custom Fix 2.0

        I think the changelog answered all your questions. Just google for the patch ◕‿‿◕

  10. Those tags don’t spoil aaaaaaany plot at all. Speaking of which anyway, okay, I get the MC can be a prick and evil, but is there a good/kind route too, or does she just resign to fate as her best outcome?

    1. Since I don’t see “only bad endings” I’m going to assume he’s a dick but not ‘evil’ so it’s like he will do mean things but he’s not so much evil that the game starts and ends with purely bad scenarios. Also there will probably be a good ending, i.e. “I love you and now that I’ve found you lets be happy together for the rest of our lives”, and ‘bad’ endings, i.e. “So you like dick, eh? Well let me fuck you to your hearts content in front of everyone at school to show them what a good little dick loving whore you are, then I’ll toss you to the Mandingo squad as I watch on and jerk off.”
      These are only my assumptions as I’ve not played this one yet. I’ll get to it after some titles I want to play first, right now on “NekoNin ExHeart”, good game/VN so far. The only thing that would make it THEE BEST would be if it had loli neko in it. But hey, you get what you can.

    1. Not a straight nukige if ur into those but this one has no bad endings thats far as this person can tell u

  11. Can anyone report on whether or not the rape is avoidable? I skipped the first game because it wasn’t, but I have hope for this one.

    1. When I was playing the Japanese version, I never see any rape scenes. Although from what I know, there -are- if you have your MC go the “dark route”, so yes, definitely avoidable.

    2. Despite being a year and a half since your post, I still wanted to reply.

      I just stopped playing “Free Friends” the first game, when the MC was revealed to be a lowlife scumbag rapist – seriously upsetting scene for an MC, “Protag” to be such an evil douchebag. Just deleted the damn game. Honestly believe that some people think that there is a “line” beyond which one is no longer responsible for their actions (like their libido is so much higher than the rest of us perverts, lol.. lmfao… ) – it just means they’re no more evolved than a chimpanzee or something in fact. If they all died right now, the species would leap forward in our evolution. Anyway – cheers.. If 2nd game’s MC is anything like this, I’ll end up dumping it too. Unless there’s like an option for him to drink drain cleaner something heh..

  12. Incest woot!!! looks good as the 1st one been looking at the new ones lately and only liked this and noble works.

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