Hara Miko Shimai

Hara Miko Shimai

When Akira is on a trip, he is suddenly possessed by an erotic evil spirit at the shrine. He tries to remove it with two mikos, Hazuki and Uzuki, but….

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  1. hi i downloaded the game and change my region and all but when i try to run the game an icone of information apear written in japenesse and the game don’t run so please what can i do?

  2. guys can i ask you how to start the game if i downloaded it from the da free game downloaded ( i downloaded the 2 files now what can i do )

    1. Download 7zip, extract the 1st part into a folder called “hara Miko shinmai” and let it extract. All parts will automatically be extracted as long as all the parts are in the same folder. Open the resultant folder and enjoy the game. Support the admin if you can.

  3. I’m using windows 10 & yeah, I changed my locale to Japanese beforehand but it doesn’t work. I even changed my compatibility to windows 7 & windows xp service pack 3 but still won’t work 🙁

  4. wait? how u guys enable to download at downloadani.me,i thought u need premeium account,can anyone help me?

  5. Oh boy, another game where it’s painfully obvious the cg artist was a virgin who has never seen a naked woman or even bare breasts b4. Anatomy: 0 points
    Story might be ok though. Still on my first playthrough.

    1. I was going to skip it until I saw the tags. Pregnancy is _the_ turn on for me.

      Or are you into impregnating men or something?

    2. Sure sure. And preg women never wanted to pork in their rounded state. Hmmm… Nope. Sorry to crush your pathetic world view.

  6. I have downloaded both parts and installed but it’s Japanese. How do I patch it, or where is the language option?

    1. only menu is japenese

      just click first option and it will start the game, text should be in english there

      if you are interest, why is menu in japanese:
      Problem is in coding. Grabing text menu from the game’s code was out of translator abilities.

  7. So, I’m on Win10 and no matter how many times I’ve tried; running as admin, AppLocale, changing my region, and any combo inbetween. I can’t get most of the more recent games to work. Is there any advice to be given

    1. I don’t have Win10, so I can’t really give the best advice, however:
      1) As stated above, you need to change your locale not region.
      2) Applocale isn’t even technically supported on Win7; I’m not sure how functional it is on Win10. You might want to try one of the third party tools such as Locale Emulator or NTLEAs.

      With all of that said, I’m not sure I’d want to run eroges on an OS I know is spying on me, especially since I’m not sure how secure Microsoft is with the data they collect.

      1. I wonder how much data they collect when I fap while offline. Did they store it somewhere? I don’t wanna get my fapping video become a blackmailing bargain 🙁

      2. yes, I would advise to avoid Windows 10 as well, it spies on you

        my personal experience with Windows 10:
        in September my company upgraded their computers to Windows 10 and in just 2 months we received a message from some software company, that we have 1 illegal copy of their software (we have at least 40 genuine licenses of that software, but whatever) !!!!
        They even send us diagram (of usage of that illegal copy), that startted right in September!! SCREW YOU MICROSOFT!

        After that incident we downgraded over 40 computers back to windows 7

        right now all the legal/illegal bullshit focuses on corporate world…
        but fear the day, when normal people start receiving warnings about some illegal software on their PC.

      1. Ahh.. Yes, I thought I already had Japanese Locale enabled. That’s how I was able to play Yosuga no Sora in the first place. I guess I have to manually set it again. Thanks ADMIN! I was thinking the same.

      2. Hey Admin. My region was already set to Japan. I restarted and still get the Syntax Error Message “syntax error, unexpected T_Symbol, expecting”.

        1. It’s not “Region” that needs to be changed. It’s “Locale” – “Administrative” tab in settings, not “Location”.

          1. I always admire you, admin

            so much self-restraint while dealing wit people who clearly have some sort of reading/learning disability 🙂

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