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  1. Why it’s saying Syntax Error on My PC? Please help i really wanted to play this :(( Some anyone Kindly help me? i already extract it on my PC and my OS is Windows 7 64 bit

  2. the words he said kept bothering me since the first game, “my grandon…”, every time he sex with his grandmother. feel weird

  3. thanks so much for this! <3

    but there were some spelling errors

    it's okay, just as long as there are no major translation errors i'm not aware of.

    also, the opening text isn't translated, I'm assuming since it'd be too hard to edit?

    now, the premise of the story is hot, damn hot!

    except, the plot point of Ukyou & Touka being grandmother & grandson gets dropped early on w/ their daughter never finding out

    early on, she questions Ukyou, he asks how she suspected, she refuses to say, then he convinces her to drop the matter

    and it's NEVER referenced again! :'(

    from that point, the story reverts to a "normal" Father-Daughter incest, w/ Touka being merely the "Wife"

    & no reference is made of Ukyou's mom, aunt, cousin or his other 3 daughters!

  4. any update on the fan disc of”My GF Is The President”,admin? it was released recently 🙂

  5. i was trying to download the miss leet prison game, but the second file is corrupted…. there are a bunch of messages there and no reply, so i tought i would give it a try here

  6. being barely over 300 mb, I wasn’t expecting much but…like one fork or choice or something… a lot of those tags on this should be updated.

  7. Is there any chance that hibikiworks eroge’s will be translated ex. Lovely x Cation? i freaking love their art i don’t know much about story since i don’t know how to read jap. but most thread ive read/seen says that it’s pretty good.
    But if ever there’s no chance that it will be translated to eng i guess im pretty satisfied with the CG’s that i downloaded -_- my hardrive is so full of HCG’s from VN that has not been translated XD *don’t mind me just depressed when there’s something you want to play you can’t play it*

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    1. omg u r such a stud in real life, we are all so proud of you and trust you 100% on the internet, good for you man

    2. So you were dating a girl whose mother was 24? So the daughter was at most what, 8? And you were 15? My god, people can’t even get their fantasies straight.

      1. The mother was 12 when she had my gf. My gf was a 12 year old with double Ds. It was a different time, out in the sticks, and a family tradition, so to speak.

    3. Liar. If you were willing to kill to have sex with your family, then why didn’t you? Coulda raped them pretty easily, 10s never resist that much.

    1. Oh fuck off, Nukige don’t need plot to be good and plot isn’t the definition of quality. The likes of you sicken me, begone

  9. Admin, can you upload Oyako Saiin Chiiku ~ Konna Ore ni Uzuite Modaero! which was released by MangagGamer on june 20?

      1. No, he’s right. The new heroine is the daughter he had with his grandmother, which makes her his daughter and aunt.

        Thanks Admin! I can’t wait for this translators next project, even if it does have some optional dark BS.

        1. Which, incidentally, also means he’s fucking a great-grandmother. I bet she somehow still looks good, though.

    1. Fine by me, coz its just a fantasy, not the real thing, in reality, I’am also against inbreeding, lol

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