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  1. I’m wondering, why is the filesize so low? like it’s 2.3gb when the completed sg filesize is like 6gb+, and sg 0 is like 6.4, why the low filesize?

  2. Everything is working good. Super easy to install. Really enjoying the voice acting and art. Can anyone link me anymore VN’s on this site that arn’t eroge? Would appreciate it.

  3. i see people complaining about broken files and the such but tbh this site is the most “reliable” one so far for me, i was able to download and properly play every single vn i tried to download here

  4. This isn’t really about Steins;Gate. But, I just love how every VN on this site’s replies section has people complaining about how broken the .rar is.

  5. Hello,

    I have the bin file but I don’t have the setup.exe file

    can someone please upload it for me?

    Thanks in advance

  6. I’m very excited to play this, but it says 07 is corrupt. I tried re-downloading it, and got the same problem. Any help please? I really want to play it!

    1. I just checked it and it’s fine. Re-download it and try again. Also, make sure that some other software (like antivirus) isn’t interfering with download.

  7. Installed game, but .exe doesn’t run. Should i reinstall or is there another way or requeriment i need to fulfill?

  8. It says remaining time:Ending and Calculating worldline divergence but nothing is happening, am I doing something wrong or does it just take a bit?

  9. I get stuck during installation at “Calculating Worldline divergence…”

    Anyone else come across this and have a solution?

  10. Having a weird problem with the True End Flag (TEF) of Chapter 8. I got the TEF of chapter 7, bringing my total up to 3 but the one for chapter 8 never appeared. Anyone have the same problem or know what’s causing this? I’m not really keen on starting all over just to see what went wrong.

  11. It Setup fine, but is not running at all. I restarted and reinstalled but it just won’t start it’s status on my taskbar just fades out.
    it might be my system (Win 7, 3Gb RAM, Nvidia Graphics Card)

    Just seem odd.

  12. Why the hell is JAST doing this? I mean they should be working on untranslated series rather than re-releasing translated ones, also they are putting on hold other projects that has no translations for who knows why. To name a one, OSADAI FD, that project stood at 94.5% when it stopped updating 3 months ago, I mean why would you do that? If you show a near completion project then chances are people are gonna be expecting it, but instead they released other projects that are already translated, to which I say, bullocks >:(. Finish translating projects that are NOT translated and release them, before you release projects that are already translated by other translators, otherwise, you will lose credibility, trust of the people, and you will soon find yourself unwanted by people around you.

  13. Been waiting forever for this to finally get released. I tried playing the original fan trans a while back but was never able to finish it due to a bug where answering a text message kept crashing the game hopefully they fixed it

  14. \The program can’t start because libvorbis.dll is missing from the computer, Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem\

    I already reinstalled the program and it still wont work!
    also i already checked and said file does exist on my computer infact it’s in the same folder four files above the exe so how do i fix this?

    1. All you have to do is to rename the installation fodder “Steins;Gate” to “SteinsGate”(just remove the “;”). Windows doesn’t agree with symbols and stuff.

  15. I am still going to download this even so I already have the fan translation to honour the memory of such a great VN

  16. One of the things that’ll promote the market is to review the games themselves, to let others know that it’s quality. Reviews are in themselves, a sort of paid advertisement and works better than non targeted ads on google.

    Often times once reviews reach a certain point, the sales go up as well automatically. Thus it’s superior for building a market compared to merely buying the product itself by a limited audience.

    1. that’s why many reviewers are bought. I read reviews but in addition look at the communities opinion and then download and play it. What counts for me after that is only my opinion in the end. If I like the game (thats the case most of the time) everything worked out fine. But sometimes my taste and the taste of the community and reviewers are not the same and even praised games are sometimes unplayable for me. Majikoy and Amnesia (VN) were such examples. Surely good games. But not meant for me.

  17. The game crahes at the start just after the notice that it’s all fictional and stuff.Does anyone else have the same problem and dose someone know a fix?

  18. Finally a working version. As promised, I will download it and not pay a single cent for it. I hope Reading Steiner chokes on his betrayal. Thanks Admin.

    1. Bit of a douche move, seeing as how the industry hiring people who are passionate enough to fan-translate instead of suing them once they copyright is a good thing.

      Reading Steiner pretty much went into the project initially with the intention to only do it as there was no translated version at all. He backed off once JAST bought the title because he wants to support the industry and have them succeed.

      This isn’t some nukige that mangagamer crapped out. It’s a long game and it’s a pretty big money/time investment for both JAST and Reading Steiner. In fact, the TL groups for the larger, more quality fan-translation projects almost always ask that you purchase an official version of the Japanese game for you to patch (see Umineko, among others).

      1. Are you serious? All JAST wants is to block fan translations with the promise of some money. And then they turn around and sell it for big bucks after years of waiting. Sometimes they just block the translation for the hell of it. All of that already happaned. The eroge industry and JAST are different things.Supporting one does not mean supporting the other.

  19. I know its never nice to buy something when you could get it for free right in front of you but look at it this way, the more sales they get the more chance of them translating the fan-disk and spin-offs 🙂

      1. Well actually it is the exact same translation with very few edits. JAST actually hired Reading Steiner(the lead TL for the fantranslation)

        1. Which of the two posts is the truth?? >_<.

          i have it but havent played it. dont want to DL it again if the difference is small lol.

          1. Probably the JAST version will be more optimised and will be less likely to crash if you’re playing on Win 8 system.

          2. Both. It is the same translation, however it is better edited, more polished and bug free. Take this release over the previous one.

          3. if you want to play it with no problems and less hassle download JASTS version. Its new, more up to date, no bugs or errors and you dont have to fiddle about with patches, translation patches, changing system region etc.

    1. We should all try and buy the game though, to support the industry bringing us localized English games.

      1. You would do the scene much better if you bought Mangagamer games instead – only thing JAST is doing recently is re-releasing already fantranslated games.

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