Shouichi was known as one of the ‘nobles’ of the violin world. Having started playing the violin when he was 3, he won the national violin competition when he was in middle school and went to Germany to play in orchestras. However, due to unknown reasons, he returned to Japan, gave up playing the violin and became a freeter. One day, he starts working at a live house and meets many other amateur musicians who are living their lives their own way. Together they will have to overcome obstacles in both their personal lives and as a band. To Shouichi, the live house is a new beginning in a new place… a new world which has opened to him when he thought that his future as a musician had closed.

423 Responses to “Deardrops”

  1. KN says:

    I heard there used to be a limited edition sold by MangaGamer but they have since discontinued. I would love to try and find a seller for it, cause this item has never been surface since like 2017

  2. gry says:

    Amazing title with, frankly, awesome music.

    Worth a buy, honestly.

  3. Lyara says:

    This has been a joy to read and experience!
    Probably one of the best on this site.

    Played the “true route” (riho) first and then went with the “what if’s” and I was not disappointed. Riho’s route especially was just too dang good!

    Don’t hesitate to play through it if you need a good VN.

  4. Raffro says:

    Guyz is this already translated?

  5. Cata says:

    Super cool, thanks mate!

  6. L says:

    Is this English.,?

  7. rightinthekokoro says:

    heyyy,, the file just expired… T^T

  8. lean says:

    Been a long time, but hey. Is it normal to have a white screen during one of their concerts? With the music blasting and all, but no visuals and music hanging for ever.

    • lean again says:

      Replying to myself here so it doesn’t become a mess.
      Another question: is there any way to skip these Cutscenes? I would very much like to see it, but the game does not allow going beyond it, as it shows the white screen of doom (I do get the music, but that’s it) for all eternity. That is very aggravating. If i could at least skip it to follow the rest of the rown

  9. kial says:

    hey I’m sr to bother u with this but do u have any idea where I can download d2b vs deardrops, it has been 2 years since it release but I can’t seem to find a website that has it’s english patch, I’m almost done with the original deardrops. If there aren’t then could u at least tell me the story. sr but I love both of the vns so it would be wrong not to see them to the end :(( sr for the trouble but can u please ?? 🙂

    • admin says:

      English translation hasn’t been completed yet. You won’t find it anywhere.

      • kial says:

        yeah I was expecting that, but why it has been out for 3 years already, sr for asking that I just really disappointed

      • Ging says:

        It seems like the english version of “d2b vs DEARDROPS -Cross the Future-” is now out in mangagamer. Are you planning to release it on the site?

  10. Kiyah says:

    Part 1 refuses to work. Any chance of a re-upload?

  11. ayu.d says:

    hey, it doesn’t work in my pc 🙁

  12. lightning_shadow says:

    can i ask anyone about the differences in a posted eroge wheter it is censored and uncensored? i really don’t like censored h-games.

    • Baguette says:

      For your information, 100% of Japanese games are censored by mosaic because it is required by law. Many games that are “uncensored” are commonly fan-made and are often low-qual.

  13. kuro_okami says:

    AAddmiiin!! dooo uu know about “D2B Vs. Deardrops – Cross The Future”. ??? I think its the sequel to the game that combines kirakira and deardrops together. if it gets translated can u put it up here very fast cuz i want to see what happens after shouichi leaves for germany!!

    • anon123687686 says:

      why don’t you actually buy the game if you know that it’s good for you..

      • Kami-Sama says:

        I owned a copy but sadly couldn’t translate it Q.Q

        • Izzy says:

          The Patches are free of Purchase if you have the original ._. and almost all of the patches are official. So if you have a non translated copy just get the patch from somewhere. It will work :). Also For those who are like ” Buying games is overrated ” GFYS. xD

  14. Lotus Juice says:

    this game makes me love eroge more and more!

  15. noname says:

    can someone help me…..
    when i tried to play this game,, i got this message : “Ethornell – Buriko General Interpreter has stopped working”
    Please help me to fix this problem

  16. Mumuh says:

    it’s a great game…
    thanks for sharing this game.

  17. Jednou says:

    Part 7 has some problems, tried downloading it at least 10 times but it always fails die to network timeout.

  18. Moira says:

    How do I make all the parts into one game? 🙁 I’m a beginner.. Please help? Thanks..

    • Dhimas says:

      you must have a Winrar or 7zip in your PC, if you already have you must drag all the parts and extract the file into one…

  19. Pearl Jam says:

    This eroge is awesome!! Thanks ADM, hehe fan from Brazil!

  20. Cytheria says:

    Hi! I think I may be overlooking (which is very likely) but I have a question about how to open this game. This will be the first Eroge game I’ve downloaded and am a bit puzzled on the process. I have the Win Rar file that allows me to download but I feel as though I missing something else. Any and all help would be very appreciated. (; w ; )bbbb

  21. dmon says:

    ok i finished 2 routes (Rimu & Yayoi), thats ok theres no proper story for Rimu coz shes like a 10 years old retard but Yayois story was also very lame…too bad
    its clear that the others 2 girls routes the main
    and its ok its not focus on H scenes but, it could have some choice to bang some side characters like the teacher or Rihos classmate 🙁
    but its still a great VN

  22. Peemz says:

    Looks like a good game. It’s on my list of eroges to download and read (which is getting pretty long). Also, any chance of possibly getting Sexy Demon Transformation, Admin?

  23. GrlALF says:

    This is great!!!…
    I will recommend this to everyone…

  24. AngBilly says:

    kaguya riho <3

  25. Lucius says:

    What If Otoshigami (Keima) Is Real And He Already Played All Visual Novel? I Wish Keima Is real…

  26. some guy says:

    I have to admit it was enjoyable although the different endings were more awkward to reach after playing a lot of other Eroges such as G-Senjou. Will the next two sequels ever be translated and able to downloas?

  27. luzh says:

    the english patch is included in the torret or in the .rar right?

  28. angga says:

    what shortcut does it looks like to play the game??? can somebody help me?

  29. torry says:

    Well just kidding…
    but this VN is a very good one and made me miss clannad(I miss Tomoyo) and playing just Riho’s route(I guess this will be my favorite route) made me glad that I tried to play this game(made me skip my classes). Gonna continue after I eat.

  30. torry says:

    It seem’s that my heart can’t take it anymore if I tried another route coz Riho’s route make my heart full and satisfied and I feel that I dont want to play any other route.

  31. Kira says:

    i got this when i save and get off for the night and get home from work i try to go to the save i made but its not there.

  32. just another fan says:

    is it just me or the band that sings the soundtracks sounds awfully familiar to the band who sang Tales of the Abyss’ soundtrack? anybody might know?

    Anyways I just finished the riho route. Deeply moved! I guess maybe it’s just because riho reminds me of my girlfriend. Really felt sad with eiji’s past though.

    This one needs a sequel!

  33. TinkleWinkle says:

    This was amazing.
    My favourite eroge… my favourite anime-related thing…
    this is now my favourite thing that exists.
    This game is the epitome of amazing.
    I wish I could kill myself and end up in this world, even if it isn’t anything special like Sekirei and such…
    I’ve been playing this for almost 64 hours straight, excluding the time for stuff like posting here and making bowl noodles (which in the end only takes up maybe a total of three hours).
    Did anyone else go straight for Riho? >:D

  34. Akai says:

    Amazing game. This is my favorite musical VN (because the others aren’t translated). The protagonist is a likable guy. There are some hilarious moments in the VN. Riho’s route is great (haven’t tried others yet).

  35. kyle says:

    This game for my new year…wahaha 🙂

  36. Kirito says:

    How can I compile all parts???

  37. Saxz says:

    Anyone have link downloads for BGM Called ‘Companions’, ‘Feeling Heart to you’, and ‘High Tension’ in this VN?

  38. Rhythm says:

    I find it funny how Rimu’s route has the most satisfying ending in terms of closure.

  39. Tygiv says:

    I’ve been playing this for 20 hrs or so and i still havent run into a single H scene. Story is great yada yada, but why is it on eroge download if it has none of that? There were parts where i just wanted to pull my hair out. Stupidly slow plot line, if you want “eroge” go download something else. Waste of time.

    • asdfasd says:

      It does have H-scenes, actually. It sounds like you need to go play a Nukige game in stead or just fap to the HCG.

    • AtTheTimeOfThisPostIAmLaughing says:

      Bahahaha, a lot of eroge are slow like this. At least the first time around, where you don’t skip 90% of the messages because you’ve already seen them.
      At least all the more serious eroge are slow when it comes to running into H-Scenes.
      Go fap to hentai animation or Fakku! H-manga.
      There’s no “stupidly slow plot line” in those.

  40. Frosty015 says:

    Where can I download the OST of this game?
    I freaking love their music.

    • Hiroaki Ran says:

      I love the music to! Also you shouldn’t have to download it. Once you beat a route you unlock the galleries including all the songs you’ve heard and in the Deardrops folder is a movies folder with the opening and all the ending songs……

  41. Avalion says:

    Don´t The game have any CG? Or video to can reply the lasts scenes??
    Nothing? T_T

  42. Jade says:

    hey guys … ummm does this game have bad endings? coz if this game has bad endings i wont play it ….. (i mean its in the normal route but the ending is really sad)

    • Hiroaki Ran says:

      um…..not so much bad endings as much as there are a lot of endings that leave what happens after up to your imagination…….nothing like being killed or anything though……

  43. >_> says:

    I can download and play the game after I extract it but I can’t save and play from the shortcut. I get garbage letters, what’s wrong with it?

  44. Kyro says:

    This game is amazing, i truly love it. Once i get a
    PSP i’ll buy it without hesitation.
    I was so into the story, and it even made me cry
    in the end.

  45. Nir says:

    Awesome game, great story! Thank you admin

  46. moo says:

    I really liked Deardrops , has a decently solid plot and likeable characters. It starts off slow though , but gradually gets good as the story progresses. Easily a 20’ish hours read.

  47. junk says:

    Is it possible to use the savegame from the demo in the full game? Or will I miss some story?

  48. Chris says:

    I downloaded a torrent for this game, but there’s no executable file. How am I supposed to play the game?

  49. Anonymous says:

    I downloaded the torrent and extracted all RAR files, and tried to play, but it gives an error notice in some japanese and shows [ system.arc : ipl._bp ]. I do have a system.arc, so why doesn’t it work?

    Please tell me how to make it work. Thank you.

  50. kid says:

    how do u install this? i downloaded the torrent one Do i extract ? Help plz

  51. bino says:

    how to download this ? any suggestions ?

  52. N3G1 says:

    Is it an uncensored version?

    • moo says:

      yes it is , but dont except H scenes all the time , this is a story-driven VN and not a sex-fest like Discipline , lulz.

  53. Meh says:

    Just finished this shit.
    I’m so fucking happy i’m able to play my guitar along with their songs.
    This kind of VNs just BOOST my energy and my musical soul.

    Thank you OverDrive.
    I Can’t now but eventually i’ll pay for these great stories you’ve made for us.

    Kira-Kira, Kirakira-Curtain Call and DearDrops…
    Not bad guys… not bad…

  54. GRAAA says:

    need a spoiler..
    I saved riho for last but cant finish it


    I’m at where he is on the plane
    and he looks out the window
    didnt seem normal
    huge truck
    and realized it
    then the game just freezes…
    auto, skip, load, etc. still move but dont work so i have to exit out…
    this is literally driving me insane
    can someone please explain to me what happens doesnt matter if its 3 words or an important part of the story not finishing this will drive me crazy

    • vanfox says:

      That’s probably because the game is loading the final scene which seems can’t load. The final scene is like a movie, it’s similar with the scene where they performed a Guerrilla Live, when an automated text and CG and the song comes up, remember?

      Try to start again at your latest saved game.

    • moo says:

      SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!

      Basically Deardrops arrive on the same truck they used in the guerilla live at riho’s academy , perfoms the song Riho and Shoichi created (Noisy Sweet Home) and Shoichi takes out his violin and performs his part while inside the train as his last farewell before leaving off to Germany.

  55. Dman says:

    Hang at Riho,s route , before fly back Germany.

  56. vanfox says:

    Just finished Riho’s route. My heart is still aching at the ending…

    Need. The. Sequel. Right. Now.

  57. kinderbueno says:

    When even a little too long with little choice I find but a very well history

  58. ThatSnorlaxBehindYou says:

    So far I am completely in love with this game I have been playing for 8 hours straight!

    Pretty Good Storyline

    Dimensional Characters (they seem like they are real or could be real they don’t seem played out like a lifeless mannequin)

    Funny Dialogue (made me genuinely laugh)

    A Fair amount of choices

    A great amount of Save Slots

    3 QuickSave/QuickLoad Slots

    Nice Voice Acting

    Music is awesome

    The Variety Of personality types between the main characters


    No Gallery: This genuinely Dissappoited me because when I get a really nice VN/H Game that I like there it usually has a gallery for things like The “CG” the Music and if there was an ending or two that you missed (At least Katawa Shoujou hhad that) and of course those certain “H-scenes” It was genuinely disappointing to find that it had no gallery (unless it unlocks after you play through it so if it does I’ll update XD

    They seem to put in the main girls you can try to play through in fine detail but all other characters seem a bit more “Half-assed” compared to their detail (theen again alot of VN do these days) (I think anyways lol)

  59. JJ says:

    Whenever I try to play this game I get an error message stating: “Could not get the information of display adaptor”. I’ve copy pasted the directX d3dx9_43.dll thing in the system32 but it still doesn’t work. My laptop is old (about 4 years) but I don’t think that it should have a problem playing a VN… Any ideas? Anyone else who had this problem? Thanks.

  60. exodino says:

    Just finished this. Man, that was so satisfying especially the Riho route. BGM and songs were awesome too. Just curious, is there any other music-centered VNs like this one? I’ve played Kira Kira and Curtain Call as well. Doesn’t really matter if it is Rock Music (like this or Kira Kira) or Classical (like the anime Nodame Cantabile). I guess I’m just a sucker for Music VNs….

    • Shinji says:

      Take a look at Quartett!

      It’s about a string quartett at a conservatory (so it’s about classic music). It’s set in an unnamed country (I realised some german words on a blackboard in the background).
      The character names are a cruel mixture of words from different languages which aren’t names at all.

      But the story is a really good one.

      Besides, it has a heavy mosaic censoring, so it’s more for the people who prefer a good story over hardcore H-scenes.

      others all ages are:
      Brass Restoration,
      Mirai no Kimi to, Subete no Uta ni,
      Rin ga Utau, Mirai no Neiro,
      Symphonic Rain

      • Zellrang says:

        thx… I’m also needed other good VN that focuses more on good story and not the h-scene…

        • Random says:

          Well, it isn’t exactly CENTERED around music, but Katawa Shoujo has some of the best BGM I’ve heard in a long time, and it is highly story focused, and damn, what a story! Though that is just my humble opinion, your mileage may vary. Also, it is quite free, so all you need to do is look it up on google or your favorite search engine, and just go to their site!

          • Alaphabet says:

            God I love that game. I’ve followed it for years and it is the only VN I’ve actively recommended to others. Hell I even use the music as a ring tone.

          • weseley smith says:

            I agree with you man. I believe Katawa Shoujo is one of the best VN’s I’ve ever played.

          • KaigoAkuma says:

            The first ever VN that made me hold my tears…..
            Especially on Hanako and Lily’s route, I literally sighed in satisfaction when I got their ending. Man, every single route in Katawa Shoujo is so dam awesome. T^T To All Romance loving bastards out there!!!!
            PLAY KATAWA SHOUJO!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Paul Mabie says:

            i think katawa shoujo made me cry more than i have ever cried over anything…ever T.T

        • Anon255 says:

          G-Senjou no Maou

    • gurusame says:

      Try playing G senjou no maou. It has classicall music based BGM and the story’s really nice.

  61. Random says:

    No seeds at all

    Seeders would be nice Thanks!

  62. Zatis says:

    i really like this game, the first part of it wasn’t really exciting but eventually it got really great story-wise. i can only recomment it to visual novel-fans 🙂

  63. mrbones says:

    g’day admin sorry if you’ve already seen this but looks like part 2 is down cheers

  64. trannon1 says:

    I downloaded this when it came out, but I just played it. And I can say, I’m sorry that I didn’t play it earlier. This truly was a fulfilling game and I truly had tears at the end of each ending. Wonderful masterpiece.

  65. edwin says:

    where can i download the client or the program of this game i only download the .rar

  66. G.D. says:

    Admin, if you can get a hand on Natsu no Ame-Summer Rain…would you be so cind and upload it here? Thanks!!

  67. boss_al says:

    PLease re-upload using MF again, i can’t use DA links in my country. Please understand admin

  68. silvio says:

    is in english?

  69. Nyx says:

    Can anyone tell me how to fix the black glitches in the background?? It’s quite annoying.

  70. Ghost_ 8891 says:

    Need help
    Just finished downloading from torrent and game does not start, I get an error message in japanese

  71. Moogie says:

    For some reason, all my text in the game is H’s and boxes. I dun’ understand D:

  72. jiji lover says:

    why is there no route for Gonda-san? trolololol

  73. freezeangel says:

    i just can’t seem to play it O_Ol|l

  74. G.D. says:

    Wow…when I looked at it for the first time I thought: OK, just another musical vn with a bit h-stuff… but this one was just epic. The artwork was pretty good ( especially the h-cg´s) the story pretty impressive ( I am from Germany and studied in Japan medicine as an exchange student and I can tell ya…this country is just incredible). I´m a fan of rock music too, that´s why I liked this Novel from the beginning. The h-stuff…incredible. Music too. A big + for the soundtrack and because if someone wants to hear it again, he just has to select it in the main screen. Last, as some people mentioned above, Shouichi was heroic,still playing his violine after he got stabbed.

    Summary: A must-have for J-Rock fans and those who like extensive storylines with lesser choices than other vn´s (like Kara no Shoujo).

    Thanks for this contribution admin!

  75. Mister X says:

    nope, it ain’t there!

  76. Otamega says:

    admin, can i request deardrops cross the future.. 😀
    ty b4.. 😀

  77. Raizer Reaper says:

    Well everyone with a problem its hard to figure out how to solve someones problem when you dont have the problem to begin with. I downloaded the game via torrent and it seems to be fine for me with no problems whatsoever, but those that have encountered numerous problems best of luck in fixing them.

    • nero says:

      I downloaded the torrent too but I still can’t get it to work.I think it’s my video card. My video card doesn’t work at all but I still play most except for lighting warrior raidy.

    • nero says:

      Also might be stupid to ask but do you think that you could do a video showing how to get it to work like from a fresh download of it cause i’m sure that could help lots of people such as my self.

  78. Mister X says:

    how and where can you get the soundtrack of Yayoi when she finds her guitar?

  79. randompasserby says:

    Does anyone actually have 100% CG? I have a few images missing, and I have no idea how to obtain them seeing as I’ve completed every route… I missing one on the end of page four and a few in the middle of page 5. Someone enlighten me?

    • Raizer Reaper says:

      So on page 4 is Riho route actually page 4 and 5 consist of most of Riho route so im guessing you havent done her route?

    • The Krypt Angel says:

      yea definitely sound like you didn’t actually fully finish the riho route. the last CG the last one on page 4 is no big loss since its just a picture of shoicihi sitting in a chair. the other chunk are all concert shots from the “Stardust Fest” which is also part of riho’s route.

      I honestly dunno how you could not get them since yer ability to effect the plot is pretty much gone by that point and the remaining story is set in stone

  80. randompasserby says:

    Oh fucks sake. The game came up with an error just as I was reaching the ending of Riho’s route and kicked me out of the game. Something about “Thread No. [1] Program [scrgp3._bp] and some random giberish.

    So fucking pissed. It’s the last route I need to complete, and I can’t even see how it frigging ended. Especially pissed because that took fucking ages to sit through and I can’t see how it ended. Someone spoil it for me. I got up to the bit where he was on the plane and he noticed the truck speeding.

    • Raizer Reaper says:

      Um they play the song they wrote together outside on the runway and he gets his violin and plays it inside the airplane then say ill definitly be back this band is my home the end

  81. ryuushima says:

    DENGEKI STRYKER is coming out soon, the story looked a bit weird but its overdrive so im sure it will rock ! 😀

  82. KevZ_Ninja says:

    Hello admin i can’t download deardrops part 3 at Mediafire.

  83. Baka says:

    O.o i think i just saw a character from Kira Kira

  84. Muse Ical says:

    The music at the title screen is AMAZINg, just saying c:
    By the way, thanks for the translate and download ^o^

  85. TheWorldOnlyGodKnows says:

    omg can someone help me i am at the route of Riho at the airport and when I see the truck the game wont continue >.<

    • Tunnelworm says:

      Hi! This may be a little late… but I had the exact same problem, I looked in my data I didn’t have the ending file for riho “ed_01” mpeg. I extracted the .rar again and it came with. Then I just transferred saved user data folder and was able to enjoy the ending.

  86. Animetantei says:

    Really awesome game especially Riho’s route! One of the best one I’ve played so far.

  87. Anon says:

    Loved this game, great characters and interesting endings.

  88. Agustinus says:

    THX for nice Game i has been done end all charcter for this game thx very muach!!(complecte)

  89. Ookami says:

    where can i get the OST for this VN?

  90. nero says:

    Can someone help me? i extracted the files and then when I try to run the the app it says error and its in japanese I tried running it in the usa and jp locale but I get the same message. Do I have to mount it or what.. Thanks in advance!

    • Ray Asakura says:

      No, you don’t have to mount it. This game is a download, extract, and play type so you don’t need any program in order to play this. I was able to play this game without changing my computer into japanese locale so I don’t think it is needed.

      The only thing that I can think of about your situation is that something wrong might have occurred during the extraction or the downloading process so you should try to extract the game again. If you don’t think that this is the cause then try to redownload this game again ( I know it’s disappointing to redownload a game with a size of more than 1 GB but if you want to play this then you should just go through with it).

      I can only provide this much information since you didn’t mention what OS are you using and also your video card as well.

      Good Luck.

  91. Daverty says:

    PS Thanks Admin

  92. Daverty says:

    Hope The Fan Disc Gets English Sub Soon Loved Deardrops And Other Of OverDrives Works

  93. ROXAS says:

    admin! please upload “d2b vs deardrops- cross the future”! REALLY LOVE to play this game!!! I already finished playing DEARDROPS, KIRA KIRA and KIRA KIRA Curtain call! make me feel sad that I finished all of them T.T
    one of my best played VN NOVEL! of course CLANNAD the game is still the best!!! >.<

    • Ddraig says:

      Wait for it to be translated. And, I love Clannad too, but you don’t have to go all the way here just to say, ‘CLANNAD the game is still the best!!! >.<'
      Who cares? if you like that game, post it in the game's dload site, not here…-_-'

  94. Jay says:

    Wait Who Translated This? It Says Mangagamer In The Beginning But I Don’t See It On Their Site?
    This Game Is Really Good Thought I should Support it.
    Oh And The sequel Is called “d2b vs Deardrops – Cross The Future”

    • Kirai Aizuren says: have two sites, one for under 18 and one over 18.. 😀 good luck finding them

  95. Mayumi says:

    Too bad.. it works really fine but when i save the game and start it again there is no saved files :< so i cant save it.
    Had to start over :'<

  96. roniewood says:

    what the hell?? i started the install shield wizard and some unreadable crap appears.. i click it ok and the install shield wizard never appears again… what does this means?? someone please the only understandable part i can read is “wish upon a star”…

  97. Kazehachi says:

    So everything seems to run fine except for occasional black screens through the script, and on top of this the game crashes with an error message right after they choose their band name. What do?

  98. darirugasho says:

    best musicale vn ever..

  99. dickhouse says:

    d2b VS DEARDROPS -Cross the Future-

    English Translation?

  100. Flamefist96 says:

    I hate to sound like a broken record posting this twice but I am having some text problems so does anyone know how to fix this

  101. Thisguy says:

    Ok, i have no idea what im doing, can someone help me out?

  102. killua says:

    the opening start the suddenly the game close no error or anything

  103. Baka-Baka says:

    One of the best games I ever played. Thanks! B.T.W., does anyone know if there’ s going to be a sequel to this game?

    • KotetsuTenshi says:

      I’ve posted that same question XD and I’ve been looking for some news. So far I’ve found that there is a PSP game (Deardrops Distortion) that is, apparently, the same as this version with some updated content (new cg, new bgm and a new route); I’ve also found that there is going to be a re-debut of the game in 2012/4/27, it seems like a repack of the game including a crossover with KiraKira named “Deardrops with Cross the Future”. I’ve been looking at the images and also translated (w google lol) the description, as well as every page realted to it and this is, definitely, a sequel, since the events happen 3 years after the departure of Suga-Sho.

      You can try using the translator on overdrive website. It’s the same source as this info I’m posting.

    • KotetsuTenshi says:

      However, it is a fandisc… Approved by overdrive, though. But that shouldn’t matter, the story is pretty cool and we will have the chance to see our fave chars agn, imo XD

  104. Kei says:

    Am I the one only having problem? My game hangs when in Riho route, when they are trying to send off Suga-Sho. Can anyone help me please???

    • The Krypt Angel says:

      This is most likely a hang caused by the game waiting for a video codec to kick in for the finale video I get prompted by FFDshow every time the game had one of its video files and it wouldn’t proceed till I hit ok. Your hang is prolly something like that. Worst case scenario that particular video file is corrupted and won’t run leading to the hang.

  105. KotetsuTenshi says:

    Sorry for being such a fangirl (lol), but do you think this VN is getting a “2nd part”? I really want to know what happens after Riho’s route is completed T_T

    • Sketchbook says:

      there’s d2b vs Deardrops -Cross the future. A collaboration fandisk celebrating the 5th anniversary of OVERDRIVE, featuring a crossover between Kira☆Kira and DEARDROPS. I have not tried it myself since I couldn’t find where i could get it for free. :/

  106. KotetsuTenshi says:

    Holy s&%$t. This was so epic, especially Riho’s route. I really want to knwo what happens after that route’s end. T_T I wanna cry.

    While it lacks a bit regarding H content the story is pretty cool

    • Crosse says:

      Yes, I believe the strength of this VN is in the story, and the H scenes aren’t ‘cluttered’ or placed there just because.

      Riho’s route was powerful. Now moving on to the other routes now.


      • Raizer Reaper says:

        Id say Riho route was the best beside Kanade what a boss to be stabbed and still play a violin reminds me of Kaichou maid-sama

  107. Seiryuu says:

    This was Awesome!
    Thank you very much!

  108. ProGrox says:

    Anything required for this game? Or just install and play?

  109. Kiyaufu says:

    When I start this it shows an Error and saying “Display adaptor does not support requisite function.”..
    what can I be missing..or I need to upgrade my video card..

  110. Sandstorm says:

    feeling to learn a guitar …then if i can then start a band …until I am still young enough to enjoy life to full

  111. John says:

    have you updated your directx?

  112. king98765 says:

    too bad i can’t play this game. cannot start, saying something about direct 3D something.

    • Jazzkyrie says:

      try updating your directX engine.. or better yet.. get a d3dx9_43.dll and paste it on your system32..

      • rurouni says:

        i get the same problem and the solution is not working 🙁

        • sonic says:

          i get that direct 3D problem too for another game. though i can’t seem to fix it, it goes away after a while. try playing it a few days later (not a really good and valid solution, but just a suggestion you might want to consider.)
          also yea make sure you have the d3dx files in the folder

    • Helvetica Standard says:

      game’s not that good
      canon routes are painfully long
      and story is barely passable. Also
      Rimu’s and Yayoi’s routes are awfully short. (seem more like a bonus)
      very few H-scenes, they shouldn’t have bothered at all with them.
      You’re not missing out anything really..
      i guess this is just for fans of the genre. :/

    • reyshi says:

      is it in english? ;_;

      • Trevante says:

        It’s in English XD

        Though I must say, hmm, even if the canon’s story is long, they’re worth it, very worth it…well, for me that is xD

  113. Ethan says:

    Ok the other night i downloaded the game and had it all ready, i started playing ti with no problems what so ever. I turn it off and go to bed and the next day i turn it on and i get this error code.

    [system.arc : ipl._bp }

    with a whole bunch of other symbols around it, whats going on and how can i fix this, all i want to enjoy the game.

    Someone please help me.

  114. neptune says:

    just finished the game….it really shocked me on how good it gets just unbelievable

  115. Gubix says:

    is that game???
    so boring….
    Better we watch anime

  116. Jay says:

    This Game Is Amazing, Being A Rock N Roll Person Myself.
    Now I Just Need To See Some Tabs And English Translated Lyrics To Their Songs And Me And My Friends Can Make A Cover Of It.

  117. Asr says:

    where is Hoshimemo you admin slow lard

    • Leon says:

      The patch has only been out one day, if you want it so bad go find it yourself, the admin doesn’t automatically get the games and patches when it comes out, he or she has to go find them or buy them which could take a few days or longer. The admin has put so many VN’s here available for download and hasn’t asked anything in return, so you should show some respect

  118. Eustia says:

    i only played kanade’s and riho’s route but i gotta say , riho’s route is fking nice , i would give it a 8.5/10 , maybe 9/10 if there was censor.. please , i want to see riho , not sho’s…(refering to h-scene 1 , h-scene 2 is just plain awesomeness )

  119. Watashi Hentai Desu says:

    Nevermind I actually found this d2b VS DEARDROPS -Cross the Future- some one please translate D-X

  120. Watashi Hentai Desu says:

    Ummm I found a psp version of this game entitled “Deardrops Distortion” is it the same game? or does it has a different story for each route? or different ending perhaps? Does anyone knows? I really like this game and might even considering learning japanese for this game.

  121. Zeenof says:

    Say what you will about Deardrops; but to me, it was absolutely fantastic. Riho’s route was absolutely amazing.

  122. Flamefist96 says:

    I have gibberish text problems any fixes?

  123. Sgrumbledore says:

    Downloaded the game, but after i click the start game i see no w tex just a jibberish like 0O0O over and over AGAIN.

    anyone else got this problem?

  124. Kim-kun says:

    admin are you gonna put up Violated Hero: -I Wanted to Chivalrously Save the World- its been 100% translated
    thx for reply admin 🙂

  125. rei says:

    I’ll probably buy this one in mangagamer

  126. Jjredster says:

    Good game, to be honest this was the first game i’ve played that was produced by overdrive (no i haven’t played kirakira but after playing deardrops i will.) so as always with a new producer im unfamiliar with im a bit spectacle. However the game exceeded my expectations, the story was good. The music flowed perfectly and i took quite a liking to the actual songs, the comedy that was thrown in there at unexpected moments made me burst out laughing Especially gonda’s funny moments.

    The only thing i sort of have a minor complaint about was riho’s unsatisfying ending, i heard it had a continuation? if anyone knows anything shoot me a reply.

    And as always admin keep up the good work.

    • elpsycongroo says:

      yep, the fandisk ‘d2b vs deardrops’ is the continuation of Riho’s ending and Kirari’s true ending in Kirakira.

      you can find it by googling or search on craneanime.
      its untranslated though, but its really good, full of humors, and it will answer your complain about Riho,s ending (i kinda unsatisfied with Riho’s ending too before playing the fandisk).

      • Jjredster says:

        ahh i see, thanks for the info. I’m glad to see that she will get a more conclusive ending, because it was kind of open-ended

        • Eustia says:

          lets just spam at mangagamer so so they will translate the fandisk… seriously .. i want MORE of RIHOOO.

  127. Sgrumbledore says:

    Downloaded the game, but after i click the start game i see no w tex just a jibberish like 0O0O over and over.

    anyone else got this problem?

  128. Zeenof says:

    I’ve tried both the torrent and the direct link with Mediafire, but no matter how I download it, part 2 always fails to properly unzip. I always get an error box that mentions something about the 3 movies in it being corrupted or… something error-ful. So… is it just me? If so, what can I do to remedy it?

  129. AGF Rebirth says:

    help! the link for download is unshowable T_T

  130. Baka_kokosei says:

    oiii minna check this out
    [Overdrive] d2b VS DEARDROPS -Cross the Future- it’s still in JAP. but i hope you could look at it operator. i really want it in my collection

    • elpsycongroo says:

      you can easily get d2b vs deardrops via google or craneanime.

      for those of you who love Riho but kinda unsatisfied with her ending (well, i am), d2b vs deardrops is a must, its good and the collaboration song was really cool too, though its untranslated.

      Riho kicks like a Bruce lee.

  131. Rune says:

    After downloading all the separate parts and trying the EXE the game doesn’t seem to start up or trying any install function anyone else having this problem?.

  132. Ryan says:

    Does this game have any kind of system gameplay? Or is it just “point-click”?

  133. Baka_kokosei says:

    nichan-nichan…… i really want this game ost >.<) pls upload it nichan

    • PhoenixRising says:

      You can easily find the torrents for the soundtrack just look up the albums, My Dearstardust,Straight, and Last Waltz

  134. Mike says:

    I have downloaded the game and extracted it. I have daemon tools and everything, I have codecs and everything, but the game will not open. I have a windows 7 os.
    Any suggestions?
    When I click on the deardrops.exe an error message comes up with jibberish symbols with .arc in the middle of it

  135. Elfriede Machacek says:

    I think your site is very good.Keep up the great work!

  136. RANDOM_HERO says:

    Say, are we supposed to buy a premium account in DA to download file, i dont seem to be able to download more than 100 mbs

    • admin says:

      No, i’m adding it as additional mirror. Files under 100mb, like patches etc. download without problem and really fast. Mediafire and torrent links will always be available as well.

      • RANDOM_HERO says:

        Good to hear!
        Was asking because you seem to like filehosts where you can upload bigger files…

        • admin says:

          Well… it’s more convinient for both me and users (having to download 33 parts of one game from mediafire kinda sucks), but the site will always stay free.

          • RANDOM_HERO says:

            It depends, if i have to download 33 parts from mediafire or 6 parts fron old fileserve i’d rather use mediafire, no captcha means i can leave computer on all night and feel happy in the morning…
            well i am talking as the owner of a 2mb internet conection

          • admin says:

            And what if one of those parts got corrupted or removed from MF servers? Mediafire has huge capacity problems recently – files are disapearing, not downloading. Currently i have over 1500 links on mediafire – the more there are, the higher the chance something goes wrong. That’s the main reason i’m constantly looking for additional hosts, or ways to deliver the files (torrents, xdcc etc.)

          • RANDOM_HERO says:

            Well to be honest i just thought no captcha means good filehost, that’s why people keep asking to use mediafire, including me, and that’s why megaupload was so popular, but, since they are small parts reupload them should not be that bad for you…i guess.
            As situation is now, no other filehost is better than MF IMO…

  137. Maou says:

    Torrent is really good, thanks admin.

  138. Aka says:

    OMG I just finished Kanade’s route. Thank you so much for uploading this, I got attract to the poster in the beginning and downloaded it and now COMPLETELY FELL IN LOVE WITH DEARDROPS. THANK YOU 😀

  139. Anon says:

    the way he moved his hands was sexy
    describing an old man cleaning a guitar lol

  140. durr says:

    part 1 is fucked

  141. durr says:

    part 1 isnt downloading

  142. Alpz says:

    where i can download the OST from this game? hard to search it at google lol :@

  143. Mr. J says:

    my LAPTOP freezes up WHENEVER I try to download this and another eroge!

  144. kai says:

    is the patch among the downloads or is it already translated?

  145. Problems says:

    I’m having trouble downloading part 2 from mediafire. When I click the download button, the usual pop-up for me to save the file doesn’t show up. I’ve been retrying for the past hour or so and I was wondering if this thing is normal now because of the high traffic?.. o.o

    • Mio Daisuki!! says:

      Media fire allow us to download one file with same name if ur download suddenly crashed or interrupted, it will refresh again and again after u press download button and it won’t allow you to download it anymore.Must wait the next or ur connection gt problem thats y.

  146. Satsu says:

    Thanks for uploading!

    Rimu is hhhnnngggggg.

  147. aaron says:

    One of the best novels I’ve played xD Rimu’s my favorite, just because shes awesome, wish she had a way longer route though :/ Most fun character in the game.

  148. Byakko says:

    because i like eroge with good story just not eroge but must have good ending story thx^o^

  149. Byakko says:

    this game and the song memorice in my heart i very very like it very muchhhhhhhhhh ^o^ thx admint

  150. Domino says:

    Amazing game, longer than the usual novel game and with way less hentai scenes, but the story was way so good!

  151. Whoa says:

    pretty good game. Kirakira + Deardrops aren’t by any means the best visual novels out there imo, but they’re always very enjoyable and the music is actually quite good.

    I’d give Kirakira + Curtain Call an 8.5 out of 10…
    and Deardrops a… 7.8 out of 10.

    And Riho sex scenes were pretty damn hot.

  152. O_O ) wowowwowow says:

    nice nice loved the game but story line is way to similar to beck mongolian chop squad no complaints though it was fun =)

  153. Kaverin Ebonhands says:

    Riho’s is the canonical ending.
    Kanade’s is also pretty good but Yayoi and Rimu are pretty short and shallow by comparison.
    Riho’s route has Cameos of Souta Honda and Kirari

  154. kurochan says:

    Finished Riho’s route, it’s great but I was hoping for more for the ending… I guess the fandisk is a sequel for Riho’s ending?

    • bk201 says:

      yep, it’s the continuation of riho’s route and kirari’s true route of kirakira.
      Just finished playing it, it’s really good and it brings more closure to the story for those who left kinda unsatisfied with riho’s ending (i’m one of them).
      It’s still untranslated though.

  155. Zanna says:

    Hmmm I’m guessing as it’s an Overdrive game that one of the girls has a major depressing story? As long as she still gets a happy end though.

  156. admin lover says:

    OG OMG OMG, TYVM finally a torrent link, so much easier. than you admin!

  157. dennis says:

    part9 is broken! pls reupload TT_____TT

  158. Machcia says:

    Reached the Osaka part where the protagonists are supposed to play in front of 10k people, and when game goes into the auto mode for the scene, an error appears.

    Thread No. [ 1 ] , Program [ scrgrp4._bp ]

    IP [ Thread : $00027BC7 / Program : $00000397 ] , Instruction No. [ $905C ] , SP [ $000010E0 ]

    指定されたビットマップ [ 0 , -1 ] のいずれかが無効です

    Any ideas?

    • alaina says:

      i got almost the same error but mine happened instead right after the guerrilla live after leo stops talking. any help on these situations would be appreciated.

  159. Nsap says:

    Sorry if this is the worng place to ask this, but somebody know where i can get the ost of this game?

    • xciter says:

      There really isn’t an ost yet. But there are albums and they are:

      1. Straight
      2. My Dear Stardust
      3. Last Waltz

      They’re all easily obtainable through searching google.

      • stuff says:

        Also, note that while Straight and My Dear Stardust have some of the same songs, they sound a little different…except for maybe 2 or 3 of them that are exactly the same.

  160. Tofu says:

    Has the game been english translated?

    • silv says:

      no, the game is in Hebrew.

      • Seven Points On Ten says:

        Don’t be a snide jackass. His/her question is valid – is this the MangaGamer release or a fanslated version of the game?

        • CJ Prophet says:

          Admin doesn’t upload a game here unless it’s 100% translated, for future reference, at least thats what he says and I have never seen anything that would say otherwise.

  161. anon says:

    I’ve tried everything, but my game crashes every time right after the part where

    [SPOILER] they choose the band name and Shoichi says “Why don’t we see this through and find out?” [/SPOILER]

    I’ve tried re-extracting, re-downloading both mediafire and torrent links, nothing I try is working! Did anybody else have this problem? T_T Any suggestions?

    • HppyNSlvry says:

      I’ve had the same problem with a couple other games, and it turned out that a video codec pack I had installed was messing with in game video somehow. I unistalled the codec pack and presto!

      • garret says:

        serious man? cool, can I ask what codec you uninstalled that was causing problems?

        • Disky says:

          In case you still haven’t found a suitable codec pack, and of course in future reference to everyone else having this problem, try CCCP codec pack.

          It’s quite popular and I’ve never heard of anyone having problems with it. Well, not ones caused by the codec anyhow – just don’t play with the settings too much unless you know what you’re doing.

    • GabO!!! says:

      Dude, is that the part where they we’re talking about their band’s name?

      Try shark007 codes 😀

    • Dan says:

      That’s right where the OP video starts, so it is probably the something to do with the video, either a codec pack like HppyNSlvry said, or your graphics card driver. Try updating both.
      Also, anyone who hasn’t yet should check out the new site:
      It’s an eroge forum run by this site’s admin and it’s pretty good. You can probably find help more easily at a forum than in comments.

    • MIdAS says:

      Try running the game fullscreen with the “keep aspect ratio” option checked, it’s probably to do with video stretching.

  162. FIREFOX47 says:

    I just wanted to say because I feel like it can never be said enough but thank you admin for all the great work you do for us and for all the time and effort you take to help everyone and to keep them happy. I can safely say that if it were not for this site I would not like eroge as much as I do because it is just too expensive compared to regular porn so thank you. Also some of the games have a pretty good storyline such as muv-luv.

  163. Anonymous says:

    Upon first opening the game, a bunch of pop-ups appeared with Yes and No, I clicked yes on all of them, and the game is running fine, but there isn’t any music. *Which I’m assuming there is*

    • Anonymous says:

      …Nevermind, I fixed it.
      If you decide to torrent it, *It might be the same with the individual downloads* all you need is part 1.

  164. subaru says:

    Boku wa Riho no ending wa daisuki da

  165. jason says:

    (spoiler dont read if you did not play it at least once yet!!!)

    does anybody know the violin song shoichi plays after he rushes to meet berger ??

  166. shinn says:

    YEAH! just finished this awesome eroge XD. love the music. XD

  167. Ddreamer says:

    finaly its released its time to play

  168. Gian says:

    Im still getting an error when i start the game, it says something like this:”Display adaptor does not support requisite function”
    someone help me please

  169. coldblood2345 says:

    can u help me work on Violated Hero: I Wanted to Chivalrously Save the World?

    • Dr.Orange says:

      Please forgive my dirty mind but i swear i thought that you actually wanted to be a violated hero who wished to chivalrously save the world

      • Minili says:

        Dude, I think this the first time in my life that a reply to a comment make me laugh so much. Seriously, this is the best comment ever XD

  170. HAC says:

    This game is interesting. Overdrive got a big hit in the way of Kira Kira… the problem was that the original game had a very rigid ending.

    KK OD was basically a lame spin-off that nobody liked because it was billed as a Kira Kira sequel and yet it had very little of the original cast returning.

    This game is basically yet another KK sequel, it exists in the same universe… there is even a mention of the Second Literature Club in a couple of lines.

    KK was really good though… it focused on a very short window of time and really made a person get the whole “band experience.” The plot lines were very deep as well, some of them heartbreaking. This game takes a step back to the original game, but I’m not sure if it completely succeeds. It still seems a tad superficial to me. I think the disconnect between the main plot and the girls’ plot is the problem. In KK, the interactions with the girls was highly integrated into the actions of the band so it felt deeper. In this game the two don’t really intersect that much… you could easily replace the band aspect of the game with any social club and it wouldn’t make much difference plot-wise.

    It’s still fun though.

    • bk201 says:

      true, it is in the same universe, kirari even show up in riho’s route.

      indeed, its a bit lacking in romance department compared to kirakira, and sometimes the situation and way to overcame problems is a bit too convenient, but overall this is a really good game. And i like the songs in this game better than kirakira, all the songs was awesome and the violin’s seriously kickass that i ended up buying deardrops album.

  171. Dr.Orange says:

    I would love to know how the last two posts are from earlier dates than the one that precedes them

    Dont tell me steins gate was real after all

  172. wee says:

    mediafire part 8 is broken please fix it

  173. bk201 says:

    Riho route was indeed awesome..kinda sad for me that they end it there though, it left me feel kinda empty..
    i wish they would’ve at least made a little bit of ‘after credits’ scene.

  174. wee says:

    mediafire part 8 is broken pls fix it

  175. Django says:

    can someone reupload Part 3 please
    Thank you 🙂

  176. Nobu says:

    Riho>all other routes 🙂
    2bad i did riho first so the rest seemed dull compared 2 hers.

  177. Jay-kun says:

    Thanks Admin! 😀

  178. starry says:

    now i really want to play deardrops distortion for psp?could someone tell me the difference with the pc version???

  179. Zellrang says:

    I JUST BOUGHT THIS GAME THAT MADE FOR PSP, don’t understand it BUT STILL BOUGHT IT T_T owh, my money T_T but… *PEACE* THX admin… I’ve been wondering what have they been saying the whole time since the graphic looked real COOL X3

  180. alfa says:

    kamidori, deardrops, and new patch for majikoi is released, damn i am so happy this month, thank you admin

  181. ryuushima says:

    Just finished the Riho route, that finishes up all the routes in the game. But damn the riho route was even longer than kanade haha. Really glad I saved Riho for last , I won’t spoil but for me it’s the one that felt the most like a real complete story. Aw man I still have the game open for the background music. I’m going to give some ratings now, but sorry they will be biased as hell because I simply love this game and it really left a strong impression.

    Total : 9

  182. chumba says:

    This looks good, thx for sharing i´ll seed this at least for a couple of months

  183. ryuushima says:

    Kanade route was so ROCK!! So far that really was the longest route i’ve ever played in my life. Even skipping trough the stuff all routes share ( which was like 80% of the route for other characters ) here the story after that basic route was even longer. Really really great. WAAAA just 1 more route to go. I shouldn’t start right now though since the Kanade story was so great.

    ROCK ON!!

    • kurochan says:

      Kanade huh… I don’t have a lot of time so I guess I’m going for the main heroine Riho first, and I don’t know why but kanade’s character design, personality, all screams “childhood friend” I know that she really is one but.. she look too much like those cliched childhood friend type from anime. But I guess I’m going to give it a try in my 2nd playthrough anyway if I have the time.

  184. chaotix says:

    does this have the patch?

  185. ryuushima says:

    Just finished Yayoi route , as I suspected it wasnt as interesting for me as the Rimu route. Ah well , she was nice and standard atleast no unneeded amount of drama 😀

  186. Miguel Figueiras says:

    one of the games i been waiting for this year^^

  187. raitou says:

    goodnews guys! i heard “Hoshizora no memoria” english patch is planned to be released on 18 march.

  188. Exo says:

    Hey why is it that when “Master” speaks the game freezes? Dialogue doenst appear and when you close it the screen just stays the same. Loading a save file doesnt work either

  189. hayden says:

    Hi admin r u going to put all these games as a Torrent.

  190. Justin Force says:

    For some reason the game will start for like 15 seconds then just shut off for no reason so if you could help with me that id greatly appreciate it.

  191. kurochan says:

    I guess I’m gonna put down Kamidori for a while and play this one, too much grinding in kamidori >.<

  192. yamete888 says:

    Deardrops seems work right out of the archive on Wineskin (Wine implementation for Mac OSX)…running right now on OSX Lion 10.7.3, WS8Wine1.4-rc5 engine/Wineskin-2.5.4 wrapper…didn’t install anything from Winetricks yet…
    Haven’t gone thru the game, so not sure when or if the mpg movies play during the game or within Wineskin…thanks! 🙂

  193. Some random guy says:

    Looks like the translator REALLY likes the phrase “I’ll make him/her say uncle”… I think I already read it 5 times even though I just recently finished the “prologue”…..

  194. ryuushima says:

    Just finished Rimu route ( first route I finished ) not skipping any conversations sure mad this quite a long route :O
    Played for roughly 12 hours with small breaks to eat and drink.
    Really nice game so far, im listening to the advice I heard on the website , saving Riho for last. Waaa the only one I dont have much interest in is YAYOI though 😛 to normal / boring from what I see but we’ll find that out eventually.
    Anyway time 2 sleep and then time 4 more routes 😀

  195. spong says:

    Has anyone else a crc error while extracting the game?(Mediafire Links)

  196. randompasserby says:


    I will be playing this tonight. Who needs sleep and who cares that I have to go to uni tomorrow!

    • Reicher says:

      I think heroine in this game pretty standar,…
      But what uni anyway ???

      • Sin says:

        i think uni means university.hey did someone mind tell me another eroge with good story??

      • randompasserby says:

        Yes I meant University lol. I barely made it on time this morning XD

        Standard sure, but you can’t deny the art is proper crisp.
        I don’t often get to play eroge with crisp art like this. I can’t play any VN I want either. I have a Mac so there are only certain files I can actually manage to open (I have software that lets me read .exe files), so there is a limited choice for me.

        Thanks for this upload btw Admin. Working fine for me 🙂

        • Reicher says:

          University huh,…
          About good VN Sin,I recomendet Edelweiss,….
          I never download VN that have english patch,because I don’t know how to use it ,…O_O

          • Sin says:

            ok thanks for the information.i will download it after i finish download deardrops, my internet connection is very slow -_-

        • Baka_kokosei says:

          hmmmm…. if you want a musical play to, i truly believe you have to play G-SENJOU NO MAOU(devil in g-string for english)
          it has a great BGM an ost. not much but great. also a tear jeaker

    • subaru says:

      In the Morning i’m just a regular university student but on the evening i’m a hentai bwahahaha. but my university is japanese language faculty so i can learn kanji to play japanese VN. yesterday i just passed noryokushiken N4

  197. Kurai says:

    The chests represent the areas u can visit in the city, now figure the rest out yourself, it’s good for you XP

  198. Cady says:

    Is this game 18+ or all ages? Just curious. 🙂

  199. ren vateru says:

    Admin this Deardrops is mangagamers version or japanese version with patch?

  200. Bacon says:


    Common Route:
    Being popular
    Take a shower
    Ask again
    I can do it
    If their guitar skills are good
    It has to be her
    I’m in love
    Search the Hall
    It can’t be helped

    —–Save 1—–
    Kanade’s hand
    It’s not destiny
    Don’t ask
    Stay silent
    Don’t go back
    It’s not just that
    —Kanade END—

    Load Save 1
    Yayoi’s hand
    It’s destiny
    Don’t ask
    Get off already
    Don’t go back
    That’s right

    Load Save 1
    Rimu’s hand
    It’s destiny
    Don’t ask
    Get off already
    Don’t go back
    That’s right
    —RIMU END—

    Load Save 1
    Riho’s hand
    It’s destiny
    Get off already
    I don’t know
    It’s not just that
    —RIHO END—

    • BeLLs says:

      umm, I don’t know if it just me but, giving a walkthrough on the download page seems to be a big spoiler to me…hell, I haven’t even read the synopsis yet…

      • ren vateru says:

        Here very MUST know Spoiler:
        If you really want maximize your enjoyment of the game.
        reason = please don’t seek it, is spoiler

        from mangagamers thread

    • ryuushima says:

      thanks for the walkthrough mate , So far its been quite easy to figure everything out myself but stuff like this is always welcome 😀

    • Some Pervert says:

      Admin, please use this as a walkthrough for this game. Thanks. And please remove this so that others won’t see it as a SPOILER. thanks and GJ admin. This is my homepage.

  201. nijiiro says:

    ahhhh Thanks admin for the upload i’m trying to find this for months already @[email protected]

  202. Renoraider says:

    Thanks for the post. Especially since you even took the trouble of finding a torrent link. It really helps for those with weaker connections. Ordinary downloads can sometimes stop if the connection’s too weak so torrents are Godsend. Thanks again!

  203. confused says:

    I keep getting this error message popping up and my dear drop screen pops up with “enquete-you can contribute the enquete of this game”. It popped up in the concert scenes and it popped up at the end. Did anyone have to occur with their game?

  204. jemmy says:

    I have a problem, after I start the game, it shuts itsself off just after the first logos and notices, right when the menu is about to pop up, it just completly shuts off. What can be the reason for that?

  205. Thesadpanda says:

    Thanks Admin , also @ Reicher , all games on this site are Eng translated.

  206. Reicher says:

    Sorry for asking,…
    Are this VN english version Mr.Admin ?

  207. ryuushima says:

    anyone found a decent walkthrough for this game yet? Normally when I dont have a walkthrough I just save at all choices but the game is having lag after every save I do for a while. Waaa I’ll just play like it’s real life then , no saves unless I exit the game !

  208. HinaHikari says:

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  209. WeLuvAdmin says:

    Admin fight against boredom always bring a smile to my face, GJ admin.

  210. Dracul says:

    I had no problems try redownloading it. I like the gamefrom Strativerius to drums one of the best games I played in a wile hentai not withstanding.

  211. help says:

    i get an error in jap language when i tried to start the game

    • Animus Et Anima says:

      change your localization to Japanes, if you don’t know how to, then it’s best to download AppLocale. Just search it in google.

      Hope that helps 🙂

  212. tricer says:

    i’m sorry but it seem’s i cann’t download part 4
    i have downloaded part 1 to 5 but somehow i can’t download part 4
    mind if you tell mw what my probem is?

    • wawawawawa says:

      that happens to me sometimes. Its probably because of your internet connection. Im sure that your not downloading the parts 1 by 1 so its probably best to finish downloading all the other parts and do that one separately.

  213. ekstacy says:

    ur a freakin God Admin thank you very much

  214. HAC says:

    Just a suggestion to our fearless leader. I would suggest against a link to the website in the torrent files.

    Not many people care about eroge piracy, but if you wave it in their faces enough something bad is sure to happen.


  215. Yagami says:

    Very thx ^^

  216. ash says:

    is this in english already? – the torrent I mean

  217. Whoa says:

    are there cameos from the previous games?

  218. topa says:

    any1 got a walkthrough for this?

  219. Dr.Orange says:

    Guess i wont be able to see the bright sun for some time now *kamidori and deardrop’s fault*

    • bob says:

      But let’s face it, most people are busy right now with Alchemy meister, It’s easily the best Eroge out there, Most of it is RPG, and more than 100 hours of gameplay, Plus an epic story and many quests, heck i’m not playing any VN till i finish Alchemy meister.

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    Goddamit don’t have enough time, want to play deardrops bt i’m still playing Kamidori aswell :p

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    this site is FUCKING AWESOME

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  230. theonewhoknows says:

    the majikoi patch for wanko is due soon can you re-upload the files for it 😛 <3 <3 had to reformat my computer and forgot to save it 🙁

  231. munchy says:

    You really are a saint, admin. No, your a god! wew… Thank you very much for the upload. ^^

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  235. Asferlok says:

    Anyone got a walkthrough for this?

  236. 06Ryuuga says:

    Thanks admin (like always) and the link to the online store is a nice touch (would buy it if I liked it AND hadthe money for it).

  237. Noya says:

    Thank you admin, thank you very very VERY much

  238. Aizen says:

    I already play the trial of this!! and it really has a great story which is why I’m wondering why is it’s average score in 7.61 ??? for me it must be higher than that!!

  239. Gob says:

    Wow, I’ve been waiting for this for like 5 months or so.

    Thanks admin

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    I love games made by overdrive , really enjoyed edelweiss and kirakira so let’s hope this game keeps up the good game streak.

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  244. 7Sins says:


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    *extreme veneration*

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    Gonna try it out after i finish Ever17.

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    • Hmmm says:

      No, people have been waiting for it because it sucks…

      • Some random guy says:

        Well there is also a think called hype(see the anime guilty crown :P) but that doesn’t really apply to translations.

    • Some random guy says:

      Looks like it’s at least not bad. The average score on vndb is 7,61 and it’s from overdrive(kirakira and edelweiss)

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