Kamidori Alchemy Meister

Kamidori Alchemy Meister

In the Setetori region of the southern part of the Raulbhach continent lies the Mikelti Kingdom. Among the seven major cities is the artisan city of Yuidora. This is where a young orphan named Wilfred lives, pursuing his dream of becoming an alchemist. As tensions between neighboring nations rise and a threat of war looms, three girls in distress come to his place and he helps protect them. Using a new technique that he discovered and with the help of other races, will they be able to restore peace to the lands?

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  1. Downloaded the 22 files and all and extracted it into a folder but I have no installation button. In the folder ther is just two files. One is a MDF File and the other is a MDS file. Thats it.

  2. I cant get the dungeon deadbeat to open, and the option for revealing the excavation sites for new game+ isnt showing?

  3. Friendly Reminder (October 2021)

    Things to do before installing

    1.Change Location to Japan
    (Control Panel -> Clock and Region ->Region -> Administrative ->Change System locale to japan

    2.Search for Settings (Date and Time)
    Set time Zone automatically must be turned off ( This was the issue for error 1155 wizard installation)

    3.Search for Settings (Region)
    Must be in japan (If still got error 1155 )

  4. I have a problem launching this game.
    I’m using a VM for most VN’s to avoid compatability issues. I got an XP and W7 VM running. Most games I can get to work without issue, but with kamidori I get a “DirectXGraphics” error the moment I try to launch the game. I installed the redist for DirectX, that includes the required 9.0c for this game.

    – Locale is changed.
    – Having the exact same issue on windows XP and windows 7 VirtualMachines. I have not tried on my host yet (windows 10) because I rather not change it’s locale. If it helps I’m running the VM’s using the “VMware” software.
    – The required DirectX is installed.
    – Patches are installed starting with ap01, ap02, 200, Kamidori English.
    – Even tried launching a fresh instal without patches, same error.

    If anyone is a wiz with this stuff please throw some suggestions my way. Played this game years ago and would like to do so again.

    1. Never mind. The guide I followed for a VMware machine didn’t include one crucial part for this to work.
      I hadn’t installed “VMware Tools” yet. A quick google search brought me to a guide on how to instal it (for windows and other OS). After doing this the game launches for me.

  5. How to install the game? I already change the region language to japanese and all, but I still can’t able to install it which there show a window of InstallShield Wizard where the words are some kind of symbols; and other matter which prevent the installation of this game. Please show how the step to install the game so it can be playable.

  6. So does anyone know how old Emilita (the pink loli) is supposed to be? She looks 12 and keeps talking about how she’s still growing and won’t be able to fit her clothes that Wil makes for her, yet she is always out drinking at the bar and tells people she’s an adult. Wtf dude

    Like everyone at the bar treats her as a regular, and the whole town knows Wil is smashing her, so she must be at least 18 right?

    1. Don’t beat your head over the age of an fictional character. It’s useless and definitly not pedophil, because she isn’t a child. She isn’t born she doesn’t age. She could have any age you say, so it’s stupid to even think about it. Jerking to her is fine just because a number that doesn’t matter in the first place changes? Seriously she is not real and not equal to a child, so stop worriyng about it

    2. She is 18. It’s mentioned a couple of times during her route. She is old enough to ‘run away from home’ without her mother being able to send the guards to bring her back.

      1. Well,I do understand why he asked considering the artist obviously drew her as a young girl on purpose (since they obviously needed all three main archetypes of heroines: softspoken gentle big sister, aloof and mysterious newcomer, and the bratty little sister). I do not think they ever establish when exactly you ae considered an adult in this world considering the MC is barely old enough himself and already a working man with years of training under his parents and drinking as if it was the most normal thing (I doubt he is at the legal age of drinking in Japan at least, so again, chalkit up to fantasy world laws).

        Basically, while the intent of the artist is obvious, the established laws of said fantasy land more or less give it a pass so we should not think too much about it. I mean, if you are going to stress about it there are several other characters that will raise a lot of questions even in the game itself, like Aht,who is quite literally an infant since we actually are present for her conjuring, or the water spirit girl who is stated to have been born when Will’s dad purified the lake, and the two dryads-like characters who are quite literally reaching adulthood IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAMNED GAME (and this is even the segueway into their scene). Yeah, plenty of other more weird age situations which people ignore because they are spirits or otherwise non-human.

  7. Does anyone else have a problem with the hotkeys not working? (e.g. “a” for auto, “w” for window mode). I know I can click the options on the config menu from the top, but it’s a pain.

    I’d ask on VNDB, but the users there a such dicks, hardly ever helpful.


    1. A bit late on the answer, but if anyone wonders, pressing `alt` while on full screen will pop the menu on the top. From there you can select (O) > (W) > (W)

  8. When I try to install it, it gave me two error. One with my username in it (it have an ő and á character in it), and a 1603 msi error. Anybody know how to solve it?

    1. i also had the same problem and i am pretty sure i solved it, i know its necro but might help someone anyway so if your username includes a character not internationally supported it will give that error and you need to install the game with a different account using latin alphabet (non modified, even ç or İ break it)

  9. You dont have to mess with your windows locale if you use Locale Emulator to start the game.

    You may need to install Windows 10 Japaneese fonts but it works perfectly with both patches installed.

  10. So I have no Idea if anyone is going to answer but I have a problem. I recently redownloaded this after getting a new computer but I am missing a bunch of content. Specifically the unique accessories, the crossover costumes, and a bunch of images and scenes in the gallery one of which is hannah’s second scene. I plan on uninstalling and then reinstalling to see if it works but if it doesn’t help would be appreciated.

  11. Change your locale to japanese
    > Go to control panel
    > Go to clock, language and region
    > Click change location
    > Go to Administrative (last)
    > Click Change system locale- change to japanese
    > This might require you to restart your pc, do so.

    Extract all 22 parts
    > Gives 2 files both named KAMIDORI
    > Mount (4.27gb)
    > Install it
    > Makes a folder inside your hard drive named eushully- inside it is a folder in japanese text, rename it to Kamidori Alchemy Meister.

    Extract KamidoriPatches Part 1 – 2
    > Makes a folder named Patches- inside it are 3 files (kami_200, kamiap_01, kamiap_02)
    > Drag those three files inside Kamidori Alchemy Meister Folder (the one that you’ve renamed)
    > Install 3 of them (i did it in this order: ap_01, ap_02 and 200)

    Extract the rar file Kamidori 1_1
    > Gives 1 folder named patch, a bunch of AGF & bin files, 1 readme txt, and the Kamidori English exe file
    > Copy all of it (or drag) to the Kamidori Alchemy Meister Folder.
    > Run Kamidori English exe
    > Play and enjoy

    By the way if you encounter: ‘there is already a file with the same name in this location’ notice. Just copy and replace…every encounter.

  12. When do the Bonus Characters like Lily show up? I ticked the box that has her but i’m in chapter 1 and she has still not showed up.

  13. So I wanted to quickly post here how I got Kamidori to work on windows 10.
    1. Click control panel.
    2. Select Time& Language.
    3. Select Country or region right at the top and pick Japan.
    4. Scroll down now to the option Administrative language settings.
    5. In the Administrative tab select Change system locale…
    6. Here again Select Japanese and press okay.
    7. Restart your computer and see if you can install the game properly now.

    This is what worked for me on Windows 10, I hope it was helpful for you also.

  14. Hello everyone i just wanted to tell everyone that this game is truly a work of art. i had already played this game a few Months ago and fully cleared it also but again i am here re downloading everything to play once again. I can tell you that this is the most addictive game i have ever played except from Sengoku Rance. but i really love it The story is Godly, the gameplay is something that we dont usually see in Eroge games and is completely amazing and out of this world. The H Scenes well what can i say “Perverted Giggles” they are really something. and lastly the length it took me nearly 1 Month maybe a bit more to fully clear this game and when i was done it was i was on the top of the world. Thats why i am Downloading again to relive all that and Finally thank you Guys who posted this game on this site really really a big Thanks to all of you. and can someone tell me When is Rance Quest Magnum is going to come here for downloading?.

  15. Hi, i can install it fine,but i cant hear any voices
    The sound,music, all of it seems fine, but only the voices that didnt come out
    any idea about this?

  16. Ah, surprisingly addicting game to play. Don’t much care for the visual novel aspect of it, but the gameplay was fun. Ah, if only there was a proper English patch of other Eushully games.

  17. My game lags every time opening video plays and it freezes when i run over the feather in the 1. mission, any ideas? ( I installed cccp and went trough lav filter options since that was a suggestion on some other forum)

  18. Ok for the life of me I cannot figure out what I’m doing wrong here. In install the game, then the patches In this order kami_ap01.exe
    I cannot get the english autopatcher to ever find the game, and even if I manually patch it, the game still says it’s a different version than a previous install meaning I can’t access my old saves I’m really at wits end here wondering if I’m doing something wrong of it this is an issue with installing it via windows 10.

  19. I cant seem to be able to find the save file location for the game, I’m on windows 10 and am trying to move my game to my new computer, I was able to move most of the games files over but I cant find the save file for the life of me. please help

  20. I+got+the+problems+that+the+game+crash+in+the+menue.




  21. warning!! this game will take at least or maybe less than a month to finish.

    S++++ for the game play
    A- for the ero (something is lacking or is it just me? esp. in h scenes D:)
    A+ for the characters (except for the loli)
    S for the story (who doesnt want a story with gods,angels,monster etc in it?)

    i maybe biased but i didnt spent a month for this game if it wasnt worth it.

  22. So in my game, for some reason it either skips or speeds(can’t tell) the transition scenes for characters. for example, when leguna pulls his arm to his chin, instead of seeing his arm move up, it just jumps to his chin. Another is sometimes the characters will disappear for a second in conversation. Anyone know what the issue is?

  23. Hey i have problem,how did you guys fix missing .msi? i have already installing it a few times and still it says missing .msi

  24. I installed the game properly from here, but the game additionals from 2.0 in the starting screen is grayed out. does that mean its unavailable like i need something? or i just have to finish the game?
    please help, thanks

  25. I am currently avoiding a windows 10 OS update like the plague, because the last time I installed it(Obviously I have since uninstalled it), it caused the text of Kamidori to get squished up and be annoying to read. If anyone finds or has a solution to this, please let me know, because avoiding this update is kind of annoying.

  26. It’s now possible to download large files, without waiting, at maximum speed, being able to download multiple files at the same time, no captcha requested, automated downloads and of course for free. Nice.

  27. So,+I’m+wondering+how+which+of+these+other+games+have+either+an+RPG+element+like+this+one,+or+a+*VERY*+in-depth+and+story+like+F/SN.+Mostly+because+there+are+far+too+many+games+to+sort+through+and+they+aren’t+tagged+that+way.


    1. Wow that got distorted. Let’s try that again.

      So, I’m wondering how which of these other games have either an RPG element like this one, or a *VERY* in-depth and story like F/SN. Mostly because there are far too many games to sort through and they aren’t tagged that way.

      I like my ero-games to be actual *games* after all. Not really looking for VNs except the *really* special ones.

  28. I tried to install this and run the setup on windows 10 after setting both the locale and the language to japanese, but it just comes up with a windows installation wizard issue that is written in strange symbols and letters instead of japanese, it does the same in english, the only thing that isnt in the strange symbols is Installation Wizard, and i unpacked it with winrar and mounted it on daemon tools lite if that helps at all, i tried unpacking it while on japan locale as well, did nothing to change what happened.

  29. ive tried installing the game but after mounting it with Daemon tools,it wont let me copy the english patch files over to the new drive because of not having enough room.

  30. I don’t suppose one of the patches includes the text fix for the Quest 105 \Demonfolk\ (which is displayed in japanese otherwise).
    I’m not sure if I can post links here, but this comment is for you anyway.


    I used to play with the 1.0 English Patch, so I’m really not sure if the 1.1 fix this. Couldn’t find any log of the sort either. This happens in Chapter 2 NG+, so I may give it a look later.

    I’m following this site for what? 5 years? Keep up the hard work. We all thank you for this.

  31. If trying to install this on Vista (and possibly others), you might have to manually create a \ C:ProgramDataMicrosoftWindowsStart MenuProgramsEushully神採りアルケミーマイスター \ folder, right click on the folder, and select \Take the Ownership of this folder\ before or during the install. At least that’s what I had to do.

  32. I want to play this game in japanese and this is the only place I find download links working. If I don’t install the english patch, does it work perfectly in japanese?

  33. The Link for the english patch seems broken (after going for the freedownload with captcha etc. instead of downloading the file the link redirects to a broken page)

    If possible either fix it (or if it’s a problem with my pc explain pls^^)

  34. I did exactly what was said in the manual and my english patch is not working. After launching Kamidori English 1_0 it says that \Software is current\ and that I already had instlled the eng patch. What should I do? ;__;

  35. I tried to install this and run the setup on windows 10 after setting both the locale and the language to japanese, and downloading the language pack, but it just comes up with a windows installation wizard issue that is written in strange symbols and letters instead of japanese, it does the same in english, the only thing that isnt in the strange symbols is Installation Wizard, and i unpacked it with 7zip and mounted it on alcohol 120% free edition if that helps at all, i tried unpacking it while on japan locale as well, did nothing to change what happened.

    1. ARC ENGINE HAS STOPPED WORKING (crash after game launch)

      The issue I experienced was the above crash; the installation wizard text and the direct3D options text was also messed up, appearing as random vertical black bars.

      I noticed the direct3d options menu said that I was running Windows 7 Home Premium. I was in fact running Windows 10.

      The fix:
      It seems the issue here is indeed a missing font file, but it cannot be fixed by simply changing the system locale to Japanese (I already had that set, and later tried changing the windows UI language to japanese as well–no luck). Rather, the problem is that Windows 7 (and 8) used a different font family to display Japanese text than Windows 10. Windows 10 uses Yu Gothic UI, while Windows 7 used Meiryo UI. To install Meiryo UI:
      Windows button ->
      Settings ->
      Search: “Manage Optional Features” ->
      Add a feature ->
      Select “Japanese Supplemental Fonts”

      After installation of the package finished, I restarted my computer and the problem went away. My system locale was still Japanese, but my display language was English. The game no longer crashed and the black vertical bars were gone.

      1. Alright so…. I rebuild and changed parts of my pc recently and I had to reinstall Windows. Since Windows 7 would not work I took a crack of Windows 10. But the “Japanese Supplemental Fonts” are nowhere to be found because of that.

        Is there a way to download these on the internet somewhere? I did some research and nothing came up.

        1. Alright, so I was able to take the missing fonts from my Laptop (Which has Windows 8) and simply transfer them over and now the game is working.

  36. Everytime I start the game as soon as I click anything on the menu I get an error message saying ARCGameEngine has stopped working. Does anyone know how to fix this?

  37. getting an error every single time after entering the “something” the MC is late for with his friend at the very beginning of the game. tells me to close program
    sorry for not being specific much. i ddnt read the dialogues ‘cuz i skipped them

  38. yo i downloaded the game and for some reason the font is all screwed up like the I is wide and other words are squished, also at the beginning of the sentences there is a u and at the end v. Words are also cut off at odd points so if anyone could give me a fix for that that would be useful, this is probably window 10’s fault but if someone could help me that would be extremely useful.


    2. Unpack the disc image, append packages, 2.0 update and translation patch.
    3. Mount the disc image and install the game by running the setup.exe inside the disk.
    4. Run and install the append patches + 2.00 update patch in the following order:
    5. Copy the translation patch to the game installation folder, run and install.

  40. Please, can anyone give me a 100% save file? I’m in NG+ but i cant afford more time for the next weeks, and please not those brokendown Links form Mediafire those do not work.

  41. admin why I cannot download??? of course I know how to download I need to choose free:freedownload:w8 for 2mins: captcha but in my case when I click free download there is no w8 for 2mins and captcha??? pls help???

  42. ~ Install Guide ~
    Step 1 and probably the most important – open control panel -> region -> administrative -> change system local (windows 8)(non-unicode programs) into japan (u need to restart your pc afterwards)(note that even if u install the game correctly and then u change it into what u had before, the game wont work)

    – Extract the game in a folder u can easily find

    – u need a virtual drive to install the game, the easiest way (for me) is to use Deamon tools lite (free program)

    – after u install the game into the virtual drive u created, open the drive and run \Setup\

    – the instrutions will be in japanese, try to install it as u would normaly install any game (next, next etc)(dont change the default folder) default location is :

    – after it is done, extract the patches into a OTHER empty folder and run the patches in this order -> kami_ap01 -> kami_ap02 -> kami_200

    – after u are done with the patches, copy-paste all the files from the english patch into the game folder (神採りアルケミーマイスター), run the \Kamidori English\ and enjoy

    1. Could you be more specific when applying the english patch please? I copy pasted the whole thing but it wont start. If you would tell me what I’m doing wrong, I’d be very grateful.

    2. THX sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!! I tried it and it worked, you are my hero now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. Does it work with Windows 10? I’ve tried running the setup many times and it only shows random Alphabet letters and questions marks with only one option button below.

  43. I cant download the English Patch ?! Can someone send me an alternative download link? I think the link is broken 🙁

  44. Hey Guys,

    Quick question, doesn’t it have the on/off option for voice skip on click? I played if a few times already and i do think i remembered that i played it with this option .. i doesn’t like to play VN’s where i can’t set it off.

    I’am really remembering it wrong oO?

  45. I installed the basic game, version 2.0, append 1 then append 2 before I installed the translation because that was the order that they were in in the download.

    Did I cripple my game because of the way I installed things? Will I miss out on some of the things in those 3 patches?

    1. I found a solution to that problem, now I am encountering a new one. After I copy the english patch to the game directory I receive no prompt to replace any files, as there are only 6 total files in the directory the .exe a file with an Icon that resembles the .exe, assuming the uninstaller, an unknown application in japanese marked アンインストール and the three patches. Going through the other comments I’ve read many tutorial and one inconsistency between mine and those tutorials is many say the game should have been extracted as an .iso as mine was extracted as an .mdf. I have no idea if this would make any difference but it is the only thing I can find, if anyone knows a solution please help.

  46. How do I install the patches? Do I just double-click on them? Is there a particular order I’m supposed to do that? It game me 3 files that are applications.
    It’s in Japanese when I click on them, so I have no clue what’s going on.

    1. When you have dobbel clicked on one of them, then it should run like normal, except it being in japanese, from there, there will most of them time be one option you can’t choose, then two options you can choose, go for the first option you can choose, most of the time that is equal to the “next” option, doing it like this worked for me.
      (I know this is a long time after the question was asked, but it might help any that have the same issue.)

    1. It’s possible you might have to run the game with admin permissions to save? The game might be trying to save but the computer won’t let it, I’ve had that problem with games before. Not this one though so I’m not sure.

  47. Hello,
    I am am having trouble applying the english patch to game. I am just not quite sure how to do it. I downloaded the file and put into the same folder and a .exe play in english file was created however it does not run does anyone know how to deal with this?

    P.S. I did install the other patches in the correct order

  48. hello. I just finished the quest of giving the fox queen (girl with 9 tails) the 100 stones. got her H scene, but this seemed to do something that has stoped my game from proceeding past chapter 5. I would appreciate some help. I am also on yuela’s route.

    1. also I would like to add that I cannot activate the minsashall mission even though I am way above level 22 and have all the required things it lists

  49. Hey so i installed everything into my system but i don’t have access to the version 2.0 game changes that are in the new game option. I have the new playable characters part open though. Did i miss something?? Which file was meant to open this part?

  50. Excuse me and i dont know if you have already answered, but i cannot save my game, it pops up an error, it doesnt crash the game but makes me unable to save the game, please help D:! thanks in advance, admin or whomever helps me out n.n

  51. This is one of the best eroge i have play. Even though i wish there was more optional H scene the gameplay is what make this eroge so great.

    1. Yes, I had no problem running it on Win7 x64. Make sure to use Japanese locale tho (refer to site’s FAQ section for instructions).

  52. I cant install kami_app01, kami_app02, then kami_200.
    After installation complete there some notice but, I dont know it. Then no folder from installation. Can anyone help ??

  53. Okay never mind, I solved the installation bit I think. What I did was, instead of mounting the .mdf file, I extracted it to a folder using 7-zip. And then I run AppLocale as Administrator and selected Autorun.exe.

    I did all these without changing my System Locale and it installed without problems then. I’m now going to try applying the patches and finally, the English translation.

  54. It says \The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable.\ while halfway through the installation. I have downloaded everything without problems. I managed to extract all the parts without errors. So why does it say this?

  55. I am having a problem when I play this game, after playing for more than 5/10 mins the menu on the workshop turns into white boxes, I can still click on it however but can’t read any of it.

    I can fix it by restarting the game, it also pops up in other players such as covering the buy temporarily on the church shop.

    Any tips on how to fix this? Everything else works fine. I can’t read the video settings since they revert to japanese when I open it. Is it a RAM/Graphics card problem?

    Thanks in advance

  56. The .rar file appears to be missing. It is what I originally used to install Kamidori on my previous computer. Recently, however, I switched to a new one, and I tried transferring all my data directly from my computer using an external hard drive, but it’s not working. I assume this is because I originally installed it on a Windows 7 computer, and am now using XP. I didn’t think it would be a big deal, since I could just download the disc image file again and reinstall it, then use my old save data – but now the file that contains the disc image file is missing. Any idea where I can find it or what else I could try?

    1. Okay, update. I found a download on the pirate bay with the file I needed so I could do the installation manually; after doing so, however, I got the same result. I figured it may have to do with my attempt to transfer the save, so I attempted to locate my save data to delete it (since I still have it on my external hard drive) and see if that helped. Oddly, I could not locate the folder that the save data is supposed to be kept in. I checked Application Data, but there is no Eushully folder there. Super confused right now.

  57. I’m trying to install this game, but everytime I try, there’s this error I keep getting that has the letters msi. I can’t get past the installation part because of this error. Does anyone know what that means?

    1. Me too dude.

      i tried to install it through Autorun, there’s this error I keep getting that has the letters msi too.

    You want to know how to install this game, because you suck with computers even more than i do? Then here is the installation Guide for Windows 7!

    CCCP, Daemon Tools lite (You dont need deamon tools if you use Windows 8) and WinRar.
    then You have to do this THIS:
    http://www.coscom.co.jp/learnjapanese801/japanesefont/nonunicode_win7.html (This should make most of the games that didnt work for you make run)

    Everything done? Then lets start!
    1. Download all the Stuff, make sure you downloaded everything, means: The 22 archives of the game, the 2 archives of the patches and finally the english patch.

    2. Extract the archives you downlaoded under \DA-free: Game Download\, its names are Kamidori.part[1-22].rar (22 parts). You dont know what im talking about? Then here for the supern00bs: You need WinRar to be able to do something with these files, i explain it for Winrar, its free by the way. So, open ONE of the files with your WinRar!(Just doubleklicking it should be enough.)
    It will show you a folder named \…\ and the \Kamidori\ folder, this on is unimportant. Click on the \…\ Folder, then you should see the directory you downloaded it in (normally the \Downlaods\ directory. Look out for your 22 Kamidori.rar archives.
    Mark all 22 parts (so they look blue)and press the big \extraxt to\ button (the one that looks like the folder-icon)and then choose where WinRar shall extract it to.

    3. When the extracting is done, Mount the .ISO file you get with Daemon Tools Lite, just doubleclick the .ISO file. It should open a window that shows you some files, click at the \Autorun\. A little window appears with 5 buttons, there is japanese written on them, click the second line to install the game. To get through the installation, just click whenever possible the \N\. When the game is installed you`re halfway done! Hurray!

    4.Do the same you did with the 22parts of the game with the 2 parts called \Kamidori.patches.part1/2\. Extract them both somewhere, but NOT in the game directory! When the extraction is done, you should have a \KamidoriPatches\ folder. Open it and copy all the files(3)into your game directory (NOT the the \Eushullly\ but the folder called \神採りアルケミーマイスター\(its in your \Eushully\ folder)).

    5. Run the 3 files in your game folder \神採りアルケミーマイスター\ in this order:
    1. kami_ap01
    2. kami_ap02
    3. kami_200

    6. Now you extract the Kamidori_1_1.rar archive somewhere, but NOT in the game folder. When the extraction is done, doubleclick the folder you got (Kamidori_1_1) so you can see its inside. Mark EVERYTHING inside the folder and copy it into your game directory \神採りアルケミーマイスター\. It will ask you if you want to overwrite files, allow it do overwrite every file.
    7.You’re fucking done it! It should work now and in english! To play the game run the \Kamidori English\.exe in your game folder!
    Special thanks to me, for being the genius insane mad scientist, with an IQ of over 170, Hououin Kyouma!!

    1. I have a problem. Even though I followed your directions, the game will not open with the Kamidori English.exe. Do you have any ideas what it might be?

          1. How ?
            I think i have the same problem you had. I did everything that was said and i can start the game in japanese but not in english, the game doesn’t open with Kamidori English.
            It’s maybe because there is no files in \神採りアルケミーマイスター\ so of course i can’t overwrite them (since they aren’t there).
            And also, there is no difference between the two link in the instruction rigth ? It has the same result.

            Please Help

            PS: i am french so sorry if i don’t speak well

  59. Can someone please check the source files,

    I have download all the part twice but files fail CRC check with 6,7,8,9,10 and 20 report being corruption on archive testing

    I used 7-zip testing, it reports 14 errors in Kamidori.mpf

    While the file still unpacks it give windows sytem incompatibility errors which I think are due to the corrupted mpf.

  60. admin do you have news if there are other eushully games that are being translated? (not machine translate) because I love kamidori so much and am itching to play their other games(specially madou koukaku and soukoku no arterial), thanks and sorry for the trouble

    1. Minna Daisuki Kozukuri Banchou is out, it was made by Eushully. It’s a lot shorter than this, but I still enjoyed it greatly.

  61. I just checked around the web and apparently someone has recently released a interface translation for Himegari Dungeon Meister, saw it on vndb. I dunno if its good or works, but it seems promising for the translation of himegari. I’m extremely sorry if i’m wrong though, because i’m not sure if it’s legit. I’ gonna try it though, since the Kamidori game was fing awesome. Please notice and verify if it’s true Admin.

    1. Yes, I saw it almost as soon as it got released. It’s machine translation and it’s not really readable.

  62. could someone give me detailed but easy to understand instructions on how to get the English patch to work? I don’t care if I gotta install it again. I just want to play the game

  63. help me please
    when i install kami_200/kami_ap01/kami_ap02 it show me 2 japanese option, if i choose the left one it will shown me a error message, if i choose the right one the installer will be gone but nothing change. please tell me what should i do?

  64. Can someone help me installing this correctly,first of all, I don’t even know how to install it, how do people install hentai games in the first place, its so confusing. I don’t know how to do anything, I have tried downloading so much eroge games, but i never know how to. Thank You so much in advance, this is the first time I thought of asking for help with this.

        1. How did you do it? Whenever I try to install it, I keep getting an error message that has the letters msi. Is there an extra program or something else that I need in order to install this game?

  65. mine’s working properly, but the only problem is, when in the battle mode, it became so laggy, is this normal or somebody know how to fix this?

  66. This is actually my favorite game on this site. But are there any other games like this here, or games from the same company? I need more games with actual story, games that really pull you in to that world.

    1. the one with 2 parts and the 346mb one contain the same files – 2 parts split is due to 200mb filesize limit for free users. You need to install japanese patch first ( 2 parts one) then install english patch ( 30mb one) on top of that.

      1. oh I see. so first, I need to use the one with 2 parts then after that the english patch with 30.4 mb, right?

        Thanks for the help 😀

  67. just gotta ask but how do you get spoileral to work with this i cant seem to find the SSG (ya I’m a cheater crucify me sometime later will ya) that will work with this version. i really dont want to grind through another new game plus (third time through) so could someone give me instructions.

  68. really..
    I still dont understand how to install English Patch fot this game..I already downloaded english patch from this website
    But..after I extract it,I found many files that make me confuse..
    so..anyone can you please help me..

    1. I have the same issue, every time I try to either get into combat or pick up the feather the game just freezes going into a “Not responding” state for both and only coming out of it for the feather which causes it to no longer allow me to do anything.

  69. few key points: RPG (leveling up, better items, etc.) , a lot of tactics during battles (good), and perfect idea of implementation of Alchemy.

    3 different routes:

    Yuela – Definitely best route

    Serawi (Elf-tit route) – working title \NOTHING REALLY HAPPENS\ route – Yes, this one sucks xD

    Emilita (Loli route) – unlike Serawi, this one is good (but of course not as epic as Yuela route ^^ )

    definitely the best game from Japan I ever played.

  70. It is best to install the game in stages to make sure you know what goes wrong.

    1. Set up languages. I explained this in my last post today.
    2. Extract the game. Mount the disc image. Install the game. Run the game and start a new game to see that it works in japanese. Errors here indicate either a corrupt download or mistakes in setting up the language.
    3. Extract append patch 1. Copy the exe to the game folder and run it. You can delete the exe after to free space.
    4. Extract append patch 2 as above. Can delete exe after.
    5. Extract the version 2.00 patch as above. Can delete exe after. Launch and start a new game to verify that it still works in japanese. Errors at this stage usually indicate corrupt patch downloads.
    6. Extract the english patch and copy all files to the game folder. With older versions of the language patch, run Kamidori English.exe. Launch the game. If the game crashes, your languages aren’t set up right. Refer to my language setup post. If you experience crashes or corruption later in the game, make sure you installed the appends correctly and make sure your MPEG codecs are up to date.

    Good luck installing and have fun playing!

    1. Hey Trehek,

      I’ve downloaded and finished playing a couple of games from this site already so I have the language patches working fine.

      I extracted and it worked. I ran append patch 1 and then append patch 2 and then patch 2.00. Everything works fine up to this point. When I extract the English patch and copy all of the files into the game folder and I try to run Kamidori English. The Autorun.exe which is in Japanese still works fine. Could you possibly tell me what’s wrong?

      This is the error I see:

    2. what are you talking about when you say “game folder” ? are you referring to the computers original games folder? To create a new folder and call it “game folder”. Would you mind explaining please?

  71. Many of the install problems here most likely happen because language setting weren’t set up properly. There are TWO things you need to do before installing. People easily miss one step. I’ll try to explain properly:

    1. Install the Japanese language pack for Windows to understand the characters and file names. In Win7 this is in Control Panel->Region and Language->Keyboards and Languages->Install/uninstall languages (or you can do it directly from Windows Update). To make sure this has been done right, try choosing the Uninstall option and make sure Japanese is in the list of installed languages. However, leave English as the display language. It is enough to have the pack installed.

    2. Set the Japanese language for the installer and the game by changing the system locale. This MUST be active both when you run the installer and when you run the game. Control Panel->Region and Language->Administrative->Change system locale…->Japanese

  72. Hi, I managed to install the game and it seems to work in japanese. However, when I try to play with the english patch, I get this:
    “SYSTEM4.BIN” , something in japanese, “and ERROR CODE=2”
    Can someone help me?

  73. I start the game, and everytime i put start game appear an error saying : arcengine stop working, something like that, i didn´t change to japanse locale(idk if is that the problem)

  74. i have the same issue that some dude above mentioned.i mount with daemon tools but when i try to install the game an error pops up and after downloading it for a whole day not getting to play the damn thing would be annoying.any probable solution to that would be appreciated

      1. some gibberish from “install shield wizard”.if i install the english version maybe it will be in english if u need to know what is says exactly?

        1. I’m having this exact same issue…I had the game on my old computer but it didn’t transfer to my new one. I have daemon tools lite installed, I mount it and click the install button. My computer asks me if I want to allow the program to make changes, I say yes, and then I get an installshield error. Can anyone please tell me what I’m doing wrong here? I’d really like to play this game again.

          1. Wait, problem solved! You have to change to Japanese locale first, derp. I totally forgot about that. Just go to the FAQ on this site for how to change to Japanese locale and it should work then.

          2. I have the exact same error for windows 10, but it still won’t work, even when I have the Japanese local on, and have installed the Japanese fonts. I also have Daemon tools installed as well.

      2. I have an issue,I set the local and language to japan before downloading it,when I try to install the game a red arror window open up,it is in japanese and has “???” in it,after I click ok I get an error 1603 window and then the installer stops working,can someone plz help me?

  75. I’ve set my language and local to japanese, installed the game+3 other patch + english patch. I play the game until chapter 4 then my ARC game engine suddenly stop working. I’ve reinsttaled the game but the game engine still doesn’t work. Please give the sollution…

  76. I have a problem I downloaded the game and patches and installed them, but with the English patch if its in the Eushlly folder the game will run in English though it will crash every time I start the new game however it will work fine if the English patch isn’t in the Eushlly folder though itll be in English how do I fix this?

    1. oh yes and I am running on Japanese local administrator and with the Japanese local setting for region and language thingy

      1. have you install all of the game patches in the game folder kami_ap 01 then kami_ap 02 then kami_ap 200 then run the English patch but have the file anywhere as long as its not in the game folder

        1. ok first thanks for the reply.

          I installed all the patches in order Kami_app01 then Kami_app02 then Kami_app200 and placed the English patch file in a different are in C:Program files, but now ive done that I start the game but it freezes after the intro but before the intro movie what is this? plz help

          1. srry never mind scratch that i got it working but still crashes when i press start new game. apperantly ( i was reading) that if u install useing applocal i doesnt install the fonts needed. do you guys know of a way of installing it without applocal ( and i do have it in local japanese setting) that doesnt give you that gibberish and not install?

          2. hmm not to sure i didnt really have any problems but have you installed the files in program files or in program files (x86) I installed it in program files (x86)then i copied all the patches in the order I said from the folder I saves the game and the patches in ([user name]/kamidori) just a random spot. then once the patches had run I then ran the English patch from the same folder I didn’t move it anywhere.

            hope this helps if not then im not to sure sorry but I will try

  77. I’ve got a problem. after i mount and run the setup and choose the destination things look like they’re installing properly but then i get a message in Japanese giving me two options, I press the left one and it brings me back to the installing loading bar but pops up again giving me the same two options (it keeps doing this) and I’m sure that the other option is a cancel button because when i click it just closes the setup. help! I have my local set properly as well.

    1. That behaviour sounds like it may be a read error from a corrupt file. Not impossible with the game being such a huge download. If you’re able to copy-paste the japanese error message here, we could know for sure.

  78. I’ve downloaded all the things and it’s different from how everyone else has done it but it works, except for the one part where if I want to play the Extra Story mode or something, it’s still in japanese. Everything else is in english though; slightly confused at how that works.
    Is it just because the english patch didn’t include the Extra Story mode or something?

    1. If you’re seeing japanese, there is probably an error with how the append files were installed. The english patch covers everything. I’ve played through all of the content and it’s all in english.

  79. thank you I have done that and am enjoying it so far but every time I wont to play it I have to change the language for non- Unicode progams to Japanese then back again to go on a no Japanese game can I fix this or am I just going to have to deal with it?

  80. after i start the game, i found the subtitle in japanese and don’t understand at all. Can someone help me?

    I have already download the English patch and i have already extract the files into the games folder, but still the same. Help me pleasee

  81. hi I have just downloaded all of the parts from DA-free : game download and all it has is MDS and MDF files nothing to play the game can someone help please.

      1. ok sorry to keep posting but different problem when I try to install the menu comes up but its not on Japanese or English it is all in ? and random symbols can someone help me.

  82. when i get to the fighting scene it lags or some time hangs on they said i have to Reconfigure my LAV Splitters but i don’t know how?

  83. well im having problems I successfully download and installed the game and patches, but my problem is with the English patch: I tried having the patch outside the game file but when I run the game its still in Japanese on the other hand when I have the patch in the game folder it runs to the title screen and that all English but when I select new game it crashes what should I do?

    P.S I also switched the name of the folder from Japanese to the alphabet

  84. maybe try run the ver 2.00 as adminstrator..did you fully install the game, i mean without any problem during the installation.?

  85. Things that you need to have : Magic ISO (thats what i used, just google and download it for free)

    1st : download all the game,patch and translated patch

    2nd : go to control panel > region > adminstrative > change system locale (change to Japanese, then restart your pc)

    3rd : Extract all the folder, then you will get a mdf file (open it using Magic ISO)

    4rd : Inside MagicISO, select all the content inside the mdf file, right click then extract (to any folder you want)

    5th : Go to the folder you just extract, click on the setup to install the game

    6th : After the game install, it will be located in C:/ Program Files/ Eushully / 神採りアルケミーマイスター (default installation)

    7th : Now, extract the PATCH folder into your desktop, then install the patch accordingly (ap01,ap02,200,)just for
    checking if you succesfully insall the patch, go to C:/ Program Files/ Eushully / 神採りアルケミーマイスター, there will
    have (UninstAP01,UninstAP02,Uninst200)

    8th : Open the English Patch folder, extract all the content into in C:/ Program Files/ Eushully / 神採りアルケミーマイスター

    9th : Start the game using \Kamidori English.exe\

    10th: Thats all. Enjoys, mate =)

    1. I wonder why I do all the steps
      When I extract ver 2.00 it say that I didn’t install the game so I can’t be extract to the game
      But I have already done that
      Can you fix it for me?

  86. Amazing game i loved it, and highly recommend it.
    there are three acrs, one for each of the main heroines. In the middle of the game there are choices about who you want to be with.

  87. I could use some, help. I installed patch 1.0 for English not 1.1. I want to switch to 1.1 because some things are not translated or translated poorly. Otherwise the game works fine but I can’t seem to change the patch. Am I S.O.L.?

  88. I already installed my game but the save/load, CG, replay always scroll down even if I dont do anything. Its so annoying pls help

        1. Maybe try disconnecting it? I remember i had similar issue when i emulated final fantasy x on my pc – pad was pushing right constantly, while keyboard worked fine.

          1. I already solved the problem. It isnt the gamepad, I dont know why but when I changed the name of the game folder the problem vanished.

  89. Why does I got an “CRC Error mdf file is broken” when I extract the rar…Don’t tell me I need to redownload all part? T_T

  90. Hey, I got this problem during installation, seem that Main zip file inside install folder corrupt… Or that just me. 😐
    Anyway, need lil advice here

  91. Does this come with append disk patch?…and if not how do i download the patch and install it?

    1. mine just copy-paste all the contents in “patch-1” into the installed game folder, run the kamidori english and it worked perfectly fine (dont know if its the right thing to do though).

  92. For everyone who’s having troubles…

    1. Set locale to Japan (Japanese) and restart your computer.

    2. Mount the game.

    3. Install the game.

    4. Install patches in this order: (ap01,ap02,200,english) for the first 3, put the .exe in the install folder of the game. For the english patch, run the .exe anywhere BUT the install folder.

    5. you’re done!

    (note: For me, even though I had english patched it, I had to keep using the Japanese locale do run the game)

    1. Can someone help me about this? I got daemon lite but whenever the window leading to installation it says, question marks, []C[][]G[[]x[].
      [] represents a fully shaded box. and when i click it, an error appears
      1155 : ???? GYi-_Kamidori.msi ???????

  93. ok i got the game worken in jap, but not english and my eng. patch crashes after about 94% so its not letting me finish the process. i have the other 3 patches installed, idk y my Kamidori_1_1 isn’t worken other then something i over looked, but i have also renamed the folder to an English, i’m on win 8 in jap local.

  94. please does anyone know why cant i install the game?

    i’ve tried using daemon tool and magic iso to mount the mdf file, after that it came up with (idk installation option maybe,cant read it) 5 options. 1st and 3rd options is in gray (can’t click it), 4th and 5th aren’t for install either so it leave the 2nd option but when i click it

    \ %$#$#$@%^%$^ – installshield wizard

    1208: ae,gll

    OK(O) \

    so please help me anyone, really anted to play this.

  95. I need help…..
    In my second play “Ch.8 Walking a Narrow The Path”, I can’t complete mission “Mass Produce medicine!”
    can everyone help me , what should i do?

  96. Could someone help me, please? I have no idea how to trigger certain events, for example, Yuela’s first extra armor, for which apparently you only need Aht at level 6, and chapter 1- atm I’m on chapter 3 and it never happened? Same with Emelita’s swan robe and Suina. Or getting Uya in your party, I’ve read i should get an event with him and Emelita, but it isn’t popping up. Why do some events show up and others don’t?

  97. I figure this is as good a place to ask as any. I’ve played the hell out of Kimidori before, but after taking a break it stopped working. So i backed up my save files, uninstalled everything, re-installed the game and the patches in the order they where meant, then installed the english patch. Now the game will crash whenever i try to load a save or if i try to change some settings. It also says ARC Game engine has stopped working. Any help?

  98. How the heck,..,,. I got no idea I already downloaded everything, and extracted the files…. yet I still can’t play..!

        1. Incase someone missed my above comment;

          Create a shortcut of Setup.exe with this address;
          C:\Windows\AppPatch\AppLoc.exe “H:\setup.exe” “/L0411”

          To enable AppLocale (download it form Microsoft if you don’t have it) upon the installation.

  99. Does anyone here know where the save files are stored in the program directory? Downloaded some unnecessary spamware while trying to install this game, so I’d like to simply copy/paste my saves before running the system restore for my pc to get rid of it.

  100. hey guys…can u help me??? i have a problem with installation
    i already change the language into japanese… and have virtual drive (daemon tool) but i still cant make it,,,there’s always be a weirds word…. plz help me… want to play this game so bad….thx alot

  101. Can’t install that. Always get an error but the only thing i can read is […].msi[…]

    Mounted .mds and also tried with mounted .mdf

  102. can’t install that. alway get an error . mounted the .mds , also tried with mounted .mdf

    the only thing i can read in the error is […].msi[…]

  103. got any walkthrough for this game??? bcoz this game seems kinda hard to leveling…..and about spoilerAl software…..i dont understand about how to use this thing 🙁

  104. hmmm question i would loovvee if someone gives a step by step installation guide i mean i know you have to mount the .mdf file i then open it and install but it isn’t working. i have done this before but idk what the hell is going on for this game >.> soo a guide would be lovely 😀 thanks!!

  105. Can someone help me? I’m not able to download the English patch…my computer keeps saying that it can’t be downloaded…

  106. I’ve got a problem with the installation wizard every time i start the installation wizard it gives me some kind of massage i don’t know what . Do you all have this kind of problem ? I’ve tried redownloading it but it’s still the same . please help ?

  107. hey guys…
    i need help here
    i got stuck in chapter 4 ng+
    i don’t know what to do
    the remain mission is get promote to the next rank

  108. Plizzz help….

    when i go to runic foret ruin to defeat the reaper i got required unit unavailabel…


    this is my second play with all clone character…..

  109. This game is high quality stuff imho but if you are gonna play it don’t play it for Hcontent or you will be disappointed.

  110. well download all files and install it with japanese regional
    and its work play with jap langguage
    download all patch
    1. install kami_ap01
    2. install kami_ap02
    3. install kami_200
    4. extract kamidori_1_1 to kamidori game folder
    5. play with kamidori jap/englih patch

    result jap and english language both of them works

  111. from what i’ve seen on google image, looks like a fun game (i like games with strategy) 🙂
    plus, the artwork suit my taste ^^
    but from what i’ve read on VNDB, it’s really easy ;l
    o well, i’ll give it a try 🙂
    thank you admin ^^
    and i find it funny how everyone are giving different solutions lol
    hope i won’t meet any problem :p

  112. this is really great game! i completed yuela route and now finishing emelita. the game get really hard as we progress each chapter. before i gave up i try using spoilerAL and the game became much easier to finish. thanks for sharing the game! really appreciate it.

  113. Sir! the 2nd part of the free patches download when already generating the dl link , it says file not found. pls help

  114. I can’t save my game… I always get an error (dunno what it means cause it’s in japanese) and it doesn’t save anything… After that the game still continues, but it kinda sucks to start everytime from the beginning^^ maybe someone can explain what to do…

    1. It’s difficult to tell without seeing the exact error message, but most likely it’s lack of permissions to write in program files directory on windows vista and 7. Right click on game .exe and use “Run as administrator” option.

  115. I can’t get this game to work. It doesn’t let me proceed once installed it just shows an error DirectX graphics followed by a string of Japanese letters. I have Japanese locale, XP, and directx 9. If anyone knows the solution for it I would appreciate the assistance.

  116. Is there a way to get this game in full English text, up and running WITHOUT the “Japanese locale” process? I mean, I’ve learned that there are many games here that don’t need the locale to be switched to be playable.

  117. I’ve gotten the download to work. The trick was in making sure all downloaded patches were in the same file and then manually installing the english patch.

    Problem that maybe someone can answer: Having played the game through, I eventually had the game freeze and it continues to do so every time I try to equip gear or abilities. I tried uninstalling-reinstalling everything and the freezing persists.

    Anyone know how to fix this? Also if not, has anyone manually uninstalled in the registry, if so it could help me for the next time!

  118. Anyone have a problem where in the past you had the game running fine, but then later on every time you try to change equipment or an ability it freezes up?

    If not, do any of you know all the registry files/folders for the game?

  119. I don’t know why some people can’t install this game.
    the only things I do to play is :

    I use Win 7 32 bit
    Ram 1 GB
    VGA 256 Intel

    1. open control panel > region and language
    2. go to administrative tab
    3. klik change system locale
    4. choose Japanese (Japan)
    5. klik ok
    6. restart windows
    7. install game, 3 patches , and finally english patch (english patch must installed last)
    8. Play…

    I don’t know if you can play it after change your locale to english back.

    hope this works

  120. Hey i have a problem, everything is installed correctly changed the games directory to english tried running the english launcher with administrator, with applocale, and without applocale.

    The problem is when i go to start a new game (first time playing)
    and it crashes and closes.
    Any ideas?

  121. Does anyone know where the save files for this game end up? I built a new computer recently and don’t really want to lose all the data that I had.

  122. Here’s a simple guide to help you to install the game.

    1. Download all parts of the game into a single folder. (If the download doesn’t work and you get redirected try again it happens be patient).

    2. Open the Kamidori.part01.rar and move the file to the place where you would like to install the game. (For instance I have a folder on my computer called v-novels where I store all my v-novels data).

    2.5 You will need to change your locale to Japanese if you haven’t already.
    To do this go to control panel, then go to Clock/Language/Region (this name will vary depending on your OS just go to the one that says language. I’m using Windows 7 so that is how mine reads). Once you open there will be a tab that says Administrative. Click on this tab and then click change system locale and change it to Japan/Japanese. You may be prompted to restart your computer, if so let your computer restart.

    3. Next you will need Daemon Tools Lite to mount the image. This is a free software just google it and download. Once You have Daemon tools installed on your computer double click the KAMIDORI.mdf file and it will pop-up an install wizard in Japanese. To install just click the buttons (just think of where the next button is in the English version of install wizard).

    4. Now that that is done you will need to go to your C: drive on your computer. Go to C:\ProgramFiles\Eushully and there should be a file with its name in kanji. Move this file to the place where you want to launch the game from (the .exe file is inside of this folder so unless you want to go into your C: drive everytime you want to launch the game you will need to move it).

    5. Now you will need to open the KamidoriPatches.part1.rar. Drag the patches folder into the file with the .exe. Next open the Kamidori_1_1.zip and highlight everything in the file. Drag everything into the game folder and replace everything when asked.

    6. Launch the Kamidori English.exe and enjoy.

    Hope this helped and don’t forget to have fun 😉

  123. I already finished this game a few months ago and I loved it, it made my summer perfect! I think I will play through this again since I haven’t found an eroge with gameplay as fun as this one.

  124. Kamidori patches part2.rar cannot be downloaded, always showing “error service currently unavailable”. trying the 300MB one, but free account restricts it. can someone fix it?

  125. here the working one, installation guide..
    #who got the same problem as mine#

    1. First download the main game..(kamidori.iso as example)
    and install it, using power iso or else that compatible.

    2. Then download kami_ap01.exe,kami_ap02.exe, kami_200.exe
    and Kamidori English 1_0.exe……
    Then,put all this four inside this folder..
    C:\Program Files\Eushully\神採りアルケミーマイスター
    install that patcher according the sequence, 01, 02, 200..
    and last one is Kamidori English 1_0.exe


  126. I wish there was a step by step guide to doing these. I haven’t been able to figure out how to install any games from this site….

  127. Guys, in case you haven’t already, don’t forget to change your locale to japanese before installing this. According to the patch’s website, using applocale complicates the installation (some files are not copied over like fonts and such). I learned this the hard way after trying to troubleshoot my installation and all it took was changing the locale to japanese and installing straight from the mounted CD. Cheers!

  128. someone can explain how to finish the second forest dungeon? i’m stuck where some fog did not permit me to proceed…

  129. hello I have a big problem though I have installed the patch the only part of the game is translated the first game start screen help :'(

  130. Okay, I highly doubt anyone but me is having this problem. But, here goes.

    My computer is in Japanese locale and I have downloaded other games and their patches and installed them all as well. Yet, when I try to download the patch for this game it doesn’t work. I can get to the DA site but when it starts generating the download link, it never finishes it. I’ve sat around for 15 minutes waiting for this thing yet it never finishes downloading. So I was wondering if anyone has any method for fixing this. It’s not due to slow internet cause when my internet is fast, it doesn’t download. I have successfully downloaded other games, but this one just won’t do it. If anyone has any suggestions or anything I’d really appreciate it. <3

  131. — TLDR version —
    Hey, I’m getting a “ACR Game Engine is not Responding” message when I try to go into “New Game”. Does anyone know where i can get my hands on the codec sandoe41 needed?

    — Full Version —
    I’m using Win7 64-bit, and this is what I’ve done so far:
    1) Downloaded the game download from the torrent, the v2.0 patches, and the English patch from the links provided by erogedownload to my “Downloads” folder in my profile.
    2) Used 7zip to assemble/unzip the downloads into the .mds/.mdf game installer, the v2.0 patches (kami_200, kami_ap01, and kami_ap02), and the kamidori_1_1 English patch into “Kamidori”, “Patches”, and “Kamidori_1_1” folders respectively, all under a “kamdori” directory in “Downloads”. These files did not move unless otherwise specifically stated.
    3) Used the “administrative” tab in the “Region and Language” control panel to change the local to “Japanese (Japan)”
    4) Mounted the .mds with Daemon Tools Lite, ran the installer.
    5) Ran Patches>kami_200 (success here is assumed).
    6) Ran Patches>kami_ap01 (success here is assumed).
    7) Ran Patches>kami_ap02 (success here is assumed).
    8) Copied the contents of Kamidori_1_1 into my C:\Program Files (x86)\Eushully\神採りアルケミーマイスター directory.
    9) Ran “Kamidori English”. Game opens, but i still see a lot of Japanese text I can’t read in the CG screen, options screen, and the menu when I click “New Game”
    10) Used “administrative” tab in “Region and Language” to go back to “English (United States)”.
    11) Ran “Kamidori English”. Some kind of setup utility runs, but its in Moonspeak Japanese (special characters), so I can’t read any of it. Closed util without changing anything.
    12) Ran “Kamidori English” with Applocale. Setup util Ran, and I can read the Kanji and Hiragana. Clicked OK.
    13) Ran “Kamidori English”. Game opens in windowed mode. Opening Cinematic plays. Main menu opens (noted that buttons are now in English). Clicked “New Game”.
    14) New Game screen comes up, Game freezes. “ACR Game Engine Not Responding” (win 7 message box) appears.
    15) Read Erogedownload.com posts (this page)
    16) checked in my “Programs and Features” Control Panel, and see “神採りアルケミーマイスター”, “神採りアルケミーマイスター Append02”, and “神採りアルケミーマイスター Ver2.00 Update”. (Unsure if that means that all the patches are installed correctly, but have no reason not to believe they are, other than that the game is crashing).
    17) google “Kamidori Alchemy Meister codec”, find someone at vn-meido.com saying that I need to un-install the codec to prevent the codec from trying to take over the decoding. Not sure if this is right since the opening plays fine, and it conflicts with what sandoe41 was saying about adding a codec.

    any insight?
    Thanks in advance

    1. Appending: So I ran “AGE” using Applocale, and the game seems to get past the crash point, but everything is in Japanese. Running “Kamidori English” without Applocale makes Moonspeak appear, and crashes the game. I tried to Get past the crash by immediately clicking on the “Begin Game” button after selecting “New Game” when I ran “Kamidori English” but the button doesn’t seem to work (not sure if that has anything to do with the crash).

      The “Text” and “Character” buttons in the “Options” menu cause the same “ACR Egine” Crash, as does going into “Eushully’s Room” and “Extra Stories”.

      Windowed mode/Fullscreen mode seems to have no effect on the error coming up for “New Game”.

  132. There is something wrong here. Whenever I equip an item, the game loads its special effect on a separate window.

  133. I am having a little bit unique problem!
    this happens when i start the setup!
    first the installshield wizard starts then in the middle of this starting process a window open saying ‘your installer service is not registered and not enabled’ or something like that!
    help needed please!

  134. I am having a unique problem!
    Whenever i try to install something like the game or the patch a icon pops up like this “Windows installer service could not be accessed.contact you support personnel to verify that it is properly registered and enabled”
    this happens everytime i click a installer!
    the installshield preparation wizard starts and in the middle of it this happens everytime!
    So anybody please help!

  135. Lost all sound except for the opening. Thinking of re-installing since I think it will fix the problem but I don’t want to lose my save file. I can’t find where it’s located.

    1. Kamidori save files are in a stupid place. Usually C:\Users\(Your)\AppData\Local\Eushully or in XP it’s c:\Users\(Your)\Local Settings\Application Data\Eushully

  136. Hello, as someones I have the 1155 thing when I try to instal the game. I’me already in Japanese local but it don’t work…

    1. (Windows 7 Change locale)

      Control Panel – Region and Language – Click the administrative tab – Should see “Change system locale…”

      You may have changed either the format or location tabs to Japanese but all you really need to change is the locale via administrative tab.

      Might be similar if you’re using something other than Windows 7.

  137. Dafuq is wrong with this after using dameon tools to mount it after a few sec at installation.. installation wizard tab shows up and says 1155:??????(special character)?????

    i dont know how to install this shit.. >.<

    1. When asking for help you should put more information, like what OS you’re using. Since I had the problem with win7 Ultimate, I’ll share how I fixed that. I just changed to Jap Locale by going Control Panel –> Clock, Language, Region –> Region and Language —> Administrative Tab —> Change System Local –> Japanese.

      Should fix problem.

  138. I just downloaded the torrent and after Mounting it with Daemon tools i cant understand any of the words on the installation and when i try to install it somehow a tab shows up saying 1155:?????????? mostly question marks and special characters.. anyway of installing it..? ive downloaded it for like 3 times already >.<

  139. When ever I download patch 2 it says one of the files is corrupt and won’t work. As such I can only get Append disc one and the 2.00 not Append disc 2. Any other links to a working file?

  140. I have a question. When the game say u need to raise your evaluation pts above a certain number, it means that u have to raise your evaluation above your previous chapter’s evalation + the requirement right?

    1. got the same problem with my w8, and someone said….don’t bother with it, just rollback your window…

      ….I’m fvcked.

  141. Can someone please put a video on how to install it? I’ve done everything you said guys but the english patch won’t work.

  142. ummm… I already download the game and extract it in my Local Disk C:… but the only thing i can see are Kamidori.mdf and Kamidori.mds… My question is do I have to download software’s? so I can open the mdf files? or I downloaded it wrong? Thank you

    1. an mds file is essentially a CD or DVD in software form. you need something of an emulator to be able to use them. a nice, simple one that i use is called “Daemon tools lite” completely free and pretty user friendly (though sometimes you have to load up the mds a couple times before the autorun kicks in, though that hasnt happened as much recently so i think they updated)

  143. “ARCGame engine is not responding” is what I keep getting when I try to play. Does anyone know WHY this would be happening? WHAT can be done to fix this?

  144. Help, i’m stuck at chap 3. I have 3666 evaluation pts which is way above the reqirement of 1700, i’ve upgraded all my rooms, i’ve cleared all the dungeons But the game still won’t let me go into the next chapter. Any suggestion?

    1. go to the info screen (from the right-click menu on the map) and double check your quest list (not just the missions list) sometimes there is a sneaky quest that has you do something like revisiting something or crafting an item that will not appear in the “key items” category

      1. I’ve completed all quest in this chapter. All i have left is quests which can’t be completed at this moment. Like Fix yuela’s sword or hunt the reaper or that quest u have to spend 20k to buy a single bottle of wine. I wonder if the evaluation pts is stackable. I mean i got like 1800 evaluation pts in chapter 2 ( it’s too much i know but i was busy with all the quest and crafting stuffs) in chapter 3 the requirement is 1700. Can it mean i need to get 1800+1700=3500 pts or more to get to chapter 4? But even so my pts is way above that. What should i do? reinstall?

  145. I got the game, installed everything and it is in english but when I try to start the game or chose a configuration,it closes the window. What do I do?

    1. same with me…I read the Readme.txt and it says about the game font not available or something… I wanna play this game T__T

  146. I downloaded everything fine, installed the game and the patches, and installed the English patch and moved it like i was supposed to, but the game still is in Japanese. Can someone explain this please?

  147. For some reason download parts 6, 8, and 14 through 16 arent working, is there any reason why? All i get is a pop-up window asking to open, save, or save as, and all options say that the file isnt available.

  148. This damn files doesn’t even extract.Broken files this broken files that.so annoying.Does anyone faced the same problem!if so,then please help to solve the problem!

  149. so I got the 3 uninstalls of the patch to appear, but the only thing that appears in English is “Now Loading”. nothing else gets translated.
    I have Daemon tools and got it to run, Im in Japanese Locale.
    after 6 hours of downloading everything, kinda was looking forward to actually playing this.
    any help is appreciated, if you need pictures (screenshots) of what im seeing lemme know, unless you can comprehend it.
    BTW, the folder name is still in Japanese, idk how to change it, but every file/program inside of it is written in english.
    the main application that launches the game is written as:
    ARC Software Laboratory
    it says Eushully in English as well during the opening credits.
    not sure how to proceed

  150. Was it just me or did this game try too hard to be a real rpg? The plot wasn’t griping enough to me to keep me playing and the H-scenes somehow lacked eroticism. Perhaps because I there wasn’t enough plot or interaction to connect well with any of the characters. A wasted opportunity in my book. This game could have been so much better.

  151. Great game. At the start it may seem a little boring, but it quickly gets very addicting and fun. And the best part is it has a super cute loli heroine. Emelita ftw. Great game.

  152. Hello,

    I finally achieve to install the game and run it BUT when I go to the first dungeon to take the alchemist exam and the examinator say to go on an item in the floor to watch by myself what it do I got another window pitch black and the whole game freeze -__-

    Please help…

  153. Well i have llitle problem but im solved evry problems so now her is detail for instal.

    1)Extract rare
    2)MOunt image(im use deamon tools)
    3)change langue to japan or game will be crash in 5 min
    4)instal game, use appllocale program (i have problem with setup, but im use autorun and works fine)
    5)after that extrakt 3 patches is absolutli not important wher
    run the 3 patches with appllocale (if you running them normal they will not works) if they good instalet in directori when you instal game will be show new filles chek for uninstal files all patches make own so to right instal you will have 4 unistall .
    6) now the triki parts rename game folder to kamidori copy the en patch and lunch:D
    7)enjoin the game sory for my en and if you find problem or game crashed chek langue in pc gl hf

  154. Hello,

    I tried to install the game but every time I get a window with the title “installShield Wizard” and some japanese on it. I tried to find this shield wizard but I only find “installShield” and nothing changed after I install it…
    Does anyone know what I can do ?

    Thanks in advance

    1. Which button on the installer did you click? I dont remember the exact window of this particular game, but typically japanese install windows have -yes- (install) on the left side, and -no- (cancel) on the right side.

      1. Well, there is no “yes” or “cancel”. I click on the button “next”, then it ask me where to install and I click next again and the error window with “installshield wizard” just pop and there is only ok to click…

  155. After I mounted the file and went to the CD drive that it was located in, the install was messed up and I got an error message when I clicked what I thought was the install button. I’m missing the ISO in daemon tools, and I may have missed a file or two during extraction, but I don’t think I did. What should I do?

  156. so, i have japan local, i’m running admin, i am using compatibility mode and i still can’t install the game.
    please help.

    1. Compatibility mode? Im not sure what you mean by that, but no compatibility mode of any sort is needed to install the game.
      What exactly are you seeing when your trying to install?

  157. i managed to install the game correctly, game first then patches the english patch but i’m unable to play the game at all. when i entered the main menu, after clicking on a few stuff like config or new game, the game suddenly terminated itself??? can someone help me and tell me what’s wrong????

      1. The same thing happened to me. The good news: setting the system language to Japanese fixed the issue (for me, at least). The bad news: this is kind of a pain in the ass to do. If anyone knows of a fix, it would be much appreciated.

        1. Changing the locale too japanese is the only way to play this game. Its not very hard to do tho, all it takes is a computer reboot.

  158. I can’t play that game!
    Installed it correctly, installed 3 patches correctly, installed english patch searched and installed correctly.

    I keep crashing when I click “NewGame”, “Eushully’s Room”, “Config>Text”, “Config>Char” “ExtraStories”, etc.

    Oh why!!! A solution would be appreciated!!

  159. to get other characters route, do i have to play the game completely or you can skip game part?
    please tell me

  160. how I can to install this eroge????
    I try but is doesn’t work, when i run the autorun appears a window with symbols like ???.

  161. Hey guys thanks for this upload I currently have about 140 hrs into it. But I was wondering is this the complete game or is the expansion data not included.

    1. Expansions were the 3 patches that were installed 🙂
      Don’t ask me what each patch added tho, still trying to work that one out myself ;o

  162. anyone else having trouble with quest 86? i’m doing my third playthrough wil above lvl 70,got most of my charaters and its keeps saying i failed.

  163. I downloaded the torrent version of this and all the patches, but I can’t install any of the patches and the files from the torrent are .mdf and .mds What do I do?

  164. One reason why I completely forgot that this game is an eroge…”It’s sooooo fuckin’ harddd….” …Is there no cheats available for this game ?

    1. The Deadbeat dungeon is around for easier leveling and obtaining money.

      As long as you make good use of the main characters (in particular Yuela, she’s a goddess in the first playthrough) you should be fine on normal~.
      Don’t try to rush maps, you usually have plenty of time to complete the map.

  165. Ok so i went thru every comment and couldn’t find the answer I was hoping to. For starters, when i try to download the patches from the websites(I got the game itself from torrent so thats fine)after the counter goes down, I click download and it just says wrong captcha and reloads the page, is there anything im missing?
    As for the game itself, i mounted the image and everything is fine, the only problem left Whenever i click the button i assume is install, it briefly shows up the setup wizard, but then i get another popup that has nothing but ?? and other signs. I was looking forward to playing this game, and I am keeping the seeding up as long as possible. If anyone who successfully got this working can post a detail instruction, or point me in the direction of one, that would be appreciated.

  166. Playing new game after finishing Serawi route and i notice there’s some text untranslated.

    1. The quests involving the ‘demonfolk rumors’ are untranlsated up untill the Ominous Portals at..Djenel? Unlocks.
      Other then that I don’t recall anything untranslated, having obtained all characters, and done most quests.
      If there is more untranslated then it’s quite out of the way of the average gamer~

    1. change your system locale to japanese, install the game and the 3 other patches, then change the game folder to english and execute the english patch, it should works.

  167. I installed the game and all the appends before the english patch and the game was in english, but after apply that the saves vanishes when I close the game, the antivirus (Avast) always opens the game in sandbox (even if I turn off the antivirus/sandbox/mark game in exception list) and the Ace.exe continues in tasklist after close the game and I can’t finish the process unless I restart the pc.
    I use windows 7, renamed the folder to english and tried with system localed to japanese and portuguese (my local). Tried ‘run as admnistrator’ too.
    Anyone knows what can be the cause?
    Thanks in advance.

  168. Hey so i downloaded the full 4gb file of the game, extracted, installed all good i can run it in japanese but when i try to patch it wont find the game, i tried all the tactics above, put it inside the folder, outside, rename the folder to english etc etc but it still wont find it, help me please i got windows 7 home

  169. OK done everything ….game works fine untill I open inv and click an item…then it crashes any solution ?
    (windows 7 -64 bit if it’s relevant)

  170. hey …I`ve done everything (install patch/english patched )
    and game seems to work fine however if I click an item from the inv or something like that it crashes …anyway to solve problem ?
    I run WIndows 7-64bit if it`s relevant

  171. Wow.. everyone is trying to install the english patch, to save the game.. I can’t even install it!
    I have Windows 7 Ultimate (original by the way)
    I download by torrent, utilize Daemon as virtual driver and the auto-run window appeared with 5 options: the first and the third one are blank, the last one is to exit. The fourth open some kind of ‘menu’ with so many symbols that everything I could undertand is DirectX. I click and the Windows start seek if I had it installed. Course the installation isn’t in there.
    Then, I click in the second one and think ‘I found it’.. until a message from InstallShield Wizard appear. There are only symbols, but I could see something like that: ‘1155: ???? (symbolssymbols) [.msi ?????????]’. I press ‘OK’ and the installer close. Then I went to the folder of the installer and try the auto-run again: the same thing happen.
    After that I click in the last archive (which is in japanese) and many symbols appear and I can understand only ‘setup.exe’. Then I went to setup.exe, but the same message of the first time (1155: ???? (symbolssymbols) [.msi ?????????]) appear.
    Last chance: ‘instmsiw’. Finally, a message in english: my system is the wrong or my version is wrong.
    I read here something like ‘run as admnistrator’, and I try but I failed.
    Supposed I’m not a newbie in this area but I couldn’t fix the problem and I have no idea of how change the 64 bits to 32 bits of the Windows 7.
    Can someone help me?
    Thanks anyway.

    1. I have simmilar problem but the window that pops up says 16-bit program and mine like yours is a 64-bit program still got no idea how to change that and even if it’d work so here’s two people with the same problem if anyone would be willing to help please help and thank you

      1. Ok so yea what did work for me, from what i read, go to control panel. region language. when the tab opens up, go to administrative. and change system locale to japan. it’ll restart. and after that, the installation should run thru just fine. Only problem i’m left with now, i cant seem to download the patch. everytime i go to the downloadani site, after the timer goes down and i hit download, it just reloads the page and says wrong captcha. maybe someone has help for me there? or if someone has the torrent up that would be preferred.

  172. As far as I can tell, I have Japanese fonts installed (they work in browsers, at least). But when I run the emulated CD, the Japanese characters are replaced with question marks, blocks and random letters. The only non-greyed out options are about, exit, and the one I presume is install. But when I try to install, I get a window with random symbols and the program quits. I’ve never had this problem with other downloads from this site. Help!

    1. this particular problem you could solve by changing system locale into japanese (thats how i installed it)

  173. Excuse me but how do i change the compatability of my 64-bit versions of windows to work with the 16-bit application? since the game won’t let me run the sset-up for the game hence unable to download

  174. Does anyone know whether the english patch was updated recently? Because while 95% of the game is trasnlated, events related to Quests 105 and 106 (only those so far, though others may not be either) are not translated.

  175. can someone help me? why there r 2 part 6 n part 10? do i have to download all 4 part or i only have to download 1 part each

  176. yea, well… first view looks impressive about this title… however it’s boring – of course i played only 2/3h

    : P

  177. Always be sure to apply the patches in proper order. If you mess up the order no matter how many times you try it wont work. Also be sure you’re on the japanese locale. The right order is append disc 1-> append disc 2-> Kamidori 2.0 english patch. Just finished Yuella route and I gotta say if you’re into 100% completion this game will eat your soul.

  178. i need some help.. game crashes whenever i load an option. it’s fine when i start the game and till the title screen.. but when i choose an option an error pops out saying “Runtime Error”…. “This application has requested the Runtime to terminate in an unusual way.” I’ve tried it without patch and it works but it all goes to hell after i install the patches

  179. I played just fine. But after i install K-lite every time there always appear active movie window to play the opening vidio and when there is any battle affect.Damn hell it’s make the game running slow.Somebody please tell me how to disable “active movie window” ANYONE PLEASE TELL ME

  180. I played just fine. But after i install K-lite every time there always appear active movie window to play the opening vidio and when there is any battle affect.Damn hell it’s make the game running slow.Somebody please tell me how to disable “active movie window”

  181. I played just fine. But after i install K-lite every time there always appear active movie window to play the opening vidio and when there is any battle affect.Damn hell it’s make the game running slow.Somebody please tell me how to disable “active movie window”

  182. i have the .mds files but i don’t know what to do with them, can someone please help me please this game looks sooooo cooool and i wanna play it!! please help

  183. how does the torrent work? i’ve haven’t used torrent but that line of downloads will take a long time so could someone please tell me how to make the torrent work.

  184. but there is no install button for kamidori with out the english patch… can someomne tell me how to install the game itself?

  185. I have winRAR on my computer. everytime i download a game and try to extract it, winRar keeps telling me that the files may be corrupted or damaged. How can I fix this?

  186. I got the game installed, as well as the patches, and everything starts up right (in english). However, when I go to start a game (or any other option) from the menu screen, the program closes.

  187. I’ve got a question. Where can u excavate in Sin Gate in Yuidora Mine? I’ve already set up the option to show Collection points but I haven’t seen any Excavation/Harvest points in Sin Gate. And accd to the wiki, it’s the only place where you can get Divine Bones. Pls help, I need it to synth Lyphia’s Staff and I’m already at chapter 8. I can’t afford to go to the next chapter while the staff isn’t synth yet because the quest will fail

  188. Admin, can you please put the update patches in a torrent? The download links are very slow for a non paid account, I cant seem to download at decent speed. Thanks

  189. I installed it fine but then changed the name of the directory so I could run it without changing my system locale in Win7.

    Now it will crash and I don’t remember the original name of the directory. When I ran it fine I didn’t keep the old directory name.

    Can someone paste the default Japanese directory name so I can copy and paste it back in?

      1. well I was till I uninstalled the game and the patches and re-installed with my regional settings changed for Japan rather then using apploch

  190. Ok here’s my prob:
    i downloaded the torrent and extracted them all
    when i mount the mdf file
    i use applocale to run the autorun
    then i get an error at the install directory part
    idk what to do lol

  191. Um, now after trying to download the first official patch, it wont open because of a corruption problem. If there is a problem with the file on the dl site, can you fix it please? I have been wanting to play this game for a while.

  192. question when in a battle the special effect doesnt work properly it opens another window (3 for some..) is their a way to fix this?

  193. About spending 80K on Hannah, when or what chapter should I spend 80,000? Is it a one of her quest to spend 80K?

  194. wat’s 3 append disk? how do u install them? is it regular installer cause it doesn’t work the autorun.exe

  195. plz help! i can’t seem to install the 3 patches! this is wat i did:

    downloaded the torrent patch , extracted the .rar files, mounted the 4487010 kb mdf file, run autorun.exe, pressed 2nd option/bar whatever u call it, pressed next on everything

    tried uninstalling it and installing it again didn’t work plz help!

  196. Just to inform anyone who comes looking; all of the bar rumors and the quests for Mylen, at least up to, and including going to “Ominous Portals” is completely untranslated. The guy at Seiha said it’ll be a month+ before there’s any other update unless something major is found. So you’ll just have to deal with not understanding almost anything involving Mylen.

  197. why when i try to open i always get this error “unable to open this archive” even thought i already install the patch..Please help me…

  198. wow it’s worked thank you very much but, sorry where can i find the walkthrough for this game. thanks

  199. Yeah I am having some off the same issues,

    After using Daemon tools and trying to run the install file i am getting a random error message, trying to right click and run as admin will either bring up the same message or another saying Incorrect, OS version.

    After this error message i have right clicked on the install file and change the version run and went through every windows version but i am still getting on of them two error messages.

    Nothing has been installed in My Programs, the patches will not run as they can not find the install files.

    I am out of ideas at this present stage.

  200. I installed the game + all 3 patches and it still won’t run in english! It runs fine but its still in japanese. v.v Help!

    1. You need to install game, then 3 patches, then english patch. in that order. Seems like you forgot last one 🙂

  201. Okay I downloaded the game files, patches, and english translation.

    What the hell do I do with all these rar files and how would I go about applying the translation?


  202. I have a big problem!
    No matter if i change de language to JAPANESE my installation doesn’t work! Of course, the error shows in “alphabet soup” if u know what a i mean. And if i use Applocale the installation works but the game crashes. Anyone knows how to fix this? Theres a program, dll, etc? I really want to play this game!

    1. I am wondering this too, I have windows xp, and I can’t even get it to install when setting the region and language to Japanese, nor could I get it to run on vista. just an error about a missing .msi file and there’s an .msi file that’s right there in the install folder? Either way, nothing is working.

        1. If you are running any japanese based patched VN on windows XP, instead of changing around the entire system app-locale, there is actually a small MS-S application known as applocale that you can use to change only a particular applications settings. I have been using this for 2-3 years now, and I have never had a problem

    1. If your looking for where the file is stored.. E.g. Making an extra copy, Click Start, then you as the Owner (Simon). Make sure you enable view invisible folders. Open AppData\Local\Eushully. There should be two folders in there if you already played, copy them and do whatever you want with the save data.

  203. How to select yuela or selwalri route??? for d first two decisions (met yuela at night and helped selwalri) but the main character had sex with emelita…why???hoy to select a particular route??? and can i still change the route??my team is lv41(all)

  204. Ok so after how many tries I’ve installed it but now the problem is every time a click on the menu I crash, why is that? anyway to solve this???

  205. Help!! some quest doesnt translate in New Game+..it seem like demonfolk quest or whatever..any idea??

  206. Hi I have the same problem with you guys, and I tried almost all what’s written above, The english patch doesn’t detect, I’ve tried renaming it, tried uninstalling it, tried running it in applocale but still it doesn’t work,

    btw I’ve installed the 3 patches correctly…

  207. which file do i extract? i downloaded the 22 part one. What i did was extract the first part, then try to mount it with daemon tool lite, but the message came up file not accessible. What am i doing wrong?

  208. the game freezes at uyas side quest. the one where he goes for more power. happens no matter how many times i redownload.

  209. Ive downloaded all 3 ap’s
    but when i run english patch it says it can not find
    all of the ap’s are in the game folder so is the english patch but it says it cant find it
    please help

  210. Excuse me, I cant seems to get pass chapter 8. i have alrdy complete all the quest except tian’s 50 fruit each quest and i have alrdy upgrade my room, yard, workshop, store to 9 but i cant seem to be promoted. Any idea why? and i’m on yuela’s route.

      1. There is nothing going on i cant seem to find any events nor quest other then tian’s one. and i process to the manor to become grand master which is to proceed to chapter 9.

  211. Sir. I believe MF files are dead, itsays “File Belongs to Suspended Account.”

    its a good thing that there are other links ^^

  212. Hey….i want download this game from Mediafire, but there says “File Belongs to Suspended Account” can someone fix this???

        1. Don’t worry, I often looked over details and make silly mistakes too. 😀

          That’s when fellow men help out. *cool sunglasses*

  213. i need help on chapter 6 in the alchemist test grounds. which chests do i open im stuck on the puzzle.

  214. Umm, can somebody help me regarding Kamidori Alchemy Meister? I have already installed this and played it but due to unexpected circumstances I had to use system restore and re-install the game. Now my problem is, I’ve already installed all 3 patches but whenever I try to install the English patch it keeps searching for the full installation of the game. I’m very sure that all 3 were installed and they were already in the same folder so what could be wrong? Thanks in advance!

    1. nevermind. got it fixed. apparently when i checked it on the control panel it says that the appends 1 and 2 were installed last april which is the first time i installed it. uninstalling and then re-installing seems to do the trick. Now i have to play it all over again. XP

  215. Successfully installed the game, patches, translation. But when I try to start the game, it crashes. When I try to change the default font, what is supposedly the culprit, and I go to Settings( or whatever) – Text, it crashes again.

    Any ideas how to solve this?

  216. My game freeze even before I start the game
    so i try to isolate the problem with clean re-instal
    and the problem lay on the english patch

    need help
    any solution is welcome

  217. I heard that once you install this you can just copy/paste it to other PCs without installing it… can Admin upload the installed/patched game here?

  218. I am really lost?

    I can’t get through Act 1

    I have complete all dungeons expect for the mine(need a key)
    And done all Missions expect for (Ch 1 Get porimoted to the next rank!)

    The Mission said ..
    Raise your store to level 2 (How do I do that)
    Raise your Workshop to level 2 (How do I do that)
    Raise your Evaluation above 450 (Evaluation is 1250)

    What am I meant to do to get to Act 2

  219. This may be a stupid question but im in the middle of chapter 4 and i forgot where to get the blue liquid

  220. all give something crap about this game and i will give u something u all need to who can play this game at your pc haha..

    1)money cheat.. do hannah quest.. and hannah will add on more sell item like hit salve, critical salve, evension salve, all salve item and what ever.. all this pot item buy only for 300 santoeril.. and u sell back at your own workshop for 6xx..
    of course u must play this game once first if not u can do hannah quest.. =D

    2)before playing this game, play the side story first, like angel melancholy and hot spring quest, and u will get leguna, stone golem, lily join your party.don worry.. side story all character lvl 45 and only use your own intelligent do complete the quest..

    3)and the finest thing i just found.. in second dungeon on lyphia and evelyn quest there is boss i don remember that boss name.. that four boss will never be defeated until you take a hit by omni combo from lyphia and evelyn.. so that boss drop stones like mars stone +strength and vulcan stone +constitution.. equip full tear accessory (item drop rate 2×2) on your stronger characther so u kill that boss drop 3 stones each time that boss killed ,be aware of time limit.. but don’t worry that limit 60 turn before end.. normally one time play i can get two characther full strength and constitution.. but maximun stats is 99.. if equip weapon it will get 1xx.. Full Tears accesory u can get at dungeon yuidora mine (untouchable cage)for lvl 70..after invite asmodeus to be your guest..

    thats all i know for now.. hahaha this game so hard to play but still have something wrong like item sell at church can make money.. hahaha..

  221. HELP !
    I already installed the game, the patches the only problem is the english patch it always says “software not found .. make sure you installed the 3 append disk” even though i already installed the 3 append disk.. anyone having the same problem ? pls help

    another thing .. the comments wasnt arrange by dates? it`ll be hard for people to search for new comments -.-

  222. Anyone can help me .. how to install this game ? I installed the japanese patch, but when i run the english patch it search for the full installation of the game, and it takes a while then it`ll say that the game was`nt located in my system even though I already installed it ? anyone can at least give a guide on how to install this ? pls pls

    PS. sorry if my english is bad

  223. What??? is there an error in this GAME….

    Oh shit!!!

    Is there a LOT of ERO scenes in this GAME????

  224. how to install this? :/ .. keep pooping out weird lag when i press patch.. and i know there shud be middle button to install but nth happen :/ . help~

  225. Uhh on my second playthrough one of the bonus quests has japenese dialogue is this something they forgot to translate or what? Its dealing with the multi dimensional area.

  226. Anyone help me. How i can finish 2 chapter? My evoluation is 3200, syn rank c, money 59000, level 18.

  227. I can not install the translation, the program opens and closes, I install the patches first and then the translation?

    Help 😀

    1. I had the same problem. Turned out to be video player software needed to be updated. What worked for me is CCCP And xy-VSfilter replacing old VSfilterdll. in CCCP, along with updated lav filters. Game started playing well after I did this.

  228. each time enter title mode the game receive an error message (dont send error). any suggestion

  229. May I know how to get each character’s H-scene? And can u tell me which of these scenes are only applicable to NG+? And what are the conditions for us to get it? Advance thank you

    1. Just enhance each of the main heroine costume, It depends on whose route you’re on. if you’re on Yuela route, just enhance Yuela’s and so on. As for the others… you’ll get one eventually

      NG+ only : cameo costume scene, Hannah scene, & Mylen scene

      1. enhance up to where? must I enhance all squares? and can I get an H-scene even though I just enhanced their regular armor(Yuela route)? And every armor depending on route, if you enhanced it enough, has an H-scene?

  230. admin i heard a new game from Eushully called Soukoku no Arterial, is this game english or japanese?

  231. Anyone can help me, how do i reach chapter 9, i finisched almost all quests in chapter 8, only quest with fruit spices from tian is left. I upgradet workshop full & got 12k evaluation, but i dont have option to visit rosanna for upgrade. Finisched all avaible missions except for the one for upgrade.

  232. I installed the game with the patch and everything but I don’t have any audio at all. Can someone help?

    1. oh that, its easy use applocale when launching the application,but before that your computer needs to have east asian language, just torrent it

        1. never mind i got it fixed
          for people who also got the same problem just go to Control Panel, Clock Language and Region, Region and Language..
          pick the Administrative tab and click CHANGE SYSTEM LOCALE…

          pick japanese, and then you’ll be asked for restart, restart your PC

          1. @ noobie your fix worked for me 🙂

            i could run the game with applocale but as soon as i hovered over new game the client crashed.
            after setting language settings for windows non unicode to japanese all worked fine 🙂

    1. ah.. i found the problem
      the english patch must put in the game directory before you runt it
      and patch your game with this order

      do this before english patch

      or your game will freeze in some place
      found this while browsing
      hope this help

  233. Im not sure, but are the patches the addons?
    ‘Cause i wanted to know, if i have to search for the two addons, or i just already installed ’em? Quick Reply pls…

  234. This game is awesome, it’s my third game from here and my first from a torrent.
    You my friendly friends can expect alot of seeding from me, even if my UL is slow. Thanks for everything!

  235. Damn it , I cannot find electric bones , i went to one place that there is suppose to be but no luck , i even let the wolf or something in the event icon.

  236. Admin sama help me. I can not install english patch. When i click the patch, show this message: Software not found. The Full Install of Kamidori was not found on your system.Please make sure you have installed Kamidori and ALL THREE append discs. But i have installed the game with daemon tools. Help me please.

  237. I mounted the .mds file, launched the install, but in the middle of it, it dismounts the C.D., and shows some kind of crappy error. Please HEEEELP!!uu

  238. Need HELP with Chapter 5 !!!
    I`ve done almost all the side quests and i cant get promoted and end the damn chapter!!!! I have all the requirements Store/shop lvl 6, evaluation 3500… i have 6017. In the info tab when i click on Mission i have only 2 things: Get promoted to next rank! and Make Fertilizer!… now i haven`t played for a week and i cant remember wtf is with that Fertilizer quest. The quest description is crap and i cant find anything to make with an event icon or something(i`ve created the only thing that made sense – plant stimulant x2 and nothing happens) and i`ve been to ALL the locations on the map.. HELP

  239. Q. Where to easily level up from 40 – 75?

    A. Deadbeat Dungeon (Deadbeat God) first equip your lowest possible equipment for your characters and be sure to have range attack which are either phisical water, wind or fire… Then just keep hitting The puttetto King even with just 1 damage you get 40% XP till you get to level 74… just be sure to bring lots of recovery Items and angelic neclace to equip to your characters… Remember not to kill it untill all your desired characters reach level 75 before you end its life… Go Go Deadbeaters!!!!

  240. question, this might sound stupid but, is there a way to equip two accessories to wifred, yuela, serawi and emilita??? since i got a problem with their stat gain, i’d like to equip them both the marwen items(ring and necklace) for every lvl so is there anyway???

  241. i have a question, if you equipped marwen’s necklace(x2 stat growth)/ ring(x1.5 stat growth) to a certain character, for example wilfred, normally how many stat gain should you normally expect him to have after every level ups he get. also i have him in the grand master title allowing max stat cap. help please…

  242. got a question here.. in gallery got the replay part and i have 3 serawi’s h-scenes. how can i get the rest of her h-scenes? thnx ^^

    1. upgrade their armor/s to a certain point, then wilfred and the heroine(the route you are in) goes to a particular place to test the armor, then you have your scene

  243. Ok im in japanese local setting and when i use daemon to install i get up to starting the instalation followed by random jap id never understand forcing me to cancel. is there no way around it?

  244. I think something is not right in the game, i’m playing the game for the third time, seravi’s route, when i play the mission, ” illegal dumping site” i reach the event point before the alchemist does but nothing happens, i wasted three turns trying to move Seravi, Yuela and Ellenmelita on the event spot as well but still nothing happens, then the alchemist catches up and comes to contact one of the four players and i loose, is someone else experiencing the same problem? if no, then how do i overcome that mission?

  245. Can somebody tell me where the Save files are located??

    I recently got a new laptop, and I moved my Eusully folder from the previous laptop to the new one, but apparently the saves didn’t come with it, and so I’m guessing the save files are somewhere else.


  246. My game crashes every time I launch it and the error message is in jappanese except for “DirectXGraphics”. Any ideea how to fix this problem?

  247. can some give me a walktrough on how to install this damn game? –” im so dizzy for 1 day i keep trying and fail 🙁

  248. Having issues with getting the game to work. After mounting it, I consistently get an error telling me that “the program or feature “\??\G:\setup.exe cannot start or run due to incompatibility with windows” on the premises that it’s a 16-bit application and thus can’t be run. My friend on the same 64 bit, Windows 7 OS is running it fine. Any clue on what’s going on?

  249. I’m getting a crash whenever I pick up an item or get into a battle (on the tutorial level too!). Any ideas of what I should do to fix it?

  250. Need help on Misanshel – Eternal Sanctuary map (Enter All Barrier Fields). I already tried entering the barriers with all HOLY/UNHOLY characters and entering each barrier one by one, still not getting reward for Sky Mana Staff. Just making sure, there are 6 barriers right? If not, can anyone tell me where the other barriers are. Thanks!

    1. the barriers its telling you to walk into are the traps on the floors at the top of the dungeon.
      4 blue 3 green.

  251. Anyone know how to unlock emelita’s ultimate weapon? I’ve cleared every 2.0 dungeon. This is the only weapon I’m missing..

    1. Peerless alchemist is a skill.

      You can get it from Wil’s Artifact accessory which you can obtain in NG+ from Orcs in Valkyrie Falls.

      +It helps with transmigration, which is OP

  252. Someone know what I am suppose to do in the mission 066 (when you must create something for the monster in the lake) ???
    Thanks !!!

  253. need some help if anyone can.

    after the quest TRAP you can get traps for blood, fur and stuffed bears i have earth trap(kill 30 worms) fire trap(30 hellhounds) water trap(30 segpents) humane trap (30 trolls) and spring trap(30 tainted saerav)

    if anyone knows what to kill to get the other three traps it would be much appreciated.

  254. i kinda got stucked at chapter 5 ” the moon and the owl ” in yuela’s route, ive done every mission available excluding ” go to misanshel! ” and ” get promoted to the next rank! “, completed all the dungeons that i can complete at the moment, my active quests are “No. 29 clean lake shisetika” the last event was when wil gives duties to several parties. “No. 41 Crayl’s supplement” in which crayl couldnt wait to try it and left to do so himself. “No. 47 Beautiful neclace”. “No 52 Promise with the angel”. “No. 64 investigate the creature” in which i got the book from a merchant, made the spirit vessel, got the zalme clam from rossana, and i was told to wait on info from a merchant friend of jane in the arena and wait for the order of zalme clams from the bar. “No. 75 Misanshel’s trial” got the event in the limestone carverns – Tengu’s abode. i have not more events that could make me advance and rossana doesnt appear in my map so i cant advance to chapter 6. Also did all the arena matches up to rank A and special till rank B. Got 11 party member which are Will, Yuela, Servalwi, Emelita, Aht (second form), Suina, Crayl,Sharty Uya, Melodiana and Kohakuren as guest. i re-read the 5 chapter but got the same results, cant trigger the event where i get the imported goods nor anything related to cleaning the lake.

  255. i kinda got stucked at chapter 5 ” the moon and the owl ” in yuela’s route, ive done every mission available excluding ” go to misanshel! ” and ” get promoted to the next rank! “, completed all the dungeons that i can complete at the moment, my active quests are “No. 29 clean lake shisetika” the last event was when wil gives duties to several parties. “No. 41 Crayl’s supplement” in which crayl couldnt wait to try it and left to do so himself. “No. 47 Beautiful neclace”. “No 52 Promise with the angel”. “No. 64 investigate the creature” in which i got the book from a merchant, made the spirit vessel, got the zalme clam from rossana, and i was told to wait on info from a merchant friend of jane in the arena and wait for the order of zalme clams from the bar. “No. 75 Misanshel’s trial” got the event in the limestone carverns – Tengu’s abode. i have not more events that could make me advance and rossana doesnt appear in my map so i cant advance to chapter 6. Any ideas?

    1. you have to go to misanshel to find elizasleyn.
      to get the quest you need 5 large of each potions and wil a certain lvl.

  256. Admin sir…could you give me the instalation procedure??

    there is 2 patch..english patch should be put in the game folder,yes??
    and that other patch…should i install them in the game folder or different folder??

  257. When i mount either the .mdf or .mds and press install on the exe that pops up, i get this weird error from the installshield wizzard, with the number 1155, random characters and at the end saying .msi, could any one please help?

    1. Same thing here,
      anyone who knows the solution and kind enough to share
      your help would be greatly appreciated

    2. I had the same problem, I fixed it by going to Control Panel/Regional and Language options/Advanced, than changing the Language for non-Unicode programs from english to japanese.

  258. I have an issue with installation
    I mount the MDS file in daemon tools and all that,
    Start up installation, but when it asks me to select a destination for installation to be saved i get error messages.
    I cant read the error message which makes it harder to figure out the problem (due to the changed language)

    Any help available?

    Note: Get similar issue when attempting to install MuvLuv

  259. umm guys i really loved this game….. is there any other similar type of games available here??? pls let me know

  260. I am having problems installing the english patch i installed all the other disks in order apdisk01 apdisk02 then patch 200 and i still cannot install the english patch any help would really help

  261. sorry but i got this error when i tried to download it Position error occurred during the installation. what does it mean and how i solve it.

  262. here’s the guide/walkthrough for this game
    which has been posted many times before
    this guide will help you in EVERY ASPECT of this game (unless you can’t understand English)

    http: //games.seiha.org/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=102

    good luck >.>

    1. it does. a certain level are needed. aht or sharty at a certain level and uya should be a guest or joined your party. there are other requirements (someone already posted a detailed info on how to get on whos route, just look it up on older comments) and dont view the other heroines event if you were given a choice to view it (just to make sure).

      1. The game features 3 routes, one for each main heroine. The route you take changes which of the three you romance as well as unlocking specific quests.
        At some point during chapter 3 you will be awoken at night and can either go hit on Yuela or go back to sleep. If you hit on her you will be locked into Yuela’s route.

        Regardless of your choice, you will later be asked by Serawi to come with her to see something really important (corruption), but you already had plans with the other two girls. If you choose “Serawi is more important” and go with her you will start the Serawi route, but only if you did not already start Yuela’s route; if you did start Yuela’s route you will go with Serawi and learn about corruption, but will go no further with her, remaining in the Yuela Route.

        If you chose to turn down both Yuela and Serawi, you will automatically be pushed into the Emilita route.

        From http://eushully.wikia.com/wiki/God_Catching_Alchemy_Meister

        1. False.

          Yuela Route
          View Yuela’s measurement scene (Aht lv 6 or Sharty lv 12)
          Uya joined (not just guest)
          Melodiana guest (or joined)
          View her event when given the option in chapter 2 or 3

          Serawi Route
          Aht joined
          Suina joined
          Crayl joined
          View her event when given the option in chapter 2 or 3

          If you don’t fulfill these conditions, then you will be defaulted to Emelita’s route.

  263. whatever i do . . i still get to elmelita’s route . . pls. help . . need to go to yuela’s route . . i reset the game 2 times already but still its the lollicons route . . =(

    1. Well, if you want yuela, then, on the first choice when you’re asked to hit on yuela or not, choose yes. then you’ll be locked on her route.

      1. Not really… the conditions are:

        Yuela Route
        View Yuela’s measurement scene (Aht lv 6 or Sharty lv 12)
        Uya joined (not just guest)
        Melodiana guest (or joined)
        View her event when given the option in chapter 2 or 3

        Serawi Route
        Aht joined
        Suina joined
        Crayl joined
        View her event when given the option in chapter 2 or 3

        If you don’t fulfill Yuela or Serawi’s conditions, then you automatically default to Emi’s route.

  264. help!!! how do you promote wilfred to a meister??? then to a magnus??? i read that to be a magnus you need to do a quest for a meister

    1. if anyone new the answer pls help us . . XD . . same problem . . can’t get to meister . . game ends after chapter 9

      1. i became a meister when i had every character.(wilfred, yuela, emilita, serawi, aht, suina, crayl, sharty, uya, melodiana, crayanne, paraskevas, kohakuren, elizasleyn, gaptahl, ragsmuena, mylen ploa, phinilly, asmodeus, eushully, black eushully, anastasia, ms.eukleia, hannah, (clone units) roka, lyphia, evelyn, lily, leguna, stone golem.)and after i played all three routes and wilfred max level.

        Although im not certain with getting meister rank, getting magnus rank is easy.

        after becoming a meister you get a quest from a wilfred event at his house, the quest is to kill 500 enemies. as soon as u beat 500 enemies text pops up and u rank up to magnus. (official guild rank says [11] dominus)

        well, hope that helps.

        1. Technically the condition for unlocking the Meister Rank is:

          Lv10 on workshop + Asmodeus/Phinilly/Mylen recruited.

  265. Need help on chapter 5 on the illegal dumping site quest. which paths do I take wherever I go the alchemist seems to catch me.

    1. use someone that can teleport across terrains, just stay as far as u can from him until the ‘!’ mark and wait from him at the entrance to the ‘!’ mark.

      1. I’m having the same problem. I’m on Yuela’s route. There are no boxes to put my characters in. I deploy the mission with no characters.

        1. it’s not bugged. you get to choose where your unit will deploy. once you start the map, you can choose to deploy your unit in the corner(s) of the map.

  266. hey guys, how do i trigger the armor related events? do i have to go to an specific area with the armor or something?

  267. Here’s the installation guide from myanimelist by bakayarokonoyaro

    Installation Guide:
    STEP1- Extract the game download. Run KAMIDORI.mds in a virtual drive program such as Daemon Tools Lite. Follow the installation and make no changes to the default installation location.
    (IMPORTANT: Be very careful to not change that default install direction. It could possibly make the folder unfindable for the patches!)

    STEP2- After the setup has finished extract the patches. Run each .exe file in this order:
    If you have not accidentally changed the default installation location from step 1, then the patches will have installed correctly.
    (IMPORTANT: For the english patch to install correctly, all three patches MUST be installed.)

    STEP3- Extract the English patch. Copy the Kamidori English 1_0.exe file into the installed games folder. The default location is:
    After placing the .exe file in the installed game folder, run it.

    1. How to change name of the SAVE GAME folder?
      I tired to switch system language each time I want to run this game!

  268. I F***king went from chapter 2 to 4 *emelita route cuz loli’s be awesome* and Game overed in the wizard test….I forgot to save T^T

  269. Suggestion to SIGNIFICANTLY reduce packed game size:
    (For someone with GOOD Internet connection, or site admins themselves)
    Download disc image, append packages, 2.0 update and translation patch. (4.5 Gb total)
    Unpack all this.
    Change your system locale to Japanese.
    Mount the disc image and install the game by running the setup.exe inside the disk.
    Run and install in the following order:
    Rename game folder in English (necessary !!!)
    Copy the English patch to the installation folder, run and install
    Pack game folder by 7-zip with maximum compression in a solid archive.
    It will only take 2.48 Gb
    Upload this on DA/MF/torrent/whatever.
    Future [non-Japanese] players will save 2 Gb of traffic on download.
    Also it would be MUCH easier to install (just unpack).
    Unfortunately, to PLAY it, you will still need to change system language to Japanese 🙁

  270. Suggestion to SIGNIFICANTLY reduce packed game size:
    (For someone with GOOD Internet connection, or site admins themselves)
    Download disc image, append packages, 2.0 update and translation patch. (4.5 Gb total)
    Unpack all this.
    Change your system locale to Japanese.
    Mount the disc image and install the game by running the setup.exe inside the disk.
    Run and install in the following order:
    Rename game folder in English (necessary !!!)
    Copy the English patch to the installation folder, run and install
    Pack game folder by 7-zip with maximum compression in a solid archive.
    It will only take 2.48 Gb
    Upload this on DA/MF/torrent/whatever.
    Future [non-Japanese] players will save 2 Gb of traffic on download.
    Also it would be MUCH easier to install (just unpack).
    Unfortunately, to PLAY it, you will still need to change system language to Japanese :((

  271. I’m chapter 4 in Yuela routes I can’t seem to put any character in the farewell battle for Yuela…

    1. Let rephrase that I mean there is no character slot on the Kania Wasteland and because of that I can’t proceed further what do I do? please help

  272. ok im stuck again on ch 5 the illegal dumping site quest where u have to beat the alchemist to the mark. which path do u go to everwhere i go he ends up catching me…

  273. sorry i can download it but it can’t read the data 3,ALF even though i have change the location of the data, can someone tell me what’s wrong with it? thank you

  274. sorry guys but i can’t install the game at all. also I have the same problem with Mark thanks for all kind of information you can provide.

    1. change your locale (display language) to Japanese.. Control panel–> Clock, language and religion–>change display language–>(on top column) click “Administrative”–> change system locale–> japanese–> ok —>restart

      after restating, install the game in its default location.. then install those 3 patches and then install the english patch.. then run the game’s shortcut on ur desktop

  275. Can anyone tell me how to get #109 quest (Shipwreck)? I’m currently in Chapter 8. Do I need to go to a certain map to activate quest? If so, kindly please tell me map FULL info. Thanks!

    1. I believe it is a second playthrough event.
      when you click NG+ add in the second playthrough charas

  276. Hi guys, I started the new game plus a while ago and i am currently in chapter five of yuela route (since i alredy did serawi in the first playthrough)

    i have some questions, first. i read that you can trigger events with the armors, but i havent triggered any yet (i have all of them ecept the gothic-succubi and special), how do you get them? do you need to go to an specific area with the armor or something?

    also, i defeated the cocoon thing (last boss of serawi) without destroying a single one of the towers (since it was stupidly easier, just melodiana lv 42 with meteor light strike and sharty 44 with omega cat punch, and it took only 2 turns)did this afect in any way the ending?

    also, for the guys who cant beat the fairies, i recomend the strategy i used agains the lv 90 monster of the request board, use all of eushully´s characters plus melodiana and equip all with angel´s guard then give them an adecuate formation and you will be invincible (since it has 100% defense rate)

  277. Hey guys, great game btw, but I have a question. When I downloaded the eng patch for the game, I didn’t really look over it or anything and I was wondering if it had a non-eroge patch on it. A Profile did and I accidentally downloaded that so I fixed it. I think I recall Kamidori having one but i don’t remember :/ I can’t find a way to uninstall the eng patch so can you guys tell me if it does have the non-eroge patch please? And if so, how can I take it off? thanks

  278. everything installed fine but when i go to make a new game it stops running saying ARCGameEgine has stopped responding it only does it after i install the English patch

  279. The english patch can’t find where I put that file, I have the 3 patches (do I only press 1 or all of them cuz I pressed all of them the 3 exe things)put dat exe english patch inside the game folder and what am I doing wrong?

      1. It said 3 append disk but I only have 2.
        The files had
        yes I did it in order

  280. hey I was really curious but admin can you find an english version of France Shoujo ~Une fille blanche~ so far I have only been able to find japanese and it seems like a really good game so thanks regardless of whether or not you do post it.

  281. Um does anyone know how do i Recruit Kohakuren i’m on chapter 8 and shes a guest in my party anyone knows?

    1. i think you need to do events of uya. level up uya, check website of seiha and look for quest there for uya’s lvl requirement.

    2. in order to unlock kohakuren you will have to give her the 3 drinks (in other words 27000 cash), do uya events and quest (for all of them get him to at least lv 17 i think, i am sure it wasnt above 20) most specificly clear the searav which unlocks the hird drink (as early as chapter 5), and then collect the 100 stones in the specif map (dont worry there are only like 6 points in which you have to step, however it might be pretty anoying in your first playthrough since you cannot engage with halve the monsters or will lose. after that you get an h-scene and kohakuren joins as a guest. in order to have her join the party you have to do the uya mind battle which is unlocked when uya is around lv 24 and chapter 7 i guess. then you see some events and she joins the party

  282. theres “group sex of one female and several male” tag in vndb.
    is that heroine (yuela/emelita/seralwi) scene?

  283. Finally Figure out the Route for this games :
    The game features 3 routes, one for each main heroine. The route you take changes which of the three you romance as well as unlocking specific quests.

    At some point during chapter ?(which chapter? unknown) you will be awoken at night and can either go hit on Yuela or go back to sleep. If you hit on her you will be locked into Yuela’s route.

    Regardless of your choice, you will later be asked by Serawi to come with her to see something really important (corruption), but you already had plans with the other two girls. If you choose “Serawi is more important” and go with her you will start the Serawi route, but only if you did not already start Yuela’s route; if you did start Yuela’s route you will go with Serawi and learn about corruption, but will go no further with her, remaining in the Yuela Route.

    If you chose to turn down both Yuela and Serawi, you will automatically be pushed into the Emilita route.

    get from it wikia

  284. I have no problems in installing the game but when I tyr to install the game 2.0 patches suddenly there was an error when it was beggining to install…….mind helping me on this.Take note I install the patches in order……….do I have a problem in system requirements?

  285. is there any decision point in chapter 1?
    i didnt see one, i wonder if i missed it or is there any requirements to get that decision point?

  286. on wich level do you need to be to kill the general on the 9th chap?
    Cause i’m level 42 with yuela, and i deal 1 dmg when he is on prevail

    1. If you want to couse more damege use Rune Enchant on Yuela,…
      Becouse Wil STR to low to take down the general on her own.

  287. Cannot read text. Game crashes when ever I try to change the text in configuration from the title screen. Please Help!

  288. I installed everything correctly but after installing the English patch all the text is messed up. The test appears too close to each other and overlaps and makes it hard to read.

  289. I have 2 question :
    1. Taking flight is on who Route.
    2. I must make modesty farfume quest from ella,how much i must make it…???

  290. Hey can anyone help? On the underground lake quest where you have to get 100% map to win do you need to be able to go into the water because every time I do the quest I kill all the monsters and go around the map and end up with 98%.

  291. Admin, is it possible to get other Eushully product? they have a list like
    Battle goddess verita
    Battle goddess zero
    Princess general
    Dungeon Meister hunting princess

  292. hey anyone know which dungeons i can get rym fang, blue crystal, electric bones and sacred root? I know there’s the rym dragon the forest of souls I beat him but only got rym blood… i need these ingredients for story items

    1. Rym dragon can drop various “parts” like blood, fang etc. Just kill it again, until you get part you need.

      1. Before you Kill Rmn Dragon you must save it,….
        If you failed got the item you want,just load again until you got the item you want.

        1. and btw, use other char. to kill it if you didn’t get what you want, coz it’s not really random. Like, if aht killed the dragon and got the fang, try to load it and kill it with suina. you’ll for sure get different item

          1. mine it in Dijenel Borderland.. all types of elements bones drop from mining.. just keep on try if u don’t get.. sometimes it hard to drop..

  293. I’m pretty stumped on how to install this, I can’t see any installation guide except a text file that tells you how to patch the game.
    I have unzipped the files into one folder (all 22 parts, the patches and english patch) and i have what most people describe, 3 patches in a patches folder, a readme file, the english patch, and the folder with the main game.
    In the main game folder are 2 files, ones a MDS which i can open with Daemon Tools and the other is an SQL server database primary data file, when I mount the MDS the autorun pops up, I start installation with the top option and it pops up with an error titled:

    _Ì‚èƒAƒ‹ƒPƒ~[ƒ}ƒCƒXƒ^[ – InstallShield Wizard

    with this error (there is a small japanese symbol after E:, I think its a yen symbol:

    1155: ???? E:_Ì‚èƒAƒ‹ƒPƒ~[ƒ}ƒCƒXƒ^[.msi ?????????

    which only lets me press OK at the bottom.

    Can anyone help or am I missing something? I’m not usually bad with this kind of stuff but this has me stumped.

      1. This fixed my problem, I had applocale installed so i thought that wasn’t the problem, but actually changing my comp’s locale to Japanese fixed it.
        (I haven’t replied for a week because i’ve spent almost 60 hours on this game!)

        Are there any games similar to this that are translated? Not fussed whether its H or not.

  294. does anyone know how to get the deep water shellfish at yuna lake for rosanna? ive beaten all the monsters and have 95% control i tried looking for other hidden spots but i cant find any…

    1. there’s 3 hidden spots. 1) at the top right by the deployment gate, 2)in the small spot by the spawn in the middle, 3)room at the right below the deployment gate. once you got those you should be good

  295. anyone know how to clear the ‘dumping site’ quest on serawi’s route? the one that need to reach the event point before the alchemist? i am stuck here. please help.

    1. yea use wil. he can see hidden routes and all you got to do is get to the event mark and have someone wait on it for the guy to go and it’s complete

  296. ok i managed to get that magical illusion resisting powder for the mercy light valley, but how am i supposed to beat that fairy butterfly girl, its really hard, she’s just too powerful, is there any other way to beat her?


    1. Well, I use Yuela as a tanker and attacker. Wil as tanker as well while Serawi and Emilita bombard her with their attck from behind. You can use the other as you see fit. She has high def, mdef, no element weakness so there’s no specific character to beat her. She’s hard but not impossible. Lv. up your party a bit if she is too hard. The best way is have someone as a tanker. While the rest attack her from a range. Her magic is 3 squares with wind element so make sure your magic range is bigger.

  297. ok, i got stuck big time!!!!

    I managed to get that magical illusion resisting powder for the mercy light valley, but how am i supposed to beat that fairy butterfly girl, its really hard, she’s just too powerful, is there any other way to beat her?

    1. just use people with aoe’s. have your tanky people up at the front. i used will to tank while the others hit them with magic and ranged attacks

      1. its still too hard, those fairies finish all players in two turns or even two attacks, no one except a few cud resist more than a single complete battle against a single fairy that all gather and surround my players in the start of the map, its hard , what do i do?????

        1. By the way those Eushally characters don’t get leveled up so easily, i takes like 15 or 20defeated enemies for them to level up -_-

          1. so far ive been abler to get them all to level 55 ~ 60 but there haven’t been any yet

          2. however i think there wil be an event with Roka since there are letter events like i send a letter to her and she sends it back to me, so i think they might meet sooner or later and then some event’ll be triggered i think

          3. Yeah I already send letter back twice,…
            I hope there will be even,…
            But now i curse myself for my stupidity,IM STUCK ON EMELITA ROUTE !!!!!

          4. Emelita (full name Ellenmelita) is Rossana’s daughter with dyed pink hair

  298. guys, need help here. the game suddenly said something about DirectXGraphics fail or something and i can’t play the game anymore…any idea what’s going on?

  299. I need H-scene help.
    I need:

    Kohakuren Tab:
    2nd row 2nd column

    Wil Tab:

    2nd row, both columns

    God Slayer Tab:
    Everything (1st row and 2nd row)

    Elizasleyn/Melodiana Tab:
    1st row, 2nd column

  300. Hello there!
    So I’ve got this issue:

    If I turn my computer into locale japanese (Language for non-unicode programs = Japanese) the game works perfectly fine. BUT if I set it spanish (my language) it doesn’t work; the game runs, I can see the intro but whenever I click on start it closes after a few seconds running even when running it under AppLocale.

    Any idea guys?

    1. SOLVED with someone’s comment. (Sorry, can’t find your answer anywhere to thank you properly!!)

      The idea is:
      1)Turn your computer to japanese.
      2)Enter the game and in the text options, put it in “Gothic”, one of the four options given
      3)Set it back to your original unicode language
      4)Although the anser that helped me said it wasn’t necessary to run it in AppLocale, I had to run it with AppLocale


      1. Thanks a lot, I also speak spanish and had the very same problem… changing the game text to gothic was very smart, now I can play the game without having to change the non-unicode thing to japanese.
        I also had to use Applocale even after changing the game text to gothic but I don’t mind it… better to use Applocale than having to change the pc’s locale to japanese each time I want to play lol

  301. hey installed the game correctly according to the instructions. But, when i want to play new game, it show error like this:

    Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library
    Runtime error!

    Program: F:\Games\Kamidori\Kamidori\age.exe

    This application has requested the runtime to terminate it in an unusual way.
    Please contact the application’s support team for more information.

    And then the game quit by itself. My OS is windows 7 ultimate x86 (32bit). Does anybody know the solution?? (sorry for my bad english)

  302. Its surprised me that seiyuu for Servalwi in Kamidori is the same seiyuu for Usami Haru in G-Senjou no maou hahaha.
    The voice is a bit different when she voiced Usami Haru. if the name isnt in character config screen, i woudnt know that they were using the same seiyuu ^_^
    I like her when voicing jokes in G-Senjou no Maou, very funny (and at sex scene too :p )

    1. Servalwi’s character is very very different from Usami Haru’s. Its more like Yuela rather than Servalwi. I wouldnt mind if she voiced Yuela instead Servalwi 🙂

  303. lol help in ahts lvl 26 quest xD i cant hit girls with perfect focus and evasive i really this its impossible

  304. Hey i downloaded the game using the “torrent” option it went well but i do not know how to extract or unpack the .mds files could anyone help me?

  305. i have the game up and running and as soon as i click new game a error pops up and says run time error. HELP!!!

  306. ok.. so i have the game downloaded ran as the admin and when i click new game it pops up and says run time error. HELP!!!

  307. i cant install my game
    some one pls help me
    it shows error – 1208:ae,gll
    pls help

  308. Why there jusr one sex scene in yuela route ???
    I in Chapter 9 (Final) and I just get one scene,…
    Are I miss something ???

  309. Im getting an error when trying to load a file is there anyway to fix it or is it a lost cause?

  310. hi, i’m stuck at chapter8 emilita’s route, dont have any quest left or any event, also i still dont have elizaslein (maybe that’s the reason?) i’ve already reached the part about emilita’s past and the new mikelty kingdom but after rosana ask me to be her assistant i dont get any new events or quests…does someone have any idea about what i need to do?

    1. I dont know the exact part your at, so i’ll list the things you should check.
      2.Garden ruins

      thats all i can think of but the one thing im sure of is that you dont need elizasleyn.

    1. its in a chest in one of the asmodeus maps<–yuidora mine(I think, I dont remember exactly where I got it.)

        1. If you couldnt find it in any of those ones then its in one of the lvl 99 dungeons in a chest.

          1. I cleared all the dungeon and no luck. I even got the reward for clearing the 2.0 dungeons.

  311. is their some guide for the routes if their is can some give it to me because i mite get lost and start all over again

  312. ask:
    i already instal
    Kamidori English 1_0
    but i can’t find the .exe program
    could you help me?

      1. i already try to turn off my antivirus
        but the exe file always missing or deleted when i instal
        Kamidori English 1_0
        could you help me upload the exe file for me please
        sorry if i bother you.

  313. How do i install this VN ?

    I mounted the MDS. with Daemon tools lite, first i tried autorun. using administration priviledge. it didn’t work, it shows an error after i hit install, afterwards i tried with Applocale, and it showed me the same problem.

    This is the error i get,


    it’s just scrambled text, it doesn’t show any japanese even thought i used Applocale.

    I’m using Windows 7, and i do have enough hard disk space.

  314. Okhkay, how do i put this?


    I am on chapter 6, i have that test available in the Youdora Mines, I went through it, I beat the green pottetos with emilita, the missile throwing dude with Yuella and now I’m left with one door to open, How on earth am i supposed to open that one, ive been trying for hours but can’t seem to figure out how, please help !!!!

    1. you have to beat both with the character whos route your on. when beating the robot(for emelita) kill it using homing missile (for yuela) use flying sword dance or sky sword dance (for serawi) leaf gryunte or leaf gelpus.

      1. If your talking about the test with the chests its:

        hopefully thats understandable

        1. Oh thank you so much both of you people, yes its understandable and i was having the problem with the Chests puzzle, thanks for helping me put for it, and thanx for the advice in using the characters individually for the robot and the gree dudes, i’ll post again when i get stuck again, i wish not that is 🙂

          1. the chests puzzle really took my time
            I did it by trial n error

            I should have asked help next time

          2. Thanx for earlier problems but it seems i got stuck again, i completed the game once, now i’m on it again, i got the eushally character, ”Black Eushally” in my party when i gave her the iron kettle, now there’s a new dungeon on the map named, ”Mercy Light Valley”, there is a lot of fog in the dungeon and when ever i try to play that dungeon, it says in the start that i must do something about the thick fog first and the it comes back to the map, what am i supposed to do now?

          3. ok i managed to get that magical illusion resisting powder for the mercy light valley, but how am i supposed to beat that fairy butterfly girl, its really hard, she’s just too powerful, is there any other way to beat her?

  315. Okhkay, how do i put this?


    I am on chapter 6, i have that test available in the Youdora Mines, I went through it, I beat the green pottetos with emilita, the missile throwing dude with Yuella and now I’m left with one door to open, How on earth am i supposed to open that one, ive been trying for hours but can’t seem to figure out how, please help !!!!

  316. Before i start the 2nd game is there something worth mentioning so i dont srew up :D? Like is the game any different (not just the route)?

  317. Good game. A mix of Tactical RPG and Visual Novel.
    Finished Downloading, and already playing to chapter 3.

    For those who can’t played, here’s step by step I used to install:

    1. Mount KAMIDORI.mdf using program daemon tolls/alcohol/vertual drive (read FAQ section)

    2. change your locale to Japan/nihongo (go to control panel, region and language, administrative, change system locale,Japanese (Japan)), and restart.

    or you can download program ” App Local” and choose Japan, then open the setup

    3. Install the game

    4. install patch (kami_200.exe , kami_ap01.exe, kami_ap02.exe)
    use app local (choose Japan also) if used on step 2

    5. install eng patch (use app local, if used at step 2)

    6. play…
    change system local to english again if you prefer, but change the folder game to english. if not it will turn into [][] like folder, and cannot be read by you windows.(you can open it using explorer though, but cannot run program inside, because the windows need codec from Japan Local to read the Japanese word)

    sorry for bad english and long text. not an American

    btw for information, all Japan Games ussualy require u to change your system local to Japan or using program app local to install and run the games, because they using Japanese character for folder and text inside the program.

    for admin: can u add info like game type(Tactic RPG Visual Novel, classic Visuall novel, etc) and screenshot to the game in here. thx and nice work

      1. I’m still playing it, and if I run setup it automaticly run uninstall.exe

        I also didn’t read it fully but it is not different to english game installation. just press next(the middle button), back is 戻る, and cancel is キャンセル.yes is はい, No is いいえ.

        if there is 2 option the upper probably express install, and below it is custom install (you can choose where to install c:\ , d:\ ,etc). the rest is like normal game.

        btw I didn’t put the patch (kami_200.exe, kami_ap01.exe, kami_ap02.exe) in the game folder. I just run it.(maybe because I used Japanese system locale)

        1. where did you put the english patch? i put the 3 appends and the english patch in the eushully folder… after i ran all the appends i ran the english patch but it says “full install of kamidori not found please make sure all append disks are installed…”

          1. Still cant run it, i followed the steps but it stil says it cant find the files…..

          2. @liutasil
            pretty sure that the append disk didnt install properly for you. uninstall them and make sure to install them in order.

  318. Can someone please make a STEP-BY-STEP instructions!
    I have the game running and the english patch in the same folder but its not in english. when i open the english.exe itsearches my comp then it says not found! aAHHH i’m going crazy!

    1. rename the folders when u install the game, don’t use hiraganas
      example: C:\Games\Kamidori\
      the patch should find the exe this way

  319. Why can’t I unequip Seralwi’s Mare Bow? The thing says, “Mare bow cannot be removed” or something like that…help…

  320. hey, any1 know where is the folder that contain this game save data when u save data?
    please tell me, i need to format my computer and repair it, but i cant lose the save data, any1 please help..

    1. you can find em here:

  321. is there a way to make Ragsmuena to fight in the party? 😮
    she just sat in the house all the time in the first playthrough (Yuela)…
    i’m at chapter 6 with Emelita now (she wanted to speak with her so i’m hoping for something to happen this time)

    1. you have to complete her events before she joins your party. im in yuela route and i got her to join my party at chap 8.

        1. was that the reaper hunt quest? you need yuela at lvl 33 on that where she needs to hunt at chaotic war ground.

          1. yea it was on the warground not the mine sry. she wanted to feed, and she was controlled by the computer. that was the last event with her for me

  322. I am stuck at mission chapter 6 :Deal With Mishanshel at Yuela route,…..
    What must I do ???
    Someone please help me.

      1. Really !???
        Thanks for you answer,after this I will try your advice,….
        I really appreciate your help :D:D:D

  323. Does anyone know what the mifu dragon in mirage forest drops?
    I’ve killed it about 10 times with +3 drop rate and it still won’t drop the items.

  324. nevermind, i was able to copy and paste the error message onto google translator and it said something to the effect of “not enough free space on drive” so i cleared out some of my useless crap off my hard drive and now it’s installing fine.

    1. I’m stuck at chapter 8 on the yuela route.
      I cant find the Avidoseras.
      I am level 37 with will and at least 33 with all other.
      Can someone help?

        1. guyz how to install the english patch? it still wont find the folder. i installed it at program filesx86

          1. install the append disk first before the english patch. make sure to install the append disk in order. read the insatalltion guide

          2. on which level do you need to be to kill the general on the 9th chap?
            Cause i’m level 42 with yuela, and i deal 1 dmg when he is on prevail

          3. use all other characters to spam skill on him, some might deal critical on him. or maybe just use deadbeat dungeon to train yuela(with Demeter gems +25% exp on clothes)boost up some lv.

          4. Use AOE that Emelita has.

            Get Pierce 3 for Yuela if you have the money (from her fire armor) or something.

            I think I beat it at like 43~44, but yeah… wasn’t TOO hard.

  325. I keep having the “ARCGameEngine has stopped working” error. What should I do? I’m on Windows 7. I tried using Applocale and running as administrator, even renamed the directory to english but nothing works…. I’m so close. Please help!

    1. Ok so I had the same problem it’s a rare problem with the Arc Game engine. what you need to do is go into control panel find the region and language area go to administrative go down to the button that says change system locale and change it to japanese app locale is not enough and locale is different from location so don’t mix the two up

  326. For some reason the patches refuse to install no mater what i do (includes putting them in the game folder) any advice on what to do?

    1. Those are special effects. I think rage adds HP to the user. Some weapons give u addicional skill, some change ur element of atk and so on.

    1. what is the extension of the white icon files? is it mdf / mds? if it is mount it using daemon / alcoholl like program (read Faq)

  327. So how do you choose a route?, If possible I don’t want to keep replaying the game that much, so can you like…. finish the game for awhile and then before you actually finish it you save and stuffs before choosing a girl, well of course you have already filled out every heroins quest, well anyways what I’m trying to say is if you can chose which girl to choose at the end if you finished all there quest before you choose any of them.

    1. The 3 main heroine routes:

      Yuela conditions:
      -See her clothes measurement screen (Aht lv6 or Sharty lv12)
      Saerav joined
      Melodiana guest (or joined)
      View her event when given the option (meaning choose “I want to be more than friends with her”)

      Serawi conditions:
      -Aht joined
      -Suina joined
      -Crayl joined
      -View her event which is “Serawi is more important”

      Emelita conditions:
      -Fail to complete both conditions of Serawi or Yuela

      By the way, you should know which route you are in by chapter 4 (because the title will be different for whichever one).

      1. You mean Chapter 3 Right?, The Swordsman’s Fate
        The moment I saw that title I just knew Yuela was the one, by the way I already finished all of the requirements for Yuela, still on chapter 3 dow, anyways will each girls route have a massive impact in the games story or do you get to finish them before the story?

        1. No, it is chapter 4.

          Chapter 3 will always be named “Swordsman’s Fate” no matter which route you are doing.

  328. need help now
    i suddenly can’t open my kamidori
    it says arc game engine stopped working
    my pc is already set in japanese locale
    can anybody help ?

  329. I changed my system locale to Japanese, and Installed all the patches, but when I go into my Eushully folder there is No UninstAP01,02, 0r 200.

  330. hey, is anybody else having a serious lagging problem while playing this game? i’ve got like 50+ hrs playtime with no problem and suddenly the game lags horribly, around chapter 7. if i re-install the game will that fix the problem, without deleting my saved progress? i dont know what to do, admin please help me!

    1. How much lag are you talking about?
      It might just be your computer but it also might be the dungeon you are in (people usually lag in some dungeons).

      Dungeons will cause lags, especially the latter ones, but it’s not THAT bad and will go away once you get out of the dungeon

  331. Sup guys… For everyone that is having the runtime error problem… Restart the pc in japanese unicode… Open the game… Then go into options, text and change the font to Gothic… Restart the pc again back to your usual unicode form… And play the game without using the japanese unicode nor applocale.

    1. You can switch clothes by going to

      Workshop > Party > Clothes (tab) > click on clothes you want

      If it’s empty, that means you didn’t make any clothes

  332. I just finished the 1st game. I dont know why and hot do i get the Reaper into my party. She was just a guest and some events with her occured but she didnt join. Any tips what and how she joins?

    1. the same thing happened to me on my first playthrough, i don`t know the requirements for her joining, but she will probablly join on a second playthough.

        1. you also need to level yuela to a certain lvl i dont remember what lvl but once you get her to a certain level tian should tell you about the reaper reappearing in the mine

        2. Yes i did the event with her. I mean the hunting mobs per her wish in chaotic. After that i got like 1 event just talking and nothing more.

  333. is it only me or the game are really not full-english-patch for the extra stories….
    sometimes i got japanese when i chat with Tian at bar……
    i keep meet this after i start the new game +
    dont know why….
    need a way out…..
    can’t understand the story when i start the new game+


    1. that is quest 105 demonfolk rumors, its the only part of the game thats not translated (i think),and it doesnt effect the main story.

      1. i see……
        just start to that quest and got lyphia story on my quest……
        r u know how to add the hannah story without level restriction…..
        from what i see…..hannah quest need u level 70…..
        if im not using special atributes from the start of the new game +…..is the hannah story will occur eventually when im 70…..?????
        im start new game + with special atributes that me can use the level before at my last game…..

        do u have any idea….????
        i want to start a new game + again…..without atributes and try to match the story again from begining…..
        am i still will go the quest of the new game +…..?????
        or i need the requirement level for that…..???

        sorry for my bad writing…..just wanted to know @_@
        thx b4 and regards……

    1. You get it like WAY later in the chapters when 4 of the characters reach a certain level (it was the dragon, the senko, maybe crayl/crayanne (forgot), and maybe someone else.

  334. I want to ask. how to get 2 last scene (1 on wil’s bar and 1 from elizasleyn and melodiana’s bar) please reply it ASAP

    1. If im not mistaken the 1 from wils bar is available when u put on the goth cloth for all three heroines, and the elizasleyn 1 is from the extra stories(you have to beat all the stories and fufill the condistions for the missions).

      1. I put all the gothic clothes for the heroine and that didn’t do anything T.T

        I’m guessing you need to beat all 3 routes first and be in NG++?

        1. Nvm, you have to enhance all the gothic clothes to a certain level (like to the point where you’d normally get an H-scene for a particular person).

          Then make the characters wear them, go out of shop, and you should have the 3 main heroine icons on your shop which is the H-scene.

  335. does this work on windows 7? because i have a problem regarding on the i don’t know because the text is a bunch of unreadable characters.can someone help me here.

    1. They’re hidden so you need “search” skill or “adventure”.

      Go to the first Deployment Gate that you capture, and there should be a way to go right there. Once you go there, it SEEMS like it’s a dead end, but there is actually a hidden room at the end (bottom side), where you get 2 excavation points and 2 grass patch place

  336. how do you applying the english patch…
    i tried run it’s still can found the kamidori game…..
    i tried to change name directory still not found the game…
    any solution…
    Note: i have applying the three patch…
    change the folder directory to english name…

    help please……

    1. nevermind…..i got it…
      for info for everyone can’s installing…
      1. change applocale to english.
      2. instal patch ap01 then check the folder did it have Uninstal ap01
      3. instal patch ap02 then check the folder did it have Uninstal ap02
      4. instal patch 200 then check the folder did it have Uninstal ap200
      5. if all file already there, change directory into any english directory.
      6. applying english patch now…
      7. Done

  337. I got a runtime error when i try to do anything in the game, i could only get in the main menu, after that anything gets me runtime error

  338. Hi admin, I installed the game. Then, I copied 3 patches and pasted them into the game folder but when I tried to open the 1st patch, it said “error reading setup initialization file”, the same happened to the other 2 patches when I tried to “open” them too. What should I do? The game ran fine but it’s all in japanese even after I copied and pasted the english patch into the game folder.

  339. How do you play this game its a bit complicated for me? is there a walkthrough somewhere because I don’t know what to do and its too hard for me to explain in words =/

    1. You can either loot them from the Giant Devil (which you most likely won’t do),


      You can get it from the treasure in the final map of the Deadbeat Dungeon.

        1. Regena Ruins in Yuidora mine. after beating sin gate and clearing the condition to go further in.

  340. my prob is the patch (not english patch)…

    its in .File how can i install it…what platform should i choose?

    i mean, should i just place the .file (already joined them together) into the kamidori folder in program file?

  341. Can someone help me?

    When a starts the install Shield Wizard, appers a erro: 1155 and something in japanese (i think), if someone know what to do please help me, i want to play this game too!!!

  342. How the hell do I get items to sell in my shop, even using the Loli.. whos name I have forgotten, its the mage one, I can never seen to sell anything and my money is being constantly drained by expensinses and I am not making any back really. Halp.

    1. In the first 3 chapters, it’s normal to not be able to sell much. You have various solutions for this.
      1.Synthesis items from ingredients you gather and sell at the church instead workshop. It give lesser money but it will do.
      2.If you couldn’t get money, refrain yourself from spending money. (Enhance the cloth is one of the most money-consuming mechanism) Know your limit and you’ll be fine.
      3.Last resort, throw away your pride and use deadbeat dungeon. Easy money (and shame)

      1. I have no saves left from my first run but checking my info tab says they can be found in Shrine of Flame and Limestone Cavern. Not sure which zones in there as they’re never too specific about that. If you found them you either got them from a quest or mined them yourself. You do have the ability to check where you got items from in your info tab (right click and select “Info” to see a list of topics to read further on).

  343. can u reupload part 13 n 15 pliss 🙁
    always can’t download, i try leecher, using proxy, n still same 🙁
    sorry for my bad english

  344. Im trying to complete the replay section of the game right now and im stuck on this one scene that im missing. Its under Wills profile picture and its the first one and i jsut cant figure out what scene it is. Please help me figure out how to get this scene

    1. Wil’s tab in Replay section:
      threesome with 3 main heroine (simply equip all 3 with Gothic armor)
      Sex with Hannah (do all Hannah’s quests)
      Sex with Jane, the Arena lady (complete the Arena)
      Sex with Mylen Ploa (train her til a certain level)
      Sex with Phinilly (train her til a certain level)

      1. Equip all three Yuela, Emilita, and Serawi with Gothic cloths, then leave home or town, return home, and those three shall surprise/reward you with_______. (guess what goes in the blank (hint: this is an H-game)).

        1. SANDWHICH! but yea i had to say that right then and there. now that i got that out of my system. thx for the help

  345. Right now im trying to complete the replay section of teh game and theres this one scene that keeps eluding me and i dont know what im missing. Its under Wills Profile Picture and its the first scene and i have no idea how to get it. Help please

  346. somehow i cant download part 16 from MF, its broken or what?
    pls fix it if u can do something about that, thx >.<

    1. EVERY single girl in the game has voices… and I mean EVERY single one: including all forms of girls – demons, devils, angels, kids, babies, etc.

      None of the guys have voices.

  347. Anyone know the conditions to unlock quest #148 (the Meister Rank Quest).

    I don’t know how to get to that rank… as it seems the game ENDs before that part so I gotta restart the game …

  348. Anyone help on Mirage Forest where you fight the Mifu Dragon??

    I keep getting attacked by the Earth power thing… and I don’t have this “Power of Earth”… which I believe comes from Aht…

    My Aht still is in her mud-thingy form, cuz I didn’t level her up until much later… I’m in like chapter 8 right now… and I’m wondering if it’s too late to transform Aht.

  349. I try to install it, but when I click the SETUP button nothing happens. Any help, I’ll Help You.0.0

  350. Sorry if someone already answer this, but is this game has harem end? I finished Yuela route and now in Serawi route.

  351. i cant install the game. whenever i click autorun, it pulls up the installshield and then imediately says 1155 and a bunch of weird symbols and crashes

  352. Say people i have a problem, i dont seem to be able to have all characters in my house, i have store and room in level 10 but there are no more free spaces to locate characters, how am i supposed to see new events when i cannot see them¿?¿?

      1. Oh i didn’t know that, so you say if there is a new event i will be able to detect it even when character is not visible in the house from the begining because it will replace some other that was there¿?¿?
        BTW i allready solved problem by filling the room with beds so i can have more clerks, but i kow that is just a temporary solution

  353. I can’t seem to get the patches to work, I put them in the right folder but I’m not sure what to press when I try to install, I think I’m doing it right but it doesn’t work.

    1. So I tried to re install it and something pops up with the options abort retry and ignore, is that suppose to happen?

  354. can someone recomend me a dungeon for lv up im in the second game and uya is only lv 47 the black uya is lv 73 i need to train that fox fast pliz help

    1. Maybe Sin gate in Yuidora mine will do. Use your strong character to soft them up and use Uya to finish them off. Of course Marwen ring is a big help. Save often to get desirable stat point.

      1. thanx for the tip but where do i get that ring i dont remember that name isnt that the ring that give X2 exp i forgot where to get it XD


    one question though; is all the games suppose to be translated? because im playing it again, with “new game+”, but one of the new sences is in japanese. (im at the bar, will and the barsman at the ones talking) if anyone knows what they are saying, or anyother sences like this, please tell me.

    1. Yeah, that part is untranslated. But don’t worry, it doesn’t really affect the game playing that much (you can see the mission objective in the quest tab so…)

    2. oo i got the same problem aparently the start of that mission isnt translated but later it get back to english so dont worry

      it is an error that was made during translation
      install the text fix patch and you shall have everything translated


  356. can some1 help me whenever i try to install the game the install shield comes up makes it a little ways and then freezes my computer im in japanese locale have all the parts downloaded and ireally would like to play this game anyone have any ideas it be appreciated

  357. Hi, can someone help?
    I installed The game, the patches and Eng. P., but when i want to start the game, an error message appears.

    “runtiume error”

    what sould i do? I really want to play this game.

    1. We kinda gonna need more info than just “Runtime error” what exactly errored? Also is your pc set to japanese locale? because thats a requirement for alot of the games here on erogedownload.com, only diff I noticed with it over the US one is it turns \ into the yen symbol in windows explorer and such.

      1. I also have the same problem. Busted my head trying to install the game and when i finally manage to do that i can’t play it –‘
        The error happens, at least to me, after you select any option in the main menu (new game, configuration, load, whatever)after a couple seconds. The error message just says ARC game engine stopped working, nothing more. i can post the error report if that helps
        Problem Signature:
        Problems event name: APPCRASH
        application name: age.exe
        application version:
        time stamp: 4d886941
        faulty module name: age.exe
        faulty module version:
        faulty module time stamp: 4d886941
        exception code: 40000015
        exception deviation: 00166c2a
        SO version: 6.1.7601.
        region id: 2070
        aditional info 1: 44e4
        aditional info 2: 44e4d78d829f0528bd0db598cbbde8ed
        aditional info 3: 646a
        aditional info 4: 646a8ba69c050065af65f413e8f34e2d

        The original error report wasn’t in english so i translated to it. Also to try to fix the problem i’ve tried AppLocale, running with japanese locale, run as admin, compability modes…i dunno i tried everything i could think off, so if anyone could help, it would be much appreciated, not only by me, but also for a lot of people that seem to be having the same problem

    2. Restart the pc in japanese unicode… Open the game… Then go into options, text and change the font to Gothic… Restart the pc again back to your usual unicode form… And play the game without using the japanese unicode nor applocale.

  358. guys, where can I find a Eushully fan?
    is it a mutation from iron fan?
    or should i level up the iron fan?
    or can i find it in one of the dungeons?

  359. thats wierd i got the h scene for servalwi at chapter 4?? is that linear? cause im definetly aiming to end my game with yuela’s route(ending)

  360. can anyone tell where the dark grass is found it’s required for making ‘carnivorous plant'(furniture)..

  361. I’m on Serawi route, and I can’t get scene with this dark tunic (or black tunic, I don’t remember) even when I enchanced it to max. Someone have the same problem?

    1. i had the same problem with a different armor. all i did was play the story and after a certain event(i dont remember which) the scene was available.

  362. For everyone that has issues with saving, where it pops up an error warning. you just need to right click the shortcut and press run as administrator. It worked for me atleast.

  363. i’m in ch7 after finishing quest120(fruit mix) i’m not getting quest121(new barrels). is there a condition for that quest to appear.

  364. guys i have a question when i finish a certain route then will go to new game+ do i need 2 take the same route?

  365. hey i downloaded all the files from mf i got the mds and mdf file but whenever i try to run the setup it relays a message in moonspeak with msi ?????? can anyone help me this game came highly recommended from a friend

  366. umm guys some H – scenes can be seen by Enhancing the dresses… In Serawi’s route ( NG+) i Enhanced 3 dresses and told to go in some places bt among them only one place was available…. is there any more requirements???? plss need help 🙁

  367. need help plz
    when i start the game and click something on main menu,
    game crashes and says “ARCgameengine has stopped”.
    any suggestion? im on windows 7


  368. installed. starts fine.
    when i click on anything afterwards, the game freezes… and says “ARCGameEngine has stopped working”.
    any suggestions plz? im on windows 7

  369. Having trouble on an extra story, the Uya/Kohakuren one. There are Oilmen by the two !’s/event points. I’ve tried various things there but can’t seem to get it right. Any help?

  370. The map screen has magnified too much and now I can’t seem to get it back to it’s original size.

  371. I keep getting a Run time error whenever I open New Game, Load Game, or when I go into basically anything..
    So I was wondering what do I do to fix this? I’ve already uninstalled/reinstalled to no avail, please help.

    “Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library

    Runtime Error!

    Program: C:\Program Files (x86)\Eushully\Kamidora2\age.exe

    This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way.
    Please contact the application’s support team for more information.”

  372. Could anyone explain me how do i kill the mob in Exam Test thats in red corner. It says i could use some special skill with the person i have deepest relationship. I assumed it would be Servalwi(as im on her route) but it doesnt appear so.

  373. I don’t see much point in the DA links…
    You can download files up to 100 Mb only.
    Upgrade your account to download bigger files.

    Umm…Yeah… o.o

    1. Likely it’s a link tailored to a certain crowd. A crowd that already has premium DA accounts. Admin probably hangs around some forums where DA is popular or something and put the links for people he knows.

  374. ok I need alittle help instaling. my tech who helps me with this stuff is out of town and I am hopless when it comes to the more complicated things like this

  375. Well everything is installed correctly but, when I start a new game up the game engine instantly freezes up and crashes and I have no idea why.

  376. So I installed all the patches and put the English patch into the main directory but, when I try to run the English patch it says it can’t open the archive. And when i try to run as admin or in jap locale nothing happens at all.

  377. Maybe someone can help me out here, but I’m up to chapter 2 and I have yet to sell an item in my shop. I’ve got items in the shop inventory, and I’ve tried a few different shop keepers, but so far nothing.

  378. Can someone tell me step-by-step on how to download this game.

    Im getting no where with this thing. I will be so greatful.

  379. for all people who have problem finding stuff or want’s help with quests etc etc use these sites


    they should probably give you most of your answers

  380. guys i cant seem 2 complete(100%) the Fox shrine in the shrine of flames i only got 99%(including the mifu dragon) where can i found the hidden door?

  381. May I ask whether this game need a walkthrough or not? Cause usually srpg game didn’t really need a walkthrough to win completely.
    Anyway, thanks for the game, admin-sama

  382. Hello guys i managed to get most of the things done but out of the 3 patches that can be downloaded i cannot install the -01- one and as a result i only have apend02 and 03.

    it says:
    Error reading setup initilization file.
    Anyone can help??

        1. did you uninstall the append disk 2 and 3? you said that you installed 2 and 3 while failing to the 1. it should be in order when you install them. and try to run the game first to see if its working properly.

  383. anyone can give me a link to the installation instructions please?The link in this page doesnt seem to work.

  384. hello there.
    The installation instructions link does not work.
    Anyone can give me the link? or fix it?
    Ty in advance.

  385. I have an annoying problem with this game. There is a time when I on a battle scene, the screen suddenly go into light blue screen (not a blue screen of death ) + a sound pop up forever (dont know howw to describe the sound). I tried to add the age.exe game into my ffdshow list of “Dont use ffdshow” applications but cant fix it. Is there a way to fix my problem ?

  386. i am at chapter 6 right now on yuela route. I just caught the reaper and have no other objectives to do. when i check my missions log i have to “deal with misanshel” but i see nothing to do for that mission. i checked the map and my shop and see no event things

  387. So anyone could explain where to get Electric bones (and not claw)? And also is it possible to get Undine tear in chapter 5? The Infected Undine does not drop it.

  388. Im stuck at chapter 3, i have already done the part where i rescue the guy from that volcano, and there seem to be no place to go next, i ave already upgraded the stuff in my shop to level 4 and nothing shows up. tried searching on what to do but the stuff i came up with said there should be a quest about a chisel but i dont know where to get it since no events do appear.