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  1. So, the game plays fine (just a few minutes into it) and I fixed the spacing problem by installing the “Vera” fonts to my “C” drive, all letters and punctuation are properly spaced but the lines run off to the next line in the middle of the word.
    Maybe it the fact that one file was unable to be installed into C:/Windows/Fonts, and that is the very first file in the “Vera” folder. It’s “local.config”. There’s no way I know to install this file as my PC keeps saying “…does not appear to be a valid font”. The rest of the files are ok as they are all “TrueTypefontfile”.

    Is this the way it should happen?

    If it is, I don’t mind, at least I can understand what is being said now. But if there is a way to fix the wrap around/no wrap around problem I’d like to find out.
    Also I have Windows 8.1 so there were no “install new fonts” option (that doesn’t involve fonts coming directly from Microsoft only) so I just copy and pasted it.

  2. for admin

    parts 2 and 3 are corrupted and cant be extracted properly after being downloaded so game cannot be played

  3. *** For all of you that are having problems with “necemem.sni not found” ***

    This seems to be different for everyone and I couldn’t find a fix that worked for me online. What I ended up figuring out on my own was that I had two files “lcsebody.” and “soundpacksevo.”. The fact that these ended in a period with no actual extension did really weird things to my computer. For instance I still can’t delete the files for some reason. What solved the problem for me was changing the names of these to the same thing without the period. The problem is windows wont actually let you. Luckily it appears you can change it as long as you do it in the zip file itself. I used the Winrar trial and was able to do this by simply opening the zip and right clicking the file and choosing rename.

    Hope this helps someone who was as confused as me!

  4. Hey, I don’t know if you’re notice a question after all this time but I can hope. The game works great, if with some of the text awkwardly spaced, for like two minutes into the game. The moment I enter the boss dungeon, the game freezes completely, and I’m stuck with not being able to click anything and no text, just the background of the boss dungeon. Any idea why this happens? I even turned off showing effects.

  5. “This game failed to generate a directinputmanager” that is what I keep getting and I am no clicking on the desktop

  6. i have downloaded the game but it is showing that ‘necemem.sni not found’ how can i fix that?
    please tell me

  7. Ok, so I downloaded this game and as some of the people above me, I am receiving an error message about the NECEMEM,SNI not being found. The fix that has been suggested for this is to change the name of the folder to HaremParty, however, when I downloaded it, the folder was already named HaremParty the star doesn’t seem to be part of the name anymore, so that is not the issue, if someone could please help me with this issue I would appreciate it.

    1. To those with problem with NECEMEM.SNI, just change the folder name to something random, run the game, then change back to the name you want.

  8. need help when i extracted all the parts and started the game it said necemem.sni not found what do i do need help

  9. Thanks admins, I appreciated your hardwork 🙂
    and just to add, I also had problem with the text. It overlapping each other, but It already fixed after I copied Vera Fonts to game folder 🙂

  10. I keep trying to save so I can continue, but as soon as I close the game I can’t access my save files due to some reason (C:\Users\NAME\Desktop\Harem Party-part1.rar:Cannot modify volume) so I have to restart it again :/ Which takes forever

    1. I fixed this by attaching a keyboard to my device. This happened to me when I used a Windows tablet. Tried it on my laptop and worked fine. My tablet comes with a detachable keyboard with touchpad and when I connected that, the error was fixed.

  11. Hey , just curious but.. shouldn’t there be an option to replay scenes or view CG or listen to the OST? if i remembered correctly the japanese version had it.. is it just me or does the english version do not have the options? thanks!

    1. Seems like there is no gallery or replay scenes option in the game which makes this disappointing. Lets hope there will be a patch or something to add those options in the game.

  12. so how come on some like harem oparty and do you like horny bunny we cant change the name or move the file or else it won’t work?

  13. So mine is constantly pulling u errors did I download it incorrectly some how because I’ve noticed that some of the parts are the same

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  15. Is there any way to fix the word wrap? I installed the fonts from Koihime Musou, but that didn’t fix it, any way to fix?

  16. My Game keeps freezing at certain points, I got past some but it keeps freezing and I have to quit the game eventually. Any Help?

  17. Is there a fix for the text run off?

    I have read through the information in the Installation/Error troubleshooting section, installed the font, but as with others the text still is not running off the screen. Is there another fix?

    1. they are separated into part files… the extraction process will automatically extract the other parts to play.

    1. You don’t have font that mangagamer is using installed. I think it was posted on “Koihime musou” download page. gotta add it to this installation instructions later i guess…

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