A quest in search of our school memories.

At the end of summer break, our school closed down. On our last day together, we put our true feelings inside a time capsule, and promised to meet again in three years. The promised summer came. With it came things that did and did not change between us. The quest in search of our school memories has begun.

What kind of smile will they have once we meet again?

19 comments on “Yotsunoha

  1. Sol Press was banned from doing business in California. So if you live in California, download their games here and say “This is your taxes, you filthy tax evader.”

  2. should add the tag ‘asshole protagonist’ or ‘unlikable protagonist’. jeez. its mild in comparison to some other vn’s but dang this dude is a real douche. how does he keep all these girls his friends?

  3. dont suppose we could get Lilith-Izm03 ~If Story Hen~/Kangoku Senkan Premium Box/whatever the hell your supposed to call it.

    pretty sure a translation for that came out a few months ago

  4. I think this game is not to my style as to much flash back n most of time (the present) only in old school, so there’s no other setting. Just dirty abandoned building

    1. if you put it that way then yes, the anime did much better justice to this title than the VN itself

  5. wow I can’t believe this but I’m getting bored reading this. maybe because I already watched the anime way before and it wasn’t impressive let’s just say.

  6. Wow, a visual novel that tells its story only dialogue and no annoying, redundant narration by the protagonist who keeps explaining the most obvious things to you? What sorcery is this?

    1. *only through

      Also, can someone tell me more VN/eroge with similar style of storytelling (with no narration)? Thanks in advance.

  7. Hi admin thanks alot for the loli game so I have a request can you upload more trap games cuz I have looked up online there are many good one from the same developers such as Josou Jinja (trap shrine) which are sadly untranslated well pretty much every good eroge is untranslated at moment idk why….

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