Fran and Sinner’s Island

Fran and Sinner's Island

There is an island which used to be a place to banish sinners in the past.

A knight girl arrives at this island while pursuing a fugitive criminal…

An orthodox RPG with story branching in the middle of scenario with varying H scenes in each different branch.
Mainly contains violation scenes.

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  1. 12345 says:

    Hey guys trying this one out, but where can you find the doll to give to the ghost?

  2. xtrlsidma says:

    i was able to play just find but 3rd time i went to play it would not let me open anymore

  3. Gad says:

    This is one of the few hentai RPG maker games that is actually fairly competently made. Fran is adorable especially in the Arena route. Lily is also pretty fun of a character.

  4. corebuckx says:

    Guys, is there a way to cheat the lvl? I kinda don’t want to grind for a long time.

  5. Red Riot says:

    For those of you who are encountering the black screen problem, i also did this on the version i downloaded from Hbedta (since i encountered the same problem) when fran goes upstairs and gets to the room where lily will have sex, STAND STILL DONT MOVE. just read the lines and you’ll eventually forget the problem even existed. If this doesn’t work for you then… best of luck~

  6. loli says:

    @kidlat020 see the bad ends too. You see the Liru guy in the Arena Bad End when you lose to Baron.

  7. kidlat020 says:

    w-w-w-What the hell is with Noble District route? you even call *THAT* a closure? and I have so many questions left unanswered.

    1. both Fran and Lily are unconscious after the last battle, but Nile is alive. Does he have the 3rd treasure? literally what is going on?

    2. what was Lion doing in the beach at the very start of the game? and why was he watching Fran?

    in the prison room post-game:

    1. Why indeed is Gracon not in prison, Adonis in prison, Nile is also not in prison?
    2. Why is Fran a traitor according to the girl just outside the prison?
    3. Why are there two Goss there?

    also who’s the guy who calls Fran as “Liru”? I have more questions but this is it for now.

  8. kidlat020 says:

    @racoon For Baron’s “Fall Nightmare” skill, there’s a ring outside the arena somewhere that should protect you specifically for this skill. you need to find it to win the fight. iirc its somewhere in the pillars.

  9. kidlat020 says:

    sorry but I couldn’t empathize with Fran. she was warned multiple times not to pursue whatever her objective is. It’s literally called sin island for a goddamn reason!

    maybe if her reasons are stated much earlier in the game, but right now (she decided to be a prostitute) I really couldn’t give a middle finger about her stupidity.

  10. kidlat020 says:

    better than thug hero party? now I know how I’ll spend my afternoon.

  11. Raccoon says:

    Anyone know where the item to avoid Baron’s debuff is? I saw the log hint but no idea where that could be.

  12. UmakeIsee says:

    This needs an unavoidable rape tag.

  13. Guy says:

    The choice is automatic passing the first town, you are able to take wichever route you like.

  14. Chosen says:

    So how can you choose which route you’re going to take?

  15. Guy says:

    I got atached so hard to Fran, that the struck was hard, but well, its only a game, but damn, it hurts. I can understand how Lily must have felt.

  16. Guy says:

    Sadly, no, there only are those two routes and yea the noble route literally broke my hearth but the reward is in the after histories of both routes, that healed me somewhat.

  17. 42 says:

    God… freeaaaakinnnn… dammnit! The Noble’s District Route is even worse…

    Why did they have to make Fran so cute, but don’t give you a way to get through the game with her intact? …this is worse for my psyche than Thug Hero Party… I might not be able to finish this game… but I’ll try the Arena route again when I muster up the will or when my libido takes over.

    This… is a really good game really for what it is. Fran is totes adorbs, and Lily is growing on me, especially in the Arena route. The art style is beaitiful, the sex scenes hot, and filled with fetishes galore without becoming disgusting. Even the mind break is fairly well written. It just… feels like a wasted opportunity if you can’t prevent Fran from getting raped… I would have been fine with it if she was able to give herself willingly to her former Captain in the Arena route, he seemed like a cool guy at the start… but nope, rape. He couldn’t even have explained it to her before the sex or something?

    Anyway, if anyone manages to find a no-rape route, please share…

  18. 42 says:

    Daaaaaaaaaamn iiiiiiiitttt…

    I went the Arena route and there was unavoidable rape… if it was going to be like that I wish there was an option to give your virginity to Lily. I’m going off to the Noble route to see if I can protect my cute Fran-chan there.

  19. japansfreak says:

    is this a game with female protagonist?

  20. That Guy says:

    Oh shit. This game actually managed to suprise with its story and the way it works. More enjoyable than the usual rpg maker game.

  21. annon says:

    Black Screen after first sex scene. I have Language pack installed along with trying to hold x during the scene but still gets stuck on a black screen.

  22. Poko says:

    This game feels bad man

  23. 42 says:

    Fix: For anyone stuck in a black screen after first sex scene, just hold “x” during the first sex scene, the screen should go black for a bit and then jump to a part with Lily and the man outside the room.

    Anyway, Fran is sooooooo cute. Like…. gosh… she’s so cute that my protective instincts are kicking in. I’m going to try and keep her a virgin XD

  24. 42 says:


    Well, at least RPG Maker allows for games from genres with not too large an audience. There aren’t many eroges that are focused on lolis.

  25. Neosuduno says:

    Check to make sure your games have the Japanese language packs. I get black screen Otherwise.

  26. Fenelire says:

    Yeah, same here 🙁

  27. annon says:

    black screen after first sex scenes

  28. Revvo says:

    these rpg maker games are the new trash tier of eroge.
    Thanks for the upload none the less

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