Kuroinu Chapter 3

Kuroinu Ch.3

Article 1 of the “Cuntry” constitution:

The women of this country will gladly use their bodies to diligently serve all men and their respective desires.

Dark elves, high elves, halflings, and humans! Princess knights, female mercenaries, holy knights, queens, princesses, goddesses, and priestesses! Sexually torture and assault the various pitiable, yet cute heroines as much as you please.

Vult’s rule and domination concludes in the final chapter, with new and old heroines coming together!

23 comments on “Kuroinu Chapter 3

  1. Something is wrong with the part3.ra. I have now downloaded that part roughly 10 time and the data was always damaged.

  2. It’s not EVEN the rampant rape scenes that put Kuroinu within S-tier levels of dark. Ho-hoooo no, not even close. It’s the unrelenting & twisted psychological torture the girls endure, COMBINED with the constant endless rape scenes. Really, mental scars are infinitely worse than physical ones…
    I can’t believe that in this day & age, ppl are *still* tossing around Bible Black’s name like it’s cringeworthy, when there’s already other games like Kuroinu & Euphoria are EASILY 5-10 times worse on the fucked-up meter…

  3. I’ve gotta say, I’ve played/watched some pretty grimdark + fucked-up hentai before, but THIS… is truly something in a league of its own in terms of fucked-up-ness, as the merciless writing makes QUITE evident. Just… holy shit, dayum.

  4. Honestly, I can say right now what Kuroinu really is:
    This game is pretty much a reverse-alternate reality of Berserk, in which Guts is the bad guy.
    I mean srsly… Vult is in *every possible way* the evil version of Guts. It’s just crazy, lol

  5. and before anyone says it’s just a nukige/exaggerated tragic fantasy?
    The kinda shit that happens to Maia at the end of her route is, truthfully, far more plausible & likely to happen (and actually DOES happen) IRL than many folks would believe… that’s the kinda stuff which truly makes this game so incredibly dark, tbh.

  6. Maia = yet more proof that most women are flat-out TERRIBLE at gauging a man’s potential. They absolutely love power/strength/confidence in a guy, even if it’s absolutely 100% wrong in the context of the situation at hand (in this case, Vult).

  7. The art looks beautiful, unfortunately i’m not fan of huge oversized boobs so gonna pass on this one. i know there are some lolis screenshots, but from my experience on past similar games i can predict that its portion is insignificant compared to the biggies

  8. First hour of the first part was so cringe worthy. more show less words would have been appreciated but they talk and talk and talk. In a rape scene. And after that we have an old dude raping his own daughter. WTF? Guess I will try it out again but it should stop this bullshit or I might enter critical stage.

  9. Is this really the last chapter. I heard there were extra rape scenes focusing on the the sisters, the village, Prim’s maid, Kaguya’s priestesses, Half Links and the girl Maia was protecting. Where are they.

    Also, there was meant to be orgy ending otherwise the description lose its meaning.

  10. Is Chapter 3 pretty standalone from the first two chapters? Haven’t read them so I was thinking of jumping in with this one..

  11. Any chance of an upload of Nakadashi Banzai 4 soon? I think a translated version was released a week ago.

  12. @DelSolVita

    That sounds la Princess Eris, the games for the other 2 sisters were never translated though.

  13. Unrelated to this title, but I’m trying to remember the name of an eroge/nukige where you have sisters either living next door or with you that turn out to be devils or demons. I think you can choose to accept them as they are if I remember correctly?

    Any suggestions?

  14. I notice there are a few parts of the route scenes they cut out of this chapter. I know this because I own the original JP game with all female routes and seen a few extra scenes every time the raid on the castles begin.

  15. Thanks admin 🙂

    @LOLOL Leaving aside the other kuroinu chapters “Sansha Mendan” is the best one with several rapes scenes. I guess “Valkyrie Svia” and “Free Friends” aren’t too bad either.

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