Koisuru Natsu no Last Resort

Koisuru Natsu no Last Resort

Soutarou just manages to pay his school fees by doing part-time jobs. After helping his junior Umi and skipping his shift, he was fired from his part-time job and was having problems making ends meet. Umi felt responsible for his present situation and introduced him to a part-time job at a Southern resort. With deep blue skies, clear seas and vibrant vegetation, the place looked exactly like in the travel magazines.
Moreover, he was surrounded by many girls: energetic little sister-like Sango, affectionate tennen ojousama Riho, shy and earnest Shiori, and the kind but also strict manager Nagisa. Arriving at the resort, Umi turned to him and asked him to spend the time there as her boyfriend.

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  1. I’m normally not picky about VNs, and I’ll finish any route that I’ve started. But this one is extremely forgettable, and to top things off, it has the least relatable protagonist of any VN I’ve ever played. The MC is a brooding wreck, but for absolutely no reason. I went for Riho first (Umi was the obvious choice, and was honestly one of the cutest heroines, but I don’t usually go for the obvious choice first), and I physically wanted to punch the MC. He’s managed to score a beautiful woman who is, quite frankly, head over heels for him… then minor drama happens (minor spoiler, she gets a cold) and he starts brooding to the point where he literally contemplates suicide. Then, a bit later, he knows he’s being a complete asshole about things, but he still continues to throw his tantrum despite thinking “Oh man, I need to stop doing this…” WHILE he’s doing it. I just couldn’t relate. The guy has basically everything going his way… high paying job that could fund him for an entire school year, drop dead gorgeous girlfriend, free room and board at a world class resort… yet he sits there thinking “aww man, everything sucks”.

    Maybe the other routes are better, but Riho’s soured me on the whole thing. I didn’t even finish it, just uninstalled and didn’t look back.

  2. I just finished the Sango route. It was odd. Very little chemistry between her and the protag. Definitely felt like she should have ended up with Konami and the MC was just setting them up. At the very least, it definitely seemed ripe to end in a threesome. Now I wonder if there’s any game with that as the premise…

  3. I know this has been said before in the comments, though I didn’t really get anything useful from them. When I open the game, most of the text is in Japanese with english next to it.

    However, when the game starts and the first scenes start to play, the text in the boxes are filled with unreadable signs and letters that make no sense at all, and does not belong in either English or Spanish.

    I have Windows 10, and the English Patch downloaded. Can anyone help out?

    1. I just had the same problem, but in my case, I forgot to actually install (copy files for) the English patch.

      In case that doesn’t help you, I also have my system location and stuff like that set to Japan, so check that too.

  4. Hey guys, I have all the patches that can added to the game (like suntan, harem or other things) but when I put them in the folder of the game, nothing change in the game. Does anyone know how to make the patches work?

    1. Where did you get the DLCs/Patches? I’ve been looking forever to find them to no avail. Think you could send a link or make a file with them so I can try to figure out how to use them?

  5. I get up to the point in the game just before you get to the resort and you get asked to act as her boyfriend and the game crashes. Deleted, Re-downloaded, and Re-installed 3 times with and without the English patch with the same result. Any ideas?

  6. The first time I ran this VN it worked perfectly but I couldn’t change my volume or hit start. It wouldn’t let me CTRL+Alt+Delete my way out so I had to restart my computer. Once it restarted I ran it again and I got a Run time Error. Im guessing its the patch that is messing it up since it runs when I dont apply it.

    1. I have tried the cmd prompt bcdedit /user IncreaseUserVA 2800 and reinstalling all of the Microsoft visual c++s i have on my computer but I still get the runtime error. Im almost sure its the d3d9.dll that is causing it.

  7. i had already download 18 rar files and extract them. there is a problem when i click ADV it says program can’t be opened because file d3dx9_43.dll is missing. try to reinstall the program to fix this problem. i try to search those file in dll-files.com and found it. after I download and extract it into game folder and start it again it says your program can’t be started. i need admin help to solve this problem.

  8. I like this game a lot, one of the best here. Also it’s propably the only one where I don’t want to go for other girls. Umi is the best, I like her a lot and she has a good chemistry with our hero. Going behind her back feels like betrayal.

    1. I don’t know why , but i feel the same way too , she is just too cute and intresting that i can’t think about “chasin” an other girl. She is the first we met for a long way befor came to the resort , and betraye her feelings just make me so sad.

  9. I feel like I’m missing something obvious here. I downloaded the 18 part DA-free version giving me 18 .rar folders. Then I used 7-zip to unpack the files. Part01.rar file gave me a folder with 28 [.exe, .dll, .arc, and .dat] files. Then when I went to unpack Part02.rar I noticed that it was the same set of file names, just different sizes and dates. What am I supposed to do to get all those 18 parts stitched back together to get the whole game installed? :: Things I’ve Tried :: Even though there was no iso file I tried OSFMount [since Daemon Tool Lite download link just didn’t work for me]. After only unpacking Part01 the game and dropping the English patch in [as a test case] the game actually started and ran for a few minutes, but I did not test how far it will go.

    1. When you extract from part1 of multi-part archive, your software (be it WinRAR, 7Zip or any other) will automatically grab content from following parts (part2, part3 and so on), as long as they are present in same folder.

  10. I’m having a while starting up the game, for some reason it started to stop working and a message comes out with Windows Library C++ runtime error, anyone have a solution? I already tried a method that involved inputting something into cmd.

  11. I REALLY wanted to play this game but something got into my way. When I extract the game and ready to enjoy, the system says d3dx9_43.dll is missing so i couldn’t start the game. After I install the directX or whatever thing it is i thought i could start the game, but this came out XINPUT1_3.dll is missing, so the game couldn’t start. How can I fix it??? I really need help

    1. I had the same problem at first. Just put in everything it’s asks for and if is not enough just restart your pc/laptop and I’m pretty sure it’s going to work.

  12. Can someone help me with something?
    I don’t have text with or without the english patch.
    I can play with “If My Heart Had Wings” just fine wich is an AdvHD vn as well.

    (I using Windows XP)

    1. And after a little tinkering with the options i now get a error messege that the AdvHD.exe found an error and shutting itself down.

  13. Whenever I try to download the patch, the download stops a couple minutes in. Anyone have any idea why it would do that? It isn’t my internet I know that. Thanks in advance if you can help me with this issue.

  14. Whenever I try to download the patch, the download stops a couple minutes in. Anyone have any idea why it would do that? It isn’t my internet I know that.

  15. Is anyone else having a problem with the downloads? because when I tried unzipping them with 7Zip, it said that part 01 and part 11 were broken. I’ve been able to put everything together, but some of the graphics don’t work and the game keeps crashing every now and then. I’ve tried downloading those parts again, but I get the same problem.

  16. I’m loving it so far. I Can’t wait for the fan disk translation! I just hope it will get translated eventually…

  17. hello, i had copy the patch.. why the text in japanese.. do you have it’s translation for this eroge?

  18. hi, just a quick question. does the whole thing already include the harem route and the sweetest summer append? cause i finished my game and can’t seem to access those routes. some info would be much appreciated.

  19. hi, just a quick question. does the whole thing already include the harem route and the sweetest summer append? cause i finished my game and can’t seem to access those routes. some info would be much appreciated/

  20. I’ve been folowing all steps mentioned in the comments about how to run the game properly, but I still couldn’t solve the problem with the text display. I have tried downloading the fonts from settings>systems>apps> as mentioned, but it didn’t help, text isn’t displaying in game, only in the UI. Can anybody tell me how to solve it please?

  21. When I try to extract the .zip files, it says that .zip files parts 1-6 are invalid .zip files. Is there some way to fix this?

  22. So, I have the game, but when i run it, the in game text is all characters. The options (like save and load) are fine and in english, but the speech texts doesn’t work for me. Help please?

  23. i’m using windows 7, and i can’t see text in-game. what should i do ? i can’t find ms ui gothic anywhere, can someone help me ?

  24. Same problem as Duc and Kend with the 0x00000039. To add a bit, the error doesn’t seem to impact game play. The error message is in Japanese and in addition to the 0x00000039 code says something a registry error and File A_00, Key st01 and Task(ID) LEG (1) as part of the error message.

    Is there a fix?

  25. I got an error code 0x00000039 while I was playing and all the character didn’t pop up when there’s a dialog. How can i fix this ?

  26. could anyone help me out? I’m trying to install the game but I received notice says\ The program can’t start because XINPUT1_3.dll is missing from your computer. Try to reinstalling the program to fix this problem please help me?

    1. You need to update your DirectX. It’s a common problem for windows. check the comment above, The admin has given a link

  27. Tips for windows 10 Users: you don’t need to change your system locale to japanese, just follow this steps.

    – Click the Start Menu -> Settings
    – Choose “System”
    – Choose “Apps & features” on the left panel
    – Click “Manage optional features”
    – Click “Add a feature”
    – Find “Japanese Supplemental Fonts” and install it

    I dont take credit on this since i found this on the internet, just sharing to other people who are using Windows 10.

  28. This translation is pretty bad.. The translators misunderstand the text way too much. Many things the characters say were translated incorrectly so it just leaves me to wonder how much of the protags lines and non dialog text were completely off cause I can only confirm voiced lines.

    ~minor spoiler~
    Biggest wtf moment is when at the end of riho route she says how she hated her ojou-sama style of speech but continues to use it because she got used to it and started liking it eventually, which was translated to her asking Soutarou-san do you hate me? when she’s asking about the style of speech and you’re a great match for me too. It’s odd isn’t it? Even though I’d been mad at you for so long. which really meant she thought the style of speech matches her as well which is funny because she used to dislike it so much.. :/

        1. Doesn’t work. I have Japanese supplemental fonts installed, I ran it in administrator, Win7 compatibility, and with the system languages and locales set to japanese, but crashes every time it tries to play a video.

  29. I first start the game and its in weird text that i dont understand but when i put in the english patch to the folder, its in japanese. so my question is, how i get it to english?

  30. The game was working fine a day or two ago and now when I try to run it I get a runtime library c++ error and I can play. Please help and thank you in advance

  31. When I double-click AdvHD.exe, I get two pop-ups that says d3dx9_43.dll and XINPUT1_3.dll is missing respectively. Help?

      1. Hey, how can I download the direct X Library? Sorry for the inconvenience but I’m a newbie. Is it alright to download Direct X SDK?
        Oh can I also have a step by step? Thank you so much

  32. I want to know how to install this game, I extracted all the files from the main game but now I don’t even know how to install it so I can play it, or install the english patch, can someone tell me please? 🙂

    1. you don’t need to install anything, the game is already ready to be played when extracted, to patch it, open the folder you downloaded ( should be named koirozoengpatch, cpoy everything inside it and paste it in the folder of the game ( thje one you previously extracted, named KoisuruNatsuNoLastResort ) accept to replace all files then double click on advHd and enjoy

  33. Still got the problem where the game crashed just when the op video should be launching, guess my comp don’t like it, could anyone upload a save that has been taken right after the end of that opening video?

  34. Thanks for this, Love that game. I just need some help ( please ). I was playing till the near end of Umi’s arc, then the game crashed. When I restarted it, there was no more an image, just sound of the game. And Iam blocked there, black screen, sound of the game, and to quit I need to use Task Manager. I tried everything in the compatibility options but nothing. Do you have some advice? Thanks a lot

    1. I’m having similar issues, right at Ui’s ending. I’m guessing the movie should play, but the program just crashes with a message saying “AdvHD has stopped responding.” Really annoying, I love this game, and hate to leave it at this…

  35. Got a problem here, game work well in english until the moment when somebody come to pick us up ( me and umi ) for the new job, the text “I have already been swept up in a storm” appears then the game crash, telling me adv(kanji)hd stopped fonctionning, and it do so no matter what i do, i tried to install the k-lite codec pack like suggested but impossible, so if anybody could make a save just after that moment ( i suspect there’s a video that my comp don’t wan’t to run ) and send it to me, that would be great ( that or a solution for my problem will also be great XD )

      1. I know that and i did install codec pack too but didn’t solve the problem for me :'( always the same crash at the same point

          1. yes i did, problem persist, tried with k-lite codec pack, with cccp, with codec for windows 8, tried to change region to japanese, game still crash at that same moment

          2. And the thing is, i think my codec aren’t in cause since i can perfectly read the video alone ( when i launch the op_movie.dat, i can read it perfectly and get the video without any problem ), but as soon as i reach that point in the game, it crashed :'(

  36. Is it just me, or is Part 18 always failing in a network error? I’ve retried the download but I’m getting the same thing :
    Failed – Network Error.
    To make it worse that’s the last part T_T

  37. Thanks for this, Love that game. I just need some help ( please ). I was playing till the near end of Umi’s arc, then the game crashed. When I restarted it, there was no more an image, just sound of the game. And Iam blocked there, black screen, sound of the game, and to quit I need to use Task Manager. I tried everything in the compatibility options but nothing. Do you have some advice? Thanks a lot 🙂

  38. This is my first time ever attempt at downloading an eroge. I’m planning on using Wineskin and wondering if there are any guides on how to do this since i have no idea. I have downloaded the english patch and the game but after that I’m lost.

        1. Make sure game folder isn’t set as “read only” in folder options. You might also try moving it away to some non-privileged directory, like “My documents”.

  39. Some options seem unavailable, is this due to new game+ content or is it something to do with the untranslated patches and /or DLC? Or is it some other problem? Also a walkthrough would be much appreciated.

  40. uh a quick question how come my text is idk signs of some sorts not even letters anymore can someone help me with this?

  41. I keep crashing after the scene where someone comes to receive them at the island when the fade out happens can someone please share a saved file after that fade out ?

    1. “I have already been swept up in a storm”. Right after that line the game crashes no matter what i do so if someone can upload me a save after that i would be very thankful.

          1. same probleme here, game crash just after “I have already been swept up in a storm” no matter what i do, k-lite codec didn’t change anything for me :'( some help plz

    1. I get small kickback from each purchase, but in grand scheme of things, it’s more important to show that we’re not all dirty pirates here, and people are willing to put down money if they played pirated version, and enjoyed it.

  42. Hello,

    I am having the same font problem as posted earlier, I can see the english text in the options menu but the in game text is gibberish.

    I have Japanese locale and all Japanese related language features are currently installed on my computer via the windows settings properly without problem, (I am running Windows 10) but I still cannot read the in-game text even after restart and reinstall of the text.

    Can someone please help me? I am not sure what I am doing wrong or whether I need to install a supplementary font.

    Thank you!

  43. I extracted all the files, replaced the files with the english patch, downloaded the directX library when I got the same error as Th3Only1, but now when I click the advhd thing to launch the nothing happens. No error, no game nothing help plz

  44. Wow! Didn’t expect this one. Played it’s japanese version, but not all routes. I guess it’s time to return to my backlog. Thans, admin!

  45. so….

    i just try to play it but i have some problem it say the program can’t start because d3dx9_43.dll is missing and after i change the program name d3d9.dll (from english patch) to d3dx9_43, now it’s say xinput is missing, can someone help me with this problem? 🙁
    My Windows is 8.1

  46. Thanks for the upload.
    Mhhh can’t get it to run on windows 10, tried adding everything containing japanes to the adds&features section, only leads to the game running a few secs longer before it collapses.
    seems to be trouble with the fonts, though they are installed.
    Will try on Windows 7 later.

        1. You really are going to make me said it, aren’t you 😀
          Problem was, you need to restart after these updates, which should be a given, since it was this way in every windows-version so far, however windows 10 doesn’t ask for a restart, it just leaves a comment below the installed feature (available after restart).
          Probaply won’t help you though ^^
          (make sure however you really got the right japanese-feature installed, there are a couple of them)

  47. Whenever it says patch on the vndb i think that its only partially translated but admin has it here so that means its fully translated? someone explain it to me.

    1. I’ve visited vndb.org and it’s complete patch. the translation team said that there would be some minor error. maybe it makes the status is partial patch. just hope for the newer patch

  48. This game dont have any eng sub ????i have downloaded the english patch but only active button like”option”,”save”,”sound” is in eng but the text is in japanese !!!!

    1. I seem to be having the exact same problem. Thought i put in the eng patch, but all that is in English are everything but the main text? What am i missing? Can someone answer this.

      1. Make sure you put the patch in main game folder, not sub-folder – basically, if you’re not getting “Are you sure want to replace those files…” prompt, you’re doing it wrong.

  49. is it just for me or someone else recieve a warning of malware when you click on the “free” button on downloadani.me?

      1. I use avast. It happens when I click on the “free” button and it open a new window to another site, like aliexpress. But it only happens some times. Sorry if my english is wrong, I am not a native speaker.

  50. buenos dias ay alguna manera de jugar con menos resolucion de pantalla es que no tengo la resolucion de 1280×720 y deberiais de decirlo al principio para que la gente no lo descargue si no tiene esa resolucion de pantalla

    1. ya no hace falta ya consegui hacerlo funcionar la pantalla se ve medio rara pero funciona deberias de poner que el juego no te arranca a menos que pongas esa resolucion

  51. Why must hight sexual content? can it be disable? well, it’s not that i hate that stuff, just feels something wrong.. But, still i’m gonna download it.

    1. How is it wrong to have sex with the one you like/love?

      Would you rather play an eroge where girls gets raped left and right?

      Did I mention you could just skip those “wrong” scenes with the skip button+a certain option?

      1. “Would you rather play an eroge where girls gets raped left and right?”
        YES! Especially the loli, that would be great.

  52. Ah, finished! I went to apply and work with MDZ on this to to help finish it up, was told they were basically done except for cleanup. Glad it’s finished up!

  53. So, can see the options and all that OK but cant see any of the text in-game, is the any font i need to install, running a xp CM with jap locale, first time something like this happened.
    Any help apreciated.

    1. No idea about XP – I tested the game only for 7 and 8.1. Windows10 requires additional font install (details in previous comments).
      Font name is “MS UI Gothic” – you might try getting it and installing manually, but personally, I’d advise upgrading – XP is very old already.

    1. Duh? Just extract, put patch in, then play. This is “pirate” site, you know… I post links to English translation companies shops for some releases, but it’s always optional. Every game posted here can be played for free.

    1. Using Windows 10? Game requires additional font installation.

      1. Click the Start Menu -> Settings
      2. Choose “System”
      3. Choose “Apps & features” on the left panel
      4. Click “Manage optional features”
      5. Click “Add a feature”
      6. Find “Japanese Supplemental Fonts” and install it

      1. oh my god thank you for telling me this, just update my computer to windows 10 and i have a question…. can every eroge here be played in windows 10?

        1. Well, most shouldn’t have problems, since architecture and libraries haven’t changed that much since Windows 7 – some tweaks might be needed (like additional fonts, like in this case), but overall it shouldn’t be a problem. Very old games (late 90s-early 00s) from DOS/Windows98 era might have problems, but it’s nothing new – just use DOSbox for those.

      2. Am I the ONLY ONE who doesn’t have “Japanese Supplemental Fonts” in the options?

        Guess this is unplayable for me, what BS.

  54. Excellent game. Feels like years since something like that was last translated. Excellent balance of content, erotic, plot and characters.

    Admin, I love you so much (no homo though)
    Like seriously, beach + bikini = boys’ romance

  56. Do you guys know what Font this game uses?
    The text is more or less broken here, I’ll have to install this font manually.

    I’m using Japanese locale.

    1. Windows 10 additional fonts fonts did not help here, I solved my problem by going back to windows 8.1, it fixed my problems on others old Pc games too.

      Windows 10 down the drain, best solution ever.

  57. Thx admin! Saw that there was a patch for this earlier today on vndb, and popped onto the site and saw it wasn’t there refreshed a few hours later and it was. Keep up the good work bud!

    1. Where did you get the source? could you drop me a link?
      Admin is great putting up all these games, but im really starting to hate downloadani.me

      1. Same here. The free site has a bunch of fear mongering phishing schemes trying to say you have a virus. DONT BELIEVE THAT MESSAGE. It is a scam and the best way to deal with actual viruses is download a reputable antivirus like avast, AVG or the likes. Never download or believe a popup that states you have a virus. I was actually planning to buy the premium until they started these terrible and evil pop ups.

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