Fault Milestone Two

Fault Milestone Two

Fault Milestone Two is a Cinematic Visual Novel that takes place right after the events of fault milestone one. With the addition of a new 3D camera system, fault milestone two aims to introduce a more immersive and “larger than life” reading experience. Follow the grand science fantasy story of Selphine and the gang as they traverse back to their homeland!

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  1. Cocoa says:

    when i click the game there is nothing happen, do you guys know why?

  2. Bigroman says:

    Thanks for the upload as usual!

    Can you please reupload part 8? it doesn’t seem to work T.T

  3. Elmer says:

    1-the mana fission made me panic 4 a moment looked like game broke ^^
    2- Ending left so many questions
    3- i hope there will be a 3
    4- good story

  4. Melissa says:

    Why is it in Japanese?? How do I make it in English like (seemingly) everybody else here?

  5. I-Am-X says:

    Just curious, but am I the only one occasionally seeing black boxes over parts of the characters bodies and what not?

    • I-Am-X says:

      Also, This is more than likely just me considering the old system I used (along with the fact that my OS is XP-SP3) but I’ve encountered an (fatal) exception right after Misha/whomever says “(They’re Coming…!)” and no matter how many times I hit ‘ignore’ and go back to my save to try to get past it, it wont go away. D;

      • I-Am-X says:

        Nevermind about the fatal exception/out of memory thing. It took far more ‘ignores’ then it did with ‘Sunrider Academy’. The Black boxes are annoying, along with how the background is sometimes black in some spots. Well, it didn’t interfere with the novel in anyway.

        It was truly a great read as ever, I can’t wait for ‘Fault Milestone Two: Below’ nor ‘Fault – Silence the pedant’ the upcoming prequel (due sometime next year) regarding how Ritona became selphines guardian. =D

        Also, it’s a shame my system wasn’t great enough to see the clip show at the end of this novel, though. I hope someone puts it up on youtube or something so I can see it to see how it ends.

  6. Selphie says:

    What is Side:Bellow going to add? should i wait until Side:Bellow is released?

    • I-Am-X says:

      Why wait for Below to be released? There’s really no need to since it’s a sequel, so just read/play through Above. :p

      While I can’t really say what below would be about but I have a gut feeling that it’ll probably focus heavily on Misha, Flora and Riggs experience after that brief scare they went through. Just a hunch, considering they’re still adding the ‘Fault Milestone Two’ in front of it.

      Probably going to focus on them (with probably little to do with the main characters) and then the main story will resume in ‘Three’ or something.

      As stated, just a hunch and mere speculation.

  7. roninarcher says:

    this is nice i like it alot! and damn im so late for that beach bounch i cant find any links for that adult version T_T

  8. baconator says:

    Part 3 seems to be broken.

  9. Momo says:

    Been waiting for the game, thank you so much >.<

  10. Kinder Bueno says:

    I begin to play, believing the author had changed what was wrong with the prequel, after 10 good minutes we change of view ..
    Again Selphine and her butler are the side characters of their own serie.

    • cutenotpedo says:

      Yeah, I totally agree. The first game was just Rune this, Rune that, without progressing the story even the slightest bit. Going to wait for my download to finish before I pass judgement over the second installment though, I sincerely hope it is not again as you say.

  11. Alin says:

    I haven’t played the first yet and now the second one is out. I’m searching for non eroge content and this is the kind of thing I’m looking forward. I’ve been playing eroge since 2007 but recently I had to share it with my sister. She liked to read while I play. Btw, Amnesia is one of her favorite (not mine obviously).

    Thank you for the upload!

  12. anon says:

    “No sexual content”.


    • no anon says:

      what a sad creature.

      • no no anon says:

        Yeah, sad indeed. I’ll say “next” too but the reason is that I don’t like kinetic novels, I don’t say they are bad (in fact I think they have better story than most average novel) but I just love when that choice pops on the screen.

        • Kinder Bueno says:

          This is normal, too many editors forget that if we PLAY, not read those games that is because we can choose our path.

  13. Xtroyer says:

    I laugh everytime i see the tag “protagonist with a face”

    • admin says:

      It’s kind of remnant of old times, when protagonists had no personality and their faces were never shown – even during h-scenes, they were covered in shade or sth. The logic behind it was that it would help players “self-insert” into protagonist shoes. Luckily, some people figured that having actual protagonist with personality would improve storytelling, so it got kinda phased out, at least for “AAA” games – plenty of “faceless ones” in B-rated nukiges still.

  14. Miechan says:


  15. Asya says:

    I love ya so much admin! :3 :3:3

  16. merp says:

    yay finally

  17. Kannon says:

    THANKS ADMIN!!!!!!

    You’re my Hero!!!

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