Milk Pot

Milk Pot

Basically shows us one day in the life of a futanari girl and shows us various indecent acts she commits in order to temper her uncontrollable sexual urges.

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  1. Hentaireviewer says:

    If you wanna learn Japanese sex wordslike och*npo etc,believe me, this is a good way. Also I like when she sings: furi furi ecchi na ochmpo furi furi sasete, lol

  2. Ozzac says:

    I have a problem: I can’t read any of the menus on top of the window, since all of them are composed of question marks. can somebody tell me which are the load/save buttons?

  3. ReaperofSouls42 says:

    Futa is love. Futa is life.

  4. Unknown says:

    I downloaded this game a while ago and only recently opened it. I didn’t remember what it was about, so I just went “Well let’s play and find out.” Note to self: Whens something seems sexual in name, look up what it’s about. I guess I didn’t know what a futanari was when I downloaded this since I’m not into that, so you can only guess my face when the girl grew a penis

  5. Hentai Koneko says:

    I feel so bad for Iori-chan… I was able to forgive the weird noises, but I just feel way too bad for her to get off on anything. I just wanna hug her and tell her everything’s ok! Maybe that’s just maternal instincts. -Sigh.- Oh, Iori… but that thing with the ball-bra was kinda funny.

  6. ViktorStagnetti says:

    If you want a futa with sex scenes check out Cat Girl Alliance. Rumi is cute and perverse. She also has to deal with the feelings of being “different” although it’s not so heavy to be considered depression. Heck even if you don’t like futa there are other routes with normal girls.

  7. kmasmdymflp says:

    Call me crazy, but I can relate all too well with Iori-kun. Except the part of being a futa. I’m male. Anyways, her situations are psychologically complex, but at least she was able to come to terms with herself. *___* no pun intended.
    Now that I think about it, these VN’s really try to teach you something… half of them, anyway… the other half= fap material.
    Capcha’s calling me a grumpy cat.
    still playing let’s meow meow!

  8. Devilsraging says:

    This game is super 18+, and the girl is super nasty and perverted that makes this soo funny when i played through it. This is somewhat entertaining just for the cute girl, voice, h scene, but no story or plot.

  9. mikata says:

    WTH with this game TAT

  10. souleater651 says:

    i got a stupid question since it is my first time playing eroge games whats \\CG\ and \VN\? i now its a stupid question but i was just wondering so i can understand the lingo on this site but thanks admin for uploading them all

  11. Sakazaki Aketsu says:

    The Girls is soooo cutie *-* I gonna play just cuz the girl is cutie u_u But I was hopping at last a Sex Scene u_u

  12. Tayls says:

    I’m Surprised so many people hated this VN. I personally loved it; The way it went so deep into the mind of a girl corrupted by perversion. True there were points where it was really disgusting but those things only made me love it more. The voice was indeed annoying but it’s pretty easy to get use to. Really, this game isn’t for everyone (especially those that don’t want to mix depression and sex) but it definitely isn’t that bad. If anything, I’d say it’s just good enough to be worth downloading and taking a quick look at.

  13. Don't play this game says:

    Holy shit, playing this game is almost as bad as intentionally installing a virus on your computer. I totally enjoy futa and I was looking for a silly porn game to play today, but the girl’s voice is horrifyingly bad (especially her “moans”– anybody I had sex with would kill themselves if I had that voice), the dialogue is awful and repetitive, and the translation and/or the game is buggy as hell. The game crashed on me after the first h-scene, which I took as a sign from a higher power to destroy all evidence that I ever put this abomination on my computer. The music is a bit overdramatic but otherwise acceptable. I guess the art is okay– too exaggerated for my tastes– but then if you really want the art, just go find the CGs online somewhere and save yourself the trouble. It’s not like the girl has many sprites outside of the CGs. Good god people, don’t download this. I’d say you’d thank me later, but if you don’t play this you’d never know the agony I’m saving you from.

    I mean, that said, thank you to our glorious admin for uploading literally everything that gets translated, but… eugh.

  14. Holmcross says:

    This VN was kinda sad and depressing, I can’t really say whether I liked it or not. I’m disappointed that it didn’t really have sex scenes in it. It was mostly fantasy and masturbation, it would have been nice if they made a scene with Iori fucking another girl like one of her maids or something. I have to say, the noises this girl makes is weird…its almost funny, but then I stop laughing when I remember how isolated Iori feels.

  15. sadpuppet says:

    How do I save in this game? Right now I have to play it from the start every time I play. If you know, please tell.

    • Holmcross says:

      If you haven’t already figured it out on your own, you click on the fourth option to the right that says “セープ(M)”. Read phonetically, it says “se-bu” which means save, only written in katakana. Hope this helped.

  16. Knocks says:

    You know, I actually like futa, but this game is a lot less fappable than I’d hoped. It’s probably all the freaky noises Iori makes all the time.

  17. korewa2 says:

    Flame wars

  18. Crank says:

    Oh wow. I really was expecting something a little more tame. I am 30 minutes into the story and this girl cummed an entire bucket into an urinal and then proceded to drink the nasty soup of semen and urine, it also includes lots of suffering. Not for everyone. If you are curious this eroge has also 2 OVAS, it involves guys and other girls but are heavily censored

  19. SilentSun says:

    wew, just because the game sucks doesn’t mean you can comment about it… I’m just normal with futa but I don’t like people who said futa is ba… its not so bad from my perspective. Piece -_-

  20. duffman says:

    I for one absolutely love futa but i found this game a bit sad, the main character is an extremely repressed and depressed girl. I was also put off by the lack of any actual sex scenes (she only masturbates and fantasizes throughout the whole game) I would advise to only download this game if ur really into futa.
    Also if anyone knows of more futa based games that are translated leave a reply with there names please.

  21. inthesky says:

    at least it better than, um let’s say water closet forbidden chamber

  22. heroingwhilederping says:

    hi-hi if you don’t want to download they have a short (i dont know if it’s game footage or notHoshizoraNoMemoria.rar) as a hentai look it up then determine XD (she is quite perverted a little too much)

  23. Erotaku says:

    you think it’s a waste of time? well it’s not, for the ones who made this game atleast. if u don’t like the game then don’t say anything about it. because u’ll be angry if someone might say bad things about the games u like. peace^^ btw i’m not into futa but i just don’t like the other comments.

  24. WOLFGOD says:

    what the fuck is your guys problem you just kept saying i hate futa watever watever why not just shut up and kept those words to yourself cause ur starting a fight here

  25. Cliff says:

    Hey anyone answer me please, all eroges in this page are actually in english ???

    • Cliff says:

      sorry it’s me once again, is just i not read the comment at the top of page, so ignore the last comment

  26. Bloodner says:

    Hey, do you want a nukige ? Just mindless and fun sex ? Have a futa fetish ?

    Then do not play this VN. Whatever’s your fetish, STAY AWAY from this VN.

    • oi dawg says:

      Ch33ky br33ky, i wasn’t even into Futanari before i played this game, but now i am. Don’t be a shitty 5crupl0rd, please

  27. Count Monty says:

    Agreed, this is what’s called a “Nukige”. It’s a game for fapping. Fap to it. That is all.

  28. Ryougi says:

    lol at this game… i pretty read the beginning and after i saw the dick… i fast-forwarded most of it till the end…

    Tip: Don’t try to make sense out of this game, it just a girl masturbating her dick… doesn’t contain a history line or anything.

    • FFTHEWINNER says:

      i agree. i did the same. this game SUCKS. it is the worst VN that i have EVER played. i deleted it right after i skipped forward all of it.

      • asuraicHermit says:

        Try Ruby Striker. It’s worse. At least this had decent art and realistic breast size. This game was okay, had great voice acting, but needed more cg. If it had more cg, I might actually like it. I’d love to have had a cg in that first scene where she’s (jokingly?) thinking about peeing on a streetlight.

  29. cenatu says:

    hmm… such bad reviews… i think i’ll download it~!!

  30. Aizengard says:

    ……wtf did i just play?

  31. Totoro says:

    game is bugged cant progress after first H-scene in the house

    • kmasmdymflp says:

      spam the enter button… but by now, either you’ve already figured that out, or you’ve gone onto something else.

  32. otamega's says:

    There are FUTA???? FUtanari Amazing I deam about that

  33. Bigdaddygobl1in says:

    Cmon guys, futa is cool. It shouldnt be too bad. Just on of those small things to play when you are bored at least. Thank you admin, for giving me joy for a short amount of time.

    • Tymon says:

      Futa isn’t cool to everyone… Some people are outright disgusted by it. I’m one of those people. I like males to be males and females to be females thank you.

  34. king98765 says:

    i will be very honest and frank about this VN.
    It is a waste of my time…..

  35. New guy says:

    Same as Hidden Character, any help is wellcome.

  36. Hidden Character says:

    Hey i need help i download it. unzip and try to play it with applocate whoever it give me a blue window, an error box saying some jap language i can’t understand and on the blue window it look like some kind of error report. what do i do?

  37. tran says:

    cute girl,but it seems like its a visual novel with a girl as the main char, and does perverted things…i think ill pass lol

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