Blue Rose

“Deep in the mountains, away from prying eyes
is a refuge unknown to anyone else.
Born of hope
cradled in shadows
this place that only looks forward
is where I found my heart.”

Lena is a Templar of the Blue Rose, living her life to fight and protect what is most important. But what is truly important to her is only just about to reveal itself.

Pulled away from the frontlines of the war, Lena finds herself trapped in a secluded, unknown village in the mountains. For the first time she will make her own decisions – and face the consequences.

9 comments on “Blue Rose

  1. Hello admins,
    thank you so much for this upload! I just finished playing this game and I enjoyed it a lot, can recommend to every otome game lover!

  2. Thank you so much for this game! It’s so cute! And I love this site so much. I can’t get a lot of these games otherwise, so I’m really grateful.

    If it’s possible, would you be able to get Code:Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~? It’s a PS Vita game that I’ve wanted to play for a while, but have not been able to find anywhere.

    Regardless of whether or not you can get it, I’d like to thank you for creating this site and uploading all these games for us.

  3. This game works fine in my windows 7 pc. I only downloaded the game by using my phone because if I download the game with pc, it would stop the download progress suddenly.If you have problem in starting the game, I think you should download it again. Or download the game with other device, like I did. 🙂

  4. umm I’m having problem when downloading every game in your site. I uses idm to download it but the idm can’t resume the game from the link given. Eventhough let say I’ve downloaded up to 50% but suddenly idm stop downloaded, i tried to resume it but it starts from the very beginning. This is frustrating. I’ve tried several tricks on youtube regarding this problem but none of it seems to work. Thank you in advance~ (excuse my english,lol)

  5. Just tried it and it worked fine on first launch.

    Using Oracle VM VirtualBox with Windows XP SP3.

  6. Thank you so much for posting this! Sadly when I try to play it, though, I get an error dealing with a script that can’t find the label ‘start’. It seems to stem from the file renpy/common/00start.rpy

    Anyone else having any trouble?

    Thanks again so much for all your hard work getting these games out. :3

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