Day of Love

Day Of Love

Day of Love is about Haruki, the main character, that knew about a girl named Maho when he was young, but forgot about her when he was older, which had made her angry when she asked him years later when he’s in high school. So to get back at him for not remembering, she dresses up as a guy and lives in the same dorm as him using the alias Mao.

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  1. I’m using the “Free Game” download path and can anyone tell me how to install it because it’s not working for me

  2. eeeeeee well i just finished the game and well eeeeee the true ending could of been better in my opinion it was not really satisfying to the point where maho asked if he remembers her again really ruin it to me am like so they admit they like each other but now the separate and she returns am like the what the what so in my opinion could of been better and the question if there is any sexual content there is but like like little clouds or there only wearing a bra and panties and that pretty much it nothing much else to it so don’t expect them to have sex or anything

  3. So does this contain H scenes? It’s confusing because it has tags for both All Ages and Sexual Content.

  4. ok.. I’m playing this on my PC (with VLC player) I extracted the Contents of the CD to my computer and set it up like any other VN (Gave it a nice looking Shortcut on my desktop…) but now…. I don’t know how to save…. anyone wanna help me out here?

    1. Though I never played a game like this myself, I’m sorry, but I think this is impossible.
      A DVD player can’t save the position of a movie when it’s turned off or the dvd is ejected, and a DVD game is like many movies which are following each other.
      You would need something like a memory module to do this.
      A DVD player software might be able to emulate something like that, but I never heard about such a function.

      1. I would imagine the game would give you a password or something… As for memory I though dvd players have a small place to save memory for resuming movies… like on mine when I turn it off in the middle of the movie when I turn it back on it will resume automatically.

        @PyrexMaster well if you are using your pc to play it (as am I) I would just leave the player open :/. Sorry I am not much help with this…

  5. Tch, I wish they would remake the DVD-style games, in my experience they have the best stories, hourglass of summer is my favorite, their just a pain in the ass to play. Anyways, just reinforcing the fact that you should try not to be discouraged over the games play-style, they’re still very good.

    1. They won’t remake it, as the company that owns the rights to those titles and were translating them went bankrupt few years ago.

  6. Can you give me instructions how to play it on my PC with DVD playback software?
    Oh, btw, what would you recommended the best playback software to use for this type of game?
    This is what happens when I try to get it to work:
    I extract the 1st file to my desktop then I mount it but since I use Toshiba, my Toshiba DVD player pop up, but nothing happens at all. ):

  7. I downloaded all of the download files, but when I extract them to my desktop, then use Daemon Tools Lite to mount the game, but when I did that, it just pop up my DVD Player instead. How do I install the game?? ): Please help.

    1. This game is one of Hirameki’s “anime play” series – it’s different from other games at this site, since it isn’t installed on PC but played on normal DVD player connected to TV ( ofc you can play it on PC if you have DVD playback software installed )

      1. I hate hirameki >:(

        Oh well I guess it’s better than no translation.

        But really, the description sounds like the perfect setup for an eroge, but hirameki just has to change the original version and make EVERYTHING all ages.

  8. I’ve pretty much snatched up most of what you’ve got posted here at various places around the ‘net. Nonetheless a good set up here. This is one of the few that I haven’t snatched up yet.

    Hopefully you don’t get shut down.

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