Although in his third year of high school, Okazaki Tomoya does not pay too much attention to school. His classmates are worried about him, but his best friend does not mind.
He does not want a girlfriend but he does not realize that he is popular with the girls.
However, his life changes when he meets a girl on the way to school…

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  1. I also want the Japanese version. Is the patch like an error patch or is it an English patch?

    I really wish all the games would have the English patch separate like Grisaia no Kajitsu for people that would also like to play the game in the original JP version. I don’t know where to find the original. ๐Ÿ™

  2. Hi, I’ve been trying to download this VN for quite a time now and I think that this is the right site to get the complete version, but clannad.part05.rar doesn’t seem to work. It will say the following after I click on the download button: \ might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.\ I hope that if somebody you guys can still see this that you’ll change it. Thank you.

    1. You can download 2 parts at once as a free user. You’re probably still downloading parts 3 and 4, and that’s why 5th one trows up an error.

  3. I dont know if i can handle this VN.. i saw the anime a long time ago, but i noticed there were other parts to the story, so i am going to explore them as well… mah feelz are going to be so broken after this…

  4. Thank you for the game ! =^_^= We can be grateful to the Doki-fansub for the well-made translation.
    Personally I first watched the anime and I’m really glad to be able to play this game as well. The story is really more detailed, so you will miss a lot of things if you only watch the anime.
    This game know how to both make you laugh and fell depressed, the awesome musics helps to it.
    To sum-up I really recommend you to play this game ! =^_^=

  5. Hi Im just wondering why when I load the game I can’t click on the “Return to previous choice” button? I followed the installation walkthrough and applied the patch, but it still doesn’t show up as clickable, instead showing up as a grey button.

  6. Yeah I have the same problem that Slayer has about the crashing when I try to change the name is their a solution

  7. I have downloaded the game and i noticed that when i try to change the name at the main menu,the game crash.Any solution?Thanks…

  8. This my first VN so I am just so exicited about it. You are the only one that has got a lot of options to download.I couldn’t finish downloading but I think it will work. So thanks a lot for your work. ( Sorry for writing mistakes)

  9. Did you follow the patching instruction where you copy and pasted those files into the root folder of the game? It should run properly after you’ve done that.

    Also, on a side note, does anyone else have it crash when you try to change the name? ._. I don’t mind not being able to do so, but it is more of a question out of curiosity

  10. I was wondering, but why does it end after the Fuko thing resolves? Like it doesn’t show Kyoukos wedding or anything, just that after they finally forgot her and him and nagisa were holding hands, it goes back to the title screen.

    Do you have to play through it, picking different options or whatever, to see the rest of it or something?

    Cause it just doesn’t make sense…

  11. What is the ‘name’ thing under config?
    What does it do?

    I click it and it closes the game. Would like to know its purpose. if you could. D:

  12. For the moderators, or game translators, or whoever is in charge here and working on, or worked on this project.. here are a few bugs that need fixing; BGM30.nwa BGM06.nwa BGM09B.nwa BGM16A.nwa FGKY04C.g00 FGKY04D.g00
    Also crashed during Ibuki arc on Apr19th.
    You’ve done a excellent job on it! It just has a few bugs that need fixing. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thank you for your time!

  13. I have a problem with the file “Clannad.part01.rar”. I downloaded it 2 times but a file in this archive is corrumpted

    Can someone help me ?

    1. Download all of them and the patch, use the patch via drag and drop and duplicate it over “bad files.” It’s what I did and the game is working for me, although there are a few bugs; namely with the music and a few animations (gifs?). It’s a thoroughly enjoyable game, have fun! And bring a tissuse..

  14. There is an error in the main title theme, there is also a few music errors in the gameplay where it goes quiet. I’m not sure if I’m getting a bad end or not, but for example; I ended up on the fuko arc, but I choose the wrong path (I think) and it sent me to the main menu after a few scenes. Is this an error, or a bad end?? Anyway, there is a few errors, but other than that, you guys have done a fantastic job or turning this game into a english sub. 4 1/2 stars for this one. A few bugs to work out and it’ll be perfect, no lie there!

  15. If you get the flower cursor with the black background, install the patch. Look into the patch file once you have extracted it and it shows you what files you need to replace, don’t delete the original files (the non-patch ones) and put them in a separate folder (name it old game files if it helps you remember). Also, move the Seen.txt file into the game folder. Then go onto the FAQ part of this website and install Japanese support on your computer/laptop (you need this, Clannad may not work otherwise). Once you have done this, open up the Reallive. If the screen turns white and you can hear music and nothing else happens, move the patch files back into the patch folder and put the old game files back. Then move the Seen.txt (unless you never moved it out from the game folder) file from the patch folder back into the game folder and Clannad should work.

  16. No H scenes. I wanted some boobies…. oh well the story is good. So if you are looking for a good story you have found your game. Although if you are here for some H scenes this game does not have them. The spin off game does though that involves Tomoyo. Also, the captcha required to poast word was “sausages”… how fitting for the topic of this reply.

  17. I downloaded the patch and the game works as normal. But on the main menu when I click on “Name”, it stops responding and then it closes.

    Is there anyway to fix this? Am I missing out on something by not being able to access that “Name” thing?

  18. Hi, I just downloaded all, that patch too, but I have one problem – Tomoya don’t have a voice…Everyone speaks, but when comes his lines, there is just silence.
    How can I fix that?
    Everytihig else seems to work fine…

  19. Is it already in English or is there a patch included? I want to know before I download all of the parts because I wanna play JP version o,o

  20. excuse me… i have a problem with the game.. i just extract it.. but, it was only black screen when i open the realive.EXE …. then.. after i fix it by install the new patch.. it was opened with good… but, after a few seconds.. it was closed and then it was show “debugger detected. please close and then try again”… i want to know how to fix it.. thanks

  21. FOR THE LAST TIME, if anybody is getting a flower with a black screen just down load the patch and extract the files then copy the content in the files and replace it with the one in clannad folder! The translation has been completed from the 95% to 99.99999% after the team spent 300+hours on it. Also, there is a patch that works only with the full voiced version, that gets all the in game menus in english!

  22. When clicking “name” on the title screen the program says it won’t work anymore and just closes itself. Help?

  23. i need help i downloaded everything extracted the files and i still am only getting the black screen with flower someone help!.

  24. To anyone that has played this, can you choose to be with any of the heroines in this game? Cause I know in the anime he’s with the Brown haired girl.

  25. Hi. I finish downloading everything for Clannad as well as the patch that fixed other stuff that was recommended and that’s the problem. What do I do to it? Do I just extract the file and put it in the same directory as the 17 Clanned file I have extracted from? Thanks in advance!

  26. Ok one question before i DL this, is the game 100% TL’ed or is just like Fate/HA where there are bits and pieces of it tl’ed?.

  27. Can someone help me? I need to know how to play it i mean i downloaded it its not letting me play it thought sorry its my first time ๐Ÿ˜€ thanks

  28. Hello,
    i have downloaded all the parts now. And i tryed to open it by clicking the REALLIVE.EXE and it opened. But hereโ€™s the thing. I canโ€™t see anything. I see only the flower, nothing else.

    Could someone please help me. PLEASE

  29. So anyone help downloading this really slowly? Its going to take me like days.
    Also. To play the game I just have all the .rars in a folder, I open the first one and hit play once it extracts and it automatically just switches to the next part when its ready?

    1. Close. Have them all in one file, then right click the first one, choose “extract here”. It will unpack all of them, and give you a file. Mount that on demon tools, follow instructions to install, and then all u need is the patch!

  30. I am trying to download using the free download method. once I click the \create download link\ button it gives me an error that says

    \The requested URL /d/rh45jpmwafcvawjyzxfylw5miosev5ygbejtke2k5r4a6gjadytcf2jr/Clannad.part10.rar was not found on this server.\

    help please?

  31. Hey, here’s the thing. I downloaded all 17 parts but when i tried to open the .RARS it says that the archive is unknown or in a format damage….

    IS that normal or is this fake?? can i open the .RARS????


    1. if it says the archive is corrupted/unknown or whatever the download probably stopped halfway and u didnt get the whole file, my suggestion (more like the only thing u can do) is to redownload the files and try again.

      1. same to me, but i saw again the folder and there wasn’t link #6, is here again and we can see this precius game working on

  32. I have a problem with voices in the game. Before it worked just fine but after few times it won’t play any character voices. BGM works only voices not. Anyone knows what can I do?

  33. I wanted to know if this one was good? Judging by the sheer size of it, I’m guessing it will be (That’s what she said) but I want other people’s opinions first. When downloading Eroge, I go for size. The bigger, the better. I can recommend Deardrops, Edelweiss, Edelweiss Eiden Fantasia, Shuffle! and to a lesser extent, Dengeki Stryker, all of those for story. I can recommend Harem Party, Cosplay Fetish Academy, Shera my Witch, and the original Bible Black for ero, and I discourage people from downloading Conquering the Queen. Also discourage Lonely Yuri because I couldn’t make it work..

  34. Admin, I don’t know who are you and where are you. but I will find you and I will HUG you to death. you are AWESOME !!!!

  35. I was just wondering if there is supposed to be bgm on fuuko’s route after the end of april. All the bgm suddenly stops, even all the way to the ending, and its just the voices and i’m not sure if this was done intentionally by the creators to set the mood or is some kind of error.

    It is a great novel without a doubt as a whole its just that fuuko’s route kinda lacks the same emotional kick as the others without the vn’s awesome score accompanying it and I haven’t come across a vn where half a route has no bgm.

    Also on the side I the admin and everyone else who is responsible for providing all of these amazing vn’s are amazing and I hope you keep doing what your doing for quite some time as I for one am very grateful.

  36. when i try to add the patch it say that i cannot modify volume and when i start the game i have a black screen ๐Ÿ™ can someone tell me what i did wrong?

  37. is this the 18+ or the general age version???

    i have already completed 2 routes, yet i haven’t encountered any sex scenes…

  38. Is this the original Japanese version or the complete patched one? It’s really hard to find the original Japanese version ๐Ÿ™

  39. Just a question:
    Iยดve heard that there is another project going on to finish the translation of the VN. My question is: is the VN enjoyable as she is now or would you rather say taht I should wait for the finishing touches?

    1. there is really no need to wait for this so called finished translation when they patch at the moment is more than sufficient. It’s not like flyable heart’s translation lol. Theres a few errors here and there, but nothing drastic. Just replayed all routes for the fun of it, so its worth it.

  40. An extremely good read that has one in laughter at one moment and near tears the next.(very hard to do the latter with me). A master piece that defeats the anime completely… any disagreements = HAAAAAAAAAAAX!!!! 5/5 Spent Cartridges

  41. Why is not the file opening in the way it is shown in the picture of the troubleshoot page
    and it opens up on word …how to fix that ?

  42. is there a limit to how much u can download a day?
    Cause i downloaded part 1-5 and I cant download 6 is there a limit?

    1. DA’s server allows two downloads for each IP to be run at the same time. Once one of the other two downloads in progress finishes, the next link should work fine.

      There is no other limit for downloading.

  43. So i downloaded it, installed it, and put in the patch. Everything seems to be running fine, but i’ve started to notice that some of the dialog is missing – i keep getting pages where there’s supposed to be dialog but all it says is my name.

    Anyone else having this problem? Any solutions?

    1. The CLANNAD translation is yet to be finished, this version is playable, but has the problems you get, if I remember correctly, Doki Fansubs (The team that just released Tomoyo After translation) is working on finishing CLANNAD too and is just matter of time.

  44. Works for me! Thanks for the download. It was black screened at first but the patch with the four files cleared it up. But I heard there are other patches that are better? I want the best translations possible so are the ones I downloaded good? ๐Ÿ˜› And is there any way to play this game with my browser open?

    1. What patch? I don’t get what you try to tell. But you said that it black screened first but after that what you did? Please help me

  45. Hey. i have downloaded all the parts now. And i tryed to open it by clicking the REALLIVE.EXE and it opened. But here’s the thing. I can’t see anything. I see only the flower, nothing else. Could someone please help me.

    1. Have you extracted the file yet? If not use some type of extraction program similar to win-rar because its a compressed folder. It should work if not then retry downloading it again.

      1. alzip, best extraction program (korean, and free… well, not the latest version, but the older versions are free.) and it comes in a few different languages.

  46. why is this game labeled as an eroge?
    It has neither h nor ero-ero scenes…well the good story and deep gameplay made up for it, but i was still a little bit disappointed….

  47. excuse me I have a little problem, after you select “new game” the game starts correctly with the ‘only problem there is always the open text box that says “Error:” Then if I click “Unable to format text” I do not know what to do please help PS: I do not see the dialogues

  48. Thank you so much!! Sometimes I would think a file wasn’t working but I would just download again and it would be fine x)

  49. sorry but i’m really bad for computers. what should i do? do i have to extract and copy? i’m confused because i’ve downloaded all and some files have the same content heeeeeeeeeellllpppp

  50. hi, admin, parts 3 and 4 are down I think. They aren’t working and keeps coming up with an error when i click the download button.

  51. Hi, I am getting the game now, but I confused. Do I have to switch to part to part, pr as long it has the file it could keep on going?

  52. So… what’s going on so far for me is I figured out the application is called REALLIFE and when I opened it, I got a flower cursor with an empty black screen in the background. Dafuq do I do?

  53. Actually, nevermind. I had two downloads going on at once, and when one of them finished I tried again, and it worked. Ugh, fail.

  54. I can’t seem to download part 4. When I click start download it says the file cannot be found.

  55. It took me four days to download all the files because I was so busy, then I ended up having to redownload them for some unknown reason… Not amused.

  56. Hmmmmm… I downloaded and extracted everything fine, but then when I open the exe, I get a black screen, but just a black screen, no flower cursor or anything. I am aware that the above patch may help, but the link is down, so even if it could, it can’t.

    Just further info, I’m on a mac, using parallels to run it through windows.

    1. Ehhh? You finished downloading it? I can’t do that for some reason. Also, try mounting the .iso file using Daemon Tools, and follow the scattered instructions in the previous comments.

  57. I would like to make a request , i would love to play the visual novel rewrite by keys . It seems like a nice game , so i was hoping admin could post a download link on it.

    1. The only time this site would post a download link is if it’s been partially or fully translated. It’s nowhere near being finished in that respect, so we’ll have to wait.

  58. when i start the game i get a black screen with no sound but i have the flower courser and it do anything past that, can move etc but i waited for like 10 minutes and nothing happens..

  59. Glad that I could find a full translation. Became really interested in the VN after I watched the anime so thanks lots admins and translators. ๐Ÿ˜€

  60. I am a Mac user. I just want to make sure: It will be REALLIVE.EXE right? I’ve tried this before with no luck, so I’m trying something different to play it.

  61. Hi im a Mac user and I’ve been using crossover to play my other games and haven’t had any problems till now, apparently its not good enuf to play this one and i wanted to know if any other mac users had encounters this problem or know any programs that can help me?

  62. Is it english voice acting only? Or can I choose japanese? Cause english voice acting is a piece unko.

  63. I wasn going to download this, then I discovered that I have to use DA to download…
    Where did the mediafirelinks go? T_T

  64. Yes, now working perfectly fine with patch on my windows 7 x64 home premium, i used IDM for faster download…thanks a lot!!!!!!

  65. There are some error in this game pacth, but the most irritating error part is during Ibuki Fuko route the music suddenly goes off in midway and it won’t restore…=.=

    1. I’m having exactly the same problems with the Fuuko route. It doesn’t feel right without the background music!

      Also, I’m getting a lot of errors on this route – there must have been some programming errors part way through involving Nagisa and Tomoya’s names. Tomoya’s name is replaced in the dialogue with “No valid string, please make a ticket about it” and Nagisa’s name is missing from the dialogue.

      Having said that, playing this game has been very enjoyable up to now and I’ve been able to play 8 of the routes without any problems. As long as the Toshio, Nagisa and After Story routes don’t have the same problems as the Fuuko route, I’ll be happy!

  66. i have it now the link i taypd was wrog and insted of telling me it was wrog it think is was a file but it waen’t

  67. Whoever made the English patch for this game wasn’t very thorough. There are quite a few errors, including missing character names from the dialogue window on occasion or sections where parts of the dialogue are replaced by “No valid string, make a ticket about it”. It’s a bit annoying.

  68. Its working for me now
    I just kept trying to download the file that was “corrupt”
    I have a habit of running anti-virus scans frequently, especially when i download thing off the net. I didnt run a scan on my last time(not sure if that’d play a part in it not downloading correctly, i doudt)
    Make sure your “parts” are all in the same location

  69. I downloaded the game, but when I run it, the screen goes black and nothing happens. The cursor appears as a flower, and I can go to windowed mode or full screen, but nothing else happens. Is there any way to solve that?

          1. How do you fix the black screen problem? people say “solved” how? I got win 7 if it helps!

      1. I have the same problem and I really wish people would answer about how to fix it. Will someone who has bypassed the black screen problem please explain to other people how to fix aforementioned problem?

        1. Okay, for those with the black screen problem: Click the link under the download links that says “Installation Guide/Error Troubleshooting.” It explains what the problem is and includes a link with a download that will fix it. =)

  70. I have the same problem as Draugur, I downloaded it a while ago and it worked just fine, but now when I want to play it again, it just closes on me when it’s loading the main menu. I tried to open it again and again with different settings but to no avail. Does anyone know how to fix it?

    1. I just found out what was the problem. It was Avast which launched the game in sandbox and that caused game to close. So I just changed options in avast to open reallive.exe in normal window and it works!. Yay im so happy.

  71. Hello. I have a strange problem. Once i downloaded the game it worked pretty well. After a few hours when I turned my computer on and wanted to play the game just launches for about 20 seconds and closes . I dont know what to do… i have spent about 6 hours trying to fix it and nothing works… please help me someone :< Im using windows 7 ultimate 64bit.

    1. The answer is yes, unless by some odd chance your definition of “free” in this context is different from “don’t have to pay money”.

  72. so I run setup.exe install it and run RealLive.exe from c:key/clannad the game starts normally but when I click New Game it crashes same happens if I choose other stuff like Load or Options

  73. There are two version of clannad(pc game).
    first is old version release at 2004, and the last is New version that being release in 2008.
    question, what version this clannad?

  74. I’ve been having a lot of trouble with part 13. A specific file repeatedly shows up as corrupted. I’ve tried redownloading it several times on Mediafire. It’s the z6800.ovk file. Currently checking out rapidshare to see if it’s a problem on both ends.

  75. ok so i downloaded clanned off of the rapidshare but file 4 is corrupted so my question is can i just redownloed the same file from media fire or do i have to redownload all of of it on mediafire plz and thanks for ansewrs i will cheack every day for the anser

  76. I got the problem that the game suddenly goes to title screen on nagisa route.I could understand it if it does that when the story is finished but it doesnt look like and the anime continued too.I’m at the point where Nagisa is sick in may and its after a festival and blah.
    So is it a bug or is it normal to end the game at this point? Oo

    1. game has two parts – first and after story. you unlock after story by collecting 7 dragon balls light orbs, by completing character routes. refer to walkthrough for instructions.

  77. I have Windows 7 starter, and none of the downloads work for me. I downloaded the file and then i used WinRar to open it but it says a error screen so i just closed it and opened it. I went inside the folders until I came across BGM14.nwa and now I can’t go any further. I saw that link for this patch or something at the other comments that says SEEN_FV_snapshot_20081220…and copied it to the Clannad file and vice versa……..what do I do now..?

  78. I downloaded the .rar file….for Clannad part1 and it keeps saying error. I used the program, WinRar…. don’t know what to do. It keeps saying there are several errors and for Canvas2 too.

  79. hi, can anyone give me some help, why does window 7 can’t play this game, is there an patch needed to be download, then please give the the link

  80. Okay I love this game, but I noticed many more glitches than those mentioned above but a few are the same.

    In Nagisa’s and Fuuko’s Paths “No valid String, please make a report about it” shows up when ever anyone tries to call Tomoya “Tomoya-kun”.

    Also about 1/2 way though Fuuko’s path the music just quits playing.

    Also quite often an * shows up after a badly translated sentence.

    Are any or all of these due to the game still not being fully translated or some other similar situation?

  81. I have a question
    Why does all the files that i extracted is the same?
    do Part 1 to Part 8 contains the same data?
    Because after i extracted the first
    the second one said that the similiar file already exist :/
    Can Anyone hlp me with this?

    1. The files are so big that they span across several archives. When you extract from first part, winrar automatically pulls data from following parts, once it is done with first one. Try moving only one part to separate folder and extract it – you’ll get “unexpected end of archive” error.

  82. Finally finished the true story, had this VN downloaded months ago, but always forgot about/didn’t had enough time to really start reading it until now.

    What a fuckin great story,so sad at first but still…. very good, Tomoyo & Nagisa ftw!

    On a sidenote admin, are there translated extra expansions/fan content (for certain characters) for Clannad? Thought i heard something about it, or are those for the anime version (i have yet to watch).

    1. I know erogegame has a tomoyo one, but it’s not completed.
      There’s a link to it on this site under partially translated.

  83. Having a bit of a BGM issue. It started just after the 1/2 way point of Fuuka’s story (only arc ive played) where the BGM just stops playing … I am already at the end of her story and still no BGM. (Running Vista and the voices and option sounds work just fine)

    1. Just started a new game after I beat the Fuuka arc and the BGM is playing just fine … loaded up the fuuka file to see the alternate ending and its bugged. How odd.

  84. just to make sure this game is voiced in english right im just asking because english voices suck much better when in japanese with only the text translated

  85. The last time I downloaded this, all I got was one file that I couldn’t figure out how to use and it wouldn’t play. I deleted it, but now I want to play the game again but I’m unsure if I should spend time downloading it AGAIN if the same problem persists. Has anyone else had this problem, or is it just me? Also, I believe the file was a .cdi, but I could be wrong.

    1. Yes, i change uploads from time to time. The .cdi file you mentioned was game disc image – you had to mount it ( “faq” section of this website has instructions for this btw) and install. Current one is just extract and play (you need to apply alternative patch on some windows 7 systems, according to people’s comment – i wasnt able to reproduce this bug tho, game starts fine on windows 7 for me as well)

      1. Can you slice the file to 250m each, I’m scared on downloading such a huge file (I’m experiencing some sudden lags plus the download limits of my plug ins)

  86. The only problem I has a few months ago was that the game went back to the menu when “The scene ends with nagisa asleep with a fever and tomoya in the room,” This is still around the beginning of the game. I quit the game when i couldnt find a fix for this, and I did try to reload my save file and even make other choices that still led to that moment.

  87. help i cant download part 5 from filesonic
    i tried a lot of times but it seems like the file is not there anymore

    1. it’s normal… if something like that happen… just wait until a later time like the next day *it’s always the next day for me* or… the next day after next ๐Ÿ˜› then try to download it again…

      the same thing happened to me a bunch of time in a different eroge… but in the end I still manage to play it after I wait for it…

  88. Yeah i have the black screen/only the cursor popping up problem. i put the patch into the folder and everything but it still gives me black screen and an error that says mem error and random gibberish. Now i don’t really know how to change my computer to Japanese local so i haven’t tried that. please help!

  89. So I am getting the same error as the above parties in reference to the black screen and the flower courser upon attempted running/installing. I can’t seem to find the place where it states the fix. I run windows vista home edition if it’s any help. Please help meh!

  90. Hi,

    I recently downloaded this game and ran into some problems.
    I extracted the rar files but when I try to run the game all I get is a black screen with the flower cursor. Can anyone help me with this problem?

    1. make sure your computer is on Japanese locale, if it’s on english it might not work. and follow the instructions in the readme.txt file.

      1. thank you very much raitou, I also confirm that this method works. Before I have black screen with flower icon, now I can play without any problem. I appreciate it, thxs a lot !

  91. Hi.
    I recently downloaded this game and patched with the newest version for windows 7 patch.
    Game starts normaly and i have main manu where i can start game. After starting new game i can only play becouse when i try to go to menu it doesnt appear so i cant save my game :/

    any1 can help me with it?

    1. i have the same problem, if I save, and exit scenario, then i can load back up, but if I exit the game, no save is there? I tried multiple things, as saving and exiting from both in-game and teh menu, but still the same, had the same problem with shuffle! but it worked out, but still stuck on Clannad, any patch out there? (btw, im on vista)

      1. ok I know I just posted that, but I found my answer on my own, it was due to my antivirus (avast), deactivating it allowed me to save, try it out, and if it doesn’t work, I can’t help ya, sorry

  92. Are this game just extract it and play.
    or I mustuse daemon toll to play it,…
    I not too got to use daemon toll.

    1. You just need to download it and extract tosame folder. If you are using windows 7 you also need to download new patch form earlier comments.

  93. I downloaded it and extracted it all to one folder with winrar but when i click the .exe it goes to a black screen….did i do it wrong?? how are you supposed to start it up?? help please!!

      1. It wasn’t really explained. The previous person just said to reinstall it, which isn’t an option if you can’t install it in the first place. I am using windows 7 and these comments haven’t helped me in the least.

  94. Hi.

    I had the same problem with the black screen.
    I have a Win XP sp3 on a Virtual Box.
    When I applied the files in the previous comments but the text windows was on top and the menu’s didn’t work and res was 640×480. Tried the second one and the problem was that i had an error about text formatting. Fixed the problem by using the SEEN.txt file from the second fix and the rest from the first one. Menu’s still don’t work but since i have a virtual machine for this i don’t need them ;>

  95. So I think this game hates me. Or possibly I’m just an idiot.

    I was able to play this game fine a few months ago, finished a few routes, etc. Today, I finally decided to continue playing. Well, at first the game wasn’t responding, so I uninstalled and installed it a couple of times, then when that didn’t work, just restarted my computer. That fixed the not responding problem.

    Now however, the game is in Japanese, and appears to have no voices.
    Also, the save files from my previous playing of the game (which I kept by copying and pasting the SAVEDATA file between installations) don’t work. The CG data and such still seems to be available, but when you load the saves, you just see the CG and the date in the top left, but there’s no text or text box of any sort.

    I was using installation I successfully used a few months ago, which I got from this page. It was still in the daemontools library and everything. This is on windows 7.

    What have I done?

  96. Hey guys, I’m getting this wierd error while on Nagisa route.
    Instead of Nagisa saying (in the dialog box) “Tomoya-kun” it appears the following text; “No valid string, make a ticket about it”

    Is anyone else getting this problem in the game?

      1. Been there and done that. Somehow only with Nagisa it comes forward on her route. Last name bases okay, but when she goes first name bases it gives this problem.

        1. The game isn’t completely translated yet. You’ll find when you play it some comments are left behind by the translators, and very occasionally dialogue is untranslated and blank.

  97. With Zaku’s Files i have to put it in the same folder and extracted in Winrar right? Because thats what i did and its still showing me the black screen do i have to do something else with the files can anyone help me?

    1. It’s that big, since it also includes voices, which take a lot of space for game that long.
      Anyway – we have games that take double the size of this one School Days has 14*500MB parts.

      1. It’s more than that, though. Remember that the audio and possibly image files are uncompressed in most visual novels, including CLANNAD. If you wanted to you could rip the audio and music into good-quality ogg format and have the size down to maybe 800mb. The only downside is that you’ll be able to hear a small gap when the music loops.

  98. I cant get this to play. i click REALLIVE icon but all i get is a black screen with a branch mouse. what am i doing wrong? is there something i have to mount?

  99. d*mn!

    just last month before Admin re-upload all content mirrored to Filesonic, this Clannad Page had only 3 links, now it become 7 O_o

    haha, anyway, Great Job Admin ^^

    1. Previous one, with 3 parts didn’t have voices and was pain in ass to get to install on some systems. New one has voices incuded and is basicaly extract and play.

    1. You’re probably using Windows 7 – apparently there’re some issues few people are experiencing. Read older comments and download updated .exe that fixes this problem.

  100. Since I just totally messed up everything, what do I do after I download the game mirror #1 File sonic?
    I’m really sorry if I’m bothering you, I just really want to play T-T

  101. So yeah, I know I’m kinda late but my windows wont read my BD-ROM. I dont even know if thats how its supposed to be like taht, but I extracted it using winRAR then i mounted it on Daemon Tools. I go to “Computer” from the start menu, then i tried opening my BD-Drive containing the game but it says its not formatted for windows. Help plzzzzzz
    *btw im REALLY sorry for typing a LOT
    and if i did everything wrong can someone tell me EXACTLY what to do step for step
    If you do thx in advance and agn sry for EVERYTHING

    1. You must’ve downloaded this game somewhere else – the one posted here is ready-to-play install version – no mounting etc.
      Go ask at place you downloaded it from.

      1. 1st thx for replying, I wasnt expecting anyone to actually reply. But I downloaded it here at the top, filesonic. Well I just clicked the blue, like part 1 of 8 or whatever and it just led me to another website. File sonic. Is it supposed to just give me a pop-up HERE?

        1. Up until like month ago there used to be .cue/.bin version posted here. Recently i changed it to simple pre-installed archive, with all patches added – you can just extract it anywhere and play.
          To get it to work:
          1. Change locale to japanese ( see “faq” of this website for instructions)
          1. Put all archives into one folder
          2. Right click part1 and sellect “extract here”
          3. Open newly created “Clannad” folder and start the game with REALLIVE.EXE
          4. Some windows 7 users reported black screen at start of the game – someone posted fixed .exe that apparently fixes this issue – download it from older comments and replace the one you downloaded, but personally I had no such problem while running this game on Windows 7 Business x64.

          1. thx, sorry i was asking a lot im like really noob with computers agn im really sry and thankful ๐Ÿ˜€

          2. So first time trying this out and I’m a little confused on how to get the game installed and running, I’ve read the previous posts and can’t find the ( see โ€œfaqโ€ of this website for instructions)to figure out how to change the locale to japanese. Would you mind helping me out please?

  102. Just want to vouch for Zaku’s link. I was getting just a black screen, but after downloading and extracting the game works fine.

    One question though, the game is like 99.9% translated. There’s occasionally white screens with kanji and hiragana on them that seem like they’re important in filling in plot, but untranslated. Does anyone know if there anyplace that has those translated I could look up?

  103. A few weeks ago i downloaded Clannad here. It was 4 archives and within those the .cdi image. There was no Readme.txt or anything to guide me and the game crashed all the time, so i came here again just to see that the download links had changed -.-
    gg, I downloaded them again, and guess what? There’s still no readme…
    And the game does nothing after starting. The screen is just black and i can move the cursor, the opening wont start. What do I do? =/
    tried all of the common sense stuff… Loved the anime, really want to play this till i can’t cry anymore.

    1. Do you use windows 7? Apparently on some systems there issues like those you mentioned. I had no problem running this game on Windows 7 Proffesional x64, but some users mentioned having problems. Someone posted a patch in comments that apparently fixes this problem – you can try it out. I’m going to try reproduce those bugs and add the mentioned patch to download post if necessary.

  104. I’m having some trouble with the fullvoice version. Whenever I try to start the game all I get is a black screen. My PC is in Jap mode so I’m stumped here. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  105. Hello Zypharium. I have download your file and extract English patch and Crack to Clannad folder but when i start the game. I cant go in option in Clannad game and is not sound or voice at all. Can you please hjelp me whit this one? I really whant to play this game. P.S. I have sett my computer to Japansk.

  106. to the above posters, there was an adult version avaible first, but they made a version without all the adult stuff and that version is avaible here.

  107. clannad fullvoice(2008), as the name suggests, has voice, while the 2004’s version doesn’t. that’s it, sounds simple but it makes a whole difference

  108. Attention Everyone!!!
    This is not erogame
    I REPEAT , This is not EROGAME!
    but the story so good ,
    bet u will ejoyed it .

  109. im sorry i dont quite understand i downloaded all the files and used winRAR to extract them all into one folder, i have the game compilede as a 2 gb .cdi file and i cant play it because i dont have the program to run it. what is the program to run it or did i make a mistake somwhere along the way?

    1. You need to download a program called “daemon tools” It’s easy to use, so dont get intimidated by it

      1. ok thank you for that now i have a follow up question, i have mounted the game onto daemon tools and when i run it its all japanaese and stuff

        what am i extracting the patch into? because it doesnt give me permission when i extract the data into the BDROM drive

        it says a folder but i dont know which one

        1. You need to install the game first, then move the patch to installed game folder. You can’t put patch in DVD-rom image.

  110. guys need help =.=… i tried the torrent clannad from hongfire…the voice patch ang txt patch doesn’t seem to work. (* ” A ” *)

  111. I just noticed that the patches I found only work for the 2008 version of the game (apparently) out of the 3 versions there are (2004,2008,2010), so be aware of that, although I actually don’t know how to distinguish between them.

  112. I’m not sure if the problem lies here but did u fix the GAMEEXE.ini file as the readme says? (if u used the patches I uploaded)

  113. So, I got the game a while ago, completely forgot it existed and now have the sudden urge to play it again. The thing is though that i REALLY want to hear Tomoya’s voice… because he has such awesome sarcasm and there’s some console version that has his voice i was certain that a way would appear to add his voice to the game however intensive googling has brought me nothing. Can anybody tell me if there is some way currently in existence to add Tomoya’s voice?

  114. Please upload the voice patch, any page u want (still Mediafire’s best for download). Pretty pleaseeeee! I really want to hear them talk! It’s so much more alive! Been searching on the net but none of them worked. I’m so sad ๐Ÿ™

  115. Anonymouse is shocked this can be played with no Japanese support. WTF? I installed it, but wasn’t actually expecting this game to work.

    1. THX it’s nice it works! but what font should I set to, things seem to be cramming over each other. also it would be nice to have the voice patch too, I can’t use torrent with this school network. ๐Ÿ™ Anyway thx again!

      1. Hello, “watever” and “Rocky”! I’m glad that it worked for you. Unfortunately, it is impossible to do something about the font. You must take it as it is, sorry. Also I do not know where to get the Voice Patch, but if I find it some day. I will share it with you, I promise.

    2. Thank you so much! Seriously, I was really bummed for not being able to get this game working and you just made my week. Thanks again!

    3. Thanks for the files. While it got me to the menu,the game seems broken. It freezes when I right click and I get error messages if I go into config. Also I cannot save (im assuming right clicking opens a menu that I cant access). Any solutions to this?

  116. hey how do you installl the patch when i try to eliminate the one in the game folder says not enough space please any sugestions???

  117. Alright, I’m having a little trouble here.
    I downloaded the game and patch and I’ve got Daemon tools.
    Mounted it and the setup came up in Japanese. I THINK I installed it but I can’t seem to find where, so i can’t actually put patch in.
    But the odd thing is, it runs as long as I start it up from the Setup menu.
    Little help?

  118. My problem is different. I have the patch and the game is working fine, however, the problem is that the patch does not work at all. It does not translate the game from japanese to english. Please help me.
    P.S. I DID follow the instrutions from the person who posted the patch.

  119. Hey, I am having the same problem: black screen with cursor, except mine doesn’t stop responding. My computer is in Japanese locale, with the given patch the program did stop responding, but with sad’s patch it only doesn’t move forward. I’m stuck since no one has provided a solution for this problem, please look into it!

  120. The anime is absolutely wonderful and far from cheesy. The story is told in a very mature way and it has a wonderful and also melancholic sense of passing and change in it since it spans for almost 10 years. One really grows to care about the characters and their own little quirks and things like that. But it’s also very funny anime and just like in real life where funny things might happen immediately after sad ones or vice versa, so it is in Clannad.

    There’s a lot of humour there and a lot of school life as well. I’m actually happy that this was an all ages version since after watching the anime, I dont really like to see these characters doing this and that with each other.

    1. Clannad is all-ages game, meaning there’s no “H” content.
      There’s also 18+ rated spin-off game “Tomoyo After” which is currently being translated as well.

  121. how close to in writing style is this to the anime because that was a really horrible emotional roller coaster the funny parts werent bad but then they would try and fail imo for a really emotionally sad part then back to a funny part

    1. Anime was quite a good adaptation of game – due to time constraints ( this game is really long) they skipped a lot of funny school life stuff, but overall experience is similar to anime one – just better.

  122. If any of you watched the anime you know what i mean this anime was really really good especially after story and im glad there’s a download for this thanks admin! Also I cried like a bitch from the after story….

    1. The guys of KEY are specialist of making games that put everyone in tears, i admit that, i respect that they make very good VN, i think they are one of the best in this tipe of game

  123. I tried running the game with applocale and it works!…but its in jap even though I used the patch that was provided and is I don’t use applocale it just gives me a black screen a ! I think the game is mocking me

  124. Anyone who’s had issues with the game loading past the menu, You need to go into windows control panel, and change your computers regional setting to Japanese. This fixed the problem for me and the game ran fine. (I had tried using just Applocale, this is not effective.)

  125. Game runs fine without the patch, but once I patch it I get “Error: .unable to format text” repeating where the dialogue is supposed to be.

  126. Where are you supposed to put the seen.txt file? I can’t seem to find where to put it…

    Thank you for your help.

  127. not saying in a bad way lol cause i love this game. but wherent you guys supose to upload like…. just eroges? clannad is a VN not eroge. if you guys are gonna upload a VN then you should like…. create a VN only area. cause there may be some people that think that THIS (clannad etc.) are aroges but they are only VN, w/out porn and stuff like that. hey, like i said, not sying this in a bad way… ๐Ÿ˜›

  128. This game is not an eroge, its a normal visual novel / adventure. Just for the sake of completeness, this should be said in the description.

  129. hey, you’ve got nice selection of eroge in english ๐Ÿ™‚
    thanks it could help save time rather than search it over the internet.

  130. Can anyone recommed any visual novels that are like Clannad? I really like sad/romance/touching stories.

    Thanks for the uploads!!

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