Renai Karichaimashita: Koikari – Love For Hire

Renai Karichaimashita: Koikari - Love For Hire

Because of his family’s unique circumstances, the only thing Yuki put his faith in was that “Money will make my little sister happy.” To this end, he regularly worked a part-time job until late at night.

His goals were to graduate as soon as possible and get a full-time job. But, one day as he was leaving for work, his little sister told him, “If Yuki isn’t going to college then I won’t either.” He knew he couldn’t put such a burden upon his little sister.

So, in order to gather the necessary sum of money to enter university, Yuki signed up for a “human employment rental” website. It seemed extremely suspicious, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

He starts his new job…and for some reason, a girl in his class asks him to be her pretend-boyfriend. Then he’s hired to pretend to be a woman’s lover, another girl’s friend, and even the older brother to a pair of twins!

The details of his fake relationships with these girls begins as soon as he takes their money!

19 comments on “Renai Karichaimashita: Koikari – Love For Hire

    1. not to be mean but are u serious? i mean its not that many choice and the only thing that matter is the choice colored in pink. if this is like majikoi then i need guide but in this game u just pick the other choice (pink colored) if it locks u to the route u dont wanted.
      the order is Tsubaki route, twin route, saki route, then Emi or Sumi route then lastly Momo route

  1. When I want to start the game , I get this message Acess Violation: The thread attempt to read from or write to a virtual adress for which it does not have acess. Could anyone help me with this please ?

  2. These type of VNs tend to have weak MCs, but this one is nice. He isn’t infatuated with girls just because they’re cute/doesn’t let them push him or control him for the same reasons. Basically, he just treats them like normal which is unfortunately an uncommon trait it seems.

    1. it’s so rare i can hardly believe it.
      it’s hard to remember when i last saw a Vn where the MC did not instantly Jizz in this pants because the school idol made eye contact with him.

      1. Really? i think he jizz his pants with The Teacher and even tho u already in her route u still dating other girl. basically manslut or man prostitute. I’m enjoying every VNs i could like harem VNs, when u genderbend the char i still think its good while if this VNs u change the gender then u will hate it because MC now basically a Slut.

        1. Yeah the protag is your tipical vanilla Kirito n9999, very boring just here to have us converse with the far more interesting heroines.

          1. yeah agree while is not the best or really left some impression but the heroines is really interesting. good laugh VNs and not boring

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