Abaddon: Princess of the Decay

Abaddon: Princess of the Decay

This tale is set in the haunted Ayakoji Mansion, nestled away deep in a dense, dark forest. Professor Yamanobe, a close friend of the mansion’s owner, arrives at the mansion with a small group of his students to explore and learn the truth behind its many rumors and mysteries. However, they too are engulfed by the innumerable horrors lurking within before long…

It is then that Homura, Professor Yamanobe’s son, arrives with a small group of his friends in search of his father. Will they be able to find his father and escape alive? Or will they suffer an unthinkable, sinister fate…??

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      1. I remember this error. You have to go to the graphics/windowskins and create a duplicate of Letter_24 and name it Letter_437. This fixed the error for me.

  1. This really does need a walkthrough. I think no one can really finish this first try without one, unless they spam save and load for every discovery or setback. That said, I know it would be difficult to make one, since it’s mostly exploring the maps and interacting with every object you can and trying different items on different things. That said, there are a few advices I can give:
    1. The papers have clues in them, make sure to read and remember them.
    2. Don’t fight every enemy, try to fight only those that provoke paranoia so you can reduce some fear after the battle.
    3. Use items to reduce fear when appropriate, try not to let anyone faint. If their hearts go to 0, they die.
    4. There will be events where it becomes a hide and seek, where the landscape becomes hellish and a monster starts chasing you. The important thing here is to keep running, running in circles if you have to. You might have to use some items as well for one of the chases.
    5. Make sure to keep at least one item space open. You can only pick up items if you have space, and you can’t check their information unless you pick them up.
    5. SPOILER: The first person you choose seems to be the chosen heroine. The others just died, including my 2nd teammate. A new second teammate joins from the people you didn’t choose. So make sure your important stuff are with your character and the 1st teammate.

    1. Correction:
      There is a walkthrough. Also there are actually hiding places for the hide and seek.
      Finally, it’s possible to save everyone depending on your play.

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