Little My Maid

Little My Maid

You are Ouji Kamogawa, age 19, a bright student with a bright future. However, your dreams of going to a top-ranked university suddenly come crashing down when you fail your entrance exams — and lose your beloved Yukari at the same time. Now six months later, you’re wandering a lonely beach, bitter about all that you’ve lost.

Suddenly, you hear a sweet voice, crying out for help. It’s a beautiful girl — a young maid — about to be subjected to a terrible fate at the hands of a band of hoodlums. Thinking fast, you are able to save her virtue.

“My name is Mari,” she says, through her tears. “I work as a maid at a nearby mansion. Please…let me repay your kindness.”

She takes you to the house she works at, Sea Dragon Mansion. There you encounter her two sisters: the proud and capable Hina and the delightfully cute Mayu-chan. You also meet the mysterious mistress of the mansion, Hime, and the cold trainer-of-maids, Aya.

Welcomed as a guest, you choose to stay for a time in Sea Dragon Mansion. Aya coldly explains the rules of the house: you are the guest, and that means that the three maids will strive for your every pleasure. Ring one of the three bells to call any one of the three maids, and you can use them any way you like.

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37 comments on “Little My Maid

  1. Damn, I finally got this game to run and well, it’s pretty disappointing. Not that I expected much, I mean, it’s a nukige after all, but of the girls the only one I really like dwas Aya (galsses). The problem is that it’s not exactly clear that Aya CAN be fucked.

    Explore the mansion a bit, go into her room (it’s next to the mistress’s room on the first floor) and then let her find you in her room. You’ll have to pick what you don’t like about her (her glasses or her uniform), and then you’ll have the option to fuck her whenever you go to her room later.

    BTW, if you want her to keep the glasses on when you fuck, pick the option of not liking her uniform, if you pick the glasses option, she’ll take them off during the sex scenes.

    P.S. My captcha was: GOOD GIRL Lol

  2. uh how do i start playing this game i get the files and all it gives me is an iso file i never played a game with an iso file so how exactly do i start it up i got all three parts downloaded

  3. hello all, for those of you with the “initializing direct draw” error and need help here it is, please note i have looked EVERY ware for a soluotion to no advail; just do this
    step one disable to video card; simply pull up device manager in controle panal go to ur video card and disable it then reboot your pc
    step two: simple open the game after its fully started up (ur system will look a bit ugly its running in 640×250 or so format) dont know the exact numbers! run the game and use this chance to set it to windowed ill explain later!
    go to device manager and reenable ur video card! and reboot ur pc like it asks
    and finaly once ur pc is up enjoy the game!

    the reson for this error is your pc is to new! or to good to run it! snoby pc *kick pc* running it in windows disables direct draw!
    have fun!

  4. oh, sorry, forget abt my question on previous comment, i just realized these are the two options, either 1 link or 3 parts

  5. nothing is going wright today. I’m so frustrated, tired and sad because of that. I just wanna cry… Why won’t anyone help me?

  6. Please! I need help. I’ve been at this all day. I’m in Daemon Tools Lite right now. Under [Image Catalog] is- Little My Maid.mdx and Little My Maid.iso . Under [Recently Used Images] is- Little My Maid.iso . I don’t know what to do now. Please help me!

    1. Mount the .iso image. Then open “My computer” – you’ll see new DVD-drive there, with game image mounted, just double-click on it to run game setup.

  7. ok I’ve downloaded all 3 parts. before I mess around with anything, could someone, even the admin, tell me what to do next? I’m on an Acer Aspire netbook using windows 7 with a ram of 200GB. Please help me!

  8. It ran fine at first, but now it always says: application formatting error when I try to start it. Can someone help?

    1. I had the “application formatting error” too. I installed it to my desktop and started the game from the installer the first time just fine, and any subsequent time I tried to start it I got that application error.
      Uninstall it via the installer again, then install it to the default location. It’s something like …programfiles(x86)/Will/LittleMM for reference. Keep it there and don’t move it and it should be fine.
      I know this is years late but seeing as how this is the only google result I found when I ran into that error I figured I’d respond here for posterity.

  9. How do I get this to work!
    I’m new to this. I have alcohol 52% but don’t know how to work it?

  10. This game… Does it have a happily ever after ending?
    Cuz it reminds me of Urashima Taro.. And honestly, I don’t think I’ll like that ending for a VN/Eroge..

    1. The story of the guy and the turtle? Yeah the game is a basic nod to that, Ends the same, You leave with a girl, She turns human yet she cannot return to her home and you live happier ever after with her.


    1. i would personally suggest looking up a program called ‘alcohol 52%’ its what ive been using this whole time and it works beautifully (and its entirely free, as well) simply drag and drop the iso, the cab, cue, bin, w/e into the window part and double click, you can unmount and remove with right clicking, its really simple 🙂 hope you can get it working with that, this game looks interesting.

      1. crap, double posting but… you should only use it for mounting/install, some of the games have .exe so you shouldnt need it for those (common sense) but at least its free 🙂 g/l!

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