Yagai Gakushuu 2

Yagai Gakushuu 2

There is a program described as “Male and Female Practical Education”, it all started with a single classroom and eventually spread to others. This summer break Arita Atsushi was enrolled in this program. He’s afraid he won’t talk to any of his classmates because he gets nervous talking to others, especially girls. He doesn’t know anything about this camp other than it’s being held on a remote island, and he’s really hoping the experience changes him for the better.

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3 comments on “Yagai Gakushuu 2

  1. really buggy, it seems there are multiple bugs after I did some searching for a patch online, which I could not find. just a heads up.

  2. This just straight up doesnt have an install application or the ability to run

    Does anyone know what “c4-patch.exe” does? Did I just install a virus?

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