Guardians of Daybreak

Akatsuki no Goei

We find ourselves in Japan, in the not too distant future.

Crime runs rampant as an impotent police force looks on, powerless to effect change.

Enter Ren’ou Academy. Within these walls, first-class bodyguards are reared alongside the daughters of the nation’s richest families.

It is here that we meet our protagonist, Kaito Asagiri. After completing a year of intense training, he is to be awarded with the right to act as a bodyguard for one of the Ladies that attend Ren’ou.

However, as the new school year is beginning, Kaito finds that his feelings differ from those of his peers, who are all ready to embrace their new lives.

On the day of the opening ceremony, he, reticent as always, attempts to leave by delivering a letter notifying the school of his withdrawal.

And all is going according to plan… that is, until he meets one particular girl.

The winds of change are beginning to blow.

“I’ve taken an interest in you. I’ll let you revel in that for a moment,” she said, not caring to hear his opinion on the matter.

“What about this am I supposed to ‘revel’ in, exactly?”

There’s a quiet passion in his words, a passion that his deliberately indignant tone can’t quite conceal.

He hadn’t thought it possible, but she has charmed him. He wants to protect her.

17 comments on “Guardians of Daybreak

  1. ugh haven’t even made it past the prologue and I just find the 2 main characters to be extremely obnoxious. I really hope there is some redeemable quality or some drastic character development or I’m gonna be disappointed if I can even make it that far.

    1. sadly this doesn’t get any better. this is awful. I tend to hate evil sadistic bitches as a rule in VNs but most the characters including the protagonist, don’t make any sense. I get that it’s supposed to be sadistic humor but it just comes off as obnoxious and hard to read through. I’d rather read princess evangile again then sit through this and I couldn’t stand that VN either albeit for very different reasons.

  2. Getting errors when trying to start any of the .exes – either with the ???’s as others have mentioned or one talking about a kirikiri executable that’s missing.
    Am I missing something? System locale is set properly.

    1. If you are getting ??? it means you computer can’t write the characters in other words it can’t show the japanase characters so either you haven’t properly set the unicode to japanase or you don’t have the japanase language installed

  3. So lets clarify things quickly

    This is the complete version of the game which contains the first game, a fan disk and the second game is not technically 3 parts but 2 parts and a fandisk

    Only the first game is translated and the prologue of the fandisk

    The translator seems to be committed to finish the fandisk and also do the second game

    How much will that take? well if you been playing VNs for a while you know the best answer to that is “a long time probably” its a team translating the game for free after all, to give a little of insight, the TL team for this game started around 2017 is not to say it took them 5 years to finish the TL they fully started working on the TL not too long ago but they had a hiatus and that’s what you factor in on TL teams, they may take long years breaks make you think they given up and 5 years later drop majikoi A 3 and A 4… just saying its better not to think when the next TL is coming out just enjoy what you are given

  4. Admin, are you going to reupload the game, upload a patch or do nothing after they released the translation patch for part 2 and part 3 of this game?

  5. Running it as an administrator with Japanese locales but got nothing. I just get an error with a bunch of question marks in it. Are you supposed to apply the patch in a specific place. When I run the patch in the folder I just get a coding error and something about patch 3 which is present and it also does it if I remove those patches.

    1. Also my previous comment had a mistake, VNDB lists the sequel to the first game as the third game, so lengths are actually 25 13 25, sorry for confusion, translator isn’t actually going to translate the 65 hour one anyway

      Question mark characters sounds like a case of missing the japanese language pack or the locale wasn’t set correctly?
      This game is a bit too large and I don’t have the hard drive space for it right now anyway so I can’t give you any tested advice
      You can try moving the game folder to documents folder, or if you’re running something other than windows 7, you can try compatibility mode, though this trilogy version was made in 2014 so I really doubt it unless it’s windows 10 specifically causing a problem

    1. You have to actually explain what the error is if you want help, general bandage solutions are usually
      Setting system locale to japanese
      Running as administrator
      Installing various C++ redistributables
      A 6GB translation patch is a hilarious concept though, though it would be possible if it was porting console content to PC versions

      1. Also as joseph says this is actually all 3 games in one with only the first one translated
        Which is why the file size is so large, I thought there were a ton of CGs or something but that makes more sense
        The trilogy edition does have like 7 new CGs as an aside though
        On the flipside, if you go ahead and download it now you can just apply the patches by themselves later I guess

    1. I dunno, their developer company closed in 2012, and the 3 game trilogy is 75% of their work
      Just for reference, VNDB length vote are 25 hours, 25 hours, and 65 hours
      So it might not be an eternity for the 2nd game to be translated, but the 3rd one is pretty far away

  6. Just a heads up for people wanting to download, this is Akatsuki no Goei Trinity Complete Edition version, meaning all the trilogy is here, but only the first game is fully translated.
    The second game only has the prologue translated and the third game is untranslated but the translator is working on all of them and plans to release a eng. patch for the 2nd and 3rd game as well.
    More information you can find at his site, just look for “Daybreak Translations” on VNDB.

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