Majikoi! Love Me Seriously!

Majikoi! Love Me Seriously!

Kawakami City is famous for its strong dedication to its samurai ancestors and its martial arts traditions. A strong fighting spirit is always valued and it’s even an important factor in succeeding in school there, and with so many budding samurai, there is never a dull moment.

Naoe Yamato, a second year student from Kawakami High School is always with his close friends in the Kazama family. Having known each other since childhood, they’ve had many adventures together. While they have many other friends, these seven are a close-knit family: they even have a secret base where they meet…

With the new semester, they welcome two girls into their group and shortly after things start to change…

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MajikoiLoveMeSeriously.part01.rar – 200.0 MB
MajikoiLoveMeSeriously.part02.rar – 200.0 MB
MajikoiLoveMeSeriously.part03.rar – 200.0 MB
MajikoiLoveMeSeriously.part04.rar – 200.0 MB
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MajikoiLoveMeSeriously.part29.rar – 200.0 MB
MajikoiLoveMeSeriously.part30.rar – 200.0 MB
MajikoiLoveMeSeriously.part31.rar – 200.0 MB
MajikoiLoveMeSeriously.part32.rar – 8.1 MB

52 comments on “Majikoi! Love Me Seriously!

  1. Does this have the H scenes included or do i need to find a seperate patch? Also are the H scenes having voice acting? I only need to download the fan patch for the missing voices right? Does anyone know the status of A-5 and A-Plus translation.

    1. No, this version doesn’t have all characters voiced. There’s a patch for it on Reddit if you Google it. Restores all missing voices.

      1. I’ll just download the fan translation version then cuz that voice pacth is 2 gigs and the game is already 6 gigs. The orginal is only 6 gigs and has all voices already

  2. Anyone else wonder why all the females in this game fangirl so hard over Touma? He’s just plain creepy. Also dude isn’t even attractive, if I had to bang a dude in Majikoi he’d be near the very bottom of the list.

    Also lowkey disappointed that no Kuroko route :s

  3. been ages ago i played it but is this not just the original game? is this some special version?
    reading this for 5 mins and it feels like when i first played it (pure hatred for the main girl)…

    1. No, it’s just the officially translated version. And yeah, I wasn’t a Momo fan when I first played it either. I was kind of annoyed by Miyako too. Both got better after their routes, but I still prefer Margit.

  4. Any idea if and when they are officially translating Majikoi S? I loved it, but I’m having trouble starting it on my new computer (even with the AlphaRomdie).

  5. Any chance that you will put up the A-5 version with at least partial patch? I would really love to play Margarets path but I cant find it anywhere.

  6. Well at least the remaining A series get translated few years down the line. As seriously need to play A-5 Takae, Yoshitsune and Margit follow on from Majikoi S.

  7. So I know this if oficial tl, but since this game is pretty big (to download as free version) I’m gonna ask, what’s the changes from this one for the fan tl asides the text? I saw that this version is uncesored ( I know there’s an uncensor patch for the ftl version but I wanna know if the uncensored version of this one differs from the uncesor of the fan tl).

    1. The main change is that they weren’t able to re-license all of the voice acting so many of the voice lines from the original are removed in this official translated version. The fan translated version on this site already has the de-censor patch applied (and has all of the voices intact obviously).

  8. Just to be sure, this is the original game, but with an official translation, it doesn’t have any new or missing content, right? Cause I was about to start with the Majokoi series, and I think I’d rather read this one if it’s just the same. Also, thanks admin for being the most consistent and respectable person on the interwebz.

    1. No new content, but it is missing a lot of the voices. Only the main characters are voiced in this version, while in the original basically all characters are voiced. For that reason I’d highly recommend you play the fan translated version. You can also get it on this site and it has the de-censor patch already applied.

    1. There’s font included in game folder (MotoyaLMaruM.ttf) install it, by right-clicking on file, and it will look noticeably better.

    2. Could be japanese fonts issue you’re missing. Look up how to install japanese supplemental fonts or install the most basic ones individually (japanese: MS Mincho, MS Gothic, and Meiryo)

  9. I wonder how the original translators would feel. Most translators translate since the series they love often have extremely low chances to impossible of getting an official translation. And yet many years later, an official translation came after all. What the heck… This is simply way too late…

    1. I have spoken with several translators, whose projects got official release afterwards, over the years, and the feeling is generally positive:

      1. Most fan translations start because someone really, REALLY likes particular game (I mean, one wouldn’t send months/years on a project, if game sucked) and they want more people to enjoy it – some of those fantl projects are available only on some rally obscure places, like random tumblr posts (and on here…), so their reach is very limited – by getting official localization, game they love is suddenly put in front of hundred of thousands (Mangagamer/Jast/Dlsite) or even millions (steam) potential new fans.
      2. Successful official release of one game greatly increases chances of other games by same studio getting translated, and since studios tend to maintain similar theming and quality, this is a good thing (See point #1)
      3. Often fantranslation author is getting directly involved in official release – his previous work is being “bought out” by company, then he gets paid extra to polish/edit it. Also, successful fantl releases are huge booster to their CV, if they want to pursue career in professionally translating those games for one of Western publishers – many of current Mangagamer/Jast employees started as fantranslators.

      Only disadvantage I could see is “opportunity cost” – companies spending time on re-releasing stuff that already got translated before, takes away resources from bringing completely new games over, but I definitely understand that it’s good decision for them, financial-wise (They are a business and want to make money, remember.)

    1. Tried Grisaya… kinda bored me and stopped playing it, maybe some day will try it again.

      Majikoi, did the best girl route then stopped playing cuz the other waifus are no longer “filling” me enough after best girl.

      1. in grisia i liked the overall setting and girls but the main character bugged me. He had no character development taking place over the story. In every route he seemed to remain a very cold distant person who only went out with the girls because he found it hard to reject them. Felt very weird.
        For Majikoi i found the overall story just too blunt and the routes rather uninspired. Also this “you can only date me if you admit yourself to your dreams” leading to him trying to become the president thing just felt absolutely stupid to me.

        1. What I really liked about grisaia is that the MC never had a savior complex and even actively avoided getting involved too much. It’s refreshing and makes sense considering what he suffered in the past. That’s why I enjoyed the common route/prequel stories the most (aside from Angelic Howl) because it felt most natural, as nothing significant occured to change him in the school. That doesn’t sell a visual novel though, so they had to make romance routes over an incredibly short period after his arrival. What irks me is that the writer is aware of all of this as the MC says it himself, that grouping together a bunch of broken people won’t magically improve/fix them and that he feels like a make-believe student playing along with the others and it’s just that. Except even when he’s the most broken of them all, and in typical fashion MC fashion, he still goes out of his way to save others because of the flimsy excuse that’s how he saves himself.

          1. actually like that take. Interesting idea.
            But to me it didn’t seem to work in these stories. It did not feel like he committed to these relationships to really help anyone, not even himself. It felt as if he did it because it was the thing that was expected and he had no real alternative. This felt pointless and depressing, but they didn’t even focus on that. They pretended like it had meaning which just didn’t work for me.
            I mean it’s fine to take things down a dark path, or show how these shallow relationships break (loved kokoro connected and Doki doki literature club, for example), but then you need to focus the story on that.

  10. Heard good things about this one. My only concern is that VNDB shows it’s “Very long (> 50 hours)” I never see stuff this long unless it has gameplay, and usually 30hr long VNs burn me out pretty fast. But I’m guessing this one is different?

    1. Because there are lots of routes and the series as a whole essentially tries to give a route to everyone.
      And this one is quality and can be regarded as a legendary VN.

      The creator of Akame ga Kill is the director and writer but take away the edgy stuff and make it 10/10 comfy and humorous.
      One of the many reasons why fans kinda dislike Takahiro, cause he left the comfy romcoms like Majikoi where he truly shines and shows exactly what he can do when he is in his actual area.

  11. yea this game series is fantastic, I was excited thinking it was new content but it looks like just the first game with JAST translation, unfortunate.

  12. Still remember as one of the best VNs i’ve read.
    But this the first one? What is different in this one compared to previous post? Official translation? Or is this just a repost?

  13. Easily one of the best VNs of this…decade, really. Lots of sequels, lots of fun to be had. The true route (Agave) is ABSOLUTELY worth working towards. Give this a chance. Don’t get turned off by the tags. Don’t focus on how silly it sounds. Just play it.

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