Maji de Watashi ni Koishinasai!


Kawakami City is famous for its strong dedication to its samurai ancestors. A strong fighting spirit is always valued and it’s even an important factor in succeeding in school there.

Yamato, a second year student from Kawakami Highchool is always with his close friends (4 boys and 3 girls). They have known each other since they were young and have done loads of things together. They have many other friends, but this seven people is a close-knit group, they even have a secret base where they meet…

With the new semester, they welcome two girls into their group and shortly after things start to change…

297 comments on “Maji de Watashi ni Koishinasai!

  1. I ran the configuration as administrator and got the game to work but it’s some weird language that isn’t Japanese, help

    1. NOOO why all of my save slot turned into japanese i have my other save and all of them are now japanese. Please tell me how to fix thiss.

  2. Also had problem saving in Windows 10 Education edition. Couldn’t solve what the cause was, so I just ran it in VMWare with Windows 7 installed. It worked fine there.

  3. I keep getting no dialogue sounds on my after story route “Momoyo Route” since she’s the one I’ve just finished first. Is it just me? or their’s really no dialogue sounds on “After Story”?

  4. Is this game really sexist? I don’t really want to read that kinda shit. And I don’t like forced sex either although it can work as drama. Not titillating to me however. I was excited to read this :l

      1. Ah, that’s exactly what I dislike.
        If you want sadist MCs, there’s Fuminori from Saya no Uta, the guy from Euphoria, and there are some yaoi/boys love VNs like that too.

        1. Saya no uta is more of drama/tragedy and I am not going to read yaoi. So only good ones are euphoria,bunny black,rance. It’s always nice to have some sadist mcs in the sea of vanilla

        2. Okay no, he’s not a sadist by comparison, at all. The protag is genuinely caring and loving, he’s just a top is all (and a teaser in bed). He doesn’t objectify women in the slightest.

          1. Thanks for the answer. I’ll be reading this then. Someone said that this has nationalist vibes, but I hope not lol.

          2. Yamato is a complete douchebag. He SHAMES the girls that he loves – he makes them do things they don’t want to do… like have sex – loud sex, anal… right next to his girlfriend’s osananajimi and Kouhai… a girl she protects and chaperones.. and he makes her — he tells her she is his anal whore (no, he’s just playin..) .. she cries and feels shame that she will feel for the rest of her life. Just so this douchebag can get off by deeply humiliating and harassing her. In real life – that guy would be dumped by pretty much every girl except the most damaged of them. Shame and humiliation are the deep cuts man, emotionally, esp. for women… it doesn’t go away… And he MAKES THE DAMAGE WORSE. I guarantee it. Yamato – I wish there was a route where I could walk him in to a train going 200mph .. that would be the best route. He’s scum. Just an opinion of course. lol… don’t waste electrons cuz I’m not trying to pick a fight, seriously. I seriously do not mean offense – but — I _really_ REALLY hate Yamato. I’ve played through, hoping for something better … one or two routes you can turn it around and he gets pegged and stuff, as the “bottom”.. lol.. but – not my bag either. He wrecked what would have been my favorite VN for the girls… well, one of my favs anyway… but – wanna kill him everytime he makes Brigit cry… shame and humiliation by the truckload. She’s damaged already and he just rubs salt in it. Aaah. so – don’t flame – it’s just that I can’t stand the guy. Nothing personal.

      1. Not very kind of you. That was unwarranted. I just don’t want to deal with overly sexist protags. It doesn’t matter if you’re a fan of this or not, people will have different opinions about things.

        1. Fuck you, you’re a hypocrite and you’re what’s wrong with society.

          Yes sexism is bad. WE KNOW.

          You know what’s more annoying than sexist comments?

          Shrieking assholes who think shrieking will solve the problem. It won’t. So shut your damn mouth.

          Also, I don’t believe you’ll change just because I said some mean words to you just now. I’m not that naive. That’s kinda my point though.

  5. help, I finished downloading all 33 parts then I extracted it but this shows up

    C:\Users\a\Desktop\Games\Nintendo ROMs\Majikoi\Majikoi.part01.rar: You need to start extraction from a previous volume to unpack Majikoi\Voice2.pac
    C:\Users\a\Desktop\Games\Nintendo ROMs\Majikoi\Majikoi.part02.rar: Checksum error in Majikoi\Visual.pac. The file is corrupt
    C:\Users\a\Desktop\Games\Nintendo ROMs\Majikoi\Majikoi.part08.rar: Checksum error in Majikoi\Voice.pac. The file is corrupt
    C:\Users\a\Desktop\Games\Nintendo ROMs\Majikoi\Majikoi.part09.rar: Checksum error in Majikoi\Visual.pac. The file is corrupt
    C:\Users\a\Desktop\Games\Nintendo ROMs\Majikoi\Majikoi.part17.rar: Checksum error in Majikoi\Stand.pac. The file is corrupt
    C:\Users\a\Desktop\Games\Nintendo ROMs\Majikoi\Majikoi.part25.rar: Checksum error in Majikoi\Voice3.pac. The file is corrupt
    C:\Users\a\Desktop\Games\Nintendo ROMs\Majikoi\Majikoi.part08.rar: Checksum error in Majikoi\Voice.pac. The file is corrupt
    C:\Users\a\Desktop\Games\Nintendo ROMs\Majikoi\Majikoi.part09.rar: Checksum error in Majikoi\Visual.pac. The file is corrupt
    C:\Users\a\Desktop\Games\Nintendo ROMs\Majikoi\Majikoi.part17.rar: Checksum error in Majikoi\Stand.pac. The file is corrupt
    C:\Users\a\Desktop\Games\Nintendo ROMs\Majikoi\Majikoi.part25.rar: Checksum error in Majikoi\Voice3.pac. The file is corrupt

  6. I don’t know why but this Majikoi only has Momoyo, Chris, Miyako, Yukie, Wanko. It has no Umeko, Chika, Mayo and Agave. Can you guys update the full Majikoi? Please! This Majikoi hasn’t comepleted.

  7. What is wrong with this game can’t download part14,now 15 also.aaahh
    Please admin do something fix this.I really want to play tis game

  8. Something is wrong with part 14 tried downloading it 4 times but every time download fails in the middle please fix this.Admin

  9. I’m having issues with part 32 it downloads but while extracting it tells me I need to have it for the whole thing to extract.

  10. So i keep getting errors when i try and download any files here with smartscreen filter saying its an unsafe file. anyone know how to fix that cuz it gets really annoying?

  11. Hi i have two question: 1st what i should play majikoi or majikoi-A1..A5.
    2nd any news about the rance series can we see new vn in english.

    1. the order of games you should play is

      1. Majikoi
      2. Majikoi S
      3. Majikoi A1-A5

      have fun getting yourself off!

  12. Wow thanks a lot for this! I tried downloading it and applying the patch for myself but it never seemed to work. Hopefully it’ll work now that it’s pre-patched, I can’t thank you enough!

  13. Have not touched the game in a long time, long story short, went to go play and save data is gone.

    What do i do.

    1. Check the registry, (run regedit) and find out where the game expects the save file to be. Update the information if it is not correct.

      1. Cool, thanks for the reply. I’ll try it outlater on tonight.
        But first, I need to figure out how to perform the action. Never had to use regedit.-_-

        1. Found my saves, they were in a another folder in my documents. Dont know how it happened but it happened. still need to fix the save path now…any1 know how to do that.

  14. I still cannot save the file. I had tried remove read only folder, run as administrator but doesnt work.

    Any help?

  15. 10/10

    Most VN are far too unrealistic to learn something about romance but Maji de takes this seriously. It is this good it could have probably prevent some police calls because of stalking in one or another case if these persons would have played this game earlier. It contains a mountain of valuable, practical lessons!

    Characters are lovely, the stories are over the top funny and it dives not to much in emotional critical territory like in School Days or Clannad that the “I want to slit my wrists” effect shouldn’t occur. So don’t worry and have a great time with this game.

    1. Sadly the protagonist is a douchebag, it’s very nationalistic (pre Fukushima…)and the sex is obscene…in a bad way. Our “hero” (the future “primeminister”…lol)simply ravages the girls. The girls we used to like thanks to the story! WTF? After finishing it now it is at best a 8/10. It feels as if a grown up made the first part and when the relastionships go into full body contact a horny pervert teen overtook. Or some producer said “well lets fuck the shit out the stupid whores cause horny basta…ehm players expect that” I played a lot of pervy stuff but Majikoi feels extremly foul.

      1. I really wasn’t sure what to expect when I read your comment and will be honest I thought you probably were exaggerating, however after playing every route I agree with you 100%. It came off very “lets make the girls overwhelmingly stronger than the men but to make sure they no their place have the main character fuck the shit out of them and make them submit.” I probably wouldn’t have minded this if they only acted that way with Momoya who comes off as someone who may enjoy that (being so strong and having her man take control in the bedroom) but it was the same thing with every heroine even those not as accustomed to the idea of sex and as a result I sped through about 90% of the sex scenes as they did little but piss me off. If it wasn’t for the rest of the story I would have felt this game was a waste of time but it is strong in every other case in my opinion so like you it’s an 8/10

        1. These comments are just too far-fetched. Remember this is an “eroge”, This ain’t no Clannad, Air and those spectacular “VNs”. This was made to ensure that sex is a dominant factor for the game while still proving a good amount of plot. An eroge’s selling point will and will always will be the “sex scenes”. The logic the you two provide is like reading a porn mag for the friggin cars and watches. Kids these days think they’re so smart with their long ass comments when all it meant was “I didn’t quite like it because the sex was not vanilla but I still liked the plot so 8/10”.Pfft.

          1. You’re pretty far off with your response.
            I didn’t catch these guys saying they wanted vanilla.
            You can do a lot of nasty sh** without having to RAPE the girl (Maru-san, i.e. Margit for sure..), or totally humiliate them by forcing anal on them as they scream at you that they do not want anal… or doing it right next to others .. or on the bed of someone whose respect is important to the girl… etc.. and so on.. YAMATO is all about SADISM… he’s a f**in sadist all the way. So – There are a whole WHOLE lot of nasty-ass options between Vanilla and FORCED S&M…

            Grow up douchebag.

  16. Captain won $10,000 in casino huh? Cept He didn’t cause they are all breaking the law where they are…

  17. There are all the routes in this release?
    Thank you anyway for the effort you have always put in your work

      1. i already made sure it was up to date. windows 10, i have no updates waiting, apparently the auto updates are the only way to update directx with windows 10 as there isnt a stand alone update

          1. is there any solution to this issue?
            already download d3dx9_35.dll from internet and the same massage still occured.
            somebody please help…

  18. It keeps saying part 1 13 and some others are corrupted and cannot extract them also it asks to replace certain items with the same name

  19. Guys, after extracting the 33 parts and clicking the Majikoi.exe file I get the message ”failed to read configuration file”.Does someone know how to fix that?

  20. OH shyt! I hadn’t realized they finished the translation yet, been waiting years for this VN. Thanks admin, i could cry tears of joy.

  21. well after finishin 3 routes my save dont register to the game so i downloaded a 100 percent save does any one know how to use it please help

  22. I downloaded the 1-click download and enjoyed 3 hours in but the save function doesn’t work!! Both manual and auto save doesn’t work. Halp

      1. I ran as admin just as you said but I still get the same results. It seems only I have this problem after reading through many of the comments.

      2. FYI, when I save it says [Saved to slot 1] but slot remains as [No Data]. Also, when I return to title and try to load, it just says [No Data in Slot 1].

  23. The anime for this sucked because they seriously rode the fine line between ecchi anime and full on hentai, sorta like Upotte, with no decent plot, just senseless combat and boobs, boobs, boobs! Kinda wish they would of either tried a decent story or made it a full on hentai. I hope this is better to justify a download that big. Is it?

  24. I downloaded the .rar files, but each file has the exact same file which is the Voice4.pac file. Is there a bug with the files or are the links incorrect? Even if I extract from the .rar file, my extractor says the file is broken.

      1. I did. It kept telling me “Wrong Captcha.” Anyways. I found the answer now by putting a space in between the pair of numbers (for 4-digit captchas).

  25. It was fun, tense, stupid, emotional and full of ero-ero… I love it! But I wish Miyako’s route was a bit longer, still my favorite heroine though.

  26. Hey!

    Yesterday I downloaded the first 13 parts of this game but if I click on DA-free today nothing happens! The dl links do not appear anymore! Why? I even bought a premium account to download faster and now…pls help!

  27. I keep getting an error whenever I try to download part 9? I’ve tried to do it multiple times, but Google Chrome redericts me to a different tab saying they can’t access it or something. While Internet Explorer says they can’t download it in that weird little panel they have at the bottom of the screen. So far I could download part 1 until part 8, and even part 10, without any problems though.

    Does anyone else have this issue?

      1. You can download 2 parts concurrently as a free user. Trying to get 3rd while other two haven’t finished yet trows weird errors.

        1. Yeah, there are usually such restrictions. Can’t believe I didn’t think of that sooner. >.<

          So thanks for reminding me. XD

  28. When I tried to unrar everything part 14 gave me a checksum error. I tried redownloading it but the error persisted. Any ideas on how to fix this?

  29. Admin can you like make the window size larger than this and like screen resolution in full screen is like 4:6 how can I make it 16:9 and can you like play this on android? I’ll wait for a reply

  30. admin, sorry for asking. . did you have majikoi S english patch?? its different from this version right?

  31. So I finally download all of the parts and the face.pac file from part 1 is corrputed, and redownloading it does nothing, help! When I try to run the game it tells me alres409.dll is missing, what do I do?

  32. Thanks admin it finally works now and here I thought I would have had to give up on it too, much thanks admin pls upload hotch kiss next

  33. admin pls help I run the exe file but it keeps saying the program cant start because d3dx9_35.dll is missing pls help I downloaded this file for 4 weeks I cant let it end here

  34. did this majikoi visual novel series same with majikoi S or its separate visual novel?? please reply with answer ok. . thanks a lot

  35. iam just finished watching the anime and now playing the game, , i really love mayucchi. . cute, adorable, shy. . i really want her in real life. .

  36. Hey guys, I got a little problem after downloading and extracting. Everytime I try to start Majikoi.exe it says: “Failed to read configuration file.”, although the “config.pac” file is in the folder. I already used google, but its like the first time in three years, that it wont help xD

  37. Downloading this has been one of the most frustrating experiences I’ve had recently. >_> Between dropping internet, crashes, and file corruptions… Maaaan.

    It’ll be worth it though, right? Riiiiiight?

  38. You are not the only one. I have same issue I think downloads became corrupted.

    Admin would you consider adding checksums file for such big packages. It’s real pain to figure out witch parts are corrupted without it… :/

    1. MD5 sums of files:

      I could include those in every post very easily, but then there would be 1000s of people asking what are checksums and how to use it…

      1. OK, I see your point.

        Anyway, I found corrupted part, re-downloaded it and now archive extracted without any issues.

        You probably saved me from downloading all these files again 🙂
        Thanks, much appreciated.

  39. I’m having a problem starting the game. When I open the start up tool and click execute the start up tool closes and nothing happens. Does anyone know how to fix it?

    1. To start the game you need to click on the “Majikoi.exe”. If you don’t have that file, it’s likely that your antivirus program deleted it when you unzipped. Try disabling your antivirus, and then unzip the game again. It should be there then.

  40. I have a little bit problem. After i downloaded all the 33 files and extract all of them, i run the application and it occurred error.It said that failed to read configuration file. How should i do to solve the problem. I already changed to Japanese applocale and updated my directx 9 and 11.

  41. um… i have a question i downloaded this game and watched it when it’s downloading to make sure it’s not broken but when i tried to extract it every single part is broken saying that the archieves met an unexpected end is that because of my internet or did i screw something up ?

  42. Why isn’t the uncensor patch optional? The uncensor makes the CGs look like absolute shit. How can I remove it? I can’t play the game with this cancer. Giving me the option to use it or not would have been nice.

    First time erogedownloads disappointed me

    1. Remove (or rename) latest patchX.xp3 file (“X” being 5 or 6 – don’t remember now) in folder to re-censor it and restore original pixelated images. The reason I posted this upload as pre-patched one, instead of usual separate game and patch downloads was because the Japanese installer required JP locale, while installed game doesn’t, .mdf/.mds image mounting is still problematic for some users, and most importantly – English patch setup doesn’t work on some systems (can’t recognize installed game folder – took me four tries on different machines before it finally “clicked in”).

        1. Okay I moved the Update4.Pac file and that removed the uncensor patch. Just posting so others who may have this problem see it.

  43. Wow it’s done. I picked this up back when it was at around 50% and literally learned Japanese and read it on my own in the time it took to finish, but glad to see they stuck with the translation. I’ve forgotten enough by now that it’s probably worth a replay.

  44. May I please get help with this? I literally cannot load any of my saves, when I try it simply says “NeXAS has stopped working”.

    I have tried running it with Japanese Locale, reinstalling it, redownloading and installing it and so far nothing has worked.

    Please, please, please help.

  45. i want to do re read someones route but it doe this auto skip thing for what i read. it there a way i can turn this off?

    1. Go to the configuration menu, and look for the “MESSAGE” section, under TEXT you should see two “[✔]” symbols. Uncheck the latter.

  46. Goddamn this was fun…. I’v finished almost all the routes. Now I can only pray and hope for Maji de Watashi ni Koishinasai!!-S and Maji de Watashi ni Koishinasai!!-A to be fully translated one day.

  47. Question can you download different fonts for this game?If so were? the words in my game are kind of over lapping one another.
    Thank You in advance for any king of response and of course Thank You you to Admin

      1. Thanks, I was trying to figure that out. Was already running the game, downloaded the font, and it was fixed as soon as I advanced the text.

  48. I actually really liked this game until I took the Wanko path… I won’t give out spoilers as much as I can, but still be warned. I want some honest opinions on this one.

    Does anyone else just HATE this storyline? I mean, honest to god I have it in my window now and I partially came to write this because of how infuriating it is, I feel like I need a break. It’s almost worse because of the setting – in a VN where Martial Arts Masters can summon physical embodiments of gods, does genetics really have anything to do with it? Like, at all?

    Maybe it’s cliche, but how many other stories like this end with second chances? Or at the very least, determination winning out in the end? You could make an argument for realism, that some people just aren’t cut out for it… but the whole ridiculousness of EVERY, SINGLE, FIGHT SCENE rules out physical limitations, almost completely. At this point, I want a fan disc where this gets changed, or everyone at the Temple dies. Both would give me more closure than this has.

    1. Agreed. Her route ending was the worst. Additional to what you said, the tournament was set so the champion would win (the challenger would be tired from too many fights and champion sees her secret moves). Also with her body she could do something easily, like compete in world sport events, Olympics etc, instead she chooses the most fubar job.
      The whole wanko ending should have been deleted from the game.

      1. Thanks for commenting. I’m glad I’m not the only one who felt this way. The entire attitude of the other characters was a little disheartening, especially when in all the other endings there was no mention of this… I know they obviously wouldn’t just GIVE AWAY Wanko’s storyline in the other ones, but there was hardly even any discouragement or doubt in her abilities.

        And then the fact that she beat Chris, who certainly didn’t just GIVE UP martial arts after the battle, and could easily beat the living hell out of most any male in the series besides the master, yet has “no talent”… I’m just gonna stop here, because I feel like I could rant for a while >.> Just glad to know I’m not alone.

        1. I love wanko, she is the most innocent character. its worst ending for her but still ok because she got 3 confession. . she deserve to be happy about that. .

    2. Kazuko’s route is actually my 2nd favorite, after Chris’s.
      I took Kazuko’s main-problem as part of her nature, her essence of character, not something which alludes to genetics.
      Kazuko constantly fucks up, no matter how much she tries, she always derps her fights in the end by being way too gung-ho about her endeavors. She’s incredibly simple-minded, and it came to bite her in the ass at the end of it.

      Sometimes, trying to brute-strength your way past a wall simply won’t cut it. I don’t agree with the “You just don’t have the talent for it”, I think that’s a tad bullshit to a certain degree, but if it’s phrased differently : “You’re not cut for THIS particular role, the way you are” — it’s perfectly fine.
      Kazuko is over-zealous, simple and incredibly narrow minded.

      And, to be honest, Kazuko’s route was the only story with actual emotions involved.
      With that being said, the entire VN is pretty derpy and stupid all together. It’s hard to take it seriously.

    3. I actually favour Kazuko’s storyline the most really… The ending may not seem satisfactory to some, but it was more of a ‘unpredicted’ plot twist whereby the developers did not follow the same recycled overcliched ending idea. Granted, the ending could have been better but imo its a very realistic option which definitely makes sense given the circumstances.

      Moving on to Majikoi S to see more Wanko now <3

  49. Thank you for all you have done, this seeems to work just fine. I were little bit confused with download, but it didn’t take a rocket scientist to get it work right.

    1. Do I really need to download and unzip every file? Some of the other files contains exact same stuff as first file. So which ones do I need to download.

  50. I Knew It!!!! This had an Anime adaptation!!!
    -No wonder the title was so familiar…
    -P.S. what really convinced was Miyako’s Ecchi Scene… Watch the Anime and you’ll know what I mean. 😀

  51. I’m like 2/3’s (more?) through Miyako’s route. Setting aside its really obvious when/where the translations were changed over, is this really the full route? its basically all ero and there was like a bunch of plot stuff they are just not addressing at all. Everyone else had a legit story but in this case, every plot is just kinda…forgotten? I mean, cool I’m all for learning her back story, and h-scenes are great and all but…compared to the rest of the novel, it seems like a lot is missing?

    1. meh, maybe I am not patient enough. There was just so many sex scenes, at least they are starting to address the other parts now. Where it goes, I have no idea, but yeah. I like miyako for the most part, so wanted to feel like there was some reward for her route, but it feels pretty cheap atm

    1. Yes its fully translated Majikoi S however isn’t translated yet but wairu translation group should complete its translation this year

  52. took me 3 weeks… 3 WEEKS!!! to finish downloading this game…and in my opinion… IT WAS WORTH IT!!! XD!!!

        1. Yeah I see what ya mean it must use some cloud type system and the one it tried to access file 19 on didn’t have it, it worked now when I tried it again.

  53. I know most of you probably dont give a damn. But seriously, I have all endings with main heroines and Agave route is nowhere to be found. Please help, it is not a technical problem so I have no damn idea how to even start fixing it T_T.

  54. Hey guys, about CG 70 of the Yukie route, what is the right choice to get the version without towels? 1. “Noodles day”, 2. “The first time I saw a P*ssy”. Need help! I need an answer with certainty.

    1. Choose “Noodle Day” for no towel scene, choose other options for with towel scene. You’re welcome you perverted loli~

  55. Thank you for that 😉
    Hmm, admin-sama, is there any possibility to have original japanese game in one download and english patch in another? And (being new here), are other games here also prepatched or game and patch are seperated? Don’t want to be picky, though.

  56. Didnt expect that the patch would be finish .. if i install it it, does the english patch already in it? i dont see the download link for it in here.. :3

  57. Hey guys, so yeah… Just got a few questions here.

    My speed really slows down when I download newer uploads, however when I download older uploads, my speed sky rockets, can somebody explain why this happens?

  58. Ok guys, here comes question, as much as I’am happy it got finally released, I cannot access agave route. Even though I completed all 5 main routes, the choice that should appear, is not. To be honest, I am stuck. If it was some technical problem I would at least have idea what to do, here? I am totally confused.

  59. So i am missing a Miyako pic its in between the festival pic of here wearing the Kimono and the pic of her pregnant.

    Anyone know what pic it is that i am missing?

    1. So figured out the pic i am missing is of Miyako giving a BJ during the festival its suppose to unlock in the after story but its not for some reason.

      Also for some reason the agave route isn’t working and i have done every other route but that

  60. I am happy lucky that the Japanese Government Enforcing Anti-Piracy Law on Anime and Manga – Update did not affect this website. A couple of my favorite anime and manga website is offline already. Hope this website be the next victim. I be praying it not to be so.

  61. hey guys can anyone give some advice on how to remove the black sides when on full screen, I want it to fit the screen, but if i changed the settings in game to full screen or virt fullscreen it doesn’t change a thing,can anyone pls help?

  62. Is anyone getting a NeXAS problem? like right after the commoon route where the scene is these builders talking about a new building the game gets an NEXAS error

  63. Holy crap, there’s an Xbox 360 in the boys’ dorm. That’s gotta be like an Ngage sighting showing up in Breaking Bad or something.

  64. Can I have some help please? I can’t download part03. It says page not responsive. It only happens for that part though. I really really really love this site and wanna play this game because of the comments I see. Thank you so much!

    1. If you’re getting that error you’re probably trying to download too quickly. You can only have 2 active connections going to the free site at a time. Try again after you’ve left the site alone for a while.

  65. Finally its out !!!! it only took 5 days to complete though i played all day long 😀 its one of the best know im waiting for KoiChoco and Koiken Otome to be released i hope they dont take to long 🙂

  66. THis should be the first vn i wanted to play but since it wasnt fully translated i waited , and now finaly after 2 years waiting, i know its been longer , so now make time to download and play it 😀

  67. okay i realized my mistake and now i can play it ^^
    one file wasn’t in the same folder as the others ^^

  68. there is a problem with my game. it says :
    please insert cd2 and run the game but there is no cd and i
    don’t know anything about things like daemon Tools.
    help pls

  69. About how long is each route, and how many girls? Seems like one of those really long ones on the scale of Griasia

    1. The five cover girls are the main heroines and then there are about 4 side stories with the teacher and like 3 other people.

  70. Really? Since when has machine \translations\ actually counted as translations? Everything about this is a horrible mess and completely inaccurate. Everyone that decides to download this should be aware that whoever did this so called \translation\ don’t actually know Japanese and just put the text through an equivalent of Google Translate and then edited it to make it seem more comprehensible. If you make a comparison with the original text you will see that most of the dialogue doesn’t match at all with what is presented here in this patch. If someone reads this comment and actually decides to download this abomination then you should know that you can read anything else untranslated in pretty much the same quality just using a text hooker and a translation software of your choosing.

    1. Since all the routes other than agave where translated by yad then wairu. I and others can live machine translate for just one route.

      1. The Miyako route only had the start of it translated by Yandere. Not to mention that Yandere didn’t translate most of the side routes, which are now translated.

        Also, finally, that isn’t fucking machine translated. Have you ever seen a machine translation?

  71. I’ve been following this for a while now and had actually accepted it never getting finished. Did yandere pick this up again ?

  72. Any chance of uploading just the patch? I’ve still got the old Yandere translated version installed so I don’t need the whole game.

      1. We fans are lucky this time around.

        The guys that completed Majikoi have expressed interest on finishing Majikoi S!

        God bless their perverted souls

  73. so, we only extract it and play, without any crack or what else? and there is uncensor patch too. thank you so much to translator and thanks to admin for upload it

  74. I can’t believe it, is it really done at last ?! Does it need a crack or is it prepatched?! I have the partially translated version somewhere but i’m not going to look for it. I’m going to download the whole thing from here 😀 THANK YOU, YOU ARE THE BEST

  75. Oh I LOVE YOU so much right now admin this just made my night I can finally finish were I left off the partial patch. I never thought this would be finished thank you for showing me I was wrong

  76. I lost the crack years ago.. anyone have a link??.. i won’t bother dling the entire game again.. tnx in advance.. =)

  77. Your language should stay the same as normal. If it changes, put it back to normal, but don’t change locale.

  78. This VN is huge because of the animated cutscenes. Gonna read this while waiting for KoiChoco and Mahoutsukai no Yoru (^‿^)

      1. I’d read Majikoi S (with partial patch) before and got it confused with the original. But their size is almost the same so I thought that this also contained animated scenes..(=ω=)

  79. Hey, I wonder… would anyone of you be able to suggest any similar games/novels to this? dmn it was good.

  80. Question, do you need Japanese Locale to run this game?
    I can’t change my pc’s language for some reason… so, can someone answer?

    Sorry about the bad english, I’m not from an english speaking country.

    1. In Control panel, go to Clock, Language, and Region. Select Region.
      Select the tab for Administrative.
      Select the button for “Change system locale…”.
      Use drop down, then select Japanese (Japan).
      Restart Computer.

    2. The version posted here ran on English locale just fine (I haven’t done much testing tho. Just verified that it worked), but if you got the game from other sources, you might need it, as game setup apparently requires it.

  81. Sounds AWESOME !!! But before I spend the time doing all those DLs, does anyone know if this will run on Win 8.1 ? I’ve run across many games that wont. Thanks in advance.

    1. WOW !!! 45 minutes to DL 1st file, and my speedtest shows me at 58.85 mbps. That server must be getting SLAMMED !!!

    2. Worked for me np. tho I didint dl this one but its the same game so, just changed to japanese in control panel/clock and good to go on 8.1

  82. It seems a lot of people were expecting this game. The “hype train” is powerful, indeed. It remembers me when I saw on a forum a lot of people saying “Monster Hunter Tri is almost here!!!”, and then some time later it was released and I was “Hey, is that game everyone was freaking about. Mmm, maybe I should try it…” I fell in love with it with only 5 minutes of playing. So… I’M GOING TO BOARD THE HYPE TRAIN! Downloading. 😉

  83. One of the better VNs by far, nice to see it finally (and fully) translated. Here’s hoping for Majikoi S to get finished in the future.

  84. Thanks Admin and everybody who was nice enough to work on translating the game. Can’t thank you all enough.

  85. Wow its been what 4-5 years since since the yad translation stopped? I didn’t even know the project was picked up so this is a pleasant surprise. Luckily for me i kept the crack and game I had from back then so i can just play this as soon as I can make time. Incidentally I still have A-1 and S anyone know if those were picked up as well?

    Thanks Admin!

  86. After waiting so many years to play the remaining routes, I feel strangely sad that it’s finally over and i have finished the game. I guess now i just have to look forward to someone finishing the remainder of Majikoi S and A.

  87. After waiting so many years to finally play the rest of the routes, now that i have i feel strangely sad that it’s over and i can’t look forward to it anymore. I guess now i have to pray for someone to finish Majikoi S and all of the Majikoi A’s.

  88. When I seen this go to 100% done on the updates I was happy now that it is here I can do is WOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOO time for 200mb per download to begin

  89. Requesting a no CD crack please. I have the JP version of the game and the crack, but I need a crack if I want to play. I’d really rather not download 33 files with download speeds as crappy as mine

  90. Admin, just wanna ask, are u going to upload no, thank you!!! translated by mangagmr? haha. thx.
    btw, thx for all the good new uploads 😀

  91. I believe it’s against site rules to post links so please don’t ask for them.

    It’s been said several times, but Google is pretty darn useful if you want to find something.

  92. wow so much hype…. Guess I’ll download it 🙂
    (Opens link…)
    Checks the current games available in My PC…

    Yumina The Ethereal… I’ve complete it so… yeah…

  93. to all those who want just patch: go use your 1337 google skillz!

    thx admin, I totally thought that translation was abandoned long ago. Good to know, that there is Dark Knight out there watching the shadows of the internet for us (>_<)

  94. Admin, how do you sleep at night? Knowing that so many men are lusting over you and your awesomeness? Please tell me.

  95. Anyone happen to have a link for a Patch-only download? I’d rather not have to download 33 parts of a game i already have

  96. Wow, my eyes widened in shock and I litterally made an O.O face when I saw this. I clicked on it thinking it was some kind of mistake, but holyshit. This is like a non-shitty Duke Nukem 3D being released hahaha.

      1. Eh it would still be nice though. There are probably a bunch of people who have incomplete patched versions of this game who have it sitting on their hard drive, waiting for this legendary moment. Though a quick google would solve the problem too.

    1. Fuwa forums in the thread Majikoi Translation Project. its about 130ish MB. It is only the patch with no crack, but it can be used on Yandere Translations older translation+Crack.

  97. Well that took a while then but I’m glad to see they finally finished it. Been a while since I played the first three routes, I have to get off my butt and play Wanko and Miyako’s route then.

  98. YEEEEEEEEEEEES been waiting years for this release and its finally here! I am definitely going to replay the routes I’ve already played, holy shit there goes my week



  100. I damn near cried when I saw this. Totally did not expect it. I know I’ve never said it before, but I truly love you, admin.

    1. Yes , I want to know too. Is it all translated or not.

      It’s could save a lot of time if Ivan can please upload just english patch separate . I already have the setup file

      But No matter! I will download this anyway . Thank very much I wait for this about 3 year now to have finally play it.

      1. the english patch is on the Fuwa forums and is 134ish MB. It can go over the older yandere translation version if you have it. it does lack the yandere crack though so you will need that. It does not override the crack if you do have the yandere version.

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