Majikoi S

Majikoi S

Majikoi is back and better than ever in this sequel to the hit 2009 visual novel. Majikoi S takes place after the events of Majikoi and lets you choose which of Majikoi’s many endings to proceed from. Choose your favorite heroine and enjoy new romantic events with her, or choose to start with no commitment and romance one of 5 new heroines.

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  1. Xenos says:

    When i start the game it pops up as a blank black screen then closes a couple seconds later i have my locale set and the AlphaRomdie in the same folder but nothing seems to fix it does anyone have any idea how to fix this?

  2. deguach says:

    If you have AlphaROMdiE in the same directory as the game, you can create a shortcut with the following path so that you don’t have to drag the app each time:

    “C:\Program Files (x86)\みなとそふと\真剣で私に恋しなさい!S\AlphaROMdiE.exe” “C:\Program Files (x86)\みなとそふと\真剣で私に恋しなさい!S\まじこいS.exe”

  3. A random guy says:

    Guys i need help!!. whenever i click the applicaction まじこいS which is propably the application to run the game it brings me up to this software support site that i dont know what to do? can anyone help
    Same problem

  4. A random guy says:

    What is this debugger running in my system error. I hate it. Anyone knows how to solve it

  5. Jkuranus says:

    Guys i need help!!. whenever i click the applicaction まじこいS which is propably the application to run the game it brings me up to this software support site that i dont know what to do? can anyone help

  6. Rexvrod says:

    When I use Alpharomdie, I got error which roughly translated into “Failed to read the setting file”

  7. warnerro says:

    For anyone as foolish as me, please be advised that when using alpharomdie, you need to OPEN the program first, and then drag the application into the blue box, the program doesn’t work if you just throw it on the shortcut. It’s also valuable to know that it only worked for me if i opened alpharomdie in locale emulator with administrator privileges.

  8. M says:

    Help, it says there is not enough space on Disc 1 and that I need more GB to put the Disc 2 part together with Disc 1. How do I fix this?

  9. yukiteru-kun says:

    OK. I will make a guide on how to install the game and solve the error 1503.
    1-Download all parts of the game and English patch.
    2-Extract all parts of the game but DO NOT extract the English patch.
    3-Open the folder that appeared when you extracted the parts of the game. There will be two files there: MKS-1. CDI and MKS-2. CDI.
    4-Open the daemon tools and mount the MKS-1 file. Once assembled, double-click the mounted file.
    5-run the setup. exe file.
    6-in the middle of the installation will ask for Disk 2. Minimize the window. Dismount the MKS-1 from where he was and mount the MKS-2. CDI in the same place where he was assembling the MKS-1.
    7-Go back to the window that had minimized before and click OK.
    8-When finished installing, run the English patch. exe in the same folder where the image discs were installed, should appear the right part automatically, just press next. If not, it will be on the hard disk somewhere in the program Files (x86).
    9-When finished search and download the Alpharomdie program and install it on the Internet. You’ll have an alpharomdie. exe file. Put it in the same Majikoi-s folder on your hard drive.
    10-Drag the game launcher. EXE to the Alpharomdie. exe to open.
    11-should work. Enjoy and thank you for reading.

  10. wrathof54000 says:

    I recently downloaded the game, but when I try to run the game, the game doesn’t pop up – no application, no error message nothing. Instead, after investigating with task manager, I noticed that a background process called NeXAS (32 bit) appeared. I had seen that someone in the past had a similar problem and they downloaded a k-lite codec pack, which fixed it for them, but even after downloading the pack the game still doesn’t appear for me. One thing I did notice was that when I tried to run the startup tools an error message appeared, saying something that I think roughly translated to ‘the config version is different’. Any ideas? I just finished the first game and would really like to be able to play the sequel.

  11. Arcanyum says:

    I can’t play it. when i try to start theres a message that says i have a debugger on my pc. can you help me? and i don’t use AVG

  12. RedElephant765 says:

    I downloaded all the parts and was able to obtain the 2 cdi files, but whenever I go to do the setup on the 1st cdi I get a config error even though I’m using locale. Is there anyway for me to fix this so I can start the download?

    • Eroge king says:

      Its not the cdi’s fault….your daemon tool’s probably outdated….. upgrade it and your good to go.

  13. BigBoy says:

    A quick heads up for some people who still can’t access the game because of the game disk. First off have both disks mounted, then make sure you use Alpharomdie and go to the GAME FOLDER, not the disk 1 folder. Finding it will depend on where you placed it in your computer (mine is in local drive>>program files (x86)). Once you’re at the actual game folder take the executable game file and drag it into Alpharomdie (You can click the 2nd box on the left side to make a desktop shortcut). After that it should run properly. This was my mistake and I felt horribly stupid after finding the solution.

  14. drologic says:

    ive exracting the files into a folder but when they extract its just a bunch of pages with no apps in it. when i try to start the english patch it wont let me click next. help pls

  15. Bubble says:

    Thank you for the upload, man. Bill Gates calling someone ,,Nii-San” is the greatest thing i ever saw.

  16. Movies says:

    I’m having trouble with the movies. It just skips the movie part, and I can view some movies in the movies section, but not most. Does anyone have a solution to this? I tried downloading “CCCP codec pack”, but it didn’t solve the problem.

  17. dragongod says:

    hey Anon i did what you said it fixed all my problems but the 1503erro now i have the alpharomdie buid thing but when i try to add it i dont have enough space it the disk is there a way to fix it or what can i delete to have the game work plus add it if anyone else knows i would apreciate it

  18. yukieishot123 says:

    Why does “stab” have to be used as sex vocabulary. Why?!

  19. ArtoriasWins says:

    For anyone still getting those 1200, and 1503 errors, i coudn’t really find a solution for the location i had downloaded it in, but when you click on the setup in the directory and do all that downloading stuff with the disc 1 and 2. Make sure you just let it download it the place it originally says, for me it was localDisk>program files (x86) and i was able to run it. you can just create a shortcut for wherever you want to find it easier best and then i was play. i’m not really good at explaining it but message me and ill try my best if you don’t get it.

  20. Ex_Nihilo says:

    It’s japanese government propaganda with a sick view on teenagers sexlife. “Love is when I lick your a**hole” okay…

  21. tobi says:

    I’m getting error that part01.rar and cd1 is broken and can’t mount it

  22. HeWhoLikesAnal says:

    If anyone is having the same problem I did. Which is the VN doesn’t start-up and is stuck as a background process and refuses to become an application. Install a K-Lite Codec Pack. S worked for me after that.

  23. Anon says:

    First off, this game is uncensored in the ‘has sexual content’ way, except it has mosaic censoring like 99% of ‘uncensored’ games,
    the reason the first wasn’t is because someone uncensored everything manually (And no, they’re not gonna uncensor this after all this time, interest is too low)

    Alright, here’s an installation guide (with updated no-dvd-crack fix).
    I tried to use wincdemu but I couldn’t get it to work with cdi files, so you’ll have to use daemon tools lite (or something else with cdi support)

    1. Extract all 33 parts to a folder, this is the two disk files for installing the game to the hard drive
    1A. I know this is annoying, but just as a precursor, you’ll need at least 13GB free space at least to get it installed, then only 7 after you delete the cdi files.

    2. Mount both the first and second disk in Daemon Tools (or alternative), mounting both at the same time will make the installation process easier, after that, run setup exe in the virtual drive

    3. Top left button is for direct X installation, you may as well click it to just be sure.
    The installation process may take a while, but if you mounted both disks at once it won’t ask you to insert disk 2 at the halfway point.
    Anyway, after it is done you can click the bottom right to close.

    4. Move the installation patch exe to the game folder and run it within, alternatively you can download this and just put the two files in the game folder.!ERkjmDzB!YKBtRJPQY2JaGLaslIZIKMga8pUoZHZs7a6s-ZaeeQo

    5. !NO-DVD / Error 1200 / 1503 Fix! Now for the crack part, as I was unable to find the first crack method (alsignup) I looked into an alternative, and the tool is called AlphaRomDie, direct link is here

    6. Move AlphaRomDie into the game folder with the majikoi executable (not the english patch executable)
    6A. This type of crack is non permanent, to remove the no-dvd protection
    [Drag the game executable to the alpharomdie Icon]
    You will have to do that every time, I believe there is some method to create shortcuts for an easier time but I don’t open the game often enough that it is that much of a problem.

    Extra files for 100% save and subbed videos over on their release page

  24. BlackSun says:

    is it censorship or without?

  25. udin says:

    Well.. this is for those who still had trouble to install this game properly, for those that “not so wealthy” (me included) to contribute to the gallant game dev
    but still wana play this game

    im an instalation noob myself, so i’l try to be as thorough as possible to follow…

    1. Change to japanese locale (u can find guide at this site FAQ)
    2. if not yet, download all 33 rar file here, Majikoi S English Patch here and search the web:
    find MajikoiS nodvdexe crack exe elsewhere (what i take was an exe file named alsignup)
    also program to extract RAR files, and Daemon tool
    3. extract the rar file (u’l get MajikoiS folder with mks-1.cdi and mks-2.cdi file inside it)
    4. Mount mks-1.cdi with the mounting image tool then click Run Setup.exe
    5. Then an image of heroines with appear with 5 japanese written box.
    Click left upper box to check your Directx readiness.
    6. After that, click middle bottom box, then click bottom left button, and click yes to begin instalation
    7. instalation will progresing for a while, then it’l ask for disc2.
    Unmount mks-1.cdi, Mount mks-2.cdi, close its autoplay, then click ok in Disc2 window box.
    8. Wait while till it finish installing BUT DONT DO CLICK ANY BOX AFTER IT FINISH!
    If u want to play this game for free, this is the important step to bypass the game security.
    Copy nodvdexe crack exe, go to instalation folder (to Program File >> みなとそふと >> 真剣で私に恋しなさい!S >>)
    Paste it in between files (NOT inside Back Up, Movie or マニュアル folder)
    Double click nodvdexe crack exe u’ve pasted there , you’l have a pop up.
    Now its ok to click those boxes earlier and click bottom right box at the heroines image.
    9. Then double click Majikoi S English Patch u’ve download, and install to change the game to english

    hopefully this works for u
    thanks as always to Admin-sama for sharings.. u da best 😀
    and sorry for my crappy english

    • Rouge says:

      Thank you. It works perfectly.

      Thanks to the admin too ! ?

    • Kuflarger says:

      I followed all these directions, but windows will not even recognize the no DVD crack as a valid executable file. It appears there was some type of windows update that made the crack unusable and I have not found any working replacement

    • Rogue says:

      I did everything you said but the game doesn’t start at all, it does nothing no error no game window nothing?

    • Kuraisuto says:

      i got error at step 6 bro, pls help, i use windows 10

  26. 1234dragon says:

    I can’t get the game to run either. At first I was having that debugger error message pop up, so I disabled my AVG, but now I’m getting a new error (an internal exception has occurred…..) Does anyone know how to fix this?
    People were mentioning the crack in pearlier posts, does that still have to be downloaded elsewhere?

  27. ReaperofSouls42 says:

    I love the Majikoi series. These should be on everyone’s list of VNs if they are getting into them. It’s super funny, great story and the romance is great.

    Alsoi anyone with the config.html error needs to go to

    Control Panel> Clock, Language and Region> Region and Language>(A pop up will appear)Administrative and change system Local to Japanese.

  28. Hosho says:

    Hello !
    I have a problem : I installed with Daemon Tools the game, and when I want to start the app (with english patch or without), I get displayed the message “A debugger has been found running in your system. Please, unload it from memory and restart your program”.
    I don’t know how I can get rid of that problem, can somebody help me please ? :s

    • Maxwell says:

      From what others said, maybe it is because of your antivirus thinks the game as a thread. You can try to exclude the game from its list.

      • Hosho says:

        Sadly, turning off my antivirus doesn’t help. I tried re-installing without antivirus on, but it didn’t help (and ofc tried to launch the game without antivirus, not successful either).

        • Hosho says:

          everything is fine . AVG is the real problem. Just need to desactivate it when it’s ready to be launched, and it’ll run without problem

  29. Darx says:

    Hi I have installed the game with patches and everything but when i start up the .exe, nothing happens. Using task manager, I see NeXAS.exe running but the application is not showing anywhere. Anyone have any idea how to solve this?

    • Maxwell says:

      Umm… What do you mean by nothing happens? Do you have black screen or anything?

      • Darx says:

        Nothing shows up. The game doesnt run at all, there’s no error or anything. Im using Windows 10. I tried reinstalling countless times but the game just doesnt show…

        • Maxwell says:

          Did you saw something when the game doesn’t work? Like not found d3drm, or error, or something?

        • Maxwell says:

          Maybe, it just doesn’t compatible with Windows 10. If you have other Windows, maybe it will work or you can try using compatibility mode. I’m not using Windows 10 so I can’t really now, that’s just the probability, but it works well on Windows 8.

    • Aee says:

      Did you ever figure out your problem I have same issue

    • HeWhoLikesAnal says:

      I had the same problem, and while I made a comment about it, I’ll also say here. Try installing a K-Lite Codec Pack. After doing that on Windows 10, S worked fine for me.

  30. Maxwell says:

    I’m forget I have downloaded Majikoi! S several parts in my PC in 2015. It’s time to continue downloading the last 11 parts. Glad I’ve found and downloaded Majikoi!! Spark, so I remember about this great VN again. Thanks admin.

  31. wolfbreed says:

    This has steadily become my favorite series even with my dislike of Yamamoto (can’t like him due to the h-scenes and the fact that him raping someone is ok). Overall much like the last I give it a solid 8/10 due to the story and characters but it loses points due to the H-scenes which I end up speeding/skipping through.

  32. Carrus-maite says:

    so where do i put the english patch once i have downloaded all the files?

  33. KHAN says:

    Can we get an enlish pre-patched version of this in the near future, like the original Majikoi? It’d be a huge help.

  34. Naou38 says:

    Hi! I just changed my PC but I can’t play : when I start the game, an Internet Explorer page is opening with the software support. I’ve installed the crack and with my previous PC, it worked.

    Sorry for my bad english too^^.

  35. Baguette says:


    • Baguette says:

      Ok that was weird but what I meant was I was downloading the game from the first CD mounted on a daemon tool. Whilst halfway through the download, I received a message relating to disc two. What do I do here?

      • Baguette says:

        Actually I got through it but how do I even play the game? I’ve finished patching it and everything. None of the applications type files open the game.

  36. dm1138 says:

    After I mount the disc, and choose the install path, it comes up with a confirmation screen, I hit okay, then it pops up asking about config.html The rest is in jp, so I can’t read it. Anyone know how to fix this?

    • skankhunter42 says:

      having the same problem, would also like to know this as well

    • DeloreanFanatic says:

      If my understanding of the rest of the comments people have been leaving is correct, this is part of the games way of checking if your copy is genuine. Since it isn’t, there is a crack for the game you will have to find and use. Once the crack has been put into your game folder, hopefully this error will go away.

    • DeloreanFanatic says:

      Sorry, ignore what I just said, I didn’t read what you said properly. Here is what I THINK that is. I THINK the game is asking if you want to load the configuration from the previous game, which may or may not work. When I clicked NO for this, the game continued to install normally. Try that!

  37. Raziel says:

    i downloaded all 33 parts and used winrar to extract them yet i cant find the app for the game and start it did i do something wrong?

  38. Lex says:

    Hey can I get this game without deamontools? like Majikoi? that’s be nice. I can’t understand deamon tools. it was a trainwreck when I tried

  39. HuckleMyBerries says:

    Hi guys, just a quick question on story. [Spoiler? Not sure but ya] In the veeeery very beginning there are new characters that were introduced as the cloned reincarnations of past warriors from the “bushido plan” but no matter how much I wrack my brain I cant seem to remember when this happened. Was this every mentioned in the first majikoi? I dont seem to remember playing a route that introduced the bushido plan before it popped up in the opening scenes. Can anyone tell me when this happened?

    • Twisted Fate says:

      I think the Bushido Plan group was introduced in the first Majikoi series because Majikoi S is only the continuation of the first story where you can continue dating the 5 heroines. I think you will learn about them when you play the first game =)) It was stated in the Majikoi A-1 when I was playing that they were introduced earlier so that was Majikoi probably =))

  40. dark says:

    i keep have an error 1503 every time i try to load the game can some one help me out y dose it keep saying error 1503

  41. Matteo says:

    Hi i have problem with config.html i need huge help for this.Someone help me out plzzzz!!!

  42. ArgonRend says:

    If i never played Majikoi can i start with this? Or this is a whole new story?

    I’ve to understand if this is just a “plus” with more characters and route or a continuation of the old story, becayse i’m downloading the old one.

    • anon says:

      It’s a semi-continuation. Some of the routes are after-stories of the old ones. The main routes though continue as if he had chosen no girl, but the events of the true route still happened. It helps to have played the last one to understand the entire cast better, but it is not strictly necessary for the main routes.

  43. firby says:

    Thought i posted here already but i dont see it.
    Is this meant to be censored or did i do something wrong?

  44. firby says:

    Is this meant tp be censored? Or did i do something wrong

  45. RMNZKY says:

    AFTER clicking it

  46. RMNZKY says:

    i cant install it say config.html error in the installion path how to fix this

  47. wintair says:

    Im getting an error that says that a debugger has been found running in your system. unload it and restart your system. what is this?

  48. Deranged Madman says:

    I’ve got the game working after moving everything to the cracked folder. But all my symbols are messed up. I’m getting all the square brackets (which are at the beginning and end of dialogue) to be replaced with .u and .v All my numbers seem to be screwed up too.

  49. I-Am-X says:

    I’m getting the config error upon selecting the dl/install location to program files part. Please help

  50. Sam says:

    Is the download link working for anyone? It seems that is down so…

    • Sam says:

      It seems that it’s only online for a certain amount of time. This sucks as the download for 1 of 33 links can take a while if your internet sucks so the fact that it goes down regularly is really annoying. Anyone know a place other than where we can download this?

  51. Kariston says:

    So, downloaded the crack, but now I’m just getting a blank white screen. Anyone know how to deal with this?

  52. James says:

    So is this just a trial for the game, or am I doing something horribly wrong? If it’s the latter someone please help because I’m a failure of a person.

  53. Addi says:

    any of you guys have crack , crack nodvd/cd or someting like that? I can not find the link crack majikoi S is still functioning.because when I started the game may not work and display a japan description.

  54. thomas says:

    kazuko route error “NeXAS stop working”, is it computer problem?

  55. Sendir says:

    I just finish reading this and it felt like there can still be a extra one, I tried searching on google to see if there will a 3rd one but I suck at searching for stuff xD

    I was wondering if any of you guys know if this was the last or if there will be a extra one

  56. Xionsith says:

    Is there a way to make the english patch part of the initial RAR files, like for the original Majikoi?? Or some other way? i’d rather avoid trying to use Daemon Tools to access the translation.

    • Vorthod says:

      you don’t need to use daemon tools to access the translation. The 33 rar files are the game itself (and you will need daemon tools for that), but the english patch is all in a separate exe file that can be run without special software.

  57. kingz says:

    When i try using the patch to get the game when choosing the directory to save the game files (i do have the files from the 33 parts) the next button is greyed out no matter where i put it. I’d like to know how to get around this as others have. Can someone help?

    • Vorthod says:

      I’m assuming the button is greyed out because it can’t find where you installed the game, so I will just ask this: Did you actually install the game or did you just extract the two CD images that were in the 33 rar files? If you haven’t installed the game yet you need to do that so that the english patch can find your game directory. (mount the first CD file with a program like Daemon Tools Lite to get started)

  58. goose says:

    same, i can install the patch but the game wont run, it takes me to a japanese website

  59. asdasfa says:

    is the english patch working? i try dling bt dint work

  60. zach says:

    When i try and play the game it keeps sending me to the Japanese software support website how do i play the game?

    • Vorthod says:

      That message that pops up before you get taken to the site says “Please insert disc 2, if you already have inserted it, then go to this site to download the [something] files” so it may vaguely be aware that this is a pirated copy. that being said, it’s all fixed by finding a no-cd crack for the game. I’m surprised that this page isn’t providing us with a link, but it’s really not hard at all to find.

  61. Selene says:

    The Next Button on the English patch is grayed out, anyone know how to fix this?

    • kuro says:

      If you have already mount the game with daemon tools, the next thing you have to do is change your sistemlocale to japanese (you can google how to do this for your respective sistem), then you have to follow this steps , when the installation is complete execute the english patch and play.

      I didn’t download the game from this page, so i don’t know if it has the crack, but you can easily find it on the internet, to secure that you don’t encounter any other problem install the update 2 and 3 of the game, you can also find that with a little bit of searching

      ps: sorry if my english is bad.

      • kuro says:

        I forgot to mention, to install the game you have to click in “setup”

      • shiro says:

        The crack is not included, fwiw. It’s not hard to track down though, so for anyone struggling to install — just find it, download and run it, and the game will launch properly.

        Time to continue Momoyo’s route, ehehe.

      • U *o* U says:

        can you give me the site from where you download it

  62. julio says:

    Anyone know if Moro´s charade (about throw money at sea and if water level will increase or not)is on Majikoi S or Majikoi?

  63. PuCCiPuCCi says:

    I installed the game but when i try to start it i get error [1503] in japanese.
    How can i fix it? I already have set japanese locale.

  64. Xishalet says:

    So I am getting an error. I have installed the game and patch correctly but when I click the game to play it, I get some [1200] + Japanese thing and the game won’t open. I have no clue why it won’t play, since I can’t read Japanese.

  65. Dude says:

    When I extracted the zip, it only has the mks-1.cdi and mks-2.cdi, what do I do with it?

  66. naou38 says:

    Hey guys 🙂 I have a big problem: when the installation is finished and I launch the game, i get to a web page and i have to put a key 🙁

    P.S. Sry for my bad english :p

  67. beewbs says:

    i cant watch the movie mode.
    and when i finished a route, the ending credit doesnt appear.
    anybody having the same problem ?

  68. randompassenger1234 says:

    I try to install the game but a config error keeps popping up. Help would be appreciated.

  69. randompassenger1234 says:

    How do you setup the majikoi S English patch? I’ve been trying to set it up but when I set a destination folder, the next button doesn’t highlight.

  70. RagingElk says:

    It saids I need to insert disk 2

  71. SirKnarp says:

    Hi i need help when the part i need to choose a folder that will put the game on (installing) it wont next but my memory is good PLS HELP ME I WANT TO PLAY THIS :'(

  72. Hito says:

    I’ve installed the game and also the patch
    but when i try to play, it give me error 1503 w/ some of japanese word which i don’t understand ==
    How to solve that?
    thanks for help

  73. Psychocat says:


    I just download and installed (using power ISO) the game but it won’t start.
    No error massage no nothing. In windows task manager – processes there is a ” S” but that it is. Each time I try again the game, another ” S” shows up but nothing else

    I did install Direct X, Try without the English patch . My windows 7 location is set to Jap and I had had never this problem before with VN.

    I tried alphaRom but it ony say “\SETTEC\AlphaDiscL Jap letters Alsign.sig Jap letters” and nothing happens

    Please help as I don’t know what else to try

  74. ozzy says:

    When I launch the game, it asks me in japanese to insert DVD 2 and shows a button that redirect on a support site.
    Is there a no-CD crack or something? Or did I miss a step in instalation?
    By the way thanks for uploading

  75. zazie says:

    when i start the setup for the English installer the next button is grayed out. how do i fix this?

    p.s i downloaded the game before the full english came out, someone said that it will work with it.

  76. pazo0z0o says:

    I get failed to check CRC error when extracting part 1 with winrar. How do I bypass this error?

  77. reaper says:

    hey guys can you tell me why i cant open this i use alpharoom but it error and i use applocale it give error code 1200

  78. tomoja says:

    I downloaded all files but if I start the game i come to a support page in the internet and if I try to install the english patch the next button is greyed out.

  79. YuutoHiroshige says:

    Hey uh, everytime i press setup.exe in the disc 1, it keeps on giving me config.html after i set the game files to c program files. PLEASE admin or any expert, help me please. I have dealt with the error message, but now this thing is blocking me from installing Majikoi S. PLEASE PLEASE HELP! ONEGAISHIMASU!!!! And yes i have set language to japanese, but it just give me weird computer language.

    • Indonesian'sGamers says:

      1. Open disc 1 with daemon tools
      2. Open DirectX Folder in Majikoi’s Folder
      3. There is a directx’s installer there, install that before you click the setup.exe

      hope my answer can help you :’))

  80. Reaperbees says:

    i have a problem with the ingame movies. My locale is set to jap and i can see the opening but none of the ending movies or any other animated sequence in the game will play for me. They just freeze and only the audio plays even in movie mode. Does anyone knows how to fix it ???

  81. Yuji Kaido says:

    Admin the Files are broken and probably need reuploaded I’ve redownloaded 4 times extracted multiple times with different programs and more and the iso’s are corrupted and or broken. if you manage to get it to work by all means Love to know how this is the only game i’ve ever had trouble with from your site though. sigh I may just have to break down an buy it so expensive though lol Unless you can get it fixed which would be nice.

  82. get rekt says:

    I’ve installed it already but i don’t know how to open the game. Whenever i open something it always redirect me to the support site.

  83. newbie says:

    i alrdy install 33 file and extract how can i open game? teach me senpai

    • Yuji Kaido says:

      You have to mount the ISO’s to a removable drive not a USB, its a downloaded program that lets you read the extracted file images as a CD like PowerIso or AnytoIso which is also where I’m having trouble myself the ISO’s say corrupted for me. So i’m redownloading it all and hoping that they dont need reuploaded.

  84. Slagathor says:

    I get a crash message that says \nexas has stopped working\ while im doing the kazuko route. anybody knows how to fix this?

    • Slagathor says:

      FIX FOUND: if you have this problem here is a way to bypass it. Long story short, I used the skip to next choice option (make sure you can skip unread text via the options menu) to bypass the moment where it crashes. You can quick jump backwards so that you can read what you skipped if you want to.

      If this doesn’t work, I tried copying and replacing the contents of both ISO CDS in my installation folder before doing this BUT it didn’t fix the problem. BUT it might me a step in doing so. Hope this helps some of you!

  85. Yuji Kaido says:

    Keeps telling me unknown or currupt image file and their was no issues during downloads they all downloaded correctly not quite sure this is a first for me normally never have any issues with the Iso’s. any thoughts besides redownloading all 33 parts and re extracting again?

    • Yuji Kaido says:

      Guess i’ll redownload all 33 parts an reextract and see if it lets me mount the iso’s after a redownload if not then not sure what i’ll do never had any trouble with any other games before this is a first for it telling me the iso image is unknown or currupted.

  86. razor says:

    I download the english patch and when i go to install it to the game, the next button is grayed out and it dosent let me proceed with the patch installation, also the folder selected by default is in japanese

  87. Excalibur says:

    I’m not able to play the game when he is installed, it’s normal ?

    • admin says:

      Duh? Of course it’s not normal… I only post working games here.
      Post the error/issue you’re having here and me, or some other user will help you.

  88. Abel Nightroad says:

    Clicking on the spoilers just reloads the page. Can’t get the download links. Guys please help.

  89. Vanguard says:

    For some reason, my version is NOT the translated one. How do I repatch it?

  90. Anonymous says:

    When I try to setup the game there is a disc1 followed by a bunch of japanese letters error

  91. Noahre says:

    So is this full english patch? Since I’ve played only partial patch so i wanna play the full one.

  92. Anonymous says:

    Download something like PowerISO or DaemonTools (I believe? I use PowerISO).
    Right click the files and mount them to a drive, then extract them to a folder.
    Download that alsignup thing mentioned somewhere in the above comments, drop that and the english patch into the folder you extracted the files to, use the english patch, then use the alsignup thing.

  93. tks says:

    How do i open a cdi file? after i extracted everything it only shows two file named “mks-1.cdi” and “mks-2.cdi”

  94. Anonymous says:

    Someone just called me Satan himself.
    Got 666 on my part 30 Captcha.

  95. anger says:

    sorry but there will be people that someone could tell me if this game majikoi S this uncensored or not, because if I will not download, and now that administrators of the website is my request because I’m here and the interior of another country where internet and slow and where these pages to download this website are falling all the time here because administrators do not exchange Linkis to other sites as Deposifiles and Mega .They are much faster, much safer and where there is in that web of bullshit drop a little bit that makes downloading and lose all rather than you get from where you left off you may not have to start all over again here in patience battle 4 hours so long to download 200mb which to min not of at least each of the gamesIt had to be a 100mb each

  96. Guitako says:

    I have a problem during installation. everytime i try to install the game i get a error message for the same file.
    [some japanese letters.pac] and the installation cancels. my system is set to japanese locale

  97. Broforce Alpha says:

    They finished this already? I checked their Fuwanovel page right after Majikoi came out and they had only just started! It feels like they finished this in only a couple months, impressive work.

  98. Kaiser says:

    I actually got the same problem, no Idea how to fix either

  99. Skyest says:

    This is Uncensored one right?

  100. DonS says:

    Majikoi done, Majikoi S done, now waiting for Majikoi A to come out

  101. Harenchi says:

    I got a problem in opening it…
    it’s 1503 error….. dunno
    What to do….
    and I can’t find a AlphaROMdie

    • Ashura Knife says:

      AlphaROMdie, whats is that?, i just run the game with appocale

      • Ensuna says:

        Hmmm I had to use applocale for both the Regular install and the patch install.

        When I use it to start up I get an error sends me to Alpharomdie website as well. If you install without applocale it’s impossible because the moment you do a config error pops up and it closes.

        I ran it for both times with a custom directory doesn’t work for me maybe windows is messed up?

        • Ashura Knife says:

          after install, you try to run the game with appo too?

          • Ensuna says:

            Yep ran it with Applocale and it gives me a 1503 error and sends back to alphaROMdie website for troubleshooting.

            The English installer also will not uninstall from control panel only when you run it with applocale.

            Oh well… back to playing the first game.

  102. Ashura Knife says:

    hey admin i get a crash with the kazuko route in october 31, could someone help with a fix for that?

    • DonS says:

      I’m not an admin but my friend also have that problem maybe there are some corrupted file in your instalation, just copy all file from both disk to your instalation folder. Also patch it again if it turn back into japanese, it works on my friend

  103. bummer says:

    I got a problem during the setup, when i’m installing the game, an error pop-ups concerning effect.pac and then it stops the installation, anyone had that problem and if yea how do you solve it

    • bummer says:

      While i’m at it, the link to AlphaRomeodIE brings me to a japanese site named testpage, i can’t download anything there

    • bummer says:

      also the link for the alpharomeodie brings me to a japanese site where i don’t see any downloads. it says it’s a test page

  104. Last Child says:

    od visual novel, I love the anime parts when there’s a fight. Good characters and environment. Reeaally like this one and the prequel

  105. Anonona says:

    I get sent to a software support website 0_0 Help

  106. Basumaru says:

    hey guys the censored ver means only the mighty MC’s excalibur and heroines’scabbard are censored right?

  107. bob says:

    love that you give us free games so dont wana make you think we not loving what you doing but seeing how alot of people asking on alot of games you come out with asking is this censored or not maybe in the title put (uncensored) or (censored) that way question wont be asked anymore

    • admin says:

      “Uncensored” might mean different things, especially with recent trend of making all-ages versions of games, in order to distribute them on Steam. Generally, I try to get as most “uncensored” version as exists, and if there’s demand, I also post alternative versions ( recent “Starless” upload for example – many people found the game “too extreme” and wanted “toned down” version as well.

      Generally, I think you’re referring to pixelated genitalia in h-scenes – I’ll try to include information about those with new uploads and add appropriate tags retroactively.

  108. oscar says:

    another server where we can download please?!! mediafire?,mega?torrent? that are some place’s where the parts wont be deleted are faster to download them!!!

    • admin says:

      I used mediafire in the past and got banned twice in one week due to excessive bandwidth usage…

      • Fluffie says:

        Try MEGA i have downloaded many animes that were uploaded on MEGA and never came across deleted files + the speed is nice.

        • admin says:

          Again, how many downloads did the mega links you encountered had? 1000? 2000? On average day, this site users download around 6-8TB of data… MEGA free account allows 10GB of bandwidth/month, which means files would be accessible for few minutes before quota expired. Even most expensive “Mega III” storage plan gives less bandwidth/month than users download in a day. (Refer to older comments, where I presented exact data and calculations. Long story short – using MEGA is not possible.).

  109. kokoro_fan says:

    Where can I get the uncensor patch?
    I would really appreciate a link.

    Thank you!

    (I really need to enjoy the Kokoro route!!)

    • admin says:

      No such patch exists, at least to my knowledge (feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, and I’ll add it here).

      • kokoro_fan says:


        It’s just out yet, but it’s being worked on over at Fuwanovel by Helvetica Standard, which is great!

        I’ll just have to endure and wait for it to come out and that re-play the game. (Which is perfectly fine with me, since this game really is worth those 33 parts.)

        Well, thanks for replying so quicky!

        Have a nice day.

    • Mochizuke says:

      Guys, i finished Majikoi S and my game isn”t censured, I have the version uncensored.

  110. saco3 says:

    I keep getting error messages when I try to install the game, first it asks me to confirm something about the directory and if I click “Yes” I get the error and if I click “No” it doesn’t install!

    Could you help if possible please?

  111. René says:

    i have censored how i can delet this censored ? (sorry for my EN 😉 )

  112. bob says:

    what program do i need for cdi files i tryed daemon tools lite but came out errors?

  113. Kia says:

    Hi, I’m having trouble installing the game. I’ve mounted the image and gotten to a setup screen where you can download direct x but none of the text is legible. I’m not really sure where to go from here. Any help or a guide on what to do would be much appreciated. Thanks!

    • DonS says:

      You can just copy the all data from both disk into a single folder, and if you wondering how to patch just run it and select the folder you just make from both disk

  114. ganoloth says:

    i’m having a hard time on the game because i can’t play it the problem is it lead always to imgburn can someone help me out

  115. anime_junkie says:

    I am missing two CG’s no idea how to get them.

    three rows from the bottom of the CG viewer i am missing the 2nd and 3rd CG’s anyone know how to get them?

    • Saxz says:

      View tutorial section until you get H-scene with the premium girl (I forgot her name).
      10 times or so I think.

  116. Izanagi90 says:

    is this the +18 version or all-ages?

  117. Saxz says:

    I hope we can get the Majikoi A (fandisk) after this…

    I want that Benkei route dammit!!

  118. Dirge says:

    I found a way around the 1503 error I received at the start, but now whenever I try to launch the game I get a “NeXUS has stopped working” Error every time I attempt launching the game. I would very, VERY much appreciate help 🙁

  119. Haiz says:

    Man I am constantly getting “Nexas stop working” error. Admin, I think you need to upload new files because from my trial and error there’s no problem with the patch but the game itself.

  120. rednaks says:

    hi sry but can you tell me pls where is the patch game

  121. Momonga says:

    I have problem with skipping text when i start from begining. I don’t know why, but it cannot be stoped or turned off in configurations. Please help.

  122. DonS says:

    1st Either Copy both cd in to one folder or instal it using Setup.exe
    2nd Instal Patch by chosing the intaled or copied folder, only then you can press the next button
    3rd Play using the DirectXCheck.exe
    note: If error show download the crack from Yue (I Don’t need it by the way)

    and here’s the walktrought

  123. Dminion says:

    Must be my internet…..

    Well, thanks for the heads admin. Looks like I have to find a way around this.

    And how apt, the captcha reads “never give up”

  124. Dminion says:

    Is there anybody having a problem in downloading part 16? I keep getting an network error message, or the page just goes to a cannot find server/connection server response page.

  125. Julian says:

    Anyone, Do you Know how to chance Censored to Uncensored For This Game?

  126. Krasus says:

    HI, thanks for this game.

    One question, do i need to play the first game or can i understand everythink without?

    • phobosdeath says:

      mmm It better if you play the first one to get a background of the characters and if you wish to see the after story of each of the main heroins of the first game it also better if you play it but if yo go directly to a future without anyone then u may not need it is really easy to grasp at least it was for me(played this game before finishing the story in the first one and I din’t fell like I miss anything when I played the new heroines routes). well in truth i Recommend to play the first one first

  127. A little Kitsune says:

    One of the best Vns. Now, if only we had the maji de watashi ni koishinasai A series done, I could finish off the series

  128. Micokun says:

    Is there anyone having a problem during the Wanko’s route”NeXAS stop working” I keep getting this error and can’t continue. Can anyone help me? Please

  129. Xarvi says:

    I like the part where there’s 33 parts, and I’m not even allowed to gige them money for a premium download. great stuff…
    I’ll give a testicle and an eye for a single click download link.

  130. phobosdeath says:

    If You have windows 8 and your having a NSIS error when u try to install the English patch like i had then what i did to manage to install it was change the compatibility to windows 95 I try compatibility with win 7 to xp and it dint work I put 95 and it run no problem.To change compatibility u need to go to the property of the patch( note:I actually had to change the patch name to make the compatibility tap to show up) hope this helps some of u guys

  131. lol says:

    yeah when i try to install the english patch i select a map to install the thingy in but still can’t click the ”next” button, HELP!

    btw idk if this is important it says:

    space required: 52.7MB
    space available: 212.1 GB

    help please!

    • raitou says:

      You needs to redirect the patch manually, just click browse and choose the folder where the crack included (install directory). That works for me.

  132. Eterne says:

    Uhh.. I’m getting an error when I try to download the third part. It says the file can’t be found.

    Is this just me or is this happening to someone else too?

    • Muheddhunde says:

      Hi, I have a problem with the English patch. I can download everything fine, however, when I want to run the patch, I cannot click on next.
      I have enough space on my computer, but I don’t see any reason why. Is it unable to open? Is it linked to the unusual font? Is there a problem of compatibility? Something complicated but in fact very simple to solve?

      Thank you for your answers.

  133. Phoenix says:

    Admin, any plans for Lightning Warrior Raidy III?

  134. Plex says:

    Wow that free download site is getting bad, the ads popping up now are the old type of phishing trojan that forces you to ctrl+alt+f4 to close the window.

  135. Badboll says:

    They need to stop saying that characters are 18 when they are clearly not. Second year of high school in japan is ages 16-17 Monshiro skipped grades and is in first year. She is probably 12 or something..

  136. Crosskun says:

    PRAISE THE SUN!!!! IT’S HERE!!!!! DAMN IT SON! I mean thank you admin! <3 I CAN'T HELP MYSELF GOODOAWEF AEPOFOP Pklnaklsdfnkln!!!

  137. thiago says:

    this game is with or without censorship because already jogei this game once and was censorship and would like this majikoi s was uncensored, apologizing logo English by poorly written because I am Brazilian I can not really speak English

    • Badboll says:

      it’s censored, the first game was a fan made decensorpatch which was why it was so shit. Unless Japan removes the law that forces porn to censor stuff that shouldn’t be censored, might need to wait for an outside japan company to pick them up and translate/decensor the source material for that to happen.

  138. Mr.NiceGuy says:

    Okay I’ve got a slight…. problem I’m runnig the game with sytem applocal Jap but when I got my computers applocal on this I cant start the English Patch exe when I start it on my normal applocal it starts but wont allow me to click on the Next box some are saying I have to have it on system applpcal Jap to make the patch work (me being able to press the Next box) and I have used ALPHAROMdie. plz need some advice can’t stand the ERROR message.

  139. MrHanz says:

    can someone give english walktrough?
    I find it but in japan

  140. Dragon says:

    Just be aware that this game does NOT like windows 8.1. I had nothing but hassle with it till I installed it on my computer that has windows 7 on it. Then no issues.

  141. ummm says:

    Is this file corrupted for anyone else?…or maybe it’s my PC -.-

  142. merp says:

    finally got all cg and routes…. im really hoping for the clone routes from A1-5 to be translated if they do decide to translate them

  143. Kalth says:

    keep getting a error when trying to download part 6

  144. Thanks says:

    tanks Admin

  145. nazim10 says:

    Maybe the best solution would’ve been to do a pre-patched version, for those who had problems with installing the game.

  146. Pukma says:

    So I cant seem to download part 3. Any suggestions?

  147. HotGear says:

    Does anyone have a walkthrough for the childhood route? I found one before that was in japanese and was planning on using it but now I can’t find it. Thanks

    • HotGear says:

      I mean Koyuki’s route, I know there is only one choice on the childhood route

      • sellos says:

        im looking for that too but no luck so far

        • Mr.NiceGuy says:

          You need to complete all routes before you’ll be able to play koyuki route or at least most of them I played through the game in Japanese and half translated I know I did it once can’t say if its worth it but thats how at least. good luck

        • HotGear says:

          Found it:
          On childhood route you need to let Koyuki play with you, this unlocks her route
          When choosing your position choose attack
          When drinking with benkei I think you know which one to choose if you’re aiming for Koyuki 😉

  148. thefoxof72 says:

    well i finally installed the game when i try to play it it says a monitor program has been found running in your system and since i don’t know much i don’t know what to do. help pls

  149. Grey says:

    i mounted the disc and copied the files into my desktop. tried the application file and the game started but in japanese. how do i install the english patch? could not press ‘next’ on the directory selection area. or am i doing the whole thing wrong?

  150. Danny says:

    Thanks Yue, works perfectly.

  151. fox says:

    i cant install!! something about confiq.html stopping me from it do help pls

  152. arossyss says:

    Part 13 does not seem to be working when i try to download it any advice?

  153. Danny says:

    Got the same problem 1503
    To others whiche exe did you run?
    I have this one まじこいS.exe and it look like it isnt craked

  154. Yue says:

    From the comments so far, I’m guessing the Crack isn’t included in this.
    Download this

    Put it in the VN directory, double click it, let it do it’s thing, if it closes right away that’s fine. Now try launching the VN again from the japanese exe, should work.

    This was found in the comment of the translation website

  155. Farnsworth says:

    So, does this fix the EXTREMELY poor Wanko route? I would LOVE this game forever if it could just make her path not so lame and try to find some kind of redemption/alternate storyline to the one that was presented in the first game…

    Either way I’ll probably download and play the others, but I’d love to know ahead of time whether to play Wanko’s or not.

    • Zag says:

      Just play it and see it for yourself, since this is just an after story it will be heavily focused on romance and
      probably won’t add something big to her story.

      • Mr.NiceGuy says:

        All the old main routes are very easy to play and its impossible to fuck up you just choose the charachter you want to go with like wanko, momoyo, chris, miyako or mayuchi and it dosen’t matter what you say during the route its the same en anyway. Played through the Jap version know only the general idéa of what happens because I don’t speak japanese but its the same, very good though.

        • Mr.NiceGuy says:

          All routes are continueations where the Mayikoi left off even if there was some sort of future ending with some of the charachters so its new but you cant really change the direction of the route in anyway also all the continueation routes is for the most part like the afterstory in Mayikoi (Yamato getting layed tons) =)

  156. Doomsday_Adam says:

    Is this version Uncensored?

  157. Hito says:

    is it full translation

  158. ddayman says:

    i keep on getting this 1503 thing that pops up every time i try to start up the game how can i fix that also my locale is set in japanese.

  159. Person says:

    Yeah it is.

  160. So how dow i install this? when i extract the files only give me disc with no game ;-;

    tell me pls

  161. Person says:

    Also Ive mounted the discs installed the game and downloaded the patch as well as done the alpharomdie download but when I click on the short cut a Japanese error box pops up saying something about gamedisk. Anyone know what to do?

    • man says:

      is your location set to japan

    • Kuudare says:

      Try extracting the files instead of mounting them

      That was the only way without third party programs for the game to work on my computer.

      (Ya don’t need other programs your computer is just confused how to access the data)

  162. Person says:

    A word of advice to all the people with issues regarding the english patch and greyed out stuff. When you mount the files and open the setup there is a button on the bottom middle next to the greyed out button. Clicking it will take you to 2 buttons one which takes you back to the main menu and the other which seems to install the game files. Click that while having both cdi files mounted and it should do some installing and the English patch and previously greyed out buttons should work. Hope that helped.

  163. SV says:


    Thanks as always, admin.

  164. phobos says:

    I cant run the english patch when my computer is on japonese locale and when it on english it dont detect the folder that the game it intalled on

  165. Romell says:

    Will someone tell me please how I can find the install files for this game.I’ve extracted all bought a 100$ daemon tools thing to mount that damn CDI file and still have no luck if someone tells me how i will be forever indebted to them

  166. Pastare says:

    To fixe the 1503 error people are getting.
    Download this :
    It’s in japanese, when you launch the program tick the second box do not click on anything else. Drag the majikoi.exe on the program, click on the left button (confirm) twice. It will create a desktop shortcut, and the game will work.
    Enjoy !

  167. blob says:

    Hi guys,first thank admin, second i manage to run the game thanks, to ghost assits by the way, so the game runs i installed the patch but the games stills runs in his native lenguage, did i mess something should i been doing something different, anybody can help me, thanks in advance.

    • blob says:

      Yes, i nailed it, so many thanks for this apport, i was realy waiting for it.
      So yeah i manage to run it perfectly, so don´t need no answer my last question, thanks anyway.

  168. merp says:

    does anyone know if there are any plans for A1-5 ( not sure if A-5 is even been released though) to be translated?

    • twdarkeh says:

      If erogedownload had bothered to post the source of the patch(for this or the first game), this question would have been answered. We may do A-1 and the other A games, but we’re taking a break at the moment.

  169. rednaks says:

    hi guys can you help me pls i try to play it but they said 1503 and write in japanese

  170. rednaks says:

    hi guys can you help me pls i try to play it but they said 1503 and write o japanese

  171. MisterP says:

    Does this include the subbed videos and the fix that is published on the TL group page?

  172. Ghost says:

    Download AlphaRomediE from the link below. Run that and drag the game .exe into the AlphaRom window, the game should run after doing that.

  173. Tortoise says:

    Admin Can upload koiken otome english patch version T^T Please…

  174. Dumpins says:

    So when I try to install the english patch if i’m in japanese it wont run it but when I’m try to run it non japanese its greyed out. Can someone know a solution?

  175. Revvo says:

    i really didn’t like the first game.
    A god like Super-heroin who wouldn’t look your way unless you became president… A sex-crazed retard jumping at you like a dog ….
    found most of the scenarios to be very lame… very unconvincing…
    yet it looks sooo good….
    any hope for this to be better writen then the first one?

    • ano says:

      Any hope that you’ll stop being a baiting jerk? And in case you were being serious, no, this isn’t MajiS “Alternative” to Maji “Extra”.

      So, you get what you get.

      • Revvo says:

        random internet aggression strikes again.
        no idea what struck you as offensiv about that question / comment.
        was a serious question, serious answeres are appreciated.

        • ano says:

          So then, that’s a definite negatory on not being a jerk? And you had your answer from the tags alone, I mean in addition to me confirming it for the second (and last) time.

          ‘Later asshole. And no, nothing *random* about me referring to you as such, I just call it as I see it.

          • DigimasterHiro says:

            Dude chill. Whether he likes the game or not doesn’t affect your own enjoyment. Besides, there are plenty of VN’s/Eroge where the Sequel retcons the original story (Grisaia no Kajitsu), plays differently (Shuffle), or is an entirely different genre (Muv-Luv).

          • Revvo says:

            getting the feeling you are talking to yourselfe, reading something into my comments which clearly isn’t contained in them…. the tags don’t answere my question in the slightest. In regards to your attitude i’m also not very interested in your opinions/answeres since i doubt our tastes would match even if you had a clue about what i’m asking here.
            Sorry to inform you that your random raging doesn’t bother me in anyway, head to the youtube comment section, i belive that would be more fitting for the kind of converstation you are trying to start here.

          • ano says:

            World of difference between random raging and calling out your baiting ass. Regardless, have a nice day and hope you die in a fire.

    • DigimasterHiro says:

      Don’t really know the answer to your question but, apparently, the game works by having you chose an ending from the first game and S expands on it. You also seem to have the option of choosing none of the first game characters and going after 5 new ones. Maybe the new Heroines will be more to your taste.

      • Revvo says:

        Yes i got that, thanks for making it clear though.
        I overall enjoyed the athmosphere and art of the original but found most routes/heroines to be rather disappointing, was hopeing to hear from someone who felt the same, about the new routes.
        thanks for your input.

  176. Anon the 2nd says:

    As always, thank you very much.

  177. Romell says:

    Can you some one please give me an install guide I’m stuck at the step after extracting all files with the the patch after that i don’t know where to find the installer some help would be very much appreciated as i have been downloading the game all day and I’m not giving up. please please please help me

  178. phobos says:

    When i try to run the English patch I get a NSIS error. this error happens when my system local is Japanese but if it is English the program run but i cant choose the folder where the game is installed I don’t know what to do

  179. Romell says:

    I need some help can we get an install guide please

  180. Blockhead says:

    Error 1503, downloaded the patch that was suppose to remove it, still there. plz help

  181. rebornmanx says:

    how do i play it, i installed it and whenever i press start it brings up a screen in japanese saying something. also what is the website for AlphaROMdiE?

  182. ezprodigy says:

    I honestly don’t understand why would anyone make this game a cdi file, The iso mounters that allows this type of extension are usually so loaded with add on crap I’m not even sure the game is worth playing anymore

  183. Natyre says:

    admin senpai…. TAKE MEE!!!!

  184. Kuronx says:

    CAn anyone confirm this is a legit download? I’ve used this site before, but it’s got some super invasive ads on it now.

    • DigimasterHiro says:

      Yes, the downloads on this site are legit. I’ve used it since before those ads started popping up and now that Fuwanovel doesn’t offer torrents, I use this site exclusively (Unless I really love the game and it’s available on Mangagamer, then I buy it.) Just continue to exit the pop-ups until they stop coming and the downloads will be clean.

  185. Ashura Knife says:

    finally!!!! thx admin thx!

  186. usamiharu says:


    Download a Daemontools to open them then install them make sure your in japanese locale since the game will not work


    Ur game might not be installed, if u did try to find the folder of the majikoi then install it their

  187. Shenron says:

    I got the English patch but the next is grayed out when it asked to choose file location, What do i do?

  188. MrGomlo says:

    So how do i install this? i downloaded the full file but there are only 2 CDI Data in it, and i cant open them.

    • Ryu says:

      I have the same problem. I have the images mounted on Daemon Tools Lite and the folder only included the CDI files that have to be mounted. Once I mounted them I checked to see if the drive was the there and it says Application not found. I usually don’t have this problem.

      • Ryu says:

        Never mind, I had to unmount everything else and then mount Majikoi files only. The problem being, too many things mounted at once, I hope that helps for you.

  189. Evangelize says:

    Does Kokoro have a route in this one? I was sad she didn’t really have one in the last game since she was adorable and confessed even after all your tormenting XD

  190. Shenron says:

    I got the game of the Partially translated downloads page, do i need to re download the game on here for the English patch to work

  191. WmH says:

    Best reason to finaly finish the last routes on the first game
    cant wait to get another great VN

  192. usamiharu says:

    WOW…..OMG….never thought this would be translated fast….btw admin is A-1 still being translated? i really want to play Azumi route 🙂

  193. Matabeee says:

    Okay this is stange installed everything and patch click start and it comes up with a grey box all in japanese and when i clock the botton it takes me to a site were i need to put in the product id, which of course i dont have ????

    • GodSlayer says:

      I am having this same problem, I’ve unistalled and reinstalled but I can’t fix the problem. If anyone can help that would be great.

      • Lightknightz says:

        Found a way to bypass it. all you need is AlphaROMdiE which you can probably download from some website. Then you put the game.exe into the AlphaROMdiE’s window and a shortcut is created that lets you plaay the game without any problem. have fun.

        • Sabre says:

          Thanks a lot man, this did it for me. The page I found linking it also told me ho to create a desktop shortcut so i don’t have to drag it every time.

  194. LIGHTDX says:

    OH MY GOD, it is finally here. Oh, my god. YESS, Majikoi S is HERE! Thanks. ^^

  195. AnonSupreme says:

    So, does this fix the EXTREMELY poor Wanko route? I would LOVE this game forever if it could just make her path not so lame and try to find some kind of redemption/alternate storyline to the one that was presented in the first game…

    Either way I’ll probably download and play the others, but I’d love to know ahead of time whether to play Wanko’s or not.

  196. The bearded potato says:

    That was unexpected.

  197. Volk says:

    …the fuck? I actually started learning nip to read the majikoi fandisk and the sequel, just got to ~250 kanji.

    H-hey, should I get this or wait until I understand the original?

  198. Romell says:

    Yahoooo I’m soo fucking happy adimn you just made my day I have been waiting for years for this thank you so much

  199. Dragon God sama says:

    It’s funny that I was just thinking about playing the main route in the first one

  200. Leffey says:

    at last, Tatsuko-sama will be mine

  201. Xtroyer says:


  202. Hero says:

    Well, looks like ToHeart2’s going on-hold.

  203. cjb2 says:

    tnx a bunch admin but 33 parts is going to take a while T.T

  204. LightWafer says:

    Already translated?! :O
    NICE! Thx ms. Ivan

  205. nazim10 says:

    Quick Question, to install the game, should we change the locale to japanease?

  206. Iron says:


    After i finish the first game i wanted more of Shiina and Mayuzumi


  207. Nobu says:

    Been a while since I touched an wrote but you bet ur ass I’ll be playing majikoi s 😀

  208. Lazruth says:

    The sequel? Translated already? I AM SO HAPPY!

  209. MrHanz says:

    wow hell yeah! Thank you very much dude

  210. Micokun says:

    I am already near ending the first game, this was such a great coincidence. Thank you based admin!

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