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  1. If the Game Freeze Download Locale Emulator and run the Game with Right-Click “Japan-Admin”

  2. So, I must be really dumb, but my game is 99.9% in japanese and I see no English launcher or language option anywhere. Help please.

  3. I have a problem, the game just doesn’t move forward even after clicking mouse or hitting space. I am stuck on the starting scene in all routes. Any ideas how to fix, or are there any other controls?

  4. guys if you have a problem with a message in japanese with a error you need to move the folder of the game for the program files

    1. Hi..I got the problem you mention.What do mean(“you need to move the folder of the game for the program files”)?

  5. Disregard last message. I know what they r now. I switched to japanese locale but it still freezes when loading y?

  6. When loading it freezes. Someone answered this question earlier but i dont know what japanese locale and applocale are. Also the japanese aplication does not even open. Would someone kindly help me/explain?

    1. This only includes , Benkei, Sayaka , and Azumi. There’s MAjokoi A2 which includes Seiso/Haou-sama , Monshiro after+ ( contains adult Mon too ) and Cookie 4IS.

      The one you want is Majikoi A5 , which hasnt been translated.

    1. I had the same problem as you. It seems there was a character the game didn’t know how to deal with in the full path of the directory (“é” in my case). I moved it somewhere else and it works fine.

  7. I extracted the .rar with japanese locale, I have the latest DirectX but when I try starting the game, I get this error:


    I can’t read moon runes so I’d appreciate if someone could tell me what’s the problem. I am on Windows 8, btw.

  8. So is there any sex involved? I don’t know how far I am but I only had the “pleasure myself” choice.. Yes I’m new to this series.

  9. Hi quick question. When i execute the english patch and select directory where to install it, it simply wont allow me to proceed to apply patch even if I chose the right location of the files for the game. Any advice? thanks!

  10. I just can’t get the sprites to show up, whenever there’s a change there’s just floating eyes and mouths over the background. I’ve changed my system locale, installed DirectX and all that crap but regardless whether the english patch is installed or not I can’t get the game to run properly.
    Any help would be amazing.

  11. First, thanks admin for the upload. Been waiting for this for a while.

    Is anyone else getting errors when extracting the files? I’m getting 2 errors.
    “Data error in ‘MajikoiA1\Visual.pac’. File is broken”
    “CRC failed in ‘MajikoiA1\System.pac’. File is broken”

    Should I just redownload the files?

  12. Why is this game getting so many sequels, fan-disks etc? Found it to be really lackluster… poor dialogue, badly written characters etc… Wish i could dig the taste of the market :/.
    Thx for the upload as always

    1. While I do like the Maji koi series I also don’t quite see where all the hype it gets comes from either. Fan disks are a given for games like this tho with the size of the female cast and half of them not having routes even in full on sequel installments.

  13. Anyone knows what happen when you pick last option (Mountai Youkai) in the choices after you get out of river enroute to Fuuma village in Azumi route? because tbh I got scared and reload the choices xD

  14. Hi Admin, this is my first time trying to download an Eroge. A friend of mine recommended me this site. I downloaded all 6 parts of the game as well as the English patch. I changed the Locale to Japan i’m not to sure but i think i have the right DirectX 11 just finished downloading. and now i’m wondering how exactly do I put it all together to play? what are the steps i have to go through?

    1. If you have WinRAR installed, just click on first out of 6 parts and choose “extract here”. New folder will appear – just enter it and double-click mka-1.exe. As long as you set locale properly before (refer to FAQ on this website when in doubt), game will start.

  15. Hello Good Admin, thanks for all the joys you bring us with the site, I was wondering if you would be uploading the Labyrinth of Grisaia sometime soon?

    1. I don’t know if you know this or not, but only the 17+ version is available on Steam right now. It will be a little while longer for the 18+ release.

      1. Yea, but that version will not even be updated until around 9 days from now and god knows how they will update it “Grisaia R-18+ version is now 35% translated, we expect a release 15 august” wouldn’t surprise me. Thing is, i want it, and i would be delighted if someone uploaded the 17+ version too.

  16. Am I the only having problems seeing the visuals? I’m at the beginning of the Sayaka route where they’re at the secret base. There’s a conversation between Yamato, Gakuto, Takuya, and the Captain, but I can only see their eyes and smiles in the background. It’s pretty weird.

  17. hey i am gettin an unkown error when i try to start mka-1
    i double click and some japanese words pops out anyone can help?

    1. Assuming it’s the same problem I was having, as admin said it’s a System Locale error. Double check to see if it’s set right, and if you run Windows 10 then there’s something you might want to try. I’ll wait until you respond before I attempt to help any further, having your OS would help troubleshoot.

    2. i fixed the problem when i downloaded those parts i downloaded under a different local than i deleted them all and switched to japan and redownloaded them again from the scratch and it worked

      1. Technically, you don’t even have to re-download all archives. Just make sure locale is correct when extracting – one of game files (movie opening to be specific) contains Japanese characters in file path and WinRAR is unable to extract it properly without JP locale.

  18. Upon starting up the game it just freezes and leaves me with a message in a blue box. The System Region is set to Japan and everything. Games such as Yin Yang X-Change: Alternative and Seinarukana work just fine. Here’s the screen I always get.


    1. You didn’t set the locale properly (see how it shows you garbage characters instead of Japanese game name at top of window) – refer to FAQ for instructions.

      1. Thanks for the help. It works now. Though, the FAQ wasn’t much help due to there not being one for Windows 10. There are two different areas that say System Locale, but only one of them seems to make it work. I finally found the second one and managed to get it working.

        1. Yup. I need to update the faq to include Win10 locale, as well as few other common errors (missing DirectX, movie codecs and so on…)

  19. So i dont usually ask questions but im stumped for the last couple vns ive been getting d3xdx9_35.dll missing can somebody help me please

      1. actually dx11 is a superset to dx9, that just means dx11 was not properly installed in the computer, hence the missing dll file…

        you should just re-install dx11 since there might still be missing files that are not part of the june 2010 update

  20. Thanks admin and the group who translated this game. You are the best out there.
    I have played the sayaka patch before but i have spended sometime dying for Benkei and azumi’s route

  21. Fuck jeah, I played part 2-5 with the VN-Reader, but since in knew that this one was in Progress, I kept waiting. I looked at the Progress nearly every week since months, so this is a bit sudden. Praise Maji Translations!

  22. can any one help me i have got so far into benkais route and then it keeps crashing saying nexas has stopped working

      1. also, DONT click on “setup” !!!
        just extract game and directly start it with mka-1.exe

        1. Clicking setup.exe is no problem, it only extracts the contents to specified folder and creates registry (like installing games/apps). Thing is, you need to copy both mka-1.exe and main.bin to the installation folder to be able to play.

          That’s just me but I like my game folders neat without setup.exe and unnecessary files 😉

          p.s Oh and I used K-Lite Mega codecs if you curious, used to combine it with CCCP but decided to uninstall some times ago because of some conflicting codecs issues on some games XD

    1. I know how to fix that.
      Just change the name of the movie file inside movie folder by : 京大勝利.mpg
      I presume that you were not set in japanese unicode when you extracted ?


        1. you can search tje, their group name is pretty straightforward lol
          i think they are working to translate the other fandisk hopefully they go all the way to Seizo and Cookie 4!!
          anyway yeah shower them with as much love as you can xD

          1. Ah I’ve seen them before when searching for A-1 previously!
            They shall receive my unwavering showers of gratitude as befitting as Mon-sama! 😀
            Cookie 4 is in A-2, waiting for that too @____________@

            Im at my limit, wanting to sleep, but I’m close to the end of Azumi’s route :'( Just came here to check on other downloads XD


    1. Nah, it works “out of the box” – just extract and run the game with mka-1.exe (game requires JP locale and DirectX to run, but you should have those by now). Of course, if you want it in English, you’ll need the patch – just drop those two files into game folder.

    1. Yeah the Seiso/Haou route was one of my favorites of the A series along with Margit, Rinchuu, Azumi and Yoshitsune’s routes.

  23. I suppose the one who translate this stuff is Maji Translation? Wooooooo Finally!! im hyped to read this xD
    thanks Admin for letting us know and providing with the download o3o

    1. It’s the first (out of five) fandisks – it was stuck in translation hell for few years – first group (Wairu Translations – they also translated original Majikoi and S before) translated one route then kind of disappeared after releasing partial patch. Later on, second group (Maji Translations) picked it up finished two remaining routes.

      1. Maji are also the ones who finished S, since Wairu dropped it halfway out of nowhere, never to be seen or heard of again.

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