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  1. The uninstall.exe doesn’t exist so I apparently can play the game. Can an admin please help me solve this problem.

  2. My game does not save and I tried both to set to read-only and running Set up in Japan locale and nothing can someone help me fix this please? Admin-sama?

  3. Can’t DL the game it always says in the captcha box that:

    domain / ckey mismatch (75y6DSIbwmZpszgiRT-dVzfmhgHJzBEL)

  4. is this website gonna release Majikoi 4 and 5 soon?

    im in quarantine and running low on content!

    1. Don’t expect those anytime soon – A-4 is currently being translated, but it’s at least a year away.


  6. Did anyone find a way to fix the save?

    I just run the game by clicking main, wasnt able to run via setup.

    The game works fine, just cannot save 🙁

    1. When running setup, it says bgm3.pac is missing, but I see it right there in the file also. Any help is greatly appreciated!

      1. Finally found a solution. Just sharing here for those who have troubles saving.

        Install back one of the previous installments, i.e. Majikoi, S, A-1 or A-2. From there, when you click on A-3, it will ask if you want to load config from previous game.

        Click yes, and it will load an identical config, including how to save the files.

        Problem solved after so many hours ughh..

  7. Although my favorite entry will definitely be Majikoi A-5, i am very much pleased with this

  8. Finally! The time has come at last. We’re getting closer to finishing up the series.

  9. This game was awesome. I hope they do A-4 and A-5 eventually. A-4 only has 2 routes so they could skip and wait on that because we know everybody wants A-5 for Margit’s route which is badass(Yoshitune and the Kuki looking girl).

    1. Download them again. They might have become corrupted. I have this issue because my computer is messed up. My RAM is faulty so it corrupts my files.

      1. No need to have a guide. The choice are no hard to know what will lead to good or bad end.

  10. How do I play the game? wich file is it you have to click?, everyting appears in japanese so I dont know…

  11. A friend of mine says the game doesn’t save. He even changed system locale to Japanese, still the same problem.
    The game worked just fine for me.
    Any idea or suggestion?

  12. is this reall?????? or i am in a dream? if i am in a dream don’t wake me up please!!

    Thanks you, admin 🙂

  13. Funny enough they released this patch april 1, i hope this means they have time to work on the other two games since two game, i been waiting the after history for Margit since forever and its the last game so i hope they get to it eventually

    1. yeah, me too. waiting for a-5 translation.
      i don’t know what happened to them. but they used to be very fast translating this game. from majikoi to a2, they only need 2 years(2015-2016)

      1. They probably gain time to work on it because of coronavirus. Hopefully coronovirus crisis will last longer, to let them have time to release A-4 and A-5. 🙂

  14. omg finally
    after hw many years
    I thought they stopped translating
    thank u fr giving some joy during these hard times

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