Iro Yoridori

Iro Yoridori

Makoto Hirata is a pessimist who struggles to connect with people. His best relationship is with his childhood playmate, Mizuki. One day, by chance, Makoto witnesses the school “playboy” Hasegawa having sex with a girl classmate. Discovering a kind of thrill in the act of watching, Makoto continues to spy on him.
Before long, Hasegawa has moved in on all the girls Makoto knew and cared about… and finally, with the only person he could call his friend.

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  1. I will admit I’m not a fan of NTR nor I can stand it. But I’m also bored of a single guy fucking all the girls without really any consequences (eg. hasegawa). Yeah, this was from the POV of our loner, unsocial-ish unwanted guy but if the story was from Hasegawa’s POV, this would be your typical harem game.
    Now I wish there were several changes in this game, first of all gameplay wise. I’ll be honest, I haven’t looked at the game, just went to hitomi’s website and you can literally see the whole game there with dialogue and stuff. Anyway, as I was looking chapters after chapters, I could tell there were no choices in the game and even if there were, it would be like A) Would you let hasegawa continue fucking or B) Would you let hasegawa continue fucking.

    You can tell, I’m hoping for some meaningful choices which can at least change/stir up the story so that it can go different directions. Has anyone here played Marble Syrup’s games like Re:maid where our MC-kun has different ways to approach/talk/do stuff to girls aka choices and that does have a significant impact. Some would lead to you being lonely, or a rapist, or even a lover’s route if you chose the right options.

    Now you say you magnanimous openminded internet fella, there are people who like this stuff and who am I to tell this studio and thereby, their fans to change their ways? Ah… You see, I don’t mind this kind of games, in fact I do cherish them as they are a minority of otherwise same yet with painted with a different coat of color games. What I really want them to do is, after seeing the first 2 girls get fucked by hasegawa, let MC kun take some affirmative actions like talking with others if they know if hasegawa was fucking umm…the entire school and that even if doesn’t change some girls still getting screwed over, many others would wise up to his trick. So hasegawa would need to devise new plans to plant his precious seeds. Simultaneously, our mc kun could either be doozing off or might be getting some love points from other characters and making them fuck him first.

    That last comment might be turn off some ntr fans but listen, after a while, one guy getting all the girls gets boring seeing the first two. Except for the girls’ personality nothing really changes. And giving choices would let NTR, non-NTR fans to actually enjoy the game. Like I’m probably change some things MC does in this while others might just have the same story repeat again and again. Or you could have choices that intentionally forces MC to lose no matter what (for masochists). So yeah I wish, there was some changes and this would be a “good” game.

    That was my 2 cent for this game. – gamer012345

  2. Hmm… This isn’t my jam, so I’m gonna skip it. But after reading the synopsis, it looks like another way of looking at this game is that it’s your typical harem manga from the POV of the “generic male side character”.

  3. Guys, this is fiction you are just projecting your insecurities here lmao. Well, it just proves how disconnected from reality you all are.

    1. Yeah, I agree that few of them just took it a wee bit too far in expressing their dislike with NTR genre. This is, after all, just a game. Everyone has their own preferences. Just like there are people who enjoys yaoi, trap, guro, and scat. Even tough I admit they are a minority…

      Well, I myself wouldn’t download this game. I just don’t like NTR. And DesRed’s detailed spoiler is quite enough in satisfying my curiousity regarding the only good ending this game has. Lol

      1. simply ntr is for masochistic people..,come on if you’re seeing hentai or eroges of any kind. call it logic or not, the viemer seeks indirectly the same point at the protagonist of the story.. if they like be excluded and bullied even in a story.. is clear signs of
        mental masochism xdd.. and i not judge that, every people has its likes. But at least for me, and the .. 80% of the people that see this, the NTR, gave a bad aftermouth, in my case angry and vengeful(i can see ntr only if the prota seek revenge later, that’s really i enjoy it) but other sign of the masoquistic side of the ntr, is that the protagonist is a fucking pussy and doesn’t do anything, and recluses himself. And i really hate that.. simply is too fucked.. even in a fictional history

  4. So sad of the outcome of not being upfront of your feelings and just stand there and be a pussy…that is our wimpy protagonist. As they say below it is a thought-out of things we DON’T DO and come to realize to regret it after. I’d rather regret doing it than doing NOTHING.

    This is one NTR I can’t get out of my head unlike the typical plots out there.

    This is so sad. I’ll play Kanojo Bitch to recuperate this uneasy feeling.

    Thank you writer and artist for making me miserable…

    1. Exactly man, the protas of ntr, are simply.. masochist, they like suffer, and don’t do shit.., that’s the frustrating part of the NTR and not the other guy fucking the girl. The termine called “sweet vengeance” don’t apply here. And in the end, the prota transforms in a sad wimp and at least for me, give me the urge to beat the protagonist. Really.. ntr.. is the frontier for mind masoquist people.

  5. Admin is there a chance you can upload Brave Alchemist Colette?
    I saw that’s its already on mangagamer, really would appreciate if it was uploaded here.

  6. @Red Riot.

    Sure no problem. The art really drew me so I had no clue this would be this interesting.

    Also noticed this was a game translated by the group NTRanon (You see the their list of Translated stuff on vndb), who seem to usually find
    NTR that isn’t just the usual kind:

    1) KanoBitch (Slut Girlfriend) – This game gives you two sides, the before and after of the main girl. With the Before – being a story of what you’d expect from NTR (nothing much here) and the After being the slutty gyarufied version of her actively wanting to be with MC emotionally (though she admits sex with him is not bad.)

    2) Kedamono (Kazoku) tachi no Sumu Ie de – NTR or not this game has art done by Takeda Hiromitsu (Also an NTR) and that alone made me want to pick this up. Getting it out of the way. The MC is a background prop who isn’t even an Iota as interesting as Makoto. While he has some choices, the majority of them are from the main girl who you’ll be seeing her perspective instead and basically pick who she ultimately ends up with. And makes this feel like instead a weird Nukige-Otome game who’s choices are a Rich Powerfully Old guy, Gyaru Delinquent or an idiot.

    3) Netorare Otoko no Ko – This is my favorite NTR VN of all time, hell this is my favorite trap VN of all time. If only because no matter the ending the MC eventually gets back the “girl” in one way shape or another, whether as his girlfriend again or just as a some strange jealous “sexfriend”.

    1. Thanks! I will give kanobitch a try, and a hard thought about netorare oto noko, i might miss good writing… but maybe i’ll try it when i’m already immune to trapsXD. Kedamono, pass for now.

    2. Well at least in that eroges, the protagonist of the history does something, you know.. SOMETHING.. xddd, can be betrayed or whatever, but if the prota doesn’t become a pussy depresed i can tolerate it a certain point, thanks for the recomendations

  7. Criticizing people for liking what they like serves no purpose. It won’t deter people interested in the genre from designing these games or other people from playing them. All it does it make you sound like an asshole. Just let people enjoy what they enjoy. It’s not hard.

    1. being an asshole however does serve a purpose. If not for society at least it does so for the individual. It releases a lot of stress and aggression that builds up over the day when living so close together with so many humans.
      this is a major problem for our species. You can’t just shush it away with some “don’t be an asshole”s.

    2. Cuckold is pathetic, just like water is wet. You calling people a-hole won’t stop people thinking you are pathetic, it just make you sound desperate and trying to make your fetish sound better than it is. Just stop getting offended by what people say and think, its not that hard.

      1. If you’re going to alter parts of someone’s statement in order to reverse the point they made, don’t do it with far shittier grammar. It just makes you look like a dumbass by comparison, regardless of whatever ideas you’re trying to express.

        1. if you cant think of anything. dont resort to “your grammar is bad”. it just make you sound even more desperate and wont change the fact you are pathetic.

    3. It totally serves a purpose. It helps to vent the confusion and mild depression that happens when reading this games description. “oh yay new game”……”omg what is this”
      Being an asshole is a small price to pay.

    4. Jemina you have right at certain point, but you have to admit, that the people that like the character that one use be a wimpy doll that can’t do anything.. well.. sound very masochistic for me, you see bro, the part of NTR thats screw most of the people here is not the girl fucking the other guy, no.. the most fucked part of ntr, is the emo protagonist that doesn’t do a shit for nothing and transforms in the end of the story in a fucking doll, that’s what piss me off of the ntr.

  8. if you are a pathetic person that like to see his girlfriend or crush have sex with another man and stolen away from you, this is the game for you. For any non-pathetic people, just play something else.

    1. When you look at it from that perspective, it kinda makes sense. Hasegawa doesn’t exactly act like he’s a typical netori. He picks a girl, befriends her, tries to learn their interests, hangs out with them till get them emotional attached to him and then dumps then in the softly when he’s bored. He’s basically a Eroge Protagonist going through a “Route” every couple weeks while the main character stares on. Hell he (The MC) is the most weakest part of this (yes I get that this is a NTR VN) and like most ntr mc’s he rarely puts any effort the try and a least get the girls interesting to actually be “interested” in him.

      And that’s honestly disappointing. As aside from that he’s honestly very impressive as a person (He’s can cook like sort of chef and can even do computer repair), with the only thing lacking is something Hasegawa keeps preaching he needs confidence. Hasegawa himself is not even antagonist towards the MC, he is occasionally helped by the MC and he (Hasegawa) views him like he does any of his Delinquent friends just a lot smarter. And even says he’ll call one of his sex friends over so the MC can get laid (and on multiple occasions) as he DOES value the MC, which honestly is refreshing to see.

      1. Now i feel really curious, thanks for giving a non one-sided opinion. Really helps a lot. Just a question… does the mc get a happy ending at all- with someone who is still a virgin?

        1. I’m couple hours in and it feels like I’m almost at Mizuki (since there only six girls on the cover anyway and I’ve seen 5 so far). So I’ll answer that in a while.

        2. Took a while and had much more text than I way expecting but managed to reach the Good Ending. And unsurprisingly it’s with his childhood friend (Mizuki). Unfortunately though she has already had sex with Hasegawa and more less is shaken and heartbroken she couldn’t give herself to the MC(Makoto). It’s at this point in the game where you’ve finally given the options of route choice (Your actually given a choice of Perspective whether from the “MC or the “MC+others” – meaning Makoto, Mizuki and Hasegawa at this point).

          The Ending involves the MC confronting Hasegawa about Mizuki, after he manages to convince her that Hasegawa is only using her, and then presenting him with an Ultimatum. Either: Get rid of all evidence of him having sex with Mizuki pictures, video and all OR He’ll leak to the school what he’s been doing.

          This confrontation is interesting as I half expected some heated arguement but Hasegawa responds in the same way as “someone who lent you a game now whats to play it again”. Disappointed but knows they have to.

          In the Mizuki portion of the storyline, (before any choices), Hasegawa quickly learns that Mizuki is Makoto’s friend, and believes she’s the “not-just-a-friend-but-less-than-a-lover” kind of girl and is between of state of wanting to really get between her legs and constantly asking Makoto if he REALLY doesn’t like Mizuki or if she’s ISN’T his girlfriend. (He asks him FOUR times) And with constant non-answers from the MC as a result. He decides to take the chance and just go for her. The process he uses seems very manipulative towards the MC but from Hasegawa’s point of view he’s just wants to get rid of her attachment to guy who doesn’t love her back so he can have her.

          ……..and with that thought process in mind he’s honestly agape as to why the MC would want him to erase all evidence of his time with her when he didn’t seem so many times before when he asked. At the end Hasegawa says a line that’s kinda expected based on his deflated bored reaction at this point:

          ” For fucks sake, man, if she was your girlfriend or whatever, you shoulda just told me way earlier. We could have avoided all this.”

          He would not go after Mizuki if Makato had told him not to. And that serves as a contrast to an earlier scene, where he was having sex with a girl (she’s the one on the bottom right of the cover art) who had a boyfriend who kept bragging about her. Even stating that he couldn’t remember the boyfriends “name” till he was mention by said girl. Just showing again how much he actually respects the MC by not going after a girl he’s interested in vs. a random guy in a relationship. And maybe that respect expands to his Delinquent friends as well as he’s shown saying to them if they want girlfriends, “Put in the work”.

          All of though scenes where the highlights of the Good Ending. Although by the end. The MC learns that Hasegawa isn’t malicious towards him and still accepts Mizuki virgin or no as his girlfriend. Sadly there isn’t a Sex scene between them and probably the only thing disappointing coming out of this with.

          This game has such an interesting Art style and choice of girls that doesn’t feel the “same” a first glance,that’d honestly play another game with this specific artist in mind with “actual” routes. Though I feel like I’d be more aware now of background characters like Makoto.

          1. Thanks for the passionate ish review, now i’m actually interested to play it, now knowing that hasegawa isn’t a dumb single dimensioned character that’s been placed to just cuck the mc in a single dimensioned(just ntr) story.

            (Been unintentionally looking for Hgames to have a bit of realism that i can get attached to, and in my country, this is pretty normal. Get a girl around 18, pretty much already laid)

      2. Des red, that’s the most fucked part of the NTR, yeah.. for example, if he lost his girl and make his life i can accept it at certain point, doesn’t matter if he is betrayed, BUT NO.. the fucking emo protagonist, become a pussy isolated of all, when she and the other guy literally have fun tormenting him, and the worst part is that he.. enjoy it.. a certain point.. This shit of plot is for masoquistic people..

  9. I think this is made by the same developer of KanoBitch (Slut Girlfriend) which I love. (It’s light-NTR at first then it became Vanilla at the ending.)

    I’m not really into NTR but I’m kinda curious about this one. Might give this a try.

    1. As far i read on vndb the game has 3 endings and in 1 ending he seems to get her. Endings seem to be depending how early u convince ur girl that the NTR guy cheats on multiply girls etc.

  10. Netorare…..
    Now I have to fight with myself again. I know I’ll hate it, but I can’t fight the morbid horny curiosity.Maybe I’m just a fucking masochist… I need help.

    1. I hear you I want to read it to see what happens but I could never forgive myself for reading this. It’s like it will eat away my soul quite literally. A line I’m not willing to cross.

    2. jajajajajajaja i like your honestity at least XDDDDD. If you’re mind masoquist, this is your game without doubts XDDD

    1. Netorare man, in other words, is the genre in the protagonist doesn’t do anything about losing the girl he loves o likes.. but honestly, that is tolerable(betrayals happens everywhere and more like in histories) if the other guy stole the girl, well bad for him, if only were that…. BUT NO. The real fucked part of this is that the protagonist of the story.. literally doesn’t do anything,.. ANYTHING.. at the point of just watching the other guy screwing with her. and enjoying suffer. Every time i see accidentally a fucking NTR i have the urge of beat the fucking protagonist.. for be a fucking emo. The only NTR tolerable and not masoquist of shit.. is in the prota fights for her(i don’t care if he wins or loses but at least do something) or.. the other will be the revenge route..(that definitively will be more fun) but usually the prota is very wimpy.. and that’s fuck the history(at least for me)

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