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  1. I remember this game when I was younger. It was not translated, so I didn’t know what happen with the story. I thought the old lady at the beginning of the game was Sill’s mother, and Rance and Sill were just two youth of the village. Rance screwed Sill and got scolding by her mom. That’s why I was confused when he could screw other girls in the inn. But now I know that it’s wrong, lol

  2. You should buy some Seirogan first and talk with that Hanny again, this time give him Seirogan he will open the path to the South. Buy some of it, just in case. 🙂

  3. help i’m on chapter 4,rance got to save maria and the others after falling but what do i have to do i’m already at the place where they fall i cant go south to stairs because of hanni blocked the way

  4. Took me far too long to figure out how to save (Camp > Call > System Goddess, for those who are as stupid as me) and the guide and game seem to disagree with each other over what I do next (guide says something about going to Church to find/talk to Purple while the game doesn’t give a fuck and keeps quiet about her.) Still fun though and the art is far nicer than I’d have expected.

  5. Gotta problem, when I try to run it, it says that can’t locate _INMM.dll in the system eventhough is in the same folder as the game.
    The same problem if trying to run with AppLocale.

    Can someone help me pls?

  6. Man, Rance is a classic.

    i barely have finished three routes of Harukoi Otome (the only three that catch my attention, i´m not a colleccionist) and gonna start Yumina >_<

    I´m waiting for Monster Girl 3 XI

    1. haha !

      just the same about me ^^’

      lots of work, yumina, and now rance 4… i have to find more time to sleep ! 😀

    1. Old isn’t bad. Do yourself a favor and play through the series in order, instead of being “too good” for older games.

      1. I would love to do just that, play the whole series in order… but I’m stuck at the first one, Quest for Hikari, because of a glitch 🙁

        In the thieves hideout there’s some stairs that you can’t climb up unless you have the proper equipment. According to all information I could find online, I’m supposed to get “Thieves’ Shoes” from a closet in another room of the hideout.

        Unfortunately, no matter how many times I check, the shoes will not show up. I even tried reloading a previous save from before I ever stepped into the dungeon but it didn’t help.
        Could anyone please put up for download a save taken immediately after obtaining the thieves’ shoes?

        1. Talk to British a whole bunch, then try it again. I think that’s pretty much all you can do at that point.

          If that fails, just read the digest version of 1 and then play 2 onwards instead.

      2. I love the story and dungeon crawling but the battle part wasn’t very satisfying to play that i didn’t feel like finishing it

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