Rance 4.1

Rance 4.1

This is a side-story in Rance series, released shortly after the fourth game, but dedicated to an entirely different quest. All kinds of troubles are happening to a factory where a new Happiness Medicine is being developed. The mercenary Rance is hired by the manager to investigate the source of these troubles. First task: clear the factory of the monsters…

This is a RPG with turn-based combat and strong adventure elements (menu with command verbs such as “Examine”, “Talk”, etc., at every given screen). Unlike the previous Rance games, the battles do not allow free movement on the screen, and are carried out in a more traditional Japanese-style way. There is no physical movement in the game; hostile areas (dungeons) are also explored by choosing menu commands. As in all other Rance games, there are explicit sex scenes in this game.

64bit Game download32bit Game download
Rance4.1.64bit.rar – 194.7 MB
Installation: This is virtual appliance. Install Oracle VirtualBox and select “File > Import Appliance”
Rance4.1.32bit.rar – 61.0 MB
Installation: Extract the game, install inmm, start the game with launcher.exe.

5 comments on “Rance 4.1

  1. I installed the cd1 and cd2 but when i click play it just gives me an error. what did i do wrong and how do i fix it?

  2. it work but u need to use virtualbox/inmm properly…it won’t work at first and did’t know what i did but it works somehow

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