One hot, midsummer’s day, Shun Nanami’s sister drowned to death. It’s a memory he will never forget, which has become lodged forevermore in his heart. He decides from then on to live in her stead, to make up for the life she never got to lead.

Time passes, his agonizing childhood behind him, and he currently spends his days attending school like always. Then, another sultry summer comes around, reminding him ever-so-slightly of his sister once again…

Just then, he hears a piano’s melody far off in the distance–a tune she always adored. He follows this music to its source, only to find his sister standing there.

“Please take care of me from now on, Onii-chan.”

His little sister passed away long ago, but now, an android who looks exactly like her has appeared before him, “TRINO.”

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  1. mhhh looks nice, like the best plot, but so far it’s very poorly written. the main char is just absurd…
    without his knowledge a former friend builds an android based on his former sister, who died years ago, and wants it to live with him. Normal reaction would be to punch the inventor in the face, right? This main char is more like: “welp ok i guess, let me help you desecrate the memories of a loved one to develop more complex ai”…

    1. Holy shit, right? There’d be interesting drama in a story of someone learning to care for a poorly thought out robot, but this guy takes her on one shopping trip and he’s on board.

      Also, you’d expect someone so respectful of Asimov’s three laws of robotics to maybe have put more thought into the ethics of this project. The mom’s “it was my idea to keep this a surprise” decision is wild too honestly, not to mention the dad keeping brain scans of his kids.

      The first 20-30% of this story should be the MC avoiding the android, while calling everyone involved creeps and telling them to fuck off.

      1. Thank you both for posting this… I was so dumbfounded and angry when this part of the story happened that I stopped playing… The next day I played another hour or two, but not sure I wan’t to even bother pushing on with how poorly written the emotions/mentality of the MC and his mother are.

        Also the Art looks great in screenshots but the creepy lip sink stuff VNs try to do is a huge turn off. Makes them look like fish gasping for air IMO.

        1. Glad you guys feel the same way!
          Was really irritated when the guy’s childhood friend was the only one taking an issue with this and he reacts by talking her down… I mean come on, the girl has a point there.

          At that point i was wondering why they made the story about the android and the dead sister in the first place. I mean if you you are not going to explore the drama in this why not drop the whole thing and just write a story about a 3 sided lovestory with the sister as an extra alternative route..

          Seems to be a common thing in a lot of media. THey just throw a story element in there and then ignore it. Seems to be meant to just bait a certain audience?

          1. I don’t know about that. Having an exact copy to talk with doesn’t sound bad, of course it’s not really your sister but emotional it might help. I actually miss mine and just feel down if I think too much about it.

  2. Currently having an issue where the game will run fine until I try to install the R18 patch, which makes the game open up to just a gray box that I can’t read/see anything in, any help?

    1. If you attempt to install the patch at the same file location as the game you will get the all gray screen. Installing the patch at any other file location other then the default location will make the game remain the all ages version. By installing the patch at the default location, the game searches this default location when starting and automatically starts the game as the 18+ version.

      1. So I did this, and now I’m getting a system error everytime I go into the settings menu, what gives???

        1. Sorry for the late reply. That is normal when you patch the game. Where I downloaded the game this was posted:

          !!! An error message will pop up when you try to access the config menu after installing the adult patch. Just close it and continue playing.

  3. Are you no longer adding screenshots with new releases like you used to admin? Not that it bothers me since I can look it up quickly but was just curious.

      1. Hey admin, I hate to ask because you’re practically god on here, but I was wondering if you’d heard about the Steam re-release of Muv-Luv Alternative and if you could manage to post that version? I’ve been dying to read it since I finished Unlimited.

  4. I noticed an application titled “trinoline_en_R18Patch_setup”. And the game application itself has AA (All Ages?) in its name. I ran the R18 setup but didn’t get a new app icon or any in game option that I could see.

    How do you know if the R18 Add-On is installed right? Does the folder need to be saved somewhere specific? I don’t want to get halfway through the game to realize its the All Ages version.

    1. Run the trinoline_en_R18Patch_setup, select the folder with the game in. Setup will create a folder “TRINOLINE R18 Add-on” under this.

      Before patch is applied title-bar say “TRINOLINE All Ages”, after patch it say “TRINOLINE (English)”.

        1. This one has Mosaics,
          It is a decision from the Japanese company and Mangagamer from reports no longer has an artist to do edits themself or they are no longer allowed to.

          If this is the case it will always come down to the Japanese devs if they wish to provide the non-Mosaic CGs or not.

    1. safe to assume it’s 18+ unless it’s tagged with no sexual content. just my experience from downloading here.

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