Breeding Village

Breeding Village

Sick of the city? Unfulfilling job? Well, say ‘sayonara’ to that stifling corporate job and stuffy apartment and begin a new and exciting career in Breeding Village today!

The kind and charming locals will be happy to show you the sights of our beautiful village like; the beautiful mountain trails, scenic views of the rolling fields, our local hot spring and community center make for great hot spots to deepen your bond with fellow members of the community.

Your responsibility will be to fill our fertile fields with a strong young seed.

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9 comments on “Breeding Village

  1. Just wondering is this version only for pc or does it work with phones as well saw something in the files that makes me think it will work with python programs

  2. Still looking for the sounds of copulation from this circles works.
    Anybody here knows where to download? 🙁

  3. This is basically the equivalent of a gonzo porn video revolving around one subject. I’m only up to the 4th encounter, but there’s like no plot whatsoever, and you just move on from one encounter to the next. Game has mosaics, and though the art is nice, there’s like one graphic per scene. Great concept, but they really should have played up the netori aspect of this game much more.

  4. This might be the blandest nukige I’ve ever tried to read. Granted, I didn’t read to the end, so maybe it improves. Although it’s probably more likely that a meteor wipes out humanity tomorrow than it is that this improves much.

    The plot basically doesn’t exist (your job is to impregnate every woman in a village and their husbands don’t care so it doesn’t even really count as NTR), and the characters basically don’t exist either. None of the women have any personality, and neither does the protagonist. The pictures don’t line up with the text for half of every scene, because all of the scenes are just one picture. It does have mosaics, but honestly it wouldn’t be any better without them. The music isn’t even interesting.

    Save yourself some time. Go read Funbag Fantasy or Sweet Home or else instead if you want a nukige. Or Free Friends.

  5. What a coincidence I just deleted this yesterday. Played it using Visual novel reader it’s an OK nukige.

  6. Once again thank you for listening, I really do appreciate it. 🙂

    Looking forward to delving into yet another happily-preggy VN. <3

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