Nurse Love Syndrome

Nurse Love Syndrome

The story follows Sawai Kaori who almost died in a traffic accident at the age of 10 but was revived by hospital staff.

Ever since then, Kaori became determined to take up ‘nursing’ as her means of saying thanks to the doctors who rescued her.

And so at the age of 21, she begins her journey as a nurse…

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  1. Angela says:

    Is this as good as Nurse love Addiction?

    • Maifate says:

      It’s actually has more serious situation and nurse setting than Nurse Love Addiction, so this is equal or might be even better.

  2. DCM says:

    This worked for me:

    ((I found a save for the Japanese version and just changed the file extension as a test))

    Just overwrite the existing file in the save folder and it unlocks all the CGs, which lets you access Hatsumi’s routes. The game will still crash though if you try to play through Sayuri or Mayuri’s good ends. This seems like the best/only solution since no site has uploaded the actual fix itself.

  3. lilygoddessuuuu says:

    Please Update it to the latest version admin…We would really happy that happens…and thank you for this!!! I love Sayuri soooo much!!!

  4. Order of the Phineas says:

    The game didnt literally crash.But if you are going to Finish Sayuri’s Good End you may want to check “Place of Respite” section in the Title Menu and there you can see that Sayuri’s playthrough wasn’t saved at all.And that means you can’t unlock Hatsumi’s first dialogue choice for her good ending.

    • lilygoddessuuuu says:

      yeah….Mayuki’s too! I realy loved Sayuri’s route and I want to see Hatsumi’s but the bug….

  5. YuriAddict30 says:

    Ohhh!!!Can’t wait to play this!!!!

  6. THE_JN578 says:

    im actually having problems with Amis route truth be told soes she not have a true ending or is it just this game

  7. sunhokim says:

    Currently, I also have problems with Mayuki route as well,
    right after the good end, the game crashes and restarts.

    I guess Sayuri route is also having problems.

  8. Fate says:

    Dear admin plisss update patch this game.i cant process true end cause bug in sayuri route

  9. >. says:

    Please we need the latest patched one (v.1.002).Sayuri’s route is crashing because of Thanos’s Gauntlet.

  10. anon says:

    Reminder that Hatsumi’s true route will only come to those who has played every game under the Girl x Girl Romance Only tag, sorry.

  11. Pervy Queen Sol says:

    After playing this and loving it to high hell….

    I’m going to support the devs and buy it on my PSVita.

    Thanks admin!

    (Mayuki has touched my heart… love her so much! 😢😢)

  12. DCM says:

    Is there any way that you could upload the v1.002 bug fix for this?

  13. Anonymous says:

    This version is not playable: crash\reboot on Sayuri epilogue.

  14. Nie says:

    Sayuri’s route crashes after it’s done and I can’t get to Hatsumi’s good end because of it. Anyone has a patch or save file?

  15. Mon says:

    AAAAAAAAA, I’ve been waiting hopelessly for this.
    Now it finally <3
    Thank you so much

  16. Ju.T says:

    Thanks for the game!
    but, is this version bugged on Sayuri route ?

  17. Ann Sears says:

    No sexual content ?
    whoa , that’s rare

  18. Lilah says:

    Yuri, needless to say, gonna get right to it.

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