Nurse Love Addiction

Nurse Love Addiction

“The bitter-sweet love story of the white robe angels.”

Oosachi Asuka was a high school girl who lived life in a carefree, easygoing way while holding the nickname “Jellyfish Club Leader.” But as graduation approaches, her classmates started to seriously think about college and their futures, which made Asuka feel uneasy.

The self you want to become…
Dreams of the future…

Unable to answer those two thoughts, Asuka wandered in her closet for a change of pace and discovered an old picture book. The writing was faded, but enough to make out the meanings behind the words.

“I will become a nurse.”

Without a doubt, those were her letters she herself wrote down inside that favorite picture book of hers growing up. That wasn’t the only source for her resolve as she has her younger sister “Oosachi Nao”: Younger by one year, same grade level, adores her older sis, and is the self-proclaimed “Responsible Imouto” and “Onee-chan’s Special Medicine.” Thanks to Nao who’s looked after her and encouraged her to work hard, Asuka didn’t have a lot of obstacles in her way. After taking the first steps to becoming a splendid nurse, they both succeeded in entering “The Imperial Capital Nursing Technical School” based in the holy site of Yurigahama.


Upon entering, Asuka encounters two classmates: “Amatou Itsuki” and “Takeda Sakuya.”

Both are attractive, in-shape, excel in school, and possess many other things… none of which she has. Asuka, who tries to get along with them, gets treated coldly by Sakuya for really no apparent reason…

Along with the guidance of their instructor “Oohara Kaede”, the white robe angel (as Asuka puts it), Asuka and Nao spend their busy days as nursing students.

From classroom lectures and nurse basics to on-the-site training.

In hospitals where the death of people exist close by, Asuka and friends grow together as people, and then as nurses. They also experience many things not often encountered:

Words of gratitude and words of abuse…
Lives that are saved and lives that are not saved…
The meanings behind life and death…
The meanings behind the entirety of a person—— the truth of a person.

What fate awaits Asuka and everyone else within these three years?

The answer can only be…

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  1. Kota says:

    I’ve been blessed.
    Team Nao! ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

  2. Ex_Nihilo says:

    Not really into Yuri, weirds me out a bit tbh. But I like the homo-erotic aspect, like as in “cameradirie” under men. Or the equivalent between women/girls. Not in a sexual way. More like very intense friendship. In a Guts/Griffith way. Most media evade that subject sadly. Probably out of fear audience will confuse it with gay love. But it can be really impactfull to a story if its made well. Guts rage is only half due to losing the comrades and having his lover raped. The other half is due to Griffith fall himself. The friend and man he once looked up is gone. Erased. By now Griffith the enemy. That’s ultimate tragedy.

  3. Red says:

    I can’t run this game.. Please help me… I always receiving a (0xc000007b) error.. How to fix this?

  4. Kazuki says:

    phải download từng part 1 hả QTV
    làm sao để download 1 lần đc luôn thế
    Xin chỉ giáo

  5. Krowzin says:

    Whenever I try to use the 1 click link it says I need an account. Right clicking and saving as doesn’t work properly either. Any way to download without using all of the different parts?

    • tsuki-ouji says:

      Yeah, give money. Preferably to the devs. Or you can exert the oh-so-massive force of will it takes to download it in multiple parts.

  6. basara says:

    guys my pc keep saying “the application was unable to start correctly ( 0xc00007b) can you help me guys? I alredy reinstall my net.framework and download mscvr120dll. Btw I’m using windows 10.
    neeed a help (:

  7. Fate says:

    Min my game not works. The program start because msvcr120dll missing.can you help me? Or can you give me link for update program

  8. Izumi says:

    wow another yuri VN come out. Thanks Admin

  9. Bryce says:

    Hey admin do you think you could add a random button onto the site there are so many vn’s on here i find it damn near impossible to sift through the ones I’ve already seen so it’d be great if i could just explore some random ones

  10. chococream says:

    Dear admin, could you post Zero Time Dilemma, please? 🙂

    • Pari says:

      > reads web address
      > ZTD is NOT eroge

      … Really, dude?

      • Equ3strianGam3r says:

        It’s not Eroge but it is a visual novel and the other 2 games in the trilogy are posted here, 999 and Virtue’s Last Reward. So don’t judge so harshly. Not all of the games on this site are Eroge it says English visual novel downloads that doesn’t limit it to just the 18+ but all ages VN’s as well. I recommend CLANNAD if you haven’t read it. I read both all ages and 18+ and enjoy them all but I know that everybody has their own preferences. I just wish more people would try the others before spouting nonsense.

  11. goldflare says:

    umm… hello, can i ask for a Eroge called Alice Parade, if you can, take your time, i will be waithing, thanks.

  12. Arsenic_Muffin says:

    *gasp* some good yuri game? YES! Thank you Admin! (^__^) so happy…

  13. dude123 says:

    You think this is just another typical yuri visual novel? you be DEAD wrong …… yes DEAD wrong.

  14. AAe says:

    It’s a conspiracy against Tomoyo After I tell you! Month since release and still nothing!

    • meh..................... says:

      Tomoyo after is already available in the site. And accodring to most the Memorial edition, which the steam version is, has inferior plot.

  15. Halp says:


    • anon says:

      For anyone looking to change window size without going fullscreen, there is an program called Sizer that seems to work with programs that don’t seem to have size options. I know its worked with a few of the VNs I’ve tried, & would probably work with most I’d guess. For clarification, it doesn’t really adjust the resolution so much, so if you put it on some HD TV & adjust, the picture may become a bit pixel-y. But it at least does what I needed, which was to make the window bigger than the program would allow without forcing me to use fullscreen.

  16. Kannon says:

    I agree with you BUT almost all of the yuri games that have H-scenes are just+horrible and the only plot is they f*ck each other. There are few yuri games with great plot+and+H-scene but they are few. Yuri VNs have a higher chance of being good if they have no H-scene because they will actually focus on the plot and will not be some kind of game that it was made to see your fetish come true two girls scissoring each other whole story long.

  17. OneOfThememeLords says:

    Loving the uploads so far, thanks for all the work you’ve done admins! ^-^

  18. Mike says:

    Launcher doesn’t work, when I start the game it disappeared.

  19. Kannon says:

    yey~ thanks admin~

    finally another yuri that has no H-scene and actually focusing on the plot

    • asestado says:

      Having no H-scene isn’t a pro.

      Giving a good plot? That’s okay!

      In my opinnion a good game has a good story, good characters, good gameplay AND sexual content, many people use it to do “certain things” but i think that sexual content should exist in most games because it will develop even more the characters and give more a sense of “humanity”.

      • Kannon says:

        I agree with you BUT almost all of the yuri games that have H-scenes are just+horrible and the only plot is they f*ck each other. There are few yuri games with great plot+and+H-scene but they are few. Yuri VNs have a higher chance of being good if they have no H-scene because they will actually focus on the plot and will not be some kind of game that it was made to see your fetish come true two girls scissoring each other whole story long.

    • SakuraKoi says:

      Welp, even if you focus on plot it can be still bad and in this case indeed is. Not only did I get to dislike every character but the genre shifts are just plain BS for the sake of drama.

      Instead of having problems/drama build naturally, nah, that’s simply too difficult, just toss some BS and unrealistic premises into it.

      Now don’t get me even started on the intentionally misleading last choices (only one ain’t) which makes you see the bad endings (well, tbh I do like Nao’s for quite another reason, also, a certain good ending us still messed up). And that’s why I always use walkthroughs, I want to read a story, not play some pseudo-game of guess….

  20. Sammy says:

    Sounds like the perfect gift for my sister studying nursing

    • Kannon says:

      gonna turn her into a lesbian? respect

      • Ex Nihilo says:

        Bullshit! How do you TURN someone into a lesbian? That’s the same as if saying you cure lesbians. No no no my innocent friend. Let me teach you. Women turn to each other if there is no man avaible. Same goes of course for men if there is no woman. Prison is famous for that phenomenon but it also happens in armies. But that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t prefer women! They are not gay. That’s the difference.

        PS: Hope my answer didn’t turn you gay… or alien…or trump…

        • Equ3strianGam3r says:

          Well said… until the P.S. then you just turned it into a joke.

        • Kannon says:

          uhmm… I was just kidding… didn;t think someone will take me seriously hahaha

          Yeah they just long for “skinship” but some are just real homos

        • Hammertime says:

          There are all kinds of fetishes out there – like the guy who has sexual feelings for his car, or the woman who screws a tree.

          Do you think that man was naturally inclined to be sexually attracted to cars? Of course not – he developed the fetish over time by associating the car with sex. He may have had sex in the car his first time, then he might fantasize about doing other girls in the car, and eventually the sight of the car alone may trigger his brain to feel arousal.

          If people can develop sexual feelings for all kinds of things, then I see no reason why people could not develop sexual feelings for the same sex. I see no reason to believe that people cannot literally become gay, who were not gay from the start.

          In nature vs nurture, it is a mistake to brand all gay people naturally gay. I think that between nature and nurture, there are gay people who fall into both categories.

        • Jin says:

          You’re triggering is showing.

        • aexiel says:

          Well, I turned my ex into a lesbian after I broke up with her… 0.o

        • ... says:

          sexuality is something people are born with people don’t just go for whatevers going, otherwise gays would be able to save themselves a lot of heartbreak and actually have a chance at being accepted into society. Please don’t just assume things about others without having actual knowledge of their situation.

          • who cares says:

            Take your own advice. Some people were born gay and some people choose to be gay. Whether one believes it or not is up to them, but don’t be ignorant and assume that your opinion is the absolute truth. Provide proof or let it be a “to each their own” conversation.

        • Mega Creep says:


      • the patriarchy says:

        gotta make sure she doesn’t go too far or she might turn into a feminist

  21. Manko Destroyer says:

    Another one so fast. Thanks admin!

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