Tomgirls of the Mountains

Tomgirls of the Mountains

Following a string of heartbreaks, Ikuto Watarai decides to go into the mountains to clear his head and dump women for good. He laments his previous experiences until a massive storm forces him to take cover in a cave. With nowhere else to go, he explores deeper into the unknown and gets hopelessly lost. The world goes dark and he accepts his fate…

But instead of waking up in the afterlife, he finds himself in a small, aging village that the world has all but forgotten. Looking around, he see that his saviors are three girls? And they are calling him their destined “messenger” who is to revitalize their home by giving birth to a new generation?! Now that Ikuto’s has arrived, he can’t leave until he completes his duty!

There’s just one catch – these girls have a secret under their skirts…

15 Responses to “Tomgirls of the Mountains”

  1. Confused says:

    So, my first time downloading anything from this site… I had to use the Free Download option, which breaks the game into several zipped files, but how do I make it work now? All the files in each .rar are exactly the same…

    • No Longer Confused says:

      I really need to stop overthinking things. I just had to extract the files from the first RAR file and 7zip did the restoration automatically. Learn something new every day…

  2. Quite Frankly says:

    The thing that confuses me is they made the art realistic for something which is completely fictional… or at least that is what i want to tell myself.

  3. Throbbin Hood says:

    Those are not Tomgirls. Thankfully, Admiral Ackbar knows just what to say.

  4. Trap fan says:

    Lol, I remember playing this last year untranslated. Yura is a great tsundere trap and my personal pick. H scenes were ok but I’ve seen better ones.

  5. Revvo says:

    it’s so weird how the brain works.
    Why did i know this was a trap game at first glance, not noticing anything in particular.
    When did i develop a filter like that??

    • Emiya_Avenger says:

      Who knows, I had that filter from a while ago, in anime and manga so I knows almost at first glance when there is a trap

  6. Jemina says:

    Part 4 of the free download fails to download for some reason. Has anyone else gotten that?

  7. Carbon-based lifeform says:

    Had us on the first half ngl

  8. Trap-a-holics. Real. Trap. Shit. says:

    Y’know, at first I stayed away from trap VNs cuz “miss me with that gay shit” and stuff. But you’d be surprised how much better the h-scenes can be compared to the usual eroge type shit. I mean, the same old straight nukige formula gets boring after a while. Traps can spice it up a bit.

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