Harem Party

Harem Party

Haru, the main character, is about to complete an RPG. Just when he smashes up the final boss, the thunderbolt strikes his room… and there are game heroines in front of him…. They say they come to this world to catch the devil, who runs away from the game world. The heroines become happy to meet the hero of the game. But the heroines have to have sex with the hero to stay in this world. The heroines ask him to have sex with them and he accepts it. And his life turns out to look for the devil and teach them how to have sex….

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  1. IReallyReallyReally says:

    Hate NTR.

    I have always hated it, and not fond of VN rape either.

    TL;DR – NTR is very minor… quick and over.. no lasting effect, and no laughing villain in your face.. it just “happens” and it’s over… if there is other NTR or whatever I missed it (I did not do _all_ endings.. that said..)..


    That said: the “NTR” in this VN is very short and not all that descriptive and… – nobody… no one taunts you or lords it over you… it’s anonymous.. [SPOILER] Cleo – bunch of little pygmy-type orc dudes or something… they aren’t gonna “ruin” her cuz they’re freegin pencil-dicks.. and .. it’s over fast… then – she recovers relatively swiftly.
    Anzu is not a heroine, so… not counting as NTR[/SPOILER]

    Harem Party — for the GENRE, is a 9.0 … for “a VN”… 6.0, maybe a 6.5 .. which is really good — imho…
    Point is – although, like most MCs — I hate this one at times and want to just kill him… but, unfortunately – for these older VNs.. pre-2010 to 2012… that is really common. DESPITE ALL THAT — I liked this VN … I mean, it’s a Nukige right? BUT.. BUT.. it’s got a pretty decent story – it DOES. (if you disagree… I’m not going to bring your Mother in to it… she already told me she wants to stay out of it, lol)…

    *** MORE spoilers — big damn spoiler … get yer spoiler here…
    if you HATE Nukige then obviously look elsewhere.. OR skip-the-H. This VN had some pretty varied endings, and definitely not all of them are good endings!… but – there are some good endings, and some OK endings… and BAD.. the ending where the “friend”, Anzu — was taken-over by the Demon Lord … well – it was — if you read the last few frames carefully – it was pretty deep – I swear to Dog man! Poignant, even. It _was_… and … I tell you – I HATED Anzu through all the play-throughs.. BUT.. but — after I read that ending.. I practically wept for her. And – I totally stopped hating her. Talk about a TRAGIC figure!!! I wanted to go back and be really nice to her through all playthroughs — she is a spaz, but – she’s a good girl, and .. she’s had it rougher than anyone.. seriously.. read that ending – you’ll see what I’m talking about. Literally tragic.

    So – honesetly – even if you aren’t all that in-to Nukige — if you like fantasy/fairy-tale type stories, I think you should maybe read this. Just SKIP THROUGH the H-scenes… I wound up skipping through quite a few of them myself.

    Also – I bet Cleo was hated by many, but – for ME… in this VN, CLEO was my waifu. She is a classic Tsundere pretty much
    although VNDB does not say so… I think she is. – and when you get to the Dere — well, for me? Totally worth it. Cleo was the best overall – a figher, an organizer, a leader of sorts — AND… get to that dere and she’ll make you smile.

    Cleo, then Agnes.. umm.. strangely, I liked the little savages, Nia and Urr.. but – well… their master was just too damn whiney.. I mean.. F-ME man.. f’ing whine whine whine whine… writers left no roon for ANYONE to actually like that chick… Sophie was it? Shiiit… what a freegin drag that bitch be….. lol..


  2. HowD says:

    lol.. oh yeah. Rape / Gangbang tag is perhaps appropriate. Rape f’sure.. Maybe monster rape is not considered rape nowadays? lol.. heh..

    Admin – big fan, so these are definitely not complaints man.

  3. HowD says:

    So – this should have an NTR tag.

    There are two places, one during a gangrape –
    where some Heroines are getting DICK from other than the M.C. – and it is while ON THEIR ROUTE. I know it was mentioned in earlier comments but there were people refuting it saying it was “just pure rape”… kind of ignoring the fact that rape of a heroine while on her route is Netorare Type C according to VNDB.

    That is definitely NTR. The other scene I can’t recall the specific detail but have the H-Scene CG from game, it’s like an orgy type situation – but again, doesn’t matter – Heroine getting strange dick…

    Not my cup of tea, but meh.. just offering the suggestion – for some of us lol…. NTR is one of the more important tags, lol.. but – no big… I’ve seen far nastier NTR, but – it is still NTR.

  4. Duilow says:

    Just Installed it. Can’t open it? I get a blue screen when opening the application. Anyone know what’s up?

  5. Guano says:

    Works 4 me in windows 10
    its a problem with the fonts xd

    i use zip option

    how 2 install fonts

  6. Prometheus22 says:

    checksum error ๐Ÿ™

  7. hoi says:

    i miss BGM01.ogg file <โ€“ title screen music?

  8. justaperv says:


  9. Gin says:

    How to fix the “failed to generate directinputmanager” error??
    I’m using a windows tablet

  10. Gin says:

    How to fix the directinputmanager error??

  11. kapps says:

    dame sure reading the comment made me think twice if this will work on windows 10, such a waste if it doesn’t run smoothly,,, I sure do like RPG games can anyone give an update on this ???

  12. Poul says:

    does this work on Windows 8?

  13. Trill says:

    Hey, I don’t know if you’re notice a question after all this time but I can hope. The game works great, if with some of the text awkwardly spaced, for like two minutes into the game. The moment I enter the boss dungeon, the game freezes completely, and I’m stuck with not being able to click anything and no text, just the background of the boss dungeon. Any idea why this happens? I even turned off showing effects.

  14. imafire says:

    This VN has more h-scenes than actual plot. In a way i like that but in a way there is a h-scene every 5 minutes and it can get really annoying if you just want the plot to continue already.

  15. johnson says:

    I did complete the game, not sure which ending it was though. but still no extras, or gallery.. -_-

  16. johnson says:

    why doesn’t this game have “extras” or “memories” in the title menu??

    • admin says:

      Just like usual – you need to complete the game at least once (good ending) for them to appear.

  17. leo says:

    part 6 linkz is corrupted sound not found?WTF?

  18. Scarletblade says:

    eto the friend you could review the winrar files to one gue gue sirbe porgue no attempt estra elo gue cadabes design mistake I already download many designs as well kiss but plis check the format if

  19. Spingx says:

    Hi Admin, I keep getting “Error #404 – File not found” while downloading the 3rd link, it seems to happen on a majority of downloads on this site that are > 2 parts. It’s always the third link. In which the page that shows the “Error #404” I have to send the request again(Refresh the page) for it to find the file.

    I’m not sure if you manage the site or not. I’ve cleared the cookies and data from the browser, tried different browsers but it doesn’t seem to fix it. I can get the file if I submit the download request twice, but the first time around it fails.

    If I attempt to go back and click the link again the server seems to think I’ve downloaded the file and makes me wait 5 minutes — but the file wasn’t found.

    The only way I’ve managed to get past this is when the 404 page pops up, is to copy the file URL in the browser’s URI text field and paste it, then it finally starts the download without another wait. I would assume this isn’t normal.

  20. Help says:

    I don’t know whats going on. I installed Vera, and the text is still messed up

  21. Arch says:

    nvm, I right clicked & installed the text files from the Vera folder & now the text works just fine.
    (First time putting a reply up, I thought that if I clicked reply under the Yusaku’s comment that my first comment would of been put underneath Yusaku’s comment)

  22. hoi says:

    And i miss BGM01.ogg file <– title screen music?

  23. hoi says:

    Is it just me or is there no sound at the title screen.

  24. Diablo says:

    I keep getting a “checksum” error. Anyone know how to fix this problem? It wont even let me unpack the files

  25. Christian says:

    Game works, yet I need a SoundPackEvo file for it, and i would keep playing but it keeps popping up, please help!

  26. animefan says:

    Does this game work on mac? Do any of the games here work on mc? Thanks.

  27. sky light says:

    When I try to play the game it say NECEMEM.SNI is not found.What can I do to fix it

    • Phantom says:

      Nice guy named Helper says remove the star from the title of the folder. I did it and it worked. To be clear, remove the star in the title of the folder Harem Party.

  28. Rikku-Tan says:

    Some of the words my game are overlapping.
    Help Please!!! >.>

  29. bonarnel says:

    are all these unc?

  30. zenoxa says:

    many bytes, could be many excitements in stored too.. not to mention the amount of story involve.

    On a glimpse, maybe I’ll try it. Thanks!

  31. Salyvar says:

    This game japan or english language???

  32. AssholeSeal says:

    nvm, seems you can’t download more than 2 files at once on the site…

  33. Skywatcher says:

    I downloaded and extracted this VN with no problems, but when I launch it there is no sound. Is there any way I can fix that?

  34. Smaranje says:

    since this is fantasy… does this game haves some rape/tentacles scenes, yuri scenes or scenes where they use toys and such.. if it does im not going to play it… Thanks in advance and sorry for my bad english.

  35. Chica says:

    So mine works but sometimes the words in the text box are either too close together or like muddled up. What do I do? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  36. kusogaki says:

    i just play this game, its really fun & nice story
    but there are some improper show of cg and text in a H-Scene
    when the text tell that eg: “A” but the cg show “B”
    i encounter this in the scene where agnes, sofie and cleo stack up together
    is anybody also encounter this too?

    • Izzy says:

      Well… Its something that Can’t be avoided in translations. Its a Coding error of the Game File that can’t be fixed. Same Error is Common in the Monnsu series and even in Fate where the translation was made by pros. SO yeah. Cant be avoided sadly :/

  37. hawkeye says:

    How do i save? its a drag starting from the beginning every time

  38. souleater651 says:

    ok so got the game finally but i am having a little bit of trouble with the text the words seem to be mixed together i can make it out but its a real hassle any ideas on what i should do ? oh and thanks admin for a great game

  39. souleater651 says:

    i was wondering what is the difference in downloading the parts separately and downloading it all in one go cus u have the free one and the one above it whats the difference ?

  40. grim says:

    Awesome game admin thanx alot i really enjoyed the anime style and brightness of this one ๐Ÿ™‚ are there any other games by this maker does anyone know?? id like to play them if there is.

  41. Evil Noodle says:

    this game… is beautiful… music was awesome thx for this one <333

  42. bedadari says:

    thanks a bunch for this game admin.

  43. grim says:

    really need a patch for the letters in this game, they’re all over the place ๐Ÿ™

    • bedadari says:

      maybe its just a fonts issue, ’cause mine work just fine ( well just some words that cutt-off, not much of a bother though )

      • grim says:

        hmmm, well the letters on mine are all spread out differently and on top of eachother, it makes it hard to tell what are words and what arent :p

        • bedadari says:

          there’s similar problem in koihime musou and it’s fixed by adding new fonts, try download and add it.
          hope that will work.

  44. Fayte says:

    it keeps failing to load voice-files


    the letters of the words are separated or on top of each other is difficult etender what is written, has some Partch to solve this?

  46. magia says:

    when i extract the file isebody is broken

  47. .... says:

    It’s asking for password?????

  48. Boss says:

    hmm, i am curious as to why there is no option for viewing CG or replaying scenes in the english version.. i am sure that in the japanese version those options are possible.. Any help?

  49. Gainas says:

    im downloading this game right now and i want to sugest a thing… why dont you put the links list together with the other things? cause like me other users use a “link graber” , i dont know how you call it there , like JDownloader to download the games , so is faster to us if you put a list of the links so we can grab them all together.

  50. xieh tie says:

    i know that this is not the appropriate place, but I do not know how to contact the admin, therefore I request here that the admin upload the boob wars if possible. sorry if I sound as if too demanding or forcing you, but I really want to play this game and I can’t get it.

    ps: the game is fully translated…

  51. jake says:

    how come when i move the application file to my desktop it doesnt work?

  52. jake says:

    how do i save?

  53. kaito says:

    this game is awesome have a good ending need season 2 or part 2 ect…….

  54. zone says:

    part 9 files can’t be found. can someone reupload it?

  55. raptor says:

    emmm… this game needs intallation or is portable?

  56. Anon says:

    Thank you!

  57. Koryu says:

    Can somebody please post a 100% save?

  58. Jjredster says:

    where did the torrent go D:

  59. Jjredster says:

    dang no torrent link?

  60. vdv vvdfdfdfdf says:

    Sound pack?

  61. Silva says:

    part 5 is down, replace it if possible, ty.

  62. Carlos says:

    I got everything to download, but when I went to extract it gave me file error for lcsebody. Then when I went mount the image for the extracted files it could’nt find an image. Admin any ideas help please!!

  63. Jonidipp says:

    hey part 8 is broken. can you send notification when it is up again thx.

  64. Kira-san says:

    Please fix it,MF link part 8..i want play this game..

    • Adhitya says:

      Hei [email protected]……………and for the admin heeem please Reupload Part 8 coz my freind here realy want to play this game, and does anyone have complite saving for Kamidori Alchemy Maester.

  65. Jroge says:

    Buy the game if possible, is a very good game ๐Ÿ˜‰

  66. ritao says:

    link part 8 already delete, please fix T_T

  67. jerek says:

    mediafire part 8 got suspended

  68. Stella says:

    Part 8 is down o:
    says account is suspended
    if anyone else know another link for part 8 plz tell me ^__^

  69. Xean says:

    Please reupload part 8…

  70. Baka says:

    Aww . . . there’s no torrent ~
    but i’m still going to download it ~

  71. Beat says:

    Part 7 on Media Fire won’t download. Whats up?

  72. Tazano says:

    hold right click and hilight files 1-9 and extract with 7 zip.
    I had no error when i did this.

  73. Raven says:

    It’s telling me that parts 3,5,6, &8 are all corrupted. When I try to start the game from part one it won’t start, saying something’s missing. What do?

  74. akito says:

    admin part 8 link broken >.< help!

  75. Yuumei says:

    for some reason part7 is corrupted

  76. Fred says:

    i’m having an issue downloading part 7
    i go to the mediafire link to download, click it and then nothing happens, the page just goes into a phase of never ending load (the page loading bar comes up but stays at 0 and the “save file” thing doesnt come up.

    Downloaded all other parts with no problem, and many other VN’s.
    New issue, may be a broken file?

    • Fred says:

      never mind,
      for some reason it just took FOREVER to come up O.o
      weird when it was almost instant with all the others

  77. James says:

    I think link to part 4 is broken

  78. Baka_kokosei says:

    someone can help me? somehow the waka’s voice (protagonist sister) can’t come out…. and it’s came with some annoying warning window every time she talks.
    thanks before

  79. BD says:

    Hey, I am also having the word wrap (not font) issue. I already have the font installed from KH and that works fine, and I tried installing it again, but the word wrapping is nonexistent.

    By this, I mean something that should look like this:
    ” {insertmoretexthere} Demon

    Looks like THIS:
    ” {insertmoretexthere} Demon L

    So, uh… little help?

  80. UnklChuckie says:

    I got it to work fine but when i’m in it the text is all jumbled and its hard to read. Any known way to fix this?

    • UnklChuckie says:

      Never mind i fixed it i should have looked first.

      • O-Okami says:

        How do you fix it?? Can you tell me? I had installed the fonts from KH but it’s still messy, i can’t read the text at all.

        Thanks before.

      • ME says:

        If you could say how you fixed that issue that would be great. Or if the Admin sees this first, if he could give some insight into how to fix this issue that would also be great. Basically what I’m saying is help me please with this text issue. Thanks

      • Asamina says:

        How to fix those word warps?

  81. Meepo says:

    Does anyone have full save data for this game?

  82. Kyon says:

    I’m having the same problem, but it tells me 200 mb is the limit for the direct download.

  83. keith says:

    i downloaded from media fire but when i start the game it freezes right as the heroines enter the demons liar, or at least when the demons liar background appears

  84. is this english version, or japanese version………………or this game need english pacth like the other VN game

  85. lolcatz says:

    If this is like most other VN’s, then all you have to do is:

    1. Go to where ever you downloaded the games to
    2. highlight all the parts that were downloaded
    3. right click – extract here
    4. there should be a newly created folder
    5. go inside the folder and there should be some sort of
    image file. (.iso, .mds etc)
    6. Mount the image with an image mounting software such as
    daemon tools etc and follow the setup ๐Ÿ™‚

  86. Ugh! says:

    I need help D:

    Im I suppose just extract the game and play?

    I did that and the game wont start D:

  87. dustpan says:

    I am having a problem with the font, I find a lot times the letters collide together how do I fix this?

  88. are there some RPG element in this game? In gameplay-wise

  89. ahmad123n says:

    admin , it doesn’t have part 8 , can u fix this please?

  90. A Random Person says:

    Anyone having trouble with Sofie’s and Urr’s voices, when the voices should start playing something pops up and it reads “This game failed to load voice-files in MessageFlowReady().”

  91. bishi says:

    yeah part 8 is missing pls upload

  92. ReezQ says:

    Part 8 is missing ?

  93. damn it... says:

    crap now i want a sequel or anime,manga anything thing would do but damn it wish there was more but one thing to say it is so F’ing long but sooo good at the same time i really liked cleo’s ending but kinda disapointed with nia and urr’s ending sorry i mean it was supposed to be about haru,nia, amd urr not jus to mention soffie throughout it but i still loved it despite their ending nia,urr, and cleo the girls i loved the most the interaction agnes and soffie just kinda seemed like the shy(agnes) and clumsy(soffie) little sister figures love very good i mean it pulled me away from monster girl quest and shuffle so if you want a good story and use of time this is it

  94. font still messed up says:

    So I downloaded the font but certain words are still run off… help?

  95. Anonymous says:

    I played it!!! and Waka ending Sucks!!!
    That really leave a bad taste!!!
    It’s was good bad damn don’t leave that route hanging!
    You can’t even call that an ending or normal end! and worse i take her route last cause i thought she has the second best route to Agnes!! and after finishing her route made me chage my whole opinion about the game from good to ***!

  96. NoOne says:

    Hey, when does the NTR happen? Is it like a bad ending? or is it part of the “Story”?

  97. sasori231 says:

    i got the problem with this game font not normal,why it is?

  98. andri says:

    need walkthrogh please ๐Ÿ™

  99. cchoco says:

    there is a problem in part 3. it’s the fs error, the chapca dosn’t show, and when clicked, it says can go there directly.. tried other part (8), works fine.

  100. crrstle says:

    Part 3 & 5 have problem accessing.

    please fix

  101. andri says:

    part 5 have problem to download
    please fix it

  102. Laughing_Man says:

    So that’s what happened… i was in the middle of downloading parts 3 and 4 last night when they killed fileserve.
    Now I’m running at 11kb/sec in filesonic ^.^ I could draw my own eroge faster than my computer can download it, bwahahaha! (too cheap to pay, lol)
    Worst part is that i had to perform a factory reset on my laptop last weekend, so my huge collection of already-downloaded eroges was lost.

    I wish I could attend one of those pro-SOTA meetings so I could argue, “You can’t take away my free, naked cartoon catgirls! Noooo! NNNYYYAAAAAAAAAAA!!”

    • admin says:

      It has nothing to do with SOPA – they closed the sites under current law (or actually – opposed to it. filehosts should be protected under “safe harbor” DMCA clause).
      I’ll add new mirrors once the dust settles down – 3 filehosts closed today, one doesn’t allow downloads for USA citizens anymore, and there’re rumours about mediafire being threatened next.

      I’ve been up, doing damage control on my sites ever since this whole mess started, now i’m falling asleep on keyboard. I hope the Internet will be still running when i wake up.

      • Carnage says:

        Thanks for your hard work!! I know not everybody says so….but we all appreciate your efforts on mantaining this site alive =3

  103. Helper says:

    For those of you having trouble with “NECEMEM.SNI” errors, remove the “โ˜†” in “Haremโ˜†Party” from the name of the folder.

  104. Erem says:

    does this game have gameplay in it or is it just straight out VN style

  105. Fox says:

    Trying to find renders of the characters from this but haven’t had much luck finding anywhere with them – don’t suppose anyone has seen them anywhere?

    Alternatively does anyone know any software which can be used to access the game files fully? Figured I’d be able to lift a lot of the stuff out of there.

  106. Donavan says:

    Anyone else having problem with Part 6? Both ones won’t fully download. All the others one’s have worked so far with me.

  107. Caelistas says:

    I was pleasently surprised with this VN, story was OK for an all around fuckfest eroge, i’d reminded me A LOT of Koihime Musou and that’s a good thing :p

    Not surprising though seeing as Agnes has the same voice actor as Bachou in KM :p

  108. Weeabooman says:

    Hey there for those who do not know how to get past the buy and get screen what you do it this.

    1. Load the game
    2. Hit play on launcher
    3. Open that buy/get screen
    4. Use the crack.

    It should let you play the game after this.

  109. sinnoh says:

    just a question

    does the title screen really have no bgm?

  110. Michael says:

    Why is Urr and Nia a “Normal” ending pfft, I though I failed something, because I neither got images with urr and nia in/while the credits as like with all other endings.

    Are you sure it really is the right ending ? It was deceiving, but well.

  111. Nitzors says:

    Could this possibly be uploaded to megaupload or something? Fileserve keeps refreshing the damn page when I want to download something, and filesonic is extremely slow. It would be appreciated, thanks.

  112. harkoz says:

    The patch for Little Busters is finally complete.Could you upload it?

  113. nikolas says:

    the voice actors remind me of kouhime musou fantastic game

  114. Joey says:

    Walkthrough, 100% CG & Scenes

    Note: At the first choice, you should explore all three options because each one will give you TWO different sex scenes (six altogether).
    If you don’t want to restart the story for every route, choose to “Go off with Cleo” and you will still be able to get all the other routes as well. But you cannot get into the Cleo/Kubota route if you “Go off with Sofie.” or “Go off with Agnes.” at the beginning.

    * – important choices for that person’s route

    Agnes Route – Good Ending

    Go off with Agnes
    Have you looked everywhere for them?
    Those girls would never leave Sofie
    Thanks for saving me.
    I have to protect the girls.
    Don’t be too hard on yourself.
    I haven’t really thought about it.
    Promise not to go.
    * We have to go look for her.
    * If you’re really sorry, give me a kiss.
    I don’t regret it.
    I won’t.
    * Chase her.

    Waka Route – Normal Ending

    Go off with Agnes
    Have you looked everywhere for them?
    Those girls would never leave Sofie
    Thanks for saving me.
    I have to protect the girls.
    Don’t be too hard on yourself.
    I haven’t really thought about it.
    Promise not to go.
    * We have to go look for her.
    * If you’re really sorry, give me a kiss.
    I don’t regret it.
    I won’t.
    * Watch her go.
    * “Nee-Chan!” (If you choose “Agnes!” you’ll get Agnes’s ending)

    Sofie Route – Good Ending

    Go off with Sofie
    Have you looked everywhere for them?
    Those girls would never leave Sofie
    Thanks for saving me.
    I have to protect the girls.
    Don’t be too hard on yourself.
    I haven’t really thought about it.
    Promise not to go.
    * “We have to go look for her” or “Someone go look for her.”
    * “It’s okay, Sofie’s charming that way.” or “I have to cool things down.”
    I need to address Urr and Nia’s feelings.
    * Wake Sofie up.

    Urr & Nia End – Normal Ending

    Go off with Sofie
    Have you looked everywhere for them?
    Those girls would never leave Sofie
    Thanks for saving me.
    I have to protect the girls.
    Don’t be too hard on yourself.
    I haven’t really thought about it.
    Promise not to go.
    * “We have to go look for her” or “Someone go look for her.”
    * “It’s okay, Sofie’s charming that way.” or “I have to cool things down.”
    I need to address Urr and Nia’s feelings.
    * Follow them silently.
    * I just want you to be happy. (If you choose “It’s all because of Sofie.” you’ll get Sofie’s ending)

    Cleo Route – Good Ending

    *Go off with Cleo
    Have you looked everywhere for them?
    Those girls would never leave Sofie
    Thanks for saving me.
    I have to protect the girls.
    Don’t be too hard on yourself.
    I haven’t really thought about it.
    Promise not to go.
    * Someone go look for her.
    * I have to cool things down.
    She must be feeling uneasy.
    *Okay, you can come along.

    Kubota Anzu Route – Normal Ending

    *Go off with Cleo
    Have you looked everywhere for them?
    Those girls would never leave Sofie
    Thanks for saving me.
    I have to protect the girls.
    Don’t be too hard on yourself.
    I haven’t really thought about it.
    Promise not to go.
    * Someone go look for her.
    * I have to cool things down.
    She must be feeling uneasy.
    * I can’t take you with me without Sempai’s permission.
    * Let’s do it. (If you choose “I can’t.” you’ll get Cleo’s ending)

    Note: Only Agnes, Cleo and Sofie have ‘Good Endings’ where the story is fully concluded.
    In the KubotaAnzu, Waka, Urr&Nia endings the story is left incomplete.

    Harem Ending!
    If you have read ALL six endings, a special ‘Extras’ option will highlight in the main menu. Choosing it will give you a short epilogue for the story, where the game lives up to it’s title ^^

    • Syre says:

      Nice walkthrough, just one thing though. To get the harem ending, you don’t need all 6 routes, if you complete just Sofies, Cleos, and Agnes it will unlock.

    • orberon says:

      the normal endings they dont have anything like ntr or crazy shit where you get knifed in the back do they?

  115. NanaVampire says:

    I have a question,
    Admin, will you upload Koenchu! Yonogi Seiyuu Monogatari? There is already full version in english. If you can, of course.

  116. Leon says:

    the Dear Drops Trial is out for download at Mangagamers

  117. lol says:

    This games sex scenes are hilarious. The music is some playful whimsical tune whilst hardcore sex is occurring. Furthermore sometimes the image and dialogue dont relate (image of dick in one girl but other girl is moaning?.
    There was one scene where Haru wants to make all 3 women orgasm at the same time, the image shows 3 dicks onscreen at the same time (lol), amazing speed.

  118. Zero says:

    do u have to switch to jap locale for this title thx

  119. leh says:

    Harem Party has no harem ending!!!???
    What a misleading title…

  120. Miky says:

    don’t use romanji title to search it
    use the japanese title

  121. James says:

    this eroge is designed for sex maniacs.the “story”(just a shitty background story for the girls) is really boring and the heroines get very annoying soon… only good thing is protagonist’s sister who seems like a “normal” person and not brain dead like the elf and purple haired bitch…

    • Catsy says:

      you’re right, most important thing in eroges is the story or it is just a blunt hentai picture book. i really like akabei soft’s works, they have pretty good story and sex in them even means something than having it every second scene like in this case just happened. even the name harem party means that this doesnt have story, its just a party.

      • Meldogg says:

        agreed, akabesoft has really great stories. They make me tear up. The one with the sun flowers is fucked up. I forgot the name though.

  122. Gainas says:

    This game is awesome , another good work.
    I would like to request a game if anyone could help me…
    i want to play Mashiro-iro:love is pure white but i dont find at any site i search…
    I like the site and know you good work, so i wanna ask this game even if its not English(but if it is better).
    Thanks and nice Work

    • guibmon says:

      Nice job with Harem Party.
      And I reinforce the request for Mashiro-Iro Symphony: Love is Pure: I really wanna play it, even if it’s in japanese, if you upload it in your site, I would appreciate a lot.

      • Leon says:

        like you and Gainas i wanna play it too BUT there is currently no translation patch, and no group translating it. the Admin doesn’t translate games he only uploads VN’s with a full or Partial english patch (he sometimes Cracks the games tho)

        • Gainas says:

          can you at least say where we can download the game in Jap version? we wanna play even in the Jap version.
          I know a little of Jpanesse and i can understand the line of the histori and understand it.
          So if you can pls give the site so i can see it!

  123. Anonymous says:

    I am unable to download part 1 on filesonic. it says its not found can you please upload again admin?

  124. isohunter says:

    is it iso or mangagamer just extract and play?

  125. Az says:

    can anyone post the walkthrough for this game? i just got 2 ending, 1. Haru’s sleeping after Agnes stick the sword on him to trap the Demon King, 2. Haru go inside the game to meet Agnes after Demon King defeat.

  126. Leon says:

    sorry for asking, but could you upload Koisuru Otome to Shugo no Tate to the partial download section, there is a partial patch with 1 character done, but its still worth downloading.

  127. Rubick says:

    so when will little buster’s translation finish?

    • Leon says:

      it’ll probably be a couple of months, but if you go to the TL wiki page and click on the Total progress: ~90ยฑฮต% you’ll go to a page that shows what they have done. doesn’t look like they have much to go

  128. That Guy says:

    Hey Admin,

    I love the work. The site is awesome and you seem very dedicated. One request though, could we have a rating bar so we know if other people liked the game. It would help a lot.

    That Guy

  129. simplastic says:

    are the words a little messy for anyone else or is this only happening to me?

  130. Ulquiorra - Sama says:

    Filesonic first part off.

  131. music says:

    Can anyone tell me which girls get forced to do the oral scene?

  132. Anonymous says:

    Can anyone tell me if it is at all possible to play these games through Linux?

    • Anonymous says:

      Perhaps with a japanese version of wine, or under a virtual machine environment! ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Anonymous says:

        I hope so…will start downloading and see what happens…

        • admin says:

          I can confirm that game works under VMWare (debian host, Windows 7 64bit guest), don’t know about WINE.

          • Anonymous says:

            actually a lot more of these games work on WINE than I thought…Thanks admin!!

          • yamete888 says:

            Tried the game on my Mac running OSX 10.7.2, and the highly wrapperized WINESKIN, with Wine engine WS8WineCXG10.1.1, and game seems to be playable, and again, I haven’t gone thru the regular QA stuffs…mouse works, sound works…the only “quirk” I saw was the fonts…the text is readable, but there seems to be some minor visual artifact with the spacing of the fonts…hope this helps other Macgamers out there! ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Cooperlynch says:

            I also play VN in Mac, i use a program called CrossOver Games

  133. fapfag says:

    Hello admin, i can’t download part1 from filesonic, it keeps giving me error message and instead gave 189kb file.

    Please reupload. ๐Ÿ™‚

  134. Caelistas says:

    Is there much NTR? Really can’t stand that shit in my visual novels/eroges.

    • Zillion says:

      there is only one scene where there is NTR and there are two of them and there being forced to do oral sex only it is not that long and its a eroge full of sex so this did not bother me much but that just me. If it one full of romance then i would cry and destroy the screen lol

  135. SilverSamurai says:

    Same for me… can’t download part1 from both Filesonic and Fileserve any1 can help out?

  136. king98765 says:

    Is there anyway to download part 1? It kept saying cant find file at the server(Filesonic)

  137. zero says:

    great i waited the game so long /good as alywas admin/

  138. ACCM says:

    Wt Saves and Loads

    *Go off with Cleo (Choose each answer for different scenes here)
    Have you looked everywhere for them?
    Those girls would never leave Sofie
    Thanks for saving me.
    I have to protect the girls.
    Don’t be too hard on yourself.
    I haven’t really thought about it.
    Promise not to go.
    -Save 1-
    We have to go look for her.
    If you’re really sorry, give me a kiss.
    I don’t regret it.
    I won’t.
    -Save 2-
    Chase her.
    Agnes End

    -Load 2-
    Watch her go.
    Waka End

    Route B
    -Load 1-
    We have to go look for her.
    It’s okay, Sofie’s charming that way.
    I need to address Urr and Nia’s feelings.
    -Save 3-
    Wake Sofie up.
    Sofie End

    -Load 3-
    Follow them silently.
    I just want you to be happy.
    Urr & Nia End

    Route C
    -Load 1-
    Someone go look for her. (I forgot this option, so if its not correct please tell me. Its the option that’s not “We have to go look for her.”)
    I have to cool things down.
    She must be feeling uneasy.
    -Save 4-
    Okay, you can come along.
    Cleo End

    -Load 4-
    I can’t take you with me without Sempai’s permission.
    Let’s do it.
    Anzu End

    • Syre says:

      There is one part missing though, after you play through each route, you get a new option in the title menu called Extras. It will give you a small route and the remaining scenes.

    • Joey says:

      Also, at the first choice you can view all three options but be sure to continue reading on with ‘Go off with Cleo’. Otherwise you won’t be able to get her and Kubota’s ending, only the other four will be available if you ‘Go off with Agnes/Sofie’

  139. o_o says:

    2 disky, filesonic part1 is working, but when i try to download file, it gives me .html file about 300kb instead of 250mb .rar

  140. ... says:

    same company

  141. Ryugenzawa says:

    Is it me, or does the artwork look similar to Koihime Musou? Because Agnes’s(Harem Party)face looks similar to Sousou/Karin (Koihime Musou). Not only their faces, but their poses as well.

  142. Tlm10516 says:

    @Admin can we expect to see the much anticipated School Days game on here?

  143. Disky says:

    The filesonic links are still working along with most of the fileserve links. If you can’t download, all I can think of that there’s something wrong with your browser.

    (!NOTICE!) It can take a while before the download starts, so be patient. If it still doesn’t start after, say, 5 minutes, delete the cookies and cache and restart the browser.
    In case you’re still unable to download after doing all that, try another browser.

    Most of you are probably using either chrome or firefox, so if neither of those work, try Maxthon. Haven’t used it in years, but it’s one of the best browsers out there.

  144. o_o says:

    same 2 me can’t download part1

  145. Anon says:

    Both links download of part 1 seem to be not working. I had this problem for 2 days now, keep getting internal server error at filesonic and page not accessible at fileserve. Any1 else having the same prob?

  146. veg22 says:

    I can’t seem to fix the word wrap problem. i had vera installed before hand but it didn’t seem to be working so i tried uninstalling and reinstalling with no luck any advise?

  147. Th0usand eye says:

    I wish Sofie and Agnes would shut up and go away >.>

    They make the game nearly unplayable.

    I wish you could at least shut off their voices.

    • God says:

      Lol dude ^_^!
      I thought agnes was…well, maybe ok!
      But sophie… please kill me!

    • Joey says:

      I’m only reading this because Agnes is in it, every other character can go to hell, especially Sophie ^^

      • Th0usand eye says:

        maybe im not thinking of agnes. i think i meant nia…idk but two characters make me want to put forks in my ears. sophie makes me want to dunk my head in scalding hot coffee

        • Th0usand eye says:

          I wasnt thinking of agnes! It was anzu! anzu and sophie make me want to soak my head!

          • Joey says:

            The problem with this VN is that you cannot turn off the voice of the characters you don’t want to be listening too…
            Even older games have that feature.

  148. AznNoProblem says:

    Finally finished 100%.

    Slightly disappointed that there actually wasn’t an RPG tactic to this game, although i was just expecting the works of a VN.

    Didn’t particularly find this to be amazing, but it was an okay read (for people who actually pay attention to the story like me ๐Ÿ˜› )

    A few too many H scenes forced me to fast forward alot… gets a little annoying after awhile.

  149. Mileardo says:

    is it just me or does the text overlap?

  150. ukeyaoilover says:

    Why are the voices not working? Can someone please help me with that?

  151. Dark_Walker says:

    Yah I’m having problem with the word wrap also. I got the Vera font. Does anyone have a solution to this? This is game breaking for me. Wouldn’t be so bad if there was a freaking hyphon for the cut off words that get splattered to the next line.

    • Joey says:

      Try re-installing the fonts. Although my WinXP has recognized that they are already installed, after that the game also started using them.

  152. Age says:

    Thanks Admin!

    Btw, Anzu must die >:(

  153. ukeyaoilover says:

    It keeps saying that the eighth part of the download is corrupted.

  154. RANDOM_HERO says:

    Say, is it only me or does Agnes’s Seiyลซ’s voice sound like a mixture between Kan’u’s Seiyลซ and Bachou’s Seiyลซ, i’ve already read in other coments that this game reminds Koihime Mosou so it would’t be extrange for them to share voices, i mean (even the font problem found in koihime Musou is foun here, could it also be that they share the same engine)???

  155. NanbuFlare says:

    for future reference, is it possible to download from both servers at once? (like, download part one from Fileserve and get part two from Filesonic)…it’d make downloading so much faster… -_-;;

  156. Miguel Figueiras says:

    i know the voice of agnes, it’s the same seiyu that i heard in Princess waltz( cris voice)^^

  157. Miguel Figueiras says:

    i have a problem with the full screen, it stays windowed

  158. Silenthero says:

    Good Job As Always .. Thx For The Upload Keep It Up Admin-sama

  159. einixmax says:

    IS there a bgm01.ogg in the file ? I mean the title menu get no music and the bgm01.ogg is missing from the folder.

  160. Bludvein says:

    Count me disappointed. I had hopes for this game from the summary, but it didn’t fall through.

    First of all, I was under the impression this one had rpg elements, but that isn’t the case. The story was mediocre, and sex scenes pop up at random places. Oh, and Sophie(the elf chick on the cover) was a complete dork. She has the look, but I ended up skipping most of her scenes because her personality grated on my nerves.

    • God says:

      And dont forget about the glasses ..! <_<

      they almost kill me with her voice during the h-scenes!

    • AznNoProblem says:

      Yeah… =/ Ditz traits kinda ruins the char for me ;_;

    • kn09 says:

      I have to agree with you on that.
      This is “THE FIRST TIME” I wish that a game has an option for turning off a particular character’s voice.

      Sofie’s char designs was okay when I looked at the game cover and such… UNTIL her voice came out.
      And her character makes it worse >_>

      I can’t count on how many times I wished there’s choice to either shout, yell, or just outright slap her in the face.

      Oh, and fav char? Cleo, hands down (though I have no preference to semi-lolis), followed by Agnes/Urr ๐Ÿ˜€

      • God says:

        I’m happy We all are on same line.

        When I first heard her voice I wanted to kill something… I thought I became violent but apparently I’m not the only one feeling this way lol >_>!

        PS: Is it me or with her glasses during her first hscene I thought she was a granny….

  161. otakune says:

    anyone have a solution to the word wraping issue?

  162. Ranuiss says:

    I can’t seem to download the files. Says here the files are no longer there. Please help!

  163. Alucard says:

    I ve played for bout 3-4 hours, and there were more sex scenes than story itself. It s ok if u like it, but i d prefer not seeing every 5 min another sex scene….
    But still, thx4 ur hard work Admin.

  164. GingaSenshi says:

    Why aren’t there any voice on mine, does this game have a voice patch or something?

  165. anon says:

    Walkthrough can’t remember where i found it but it probaly has all the routes.

    Route A
    *Go off with Cleo (Choose each answer for different scenes here)
    Have you looked everywhere for them?
    Those girls would never leave Sofie
    Thanks for saving me.
    I have to protect the girls.
    Don’t be too hard on yourself.
    I haven’t really thought about it.
    Promise not to go.

    We have to go look for her.
    If you’re really sorry, give me a kiss.
    I don’t regret it.
    I won’t.

    Chase her.
    Agnes End

    Watch her go.
    Waka End

    Route B

    We have to go look for her.
    It’s okay, Sofie’s charming that way.
    I need to address Urr and Nia’s feelings.

    Wake Sofie up.
    Sofie End

    Follow them silently.
    I just want you to be happy.
    Urr & Nia End

    Route C

    Someone go look for her. (I forgot this option, so if its not correct please tell me. Its the option that’s not “We have to go look for her.”)
    I have to cool things down.
    She must be feeling uneasy.

    Okay, you can come along.
    Cleo End

    I can’t take you with me without Sempai’s permission.
    Let’s do it.
    Anzu End

  166. Ryougi says:

    sigh… my expectation were for longer development!, but man did they really have to had Sex in the beginning! now everything seems vain… just my taste i guess T_T…

  167. Akira says:

    I can’t get Cleo route and Kubota help me please!!

  168. Ash says:

    Is there a way to change the font? The ingame font is annoying, an eye sore, and extremely hard to read.

  169. Haniho says:

    For some reason Fileserve doesnt work for this game. It never gives the download, after inputting the verification and waiting for 30-40 seconds the page reloads without giving the download. Admin might need to re-upload, i dont know, just thought i’d mention. Filesonic is working fine. Thanks admin.

    • Phuc says:

      This poster is correct, I am quite irritated to find I have to download all eight parts ONE at a time with a TEN minute queue wait between each download MINIMUM!! Quite annoying, nonetheless this is a free upload from you and your hard work for these fans…so I thank you regardless. But please fix the links for others in future ๐Ÿ™‚

  170. Jay-kun says:

    Thanks! ๐Ÿ˜€

  171. Machcia says:

    Will there be walkthrough posted?

  172. Ryugenzawa says:

    Hey Admin, according to Jess, it had minor NTR.. Can you or anyone tell me how bad is it? Or what happened? I don’t mind the spoilers cuz I really, really,really hate NTR.. Especially if its in an VN or eroge… Please tell me cuz I halfway downloaded one before and when I looked at the tags, there was NTR in it, and that wasted a lot of my very limited bandwidth. Not only that, I’ve got terrible line over here. Please:(

    • eThan says:

      SPOILER !!!

      NTR means some other guy “steals” the heroine from the main protagonist ?

      I dont know if you would describe it as NTR, but there is a scene in which two girls are forced by some ogres to oral sex.

  173. TheDutchman says:

    go to the Koihime Musou download and get the Vera font.. that helps the cramming, only after that iยดm still stuck with word-wrapping issues. dont know how to counter that.. maybe setting system to japanese locale ?

  174. gottesurteil says:

    Is anybody else having weird issues with the words being messed up, as in crammed together, strange spacings, and overwriting other words? I assume its a font issue, do i need a special one?

  175. Anonymous says:

    That is one hell of plot.

  176. byuuzor says:

    waited for this ๐Ÿ˜€
    will download it when I get home

  177. Glassform says:

    Admin, will we be seeing Fate/hollow ataraxia on the site at some point? It already has a partial translation, with another partial patch scheduled to come out by the end of the year.

  178. meep says:

    my internet isn’t too fast, so i was just wondering if this game is good before i download it?

    is the story okay?

    • Jess says:

      Gratuitous amounts of sex, they tried to justify it but it’s just sex sex and more sex. The story is kinda interesting though… and then sex happens. ๐Ÿ˜›

  179. Loveless Endless says:

    Umโ€ฆ Admin, is it possible to see โ€œWhite Clarityโ€ on this site soon?

    • Leon says:

      according to VNDB white clarity doesn’t have a translation, and the Admin only uploads Vision Novels that have a full or partial english translation.

      • Loveless Endless says:

        but would anyone care to share a link or links to it, for downloading that is . i do’nt care if its not translated or what. Atleast I could bring language learning clases to that gameplayong use.

        pls anyone, helppppp Meeeee

        • Loveless Endless says:



  180. Jess says:

    Ran into minor NTR, just oral though… no actual penetration though so it’s not that bad in my books.

  181. Chimi says:

    Thank you admin! Love the site.

  182. Monki says:

    So is the crack included? Or does it not need/have one?

  183. gottesurteil says:

    SWWWWWEEEEEET! Thank you Admin

  184. Nanapriss says:

    an Awesome game. Please keep them coming (pun intended). Here’s hoping for more great games.

  185. raitou says:


  186. Reicher says:

    Thanks MR.Admin,…
    I wait this VN foe so long,and you upload it,..
    I really appreciate it..

  187. Wintercat says:

    Woo! Looking forward to trying this out, have to say it has been on my wish-list since I heard of it being under work at the MangaGamer.

    If they had this game available legally in my homeland I probably would buy it on the spot. Its a shame how some things are hard to come by (and I never under any circumstances buy anything from on-line sites, I’m really timid about credit cards) but thankfully, its at least possible to enjoy these fine tales due to gentlefolk like the admin.

    I salute you

  188. RANDOM_HERO says:

    Been waiting for these, thanks…+)

  189. Leonard says:

    I wish more story-driven ”normal” VNs get released soon. I’m not a fan of these hentai types where senseless sex is on every freaking turn. Hope 11Eyes get released soon.

    • Anon says:

      Long live faptopia!

      Seriously, though, I can see where you’re coming from, but wouldn’t a non-H game be better for your purposes? Or is it the deep story that arouses you (no offense here, we watch porn to get off, why pretend not to)? Personally these I like these nonsensical ones for pure “porn purposes”. Don’t misunderstand me, I like heavy story-based VN’s, like G-Senjou no Maou, but in those cases the sex part of the game is completely irrelevant and I could have just watched an anime/read a manga/played an all-ages VN. I do recommend that game if you for some reason haven’t checked it out, by the way ๐Ÿ˜‰

      If you want more story driven VN’s because the story part is actually important for the… arousal aspect, then by all means I hope more come around for your sake! If not, then I’d check by a bookstore, though :’D Or anime/manga if you’re more into the drawn format.

      There’s no reason to hate on another side if you can get your own \o/ Respecting fellow 2D-lovers and all that ๐Ÿ˜€

      • Leonard says:

        Oh mate I do respect people who like this game but as they are free to express their satisfaction so can I my opposite effect. No I don’t look at the story for arousal effect nor any kind of fetish, except for footjob and stockings that I’m really fan of, but that is beside the point.

        I want VN where the protagonist isn’t an ass and where females are not there just for the sexual object. You can that it contradict as I’m looking into ”hentai” but I can have preference in what I want. And I’m not ashamed to admid that I play it for sex scenes, but not when they are forced. G-Senjou no Maou isn’t even one of my favorites. The VNs that I play and loved were Sharin no Kuni, To Heart 2 X-rated, Zanmataisei Demonbane and that kind.

        • Anon says:

          Of course you’re free to express whatever you want… I just don’t see the point. He will upload every single translation he can find, so expressing dissatisfaction won’t really change anything in this case.

          The only good route in Maou is Haru’s, but that’s one that’s worth playing. I also liked Demonbane but it was pretty ridiculous. As a Chtulu mythos fan I was torn between wanting to rip it apart for screwing around this much with the mythos and loving it for using it at all. Le sigh. I wasn’t *too* big a fan of the female choices in Demonbane, though, but that’s just me (well, the Necronomicon was decent):p Was kind of wishing there was a route for that red haired girl, heh. Can’t remember her name, but the one that lives with you for a few days when you do the route for the Necronomicon (one of the “baddies”).

          I actually haven’t played Sharin no Kuni yet although I got it installed. Hopefully I’ll get around to it soon <.< I haven't heard about the other games you listed (except Demonbane as mentioned earlier).

          As a sidenote I find it kinda weird that you didn't like Maou considering what you just said about liking males who don't treat females as sexual objects etc. Yeah the other routes are pretty bad, but if you ignore them and just go for the Haru route it's pretty good in that respect. It doesn't play *too* much on the emotional aspect, though. A lot of it's good points lie in the fast pace and such. If that doesn't float your boat that would explain it :p

          Although I do agree with you that the sex scenes here are pretty forced. This game isn't my favorite VN by far, but there are some eroge games that I like a lot which actually are forced/harem'y/objectify women quite a bit (like Sengoku Rance and Koihime Musou).
          Liking those games doesn't make me objectify women in real life, though, which is what matters :p

          I'd kill for some more harem games that are actually good, though. Initially I was like woop harem game, but this didn't impress me that much (could have been worse, though). Mostly due to bad CG (in my opinion. Angles etc.) and characters (also an opinion…). I've seen sillier plot ideas done well.

          Well if you read all of that I'm impressed, sorry for the wall of text ๐Ÿ˜›

  190. Bob says:

    I got school tommorow….i got nothing important tommorow though…… HELL YEAH

  191. Mewhoelse says:

    What are the tags…?

  192. DragonLS says:

    What the heck? I posted the text fix earlier, and it got deleted? What the balls?

  193. sakul says:

    to fix problems with text install fonts that can be found with Koihime Musou download

  194. slei says:

    how to download and play this game using mac?

    • randompasserby says:

      You’re gonna need to get software called “Crossover” in order to run the .exe files.
      I wouldn’t bother for this game though. It fucking crashes. Just one of those ones that doesn’t want to work with crossover.
      There are loads that do though, so it’s worth getting it.
      This was too similar to Koihime, and that crashed like a bitch with Crossover too. Gonna have to load this one up onto windows to play it, and I can’t do that anytime soon :'(

  195. lelouch29 says:

    thanks alot
    i was looking forward to getting this game

  196. Momo says:

    Got problem with text :[

  197. Anon says:

    First I find Kagami no Kuni no Harisugawa, then this gets released.

    This is the best fucking day ever.

  198. Anon says:

    so we have 6 routes,Thanks for walkthrough Joey.

  199. Joey says:

    Found a walkthrough!

    Route A
    *Go off with Cleo (Choose each answer for different scenes here)
    Have you looked everywhere for them?
    Those girls would never leave Sofie
    Thanks for saving me.
    I have to protect the girls.
    Don’t be too hard on yourself.
    I haven’t really thought about it.
    Promise not to go.

    We have to go look for her.
    If you’re really sorry, give me a kiss.
    I don’t regret it.
    I won’t.

    Chase her.
    Agnes End

    Watch her go.
    Waka End

    Route B

    We have to go look for her.
    It’s okay, Sofie’s charming that way.
    I need to address Urr and Nia’s feelings.

    Wake Sofie up.
    Sofie End

    Follow them silently.
    I just want you to be happy.
    Urr & Nia End

    Route C
    I have to cool things down.
    She must be feeling uneasy.

    Okay, you can come along.
    Cleo End

    I can’t take you with me without Sempai’s permission.
    Let’s do it.
    Kubota End

  200. Terendir says:


    Iam yes, its nice to have yet another english galge, but i would just love it, if mangagamer would licence more games with good story, more VN’s and whatever, but not always those sex-only obsessed games…

  201. god asura says:

    Can you help me.I have a problem with fileserve.When i try to download this file it written this ‘The file or page you tried to access is no longer accessible.

  202. FayMan says:

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  203. nick says:

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  204. Animus Et Anima says:

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  205. Anon says:

    how many route we have in the game? is it only Agnes / Cleo / Sofistia? Thanks for upload.

  206. Kuma says:

    Anyone played all of it? Just finished downloading and I’m curious about how many routes(good ending) there are. Obviously at least three… and probably a harem route. Are there routes for the cat-girls and the other two girls???

  207. Zenelly says:

    Thank you Admin! Just started downloading, and as always I’ll buy this game if I like it. I really respect you for your work and the help you always give us, thank you

  208. DragonLS says:

    Anyone having an overlapping letter issue with the text? It feels like Cross-Channel all over again… x_x

  209. nova150 says:

    OH MY GOD!! Finally here!! You’re great, Admin ๐Ÿ˜€

  210. randompasserby says:

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  212. Onekface says:

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  213. Kaverin Ebonhands says:

    I downloaded it from mangagamer and got the Cleo, Sofistia endings as well as the bad endings for their routes but yesterday my antivirus software decided to delete the game files for no reason at all! and its the official version that I paid for!

  214. topfpflanze says:

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    thanks admin wonderful upload as always
    waiting and wondering when mangagamer will release deardrops and harukoi otome

  217. cerxer1 says:

    I meant Deardrops

  218. cerxer1 says:

    I realize that using up more space than necessary is a waste for all programmers – amateur or professional (me not being either) , but as long as the game is good its alright , isn’t it ?

    Thank you very much for the game Admin , I look forward to seeing Teardrops and Harukoi Otome posted here in the not so far future.

  219. Outpost Omega J says:

    In response to c-x and admin:

    I have yet to download this one myself, so I don’t know if the 2 GB are justified, but it has been my experience as an amateur programmer that the more system resources you give a person, the sloppier their code gets, especially in RAM usage. Now consider the fact that I’m willing to wager pennies to dollars that at least a third of the programming staff is under age 25, male, and has WAY more testosterone than is good for them, and I’m surprised that this game is actually 3 GB.

    Then again, this game may justify every last bit of the 2 GB it wants.

  220. Danilo Antunes says:

    Thanks admin.
    We have lolis in this game?

  221. Rubick says:

    hahaha , the gate to the world of eroge has opened again!!!! . well i will have exams next week but it’s obvious which is more important!!!

    • Outpost Omega J says:

      About time somebody started showing maturity around here, for it surly won’t becoming from me anytime soon. I’m glad you choose studying of gaming. That way you’ll be able to (eventually) earn a pay check and start buying these games yourself.

      (How does one make a rolling eyes text smiley?)

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    I have really been waiting for this forever

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    Not that I’m complaining of course…

    Anyway, the art looks pretty good, so yeah time to download and play the shit out of this game!

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    And Merry Christmas!

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    Thanks though

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